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									Chefs A’ Field
New Season of Green Cuisine
Coming to Public Television

     This September, the Emmy-nominated series Chefs A’ Field returns with a bumper crop of new and exciting
     episodes. Fresh from the farm and sea, the highly anticipated fourth season offers a visual feast of culinary
     adventures emphasizing sustainability and the use of fresh, healthy ingredients. Filmed in a wide range of
     locations—from Hawaii’s rich volcanic beaches to Mexico’s dense Yucatan jungle, from lush Pennsylvania
     fruit orchards to the spectacular Yukon River—the fourth season showcases America’s best chefs, who,
     with family and friends, visit local farmers and fishermen to learn about eco-friendly foods. Then it’s back
     to the kitchen for a behind-the-scenes cooking lesson in which the professional techniques of the restaurant
     kitchen are simplified to inspire people of all ages and skill levels to get cooking.

     Chefs A’ Field will be available for broadcast on public television stations nationwide beginning September 5,
     2009. (Please check local listings.)

     Chefs A’ Field was one of the first programs in the television cooking genre to focus on environmental issues
     pertaining to food, travel and lifestyle. In Season 4, that tradition continues, with a strong focus on sustain-
     able agriculture and seafood, shopping with an environmental mindset, ideas for getting the whole family
     closer to where their food comes from, and ways to prepare a delicious meal with healthful ingredients.

     Over the years, Chefs A’ Field has won numerous prestigious awards, including two James Beard Foundation
     Awards and two CINE Golden Eagles. The series also has caught the attention of national and local press who
     have bestowed on it rave reviews. The Chicago Tribune praised the series for its green focus: “Chefs A’ Field
     looks scrumptious and comes at an opportune time, just as sustainable agriculture breaks through to the
     forefront. ... We were most impressed with the subject matter, skillful camera work and leisurely pace that
     celebrates its subject without getting preachy.”

     Chefs A’ Field’s unique approach to cooking, travel and the environment has drawn an enthusiastic public
     television audience, and praise via thousands of viewer e-mails also has been overwhelming.

     Filmed in true high definition (1080i/60i) on HDCAM, the new batch of episodes explores the diverse faces
     and places of America’s food landscape in a visually stunning format. Exclusive behind-the-scenes footage in
     America’s best restaurants, combined with family-friendly cooking lessons, will keep viewers salivating from
     episode to episode.

     The fourth season of Chefs A’ Field will be complemented by an extensive national outreach campaign that
     will feature an educational curriculum for elementary grade levels, community-based activities and events,
     the distribution of consumer information through a variety of platforms, free downloadable resources for
     families, national contests, and more.

     credits: Chefs A’ Field is a production of Warner Hanson Television and KCTS/Seattle Public Television. The
     series is presented nationally by KCTS/Seattle and is distributed by American Public Television (APT). Funding
     for the series is provided by Cascadian Farm, Häagen-Dazs Premium Ice Cream and Real California Milk.
publicity contact:   Daphne Adair
                     KCTS/Seattle Public Television

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Chefs A’ Field
season 4
Series Fact Sheet

      series description: The award-winning, critically acclaimed series returns for a new season of
     “green cuisine,” offering a visual feast of culinary adventures emphasizing sustainability and the
      use of fresh, healthy ingredients. Episodes showcase America’s best chefs, who, with family and friends,
      visit local farmers and fishermen to learn about eco-friendly foods. Then it’s back to the kitchen for a
      behind-the-scenes cooking lesson in which the professional techniques of the restaurant kitchen are
      simplified to inspire people of all ages and skill levels to get cooking. The series’ fourth season takes
      viewers to locations including Mexico’s Yucatán jungle, the volcanic beaches of Hawaii, the lush fruit
      orchards of Pennsylvania and the spectacular Yukon River in Alaska.

     program length:           13 half-hour episodes

     feed for record:          standard definition:
                               CFKF 201–213 SD-Base Revision 001
                               Saturdays, beginning September 5, 2009
                               high definition:
                               CFKF 201–213 HD-Base Revision 001
                               Saturdays, beginning September 5, 2009

     public television
     premiere:                 Broadcast rights begin September 5, 2009

     a production of:          Warner Hanson Television and KCTS/Seattle Public Television

     presenting station:       KCTS/Seattle Public Television

     distributor:              American Public Television

     underwriters:             Cascadian Farm
                               Häagen-Dazs Premium Ice Cream
                               Real California Milk
                               The Park Foundation

     web site:       

     home video:               13-episode DVD box set: $34.99, plus shipping and handling
                               Order from PBS Home Video: or 1.800.PLAY.PBS.

     publicity contact:        Daphne Adair
                               KCTS/Seattle Public Television

     station relations:        PoGo Promotions:
                               Nimmi Singh                               Selena Lauterer
                               971.227.5487                              828.713.2255
Chefs A’ Field
season 4
Episode Descriptions

           California’s Sonoma Valley Brings New Meaning to “Wine and Cheese”
           Husband-Wife Chef Duo Duskie Estes and John Stewart: Zazu Restaurant & Farm – Santa Rosa, CA;
           Bovolo Restaurant – Healdsburg, CA
           In California’s wine country, rising-star chefs Duskie Estes and John Stewart show us why Sonoma
           Valley sheep are prized for their milk, which becomes award-winning cheese like that made by
           Bellwether Farms. In the kitchen, the husband-wife cooking sensations prepare dishes with Bellwether
           cheeses and ingredients from their own “back 40.”
           recipes: Sheep’s Milk Cheese Gnudy with Tomato Marinara
                      Artisan Bacon, Egg & Cheese Sandwich
                      Homemade Yogurt Ice Cream

     202   KING OF ALASKA
           Meet the “King” of King Salmon on Alaska’s Mighty Yukon River
           Chef Rick Moonen: RM Seafood – Las Vegas, NV
           The mighty Yukon River in Alaska holds the most legendary salmon in the world: the Yukon River king
           salmon. When master seafood chef Rick Moonen ventures to this remote region, his passion for fish
           and the environment is quickly embraced by the native Yup’ik, who take him fishing on their sacred
           river. He and his Eskimo fishing companion, Billy Charles, discuss the Yup’ik culture, the future of our
           waterways, and why the salmon is the center of the Alaskan universe.
           recipes: Poached Wild King Salmon with Turnip-Mashed Yukon Potatoes
                      Grilled Wild King Salmon with Raspberry-Merlot Redux

           Exploding Oregon Blueberries Blast the Taste Buds
           Chef Vitaly Paley: Paley’s Place – Portland, OR
           World-renowned Portland, Oregon, chef Vitaly Paley is a James Beard Foundation Award winner
           whose menu is inspired by the bounty of the Pacific Northwest. In search of the perfect berry, he lands
           in a blueberry patch where frolicking farm kids explain how to pick the prized fruit. With kids in tow,
           Chef Paley heads back to the kitchen to create dishes starring the blueberry.
           recipes: Summer Blueberry Salad with Cascade Greens & Flowers
                      Blueberry Muffins à la Kuchen

           Chesapeake Bay Oysters Bubble Back from Virtual Extinction
           Chef Jason Alley: Comfort Restaurant – Portsmouth and Richmond, VA
           Virginia chef Jason Alley and his children join Chesapeake Bay oyster farmers Ryan and Travis Croxton
           to harvest oysters and learn how the once-endangered bivalves are helping to clean up pollution in the
           bay. In the kitchen, Chef Alley and his children prepare dishes featuring their prized catch.
           recipes: Angels on Horseback
                      Oysters on the Half Shell with Vanilla-Ginger Mignonette
      World’s First Organic Fair-Trade Honey & Blue Agave Syrup from Mexico
      Chef Richard Sandoval: Modern Mexican Restaurants – New York; Dubai; Las Vegas; Denver; Tysons
      Corner, VA; Washington, D.C.; Mexico City; Acapulco
      This episode accompanies Chef Richard Sandoval, world-famous for his modern Mexican cuisine, on
      a journey to the outer reaches of Mexico, from the dense jungles of Quintana Roo to the mountain
      tops of Jalisco to the Pacific cliffs outside Acapulco. We see how the world’s first organic fair-trade
      honey is harvested by native Mayans, and Chef Sandoval shows how to tap the rare blue agave for its
      syrup. In the kitchen, a Mexican feast is prepared by three generations of Sandovals.
      recipes: Salmon Terrine with Chile Guajillo à la Blue Agave
                  Camarones de la Vera Cruz (& a Touch of Honey)

      Pennsylvania Peaches Transcending Politics in Washington, D.C.
      Chef Brian McBride: Blue Duck Tavern – Washington, D.C.
      In Washington, D.C., the talk of the town is GDP and CPI, but just across the Pennsylvania border,
      folks are discussing IPM. One of Washington, D.C.’s hottest chefs, Brian McBride, and his daughters
      visit Pennsylvania farmer Mark Toigo, who uses IPM, integrated pest management, to grow sweet,
      picture-perfect peaches and plums with no chemical residue. In the kitchen, the chef and his
      daughters prepare a visually pleasing, mouthwatering feast.
      recipes: Free-Range Chicken with Peaches & Herbs
                 Summer Salad with Heirloom Tomatoes, Garden Herbs & Doughnut Peaches

      California Surfer Grows Vietnamese Specialties
      Chef Charles Phan: The Slanted Door and Out The Door – San Francisco, CA
      Charles Phan is the visionary executive chef of San Francisco’s world-renowned Slanted Door. In this
      episode, the James Beard Foundation Award-winning chef and his family head to Santa Cruz, home of
      surf-loving farmer Joe Schirmer’s Dirty Girl Produce, which grows the unique Asian ingredients used
      by Chef Phan. The Phan family gathers and sells at the Santa Cruz Farm Market, then it’s back to the
      kitchen, where Chef Phan and his children whip up Asian specialties with an American twist.
      recipes: Vietnamese Egg Omelet with Trumpet Mushrooms & Asian Influences
                 Lemongrass Chicken with Sautéed Beet Greens

      Seattle Chef Takes “Farm to Table” to New Heights
      Chef Brian Scheehser: Trellis Restaurant – Kirkland, WA
      In this episode, we enjoy a delicious “farm to table” experience with Chef Brian Scheehser, who practices
      sustainable farming in his 3-acre garden. The chef—who grows and harvests vegetables and herbs
      featured on the menu of Trellis Restaurant on Seattle’s Eastside—shares expert tips on cooking and on
      growing fruits and vegetables.
      recipes: “Two-Hour” Spring Salad with Purple Onions & Strawberries
                  Seared Wild Salmon with Zucchini, Squash Blossoms, Artichoke, & Sun-Dried Tomatoes

      Not Just Beaches and Volcanoes, Hawaii Grows Secret Ingredients to Delight the Palate
      Chef Alan Wong: Alan Wong’s Restaurants – Honolulu and Tokyo
      On the Big Island of Hawaii, top chef Alan Wong visits Richard Ha, whose Hamakua Springs Country
      Farms grows beautiful, award-winning produce in the shadow of Mauna Kea. Then it’s on to the
      links—to fish in golf course ponds! In the kitchen, Chef Wong explains how waves of immigration
      have influenced his unique take on Hawaiian cuisine.
      recipes: Hawaiian Shrimp & Clam Paella with Island Spices & Veggies
                 Sautéed Moi & Heirloom Tomato Salad
      Wheelchair Farmer Fosters Good Earth
      Chef Philippe Boulot: The Heathman Restaurant – Portland, OR
      Tim Gilmer is a paraplegic farmer who has little patience for sympathy, but a great fondness for
      earth-friendly produce. He grows impeccable ingredients, all without chemicals. Chef Philippe Boulot
      and his daughter visit Gilmer’s farm in Walnut Hill, Oregon. In the kitchen, the chef shows off the
      culinary skills that earned him a James Beard Foundation Award.
      recipes: Stuffed Zucchini with Chanterelle Mushrooms & Garlic-Parsley Butter
                 Fava Bean Sandwich with Tomato Relish

      Imagining a World Without Bees
      Chef David Guas: Bayou Bakery – Arlington, Virginia
      Colony Collapse Disorder (CCD) is a term first coined in 2006 for a phenomenon in which worker bees
      mysteriously vanish from a beehive. CCD represents a looming crisis for agriculture. Pastry chef David
      Guas knows how important the little worker bee actually is. He joins beekeeper Dave Hackenberg in a
      picturesque Pennsylvania apple orchard in full bloom to work with the bees and to discuss how they,
      and our food supply, might be saved.
      recipes: Hand Apple Pie with Honeybee Vanilla Ice Cream
                Zucchini Cake with Local Honey Glaze

      Chef Leads the Herd
      Chef Craig Stoll: Delfina – San Francisco
      James Beard Foundation Award-winning chef Craig Stoll is serious about knowing exactly where his
      ingredients come from. In this episode, the chef visits Point Reyes Farmstead Cheese Company, a
      real family dairy on the California coast, to meet the Holstein cows that provide milk for one of his
      favorite cheeses, and to learn first-hand about the cheese-making process.
      recipes: Pizza Margherita with Tomato, fior di latte mozzarella, basil
                 Pizza Panna with local Blue Cheese, California Figs, and House Prosciutto
                 Homemade Peach Ice Cream

      The Birthplace of Modern Organic Farming
      Chef Christine Keff: Flying Fish – Seattle
      Chef Christine Keff is considered America’s “queen of green cuisine,” as she recognized the importance
      of conservation years ahead of other chefs. For the last 15 years, her four-star kitchen has been serving
      Northwest-inspired dishes made with local and organic ingredients. In this episode, the chef visits one
      of organic farming’s early pioneers, Jim Meyer, in the foothills of the scenic North Cascades mountains.
      recipes: Alaskan King Salmon, Squash & Mushroom Ragoût, Roasted Onions, Bacon Vinaigrette
                 Grilled Fish Tacos, Charred Tomato Salsa, Guacamole, Onions, Handmade Tortillas

publicity contact:       Daphne Adair
                         KCTS/Seattle Public Television

station relations:       PoGo Promotions:
                         Nimmi Singh                                Selena Lauterer
                         971.227.5487                               828.713.2255
Chefs A’ Field
season 4

     Chefs A’ Field’s fourth season will include a broad-based outreach and education campaign targeting both
     families/consumers and elementary-age students. The campaign is being created in collaboration with the
     series’ underwriters and with nonprofit organizations, educational institutions, museums, farmers markets,
     after-school programs and school districts around the United States. The producers of Chefs A’ Field have
     gathered a team of experts from across the country—ranging from educators to museum curators, chefs to
     farmers, parents to authors—to help develop an exciting variety of outreach activities and resources that
     will coincide with the national public television premiere of Season 4 in September 2009.

     Community-based activities will engage families and children in learning about good food, sustainability,
     healthful eating and cooking, gardening and other series themes.

     A host of specially created activities and events will offer consumers kid-friendly cooking tips, healthful and
     seasonal eating ideas, and activities that encourage families to shop, cook and eat together.

     Chefs A’ Field outreach will include the following components:
             •   Curriculum and in-school materials for elementary grade levels
             •   Consumer information in grocery stores, farmers markets and other community locations
             •   Local and national events
             •   National contests
             •   Distribution of information and resources via e-mail and telephone applications
             •   “The LUNCHBOX,” a free downloadable resource for families

     Major themes and topics of Chefs A’ Field outreach will include:
             •   Sustainability
             •   Healthy eating
             •   Gardening, farming, planting
             •   Preservation of family farms
             •   Preservation of natural resources/environmental conservation
             •   Local food options
             •   Seasonality
             •   Math and measuring
             •   Science: plants, earth science, and more
             •   Family meals and conversation
             •   A “green” future, and what each of us can do to make a difference

     The curriculum, which will be made available to elementary schools nationwide, will revolve around themes
     featured in the series, and will incorporate hands-on learning concepts, science and math-based objectives,
     media for use in the classroom, and take-home elements designed to engage students while also providing
     a way to take the series’ messages “home” to the family.

     Major partners, including the Smithsonian Institution in Washington D.C., and respected educators, have
     been recruited to develop the series curriculum and outreach. The curriculum will be made available to
     participating school districts via PBS TeacherSource, educational publishers and electronic download.
In grocery stores, farmers markets and other community locations across the United States, Chefs A’ Field
will offer consumers resources to help them make informed family food choices, shop with a sustainable
mindset, and integrate the themes of the series into their everyday lives.

Working with partners that include Whole Foods Market, General Mills, Häagen-Dazs and the Nestlé
Company, Chefs A’ Field will reach out to consumers through a variety of means. Consumer outreach will
include messages inviting viewers to tune into the series and offering them practical information related
to the series themes. For example, graphic renderings of bees will begin appearing on the floors and in the
refrigerators of local supermarkets—tying in with information featured in “Disappearing Act: Imagining a
World Without Bees,” the 10th episode of Season 4. The stories of some of the series’ featured farmers will
appear on product packaging. Other materials, including bag tags, in-store videos, informational booklets,
e-mails and information targeted to children, will begin appearing in supermarkets and on product packaging
beginning in spring 2010.

A variety of events in local communities are being planned. From community ice cream socials to outdoor
screenings of series episodes, from cooking demonstrations to farm tours, Chefs A’ Field events are coming to
communities around the country. Contests, held in collaboration with Chefs A’ Field’s partners and presented
online, will target the series’ younger viewers, offering prizes as well as interjecting a dash of learning.

Because Chefs A’ Field is intended not just for adults but also for families, the series will employ a number
of outreach elements offered via nontraditional media and designed to appeal to viewers of all ages. Phone
applications will let consumers know what’s in season and how to find a farmers market near them; e-mail
messages will offer recipes and kid-friendly cooking tips to coincide with seasonal eating; and online games
will engage participants with fun and imaginative characters including talking cows, buzzing bees and
bouncing berries.

Chefs A’ Field will offer something special for parents and child-care providers who are hungry for something
fun to do with the kids. The Chefs A’ Field LUNCHBOX will feed the appetites of viewers long after the final
episode’s credit roll.

The virtual LUNCHBOX will be available free of cost to visitors at The LUNCHBOX will include
endless tips and activities designed to help families shop, cook and eat together. Kid-friendly cooking tips,
seasonal meal planning, recipes and ideas on how to grow your own garden, as well as fun family activities
centered around food, will all be part of the goodies packaged in The LUNCHBOX.

Partners and editorial contributors to Chefs A’ Field outreach include the Smithsonian Institution, Spoons
Across America, New York City Department of Education, the California Department of Food and Agriculture,
Farm to School, The American Institute of Wine & Food, Les Dames d’Escoffier, District of Columbia Public
Schools, the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, The American Beekeeping Federation, Fair Trade Federation,
various farmers markets and others.

To receive information or updates on Chefs A’ Field outreach, please contact us by e-mail:
Chefs A’ Field
season 4
The fields are buzzing…

     Chefs A’ Field has garnered a veritable cornucopia of accolades, from prestigious national awards to high
     praise from reviewers across America.

        • Two James Beard Foundation Awards: “Best National Television Cooking Show” and
          “Best Television Food Special”
        • A nomination for a 2008 Daytime Emmy Award for “Outstanding Achievement in Photography”
        • Two CINE Golden Eagle Awards (Chefs A’ Field is the first cooking series ever to win this prestigious
        • A Gold Plaque for “Excellence in Television” from the 43rd Chicago International Film Festival and
          Hugo Television Awards
        • A 2008 Parents’ Choice Award for television programming
        • A Tastemaker Award from Food & Wine
        • A Gold World Medal in the “Family Programs” category of the 2008 New York Festivals
        • A Film Advisory Board Award of Excellence for family programming

     other honors:
        • Chefs A’ Field is a two-time runner-up in the “Best Documentary” category of the White House News
          Photographers Association Awards.
        • Screenings of Chefs A’ Field were a featured highlight of Walt Disney World’s 2006 and 2007 Epcot
          International Food & Wine Festival.
        • Chefs A’ Field was chosen to partner with the Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History on a
          series of educational events, taking place throughout 2009 and 2010, that have drawn thousands of
          participants to date.

     a small taste of what the media are saying:
     “If you want your child to venture beyond the culinary limits of the chicken nugget, the french fry, or
      the tube steak, this could be just the ticket. … Chefs A’ Field provides a marvelous window to dinner’s origins.
      A+ Highly Recomended – All ages.”
                       — Entertainment Weekly

     “A quiet counter-trend in culinary TV has emerged. ... Returning to the basics of simplicity, seasonality, and
      plain old freshness, Chefs A’ Field brings the concept center screen to create a new kind of down-home
      American cuisine. ... Shot in High Definition, the series makes the food look so good that you can smell it.”
                       — The Seattle Weekly

     “Chefs A’ Field looks scrumptious and comes at an opportune time, just as sustainable agriculture breaks
      through to the forefront. ... Though it is the first cooking program in HDTV, we were most impressed with
      the subject matter, skillful camera work (apparent even without HDTV) and leisurely pace that celebrates its
      subject without getting preachy.”
                        — Chicago Tribune

     “Look out for Chefs A’ Field. ... If you like food, even a little, you do not want to miss this one.”
                      — The Atlanta Journal-Constitution
“Hungry? High-tail it home to catch the beautiful cooking series Chefs A’ Field.”
                — The Seattle Times

“Chefs A’ Field stylishly explores the relationship between chefs and their food sources.”
                   — San Francisco Chronicle

“From Michelin 5-star restaurants to out-of-the-way cafes, the Chefs A’ Field crew has created
 an intriguing diversity of farmer-chef pairings, with most delicious results.”
                  — CNN

“The purity of Iceland’s food caught the eye of the producers … who created a beautiful and compelling
 segment for the farm-oriented [public television] cooking show Chefs A’ Field.”
                  — The New York Times

“Not your average cooking show … Chefs A’ Field is unlike any other to date.”

“Check out Chefs A’ Field. The footage is sublime…but wear a bib. You’ll be drooling over this show.”
                 — Sound & Vision
Chefs A’ Field
season 4
Production Team

     Warner Hanson Television, Series Co-Producer
     Warner Hanson Television (WHTV) is a respected producer of documentaries, original series and news
     features on subjects such as wildlife, natural history and the environment. A specialist in high-definition
     television, WHTV has filmed in some of the world’s remotest areas, in North and South America, Asia, Africa
     and Iceland. Its work has been seen on public television stations nationwide and on major broadcast and
     cable networks including ABC, CBS, Fox, the BBC, CNN, Discovery and the Outdoor Life Network.

     WHTV also creates television programs, exhibits and films for nonbroadcast clients including the Smithsonian
     Institution, the U.S. Department of Education, the U.S. Department of Agriculture, the National Cancer
     Institute and the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum. A recent release produced for The Nature
     Conservancy was seen by more than 13 million viewers.

     WHTV has earned numerous awards, including multiple CINE Golden Eagles, James Beard Foundation
     Awards, White House News Photographers Association Awards and Telly Awards, as well as the Festival
     dei Popoli Jury Award.

     For more information about Warner Hanson Television, please visit

     KCTS9/Seattle Public Television, Series Co-Producer/National Presenting Station
     KCTS 9/Seattle serves viewers by producing and presenting quality information and entertainment
     programs that reflect its mission to “inform, involve and inspire.”

     KCTS 9 director of distribution is Tom Niemi, at 206.615.5445 or

     For more information about KCTS 9, please visit

     American Public Television, Program Distributor
     For more than 48 years, American Public Television (APT) has been a prime source of programming for the
     nation’s public television stations.

     With more than 10,000 hours of available programming, APT identifies innovative programs and creative
     distribution techniques for producers. In four decades, APT has established a tradition of providing public
     television stations with the choices that enable them to strengthen and customize their schedules.

     Each year, APT distributes more than 300 series and specials in a variety of genres including documentary,
     cooking and lifestyle, travel, feature film packages, drama, music and entertainment. Rick Steves’ Europe,
     Globe Trekker, Sara’s Weeknight Meals, America’s Test Kitchen From Cook’s Illustrated, Lidia’s Italy, Rosemary
     and Thyme, Pavarotti: Salute Petra, Johnny Cash at Folsom Prison, Spain...on the Road Again, and films from
     Warner/Turner and 20th Century Fox are among the high-profile programs that APT markets and distributes
     to public television stations.
Chefs A’ Field
These color stills are available to download from
These images may be used only in conjunction with print or online promotion of Chefs A’ Field.

publicity:       Daphne Adair
                 KCTS/Seattle Public Television

                 1. Walnut Hill Farm lettuces and herbs ready for harvest in Oregon.

                 2. Chef Alan Wong shows off Hawaii’s freshest ingredients.

                 3. Fresh fish and garden delights at Trellis Restaurant.

                 4. Chef Brian Scheehser of Trellis Restaurant outside Seattle.

                 5. Peaches and herbs ready to be roasted with Amish chicken.

                 6. Oyster tasting on the Rappahanock River in Virginia.

                 7. Chef David Guas of Washington D.C. helping the bees pollinate apples at Lerew Farms.

             1                                                      2

             3                                                      4

             5                                                      6                                      7

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