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                  twist tV launches nov
     female-skewing lifesty                 ember 1st, joining our le
                                    le brands - Food networ           ading portfolio of
                                                             k, HGtV, slice™ and DIY
   Twist TV is all about rea
                             l life
 situations. The channe              with a twist; capturing
                          l’s diverse cast of chara          the experiences of every
                                                     cters and their colourfu            day people facing extra
     to difficult family issue                                                l stories - from unique            ordinary
                                s, to unusual medical cir                                             personal challenges,
                                                           cumstances - are alway
                                                                                    s relatable and often ou

                                                                    WHAT do they think of Twist TV?
                                                                • 4 out of 5 women found the brand appealing
                     WHO will Twist?                            • 2 out of 3 women would tune-in to the channel
   • Women 25-54                                                • Anecdotal brand reactions include “like TLC and
   • Suburban homeo                                               Slice™” and “life lessons, stories of triumph over
                         wners with an av                         obstacles”
     income of $75k+                        erage household
                                                                 Source: SRG Channel Rebrand Research Study, W25-54, August 2010.
  • Puts family first
                       but needs time fo
    strives to find ba                     r herself and
                       lance                                                                                                        ist TV?
  • Aims to be a be
                     tter mom, lookin                                           WHY should you buy Tw
    see what they do                    g to other moms
                                                           to                                           on Canadian
 • Prides herself on                                                       • Launching in 2.2 milli
                       being in-the-kno
   conscious, socially                    w, trend-                          households! criber data as at Jan. 2010
                         mindful and belie                                    Source: Mediastats subs
                                             ves she’s hip
• Enjoys keeping                                                                                        to any female buy
                    fit and tries to m
                                       ake healthy lifesty                  • A cost-effective add-on
  choices to lose th                                       le                                         women slightly older
• Enjoys watching
                      ose last couple po
                                          unds                              • Reach family-oriented
                                                                                                         Slice™ audiences
                     other reality prog
                                         rams on Slice™                        and less irreverent than
  and TLC                                                                                            similar environment
                                                                            • Reach audiences in a
                                                                               to TLC
                                                                                                     e reality television!
                                                                             • Canadian women lov
                                                                                                       e Twist TV
                                                                             • Over 60% of primetim
                                                                                                          e to the network!
                                                                                programming is exclusiv
WHERE can you find out more about Twist TV?                                   • Sponsorship opportu
                                                                                                           and program stunts
                                                                                  • Weekend marathons
  Contact your Specialty Account Executive for proposals                                                    promos
                                                                                  • Billboards and tagged
       and customized sponsorship opportunities.
     ExclusiVE TiTlEs.
    inTERnATiOnAl flAiR
    uniVERsAl AppEAl.
canaDIan BROaDcas
  sERiEs PReMIeRes:
   DAD cAMp
    Dad Camp features
                             six irresponsible
                                                                        liTTlE Miss pERfEcT
   fathers-to-be      and                                               ‘Little Miss’ contests are
                             their   pregnant                                                      a perfect storm
   girlfriends working tog                                              of hope, anxiety, dre
                            ether to prepare                                                    ams and despair,
   for their future. Through                                           as young families bu
                             therapy sessions,                                                   y $1000 dresses
  parenting classes                                                    and dentures for child
                           and challenges,                                                      ren barely out of
  relationship expert Dr.                                              diapers. For or against,
                           Jef f Gardere helps                                                    you can’t ignore
  the fathers-to-be un                                                 this strange American
                          derstand what it                                                     phenomenon.
  takes to be a parent.

  DADDY’s spOilED liTT
                      lE GiRl
  Rich or poor, most da
                            ds love to spoil
                                                                      RAisinG sExTuplETs
  their daughters. But wh                                             Follow the eight-perso
                           at if it gets out of                                                n Masche family
  hand? Meet the dads                                                 in Raising Sextuplets.
                          who indulge even                                                     As if having six
 the most outrageous                                                  babies isn’t enough, Jen
                         requests, including                                                   ny and Bryan are
 ‘faux mitzvah’ parties,                                              expanding their house
 private jets to Rome an ,000 Bentleys,                              Jenny’s heading back to
                                                                                             at the same time as
                           d even shopping                                                     work and Bryan’s
 sprees in Paris. Can                                                attempting a major
                         money buy love?                                                      diet. Family and
 Stay tuned.                                                         friends help out in an
                                                                                              attempt to avoid
                                                                     total chaos.

 WORlD’s sTRicTEsT pA
                      RE               nTs
World’s Strictest Parents
                           follows the journey of
and regulations of very                            two
                          strict host parents. In ea unruly teens from dif ferent families as they
their self-destructive be                           ch episode the teens wi                          are forced to adapt to
                                                                            ll be subjected to punis                        the
                         havior.                                                                    hments that force them rules
                                                                                                                              to curb
Other Twist TV premiere
                          s include Baby Borrowe
                                                   rs UK, Great American Ro
                                                                            ad Trip and Back on Camp

canaDIan BROaDcas
 sEAsOn PReMIeRes: t
                                                                WifE sWAp uK                                         t
 nAnnY 911                                                                                on the choices dif feren
                                                  the rescue    This series lifts the lid                        ting,
                         nannies as they come to                                           y divide up paren
 Follow a team of expert                         th families,   people make: how the                              ties
                         roughout their stays wi                shopping and hous      ework, spending priori
 of desperate parents. Th                     il and chaos,                                m their social life. Here
                             causes of turmo                    and what they want fro
 the nannies identify the the parents’ frustrations, and                                              at it is like to
                       eviate                                   is a rare opportunity to witness wh es.
 designing plans to all                                                                    and experienc
                           into tears of joy.                    live someone else’s life
  turning temper tantrums