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October Saco Bay Rotary


									                                       Apr. 30,2009
                                   Make-up Opportunities:
Biddeford-Saco-Wed 12:15 pm, Captain’s Galley, OOB – Breakwater Daybreak-Wed., 7:15
am, Betsey Ross House, 99 Preble St., So Portland - Kennebunk-Thurs-12:15 pm, Holy Cross
Lutheran Church – Kennebunk Portside- Tues. 7:15 am, Community House, Temple St., K’port
– Ogunquit-Wed. 12:00 pm, Jonathan’s Rest, Bourne Lane, Portland- Fri. 12:15 pm, The
Portland Club, State St. – Sanford-Springvale- Thurs. 7:30 am, Knights of Columbus Hall, High
St. – Scarborough- Tues.6:50 am, Scarborough Downs, South Portland-Cape Eliz.,-Wed. 6:15
pm, Purpoodock Club, 300 Spurwink Ave., C.E. – Wells, Mon. 7:30 am, The Bull n’Claw, Rt. 1

                                                   → Kitty thanked Nancy K and David G.
             PROGRAMS                             for providing crossword puzzles for the
Apr. 30 Maine Med. Research Inst.                 York County inmates. Please do not give
        Lucy Law, PHD, Ctr. For                   Kitty any puzzles that have spiral
        Molecular Medicine at Me                  bindings. No clarification needed!!
        Med will share her research               → Curt reminded everyone that the GSE
        and career opportunities with             team is coming in on May 16th. If you
        us.                                       are interested in hosting a member of the
May 7   Better Business Bureau                    Polish team, please contact Curt or
        Rachel Meyer from the                     Dave W.
        Bureau will discuss the BBB
        in a new century
May 14 R.S.U. for Saco, OOB                                   Induction
        Gary Curtis will update us on
        the school consolidation                           Ma-Li guillereault
        proposal for Saco & OOB

→ John Bouchard has taken on the
project of generating income for polio
plus with the sale of raffle ticket to an
assortment or wonderful golf courses.
The ticket price is $20. Each club has
$100 tickets to sell. Please help by
buying one and helping to sell them.
→ Dan reminded everyone that the
District Conference is June 5-6-7th in            Tony and sponsor, President, Dan,
Rockland. Let him know if you are                 inducted Ma-Li Guillereault.
interested in attending.                          Ma-Li is originally from Taiwan but has
 → Dan reminded us that the clean-up              been in the US for many years. She is a
day at Camp Sebago is May 2nd. Please             banker at Maine Bank & Trust.
consider helping..                                Welcome, Ma-Li!
→ Dan reminded everyone that the
Biddeford-Saco Club is hosting a Bingo
project from 10-1 on May 2nd at the
Rochambeau Club. Proceeds go to Polio
                                           ☺If Gov. Perry of Texas is successful,
        50/50 Raffle Update                Texas may secede from the Union and
Fred Milley                                become its own state. Then, just maybe
missed the $97.00                          they can team up with Mexico and
jackpot in our 50-                         become “TEXACO.
50 drawing                                 ☺ Doc’s parents celebrated their 50th
                                           wedding anniversary last weekend.
                                           Doc was kind enough to share their
                                           secret with us….
                                           They go out to dinner twice a week. She
                                           goes out on Tuesday and he goes out on
    Family of Rotary Award                 Friday.
                                           His parents always hold hands..if he lets
                                           go…she’s off shopping.
                                           Doc’s mom came home one day and told
                                           his dad that the car wasn’t running
                                           because there was water in the
                                           carburetor. Upon further investigation,
                                           dad found out that it was because the car
                                           was in the lake.
Dan presented a special award called                    Happy Dollars
“The Family of Rotary Award” to Noah       ♣ Nancy K. thanked us all for a listening
and Molly Jacques & dad, Chris. Molly      ear to her talk last week on the “Run for
and Noah have been so helpful with our     Cash” Run/Walk. She will be speaking
various projects, i.e. Auction, Bon        to the Ogunquit Club in the near future.
Appetit. Noah successfully solicited       ♣ Scott ‘s son is out of school. In an
Bruins tickets for our annual auction.     effort to stay connected, father and son
Congratulations….it is a family affair     have taken up “fly fishing”. However,
and demonstrates the power of parental     they have no idea what they are doing.
good example.                              Anyone have any hints???
                                           ♣ Dennis was extremely proud that 14
                                           Saco Bay Rotarians chose to attend the
                                           District Meeting
                                           ♣ Al commented that the average age of
                                           out Rotary club has just been reduced
                                           with the induction of a younger member.
                                           Good observation, Al.
                                           ♣ Curt was happy to see the rainfall this
                                           week because it reduced the chances of
                                           fire. Yeh.right..Curt. By the way, are
          Sergeant at Arms                 you still in the sod business???
           Doc Hammond                     ♣ Proud father, Chris gave a happy $ for
☺Phil H. just came back from               his kids and reminded everyone that we
Fargo..Was the place like the movie???     need to sell 100 tickets.
Phil refused to answer on the grounds of   ♣ Kitty said that Ogy sends his regards
self-incrimination.                        to everyone. On his website, he always
☺ Doc read” online” that The New           mentions his fond relationship with our
York Times won 5 Pulitzer prizes           Rotary clubs of Biddeford and Saco Bay.
                                           His web site is
             Carl Stasio

                                             TA has relationships with Arundel
                                             Middle School, Dayton and, of course,
                                             Saco. They also have 50 kids that are
                                             private pay. Since tuition is capped by
                                             the State, TA’s Board… while staying
                                             grounded in the present, has kept its eye
                                             open to the future. TA will offer
                                             boarding school next year for middle and
                                             upper class students. The new building is
                                             presently in construction. Offering a
                                             boarding school will bring 140 kids from
Thornton Academy is 200 years old and        different parts of the country and the
Carl has been its headmaster for 23          world. Hopefully, this is only the
years. In fact, Carl said that he is the     beginning. TA hopes to have up to 4
only one of his friends that is still        Boarding housing complexes within the
working.                                     next 12-15 years. However, TA will
He has seen many changes in the              never change its mission of providing an
students coming through the system but       excellent and broad curriculum to its
some thing have not changed. The same        local students.
core subjects are being taught; the school   The Governor’s consolidation plan goes
year is the same; the 8am to 2pm             into effect on July 1st. While it has its
schedule of classes and vacations have       complexities, TA will adapt to the
stayed the same. There have been radical     changes. The economic pressures are
and transformative changes at other          tremendous. All of the capital funding
levels. For example, the school teaches      has been generated by a group of good
to 1440 kids and there are 1440              Trustees and it will continue to do so in
computers actively used in all               the future.
classrooms. TA has stopped buying
reference books. They have instead
chosen to obtain site licenses. Mr. Stasio
was proud to say that TA offers SEVEN        President Dan’s final
foreign languages and a comprehensive        comments:
curriculum. The school wants to give its     We do not inherit the earth for our
students a broad range of experiences        ancestors; we only borrow it for
and develop the character of its students.
This is especially difficult in a time of
                                             our children.
budgetary austerity at the state and
municipality level.
Carl credits the Trustees of the school
for its forward thinking and expanding to
increase funds and continue to meet the
needs of its students.

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