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									October 2006

                                                       Inside This Issue
               From the Principal ..................................    2   Mothers’ Welcome Tea Thank You ......                   5
               Remember In Your Prayers ...................             2   Gurian Corner .......................................   6
               From the Vice Principal of Academics ...                 3   Circle of Friends Book Club .................           6
               Homecoming News ..............................           3   Remember Crespi in Your Will ..............             7
               President’s Letter ...................................   4   Help Crespi – Donate Your Car!! ..........              7
               Notes from the Business Office .............             5   Athletic Department News ......................         8
               Order Your Letterman Jacket ...............              5

                                                             At A Glance
               Oct 3, Tue – Junior Retreat; College Fair                    Oct 28, Sat – ACT Testing
                   @ Louisville HS, 7-9pm                                   Nov 1, Wed – All Saints Mass
               Oct 6, Fri – All Alumni BBQ                                  Nov 2, Thu – Junior Retreat
               Oct 8, Sun – Circle of Friends Book Club (pg 6)              Nov 3, Fri – NO SCHOOL-Crespi 8th Grade Day
               Oct 9, Mon – NO SCHOOL Columbus Day                          Nov 4, Sat – SAT & Subject Tests
               Oct 10-14 – Spirit Week                                      Nov 8, Wed – Junior Retreat
               Oct 11, Wed – Homecoming Mass                                Nov 10, Fri – Deficiency Notices Mailed;
               Oct 13, Fri – Homecoming Football Game                           Midnight Madness X
               Oct 14, Sat – SAT & Subject Tests; Homecoming                Nov 12, Sun – Crespi Open House
                   Dance 8-11pm                                             Nov 13, Mon – NO SCHOOL Veteran’s Day
               Oct 17, Tue – Quarter Grades Distributed 7pm                 Nov 14, Tue – Progress Reports Mailed
               Oct 21, Sat – Model UN in Anaheim                            Nov 16-19 – Crossing Borders
               Oct 23-26 – KAIROS                                           Nov 20-22 – 1st Annual Turkey Bowl @ Lunch
               Oct 23, Mon – Parent/Teacher Conferences 4-                  Nov 23-26 – NO SCHOOL Thanksgiving
                   8pm; Opening Night Play
                                         FROM THE PRINCIPAL
May God, who is Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, bless you, and Our Lady of Mount Carmel protect you under her

With school six weeks into the semester, many of you have determined that this school year is the best Crespi
has seen in a long time. Thank you for entrusting to us your most treasured gift, your son!

Crespi Carmelite recognizes the importance of parents in the formation of their sons. You are the primary edu-
cators. Elemental values, such as care, respect, obedience, service, and faith, need to be taught and promoted at
home. Crespi helps to solidify and strengthen these values.

Since the opening of school, you have attended mandatory meetings, a Freshman Family Mass, a Back-to-
School Night, and many athletic events. Choosing to participate in these gatherings makes a definitive and posi-
tive difference in your sons’ lives. They notice your exuberance or your absence. Your attendance also gives me
an opportunity to meet you, connect with you, and laugh with you. Commendations and recommendations are
exchanged, problems and concerns are resolved. I urge you to make some time in your busy schedule to partici-
pate in your son’s high school life. Cheer him as he flies toward the finish line. Give him a standing ovation af-
ter his award-winning drama production. Congratulate him on his academic achievements. Being a life-long
learner, a productive and mature person, and a moral and spiritual individual happens through school and paren-
tal partnership.

On several occasions, I have introduced three practical ways to help shape your son into a Crespi Man. I urge
you to implement them at home.

         1. Teach your son to make good decisions. Our curriculum, counseling staff, and character
            formation approach give a foundation for good decision-making. What are you doing at
            home to help your son make good decisions?

         2. Teach your son to aim high – reach for the stars. Crespi is a college preparatory school.
            Our solid curriculum offers AP and Honors courses. Teachers are instructed to identify
            capable students, and students are encouraged to register for higher level courses. Encourage
            your son to work hard and take AP and Honors courses.

         3. Create a sacred space at home. Historically, churches and temples have represented
            humanity’s need for a sacred space. Your home is a domestic church. Reserve a space for
            quiet, leisure, and reflection. Create sacred times for homework, prayer, and family gatherings.

                                    You are in my prayers constantly. God Bless!


                                                  Fr. Paul Henson, O.Carm

                                   Please Remember in Your Prayers
                                           Those in our Crespi Carmelite
                                                      Family who have passed away . . .
            James Cerniglia ‘64, Father of                                  Pauline Dugan, Great Grandmother of
                 Kenny ‘89, and sympathy to all                                   Ed McSweeney ‘08
                 the Cerniglia family

Page 2
Dear Parents:

        As we begin another school year I would like to discuss some academic topics with you. I had an op-
portunity to talk with several of you at Back-to-School Night about the success of Parent Connect. If you have
not already taken advantage of this communication system, please be sure to register through the school web-
site: www.crespi.org. Parent Connect is linked with the teacher’s grade book which is updated weekly. When
new assignments are posted and graded, they will appear on the Parent Connect site. But, please be patient, as
some assignments and labs do take longer to grade and record.

       In addition to Parent Connect, there are other ways you, as parents, can get and stay involved in your
son’s education. When walking around campus I’ve noticed a number of students listening to iPods. Besides
music, iPods can be used for education. There are several great Podcasts on a wide range of topics including
US History, Calculus, and SAT Prep classes. If your son owns a Video iPod, you can even watch science labs
from various Universities. For more information on what’s available, visit: www.apple/itunes.com.

        Lastly, I would like to remind you of the Academic Calendar. At the end of the 2nd week (September
15), Deficiency Notices were sent home to the parents of students receiving “D” or “F” marks in any class. On
November 10, Deficiency Notices will again be sent home. At the end of the 8th week (October 13) Quarter Marks
are due. On Tuesday, October 17 you should come to Crespi to receive your son’s Quarter grades and sign up
for Parent-Teacher Conferences (October 23). Grades will be distributed at 7pm. This is another important
way for you to stay involved in your son’s progress at Crespi.

      Remember that parents are the primary educators of their children. Continue to be an active participant
and positive influence on your son’s academic progress at Crespi Carmelite High School.


                                           Vice Principal of Academics

                            HOMECOMING NEWS FROM
                              STUDENT ACTIVITIES
                Pirates are landing at Crespi! ARrrrrrrrrr you on board for Homecoming this year?

             Get ready for a great week of fun with events each day during Spirit Week – October 9-14.
  Super Spirit Day on Wednesday begins with our Homecoming Mass (remember to dress for Mass – no ruffled
 shirts or eye patches!), followed by an extended lunch with music, games & inflatables. Who will go in the dunk
tank this year?? The week continues with our spectacular Homecoming Half-Time Show on Friday evening, as we
   crown our King & Queen. Our Homecoming dance ends the week on Saturday evening in the Crespi gym. All
 students, & their dates, are invited to attend this great night of entertainment. Cost is $55 per couple, and dress
   is semi-formal (suit or jacket & tie). Permission slips/tickets are on sale now, in the Student Activities office.
                The dance begins at 8pm & ends at 11pm. NO ONE may leave the dance until 11pm
                                           – no exceptions ARrrrrrrrr allowed!

                                              Volunteer Pirates needed
    ARrrrrrrrr you willing & able to help out with refreshments & coat check during the Homecoming Dance?
                               PLEASE contact Dona Long ASAP @ (818) 654-1315

  We are looking for convertibles or "fun" cars for the Homecoming Parade – Call Dona Long @ (818) 654-1315

                                                                                                              Page 3
                           – Monthly Newsletter for Crespi Carmelite High School Parents

                                         PRESIDENT’S LETTER
Dear Crespi Family and Friends:

The 2006 – 2007 school year is well underway and summer seems a long way behind us, but I had some wonderful ex-
periences that I wanted to share with you.

In August, I traveled to Fatima, Portugal, as part of the Carmelite International Justice and Peace Commission. Justice and
Peace is an important part of the identity of the Carmelite Order. In the years since the Second Vatican Council, we felt
that it was necessary to reflect on, and rediscover, our identity and charism; how would we apply our eight-hundred-year
old tradition in a world that has become desensitized to the plight of the poor and underprivileged? As followers of Jesus,
we are urged to proclaim the Gospel teachings and to stand by all God’s children, recognizing that in each is the fullness
of God himself.

The commission addressed our Six-Year plan and the goals we have set. These goals are:
   ♦ To promote justice and peace, especially at regional meetings involving the whole of the Carmelite Family.
   ♦ To continue the relationship between the Order and SEDOS in Rome, (a forum for those institutes of consecrated life
       committed to a deepening understanding of a global mission,) as well as with other organizations in the field of justice
       and peace.
   ♦ To set up a General Commission for Justice and Peace.
   ♦ To develop interest in the Order for a NGO (committee of non-governmental organizations) as approved by the Gen-
       eral Chapter.
   ♦ To promote justice and peace, especially during periods of formation and by means of new forums of communica-

I share this with you so that, as things evolve here at Crespi Carmelite High School, you will have an understanding of our
mission as educators of your sons.

In this age of international war and rebellion, of natural and man-made disasters, I thought how apropos that this commis-
sion met in Fatima, the site of Our Lady asking for the faithful to pray the Rosary for peace and the conversion of sinners.
In the last apparition, Our Lady appeared to the children as Our Lady of Mount Carmel. Therefore, I encourage you to
pray the Rosary with your families, especially during October which is dedicated to the Rosary. There are several sites on
the web where you can learn more about the Visionaries of Fatima and the message for peace and justice from Our Lady.

November is the month we have dedicated to the remembrance of those we loved who have died. Please fill out the flyer
for All Souls Day, November 2, 2006, and return it to the school office so that your intentions will be remembered at the
School Mass on November 1, 2006, at Our Lady of Grace. We encourage you to join your sons at the school masses.
Your example is the pattern that they will carry with them. The Carmelites, also, invite you to join them for week-day
mass at the Priory Chapel, mass on Monday evening at 5:00pm, and Tuesday through Friday at 7:00am in the morning.

May Our Lady of Mount Carmel continue to protect you, your families, and those that you love, May you follow her ex-
ample of obedience to the Gospel teachings of justice and peace.

                                                          God bless,

                                                 Fr. Tom Schrader, O.Carm.

Page 4
                   – Monthly Newsletter for Crespi Carmelite High School Parents

THE BUSINESS OFFICE                                                   ORDER YOUR
                                                                    CRESPI LETTERMAN
 A student will not be allowed to
  attend classes, participate in
extra-curricular activities, or take
Semester exams if his tuition/fees
    are not paid as scheduled.

 Business Office (818) 654-1302                   Orders for Letterman Jackets will be taken at lunch
                                          on Tuesday, October 17, in front of the Student Services
                                          Center. There is a $150.00 deposit due at the time of the

                                                   If you have any questions please see Mrs. Watson
                                          in the Athletic Office, or call 818-654-1301.

                 38th Annual Mothers’ Welcome Tea
                                   THANK YOU
             This year’s Mothers’ Welcome Tea was a wonderful success as
            Crespi moms turned out in record numbers and felt welcomed to
                             Crespi Carmelite High School.
            Thank you SO much to the following volunteer moms who helped
                        make this year’s tea run so smoothly:
 Ellen Abbene, Penny Alpert, Belvis Appleby, Laurene Belt, Sharman Borncamp,
 Carol Dituri, Lynn Gaytan, Becca Good, Dee Dee Herrera, Marcia Herrera, Theresa
 Jeensalute, Melissa LeBlanc, Kathy Lien, Dona Long, Audrey Matoesian, Michelle
 McGlasson, Kellie McIntyre, Mary Milkovich, Margie Moreno, Mery Nunez, Sioux
 Renfro, Anita Rezzo, Cathryn Sacks, Sandra Selcer, and Catherine Uribe. A spe-
 cial thank you to Ann Egan for making the beautiful floral centerpieces.
 We also thank Tony Son with Marie Callendar’s, Northridge, and Mark Dion with
 California Pizza Kitchen.

                                                                                                 Page 5
                              – Monthly Newsletter for Crespi Carmelite High School Parents

                          GURIAN CORNER
  Welcome to Crespi Carmelite High School!

  Crespi Carmelite High School has successfully completed the Gurian Training
  Program in 2006.

  The Gurian Institute was created by Michael Gurian. Michael Gurian is a so-                 Do you like to read? Do
  cial philosopher, educator and best-selling author. The Gurian Institute, which he   you enjoy lively discussion and
  co-founded, conducts research, launches pilot programs, and trains professionals.    good food?
  Michael has been called “the people’s philosopher” for his ability to bring to-
  gether people’s ordinary lives and scientific ideas.                                        Then please consider
                                                                                       joining the Crespi Circle of
  Michael has pioneered efforts to bring neuro-biology and brain research into         Friends Book Club. There is no
  homes, schools, and public policy. A number of his groundbreaking books in           commitment required.
  childhood development have sparked national debate, including The Minds of
  Boys co-authored by Michael and Training Director Kathy Stevens, The Won-                   The Circle of Friends
  der of Girls and Boys and Girls Learn Differently!                                   Book Club will be holding its
                                                                                       next meeting on Wednesday,
  Michael has served as a consultant to families, corporations, therapists, physi-     October 18, at the home of
  cians, school districts, community agencies, churches, criminal justice personnel,   Julie Todd. We are reading the
  and other professionals.                                                             new Nora Ephron book, I Feel
                                                                                       Bad About My Neck.
  The Gurian Institute Training Division coordinates national and international
  training.                                                                                   Please feel free to join
    ________________________________________________________________                   us – Everyone is welcome!

  Crespi Carmelite High School Gurian Representatives:                                        For further information
                                                                                       contact Janet Ellis at:
         Alan Swaney         Freshman English           aswaney@crespi.org                   818-703-8430 -or-
         Brian Sheehan       Sophomore English          bsheehan@crespi.org              JanetGurleyEllis@aol.com

  Mr. Swaney and Mr. Sheehan completed the Summer Institute Training for
  the Gurian Program. They are both available to serve the Crespi Commu-
  nity with resources, materials, and guidance for parents, faculty, and stu-

  Focus Objectives:
         1. Rethink how to teach boys and girls
         2. Improve academic performance for students
         3. Decrease disciplinary problems
         4. Assist parents in evaluating how to best help their children
             develop to their fullest potential.

  Crespi will be scheduling Workshop Sessions for Parents and Crespi Staff in
  the upcoming months.

Page 6
              – Monthly Newsletter for Crespi Carmelite High School Parents


       We are a community that is well known for volunteering our time and
other resources for the benefit of the causes in which we believe. As a result,
all of our lives are enriched.

      Many people also choose to include their charitable interests in their
long-range financial plans. Making thoughtful charitable gifts in this way
often goes hand in hand with preserving economic security for one’s self
and loved ones, thanks to a number of special planning methods that are

      The will is the most commonly used method of making charitable gifts
at death. Crespi Carmelite High School will forever be grateful if you would
consider scheduling a donation to the school. Please add Crespi as a
beneficiary to your will, or living trust, or consider funding a charitable trust.

      For more information on remembering Crespi in your will, please
contact Greg Cornell ’74, Vice President of Institutional Advancement at
(818) 654-1314, or email gcornell@crespi.org

           Donating your car will help Crespi go the Distance !!

                                   By donating your car to the
                 National Charity Support Foundation Vehicle Donation Program
                   And requesting Crespi Carmelite High School as your charity,
                             100% of the net proceeds will go to us !
        For more information on this Win-Win opportunity call: Greg Cornell 818-654-1314
       For information on how to donate and receive a tax deduction call: 1-877-980-2277

                                                                                           Page 7
                                                                                    2001 CIF Division 4AA Basketball Champions

   ATHLETIC DEPARTMENT NEWS                                                           2003 CIF Division III Baseball Champions
                                                                                    2004/2005 CIF Division X Football Champions

         Athletic Director Dick Dornan would like to start off the school year with a reminder to parents about some of
the athletic protocols. When a situation arises, the first thing that might go through your head is to just wait, sleep on it,
and see if the new day brings a renewed attitude. With
that said, the athletic department would like to offer
parents advice on how “athletes resolve problems
with coaches:”
•        You will be doing what’s best for your son if
you step aside and have your son speak with the coach.
You might think more will be accomplished if you do
the talking. However, the lessons your child learns by
meeting with the coach outweigh those concerns.
•        Your child must stand on his own two feet and
not rely on his parents to take care of problems for him.
•        Help your son prepare an outline of points he
wants to make, review the presentation, and encourage
your son to take a list of questions to the meeting, and       Crespi’s Freshman Class
tell him to listen carefully to the coach’s responses.       showing support at the games
•        At the end of the meeting, your son and coach
should recap the discussion’s key points to avoid any misunderstandings about what was said.
Volunteering your opinions on the coach’s game strategy or other players on the team is totally

        Every athlete must deal with adversity at some point. Those who know how to con-
                               front it and cope with it are the ones who will succeed. Teach-
                Kevin Prince   ing your son how to confront issues head-on will help him in
               leads the Celts sports and beyond. Listed below is the Crespi Athletic De-
                 into a tough  partment’s chain of command for parent / player / coach
                  Division 1   meetings in order of protocol:

                                          Player and Coach                                               Austin Shanks –
                                          Parent and Coach                                            workhorse on the ground
                                                                                                            for the Celts
                                          Parent and Athletic Director
                                          Parent and Vice Principal of Athletics
                                          Parent and Principal                                               Craig Sherwood
                                                                                            Video Production Department
                                                                                              Sports Information Director
                                                                                            Crespi Carmelite High School
                                                                                               All photos by Tony Goebel

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     Editor/Publisher — Joan S Weaver
  Mothers’ Christmas
Luncheon and Fashion Show
      “White Christmas”
        Marriott Warner Center
          Woodland Hills
  Saturday, December 9, 2006

                                                Santa’s Kitchen
Welcome                                         Terra Haskell (Mark ’09) will be chairing
It will be snowing for Crespi Carmelite High    Santa’s Kitchen. THANK YOU, TERRA!
School on December 9 for the annual Mothers’    Volunteers are invited to donate holiday
Christmas Luncheon and Fashion Show. This       candy, cakes, breads, cookies, homemade
is a memorable way to start the holiday         jam, or any festive dessert. Please bring
season. Come and enjoy our Mother/Son           your donations already wrapped with
Fashion Show, Boutique Shopping, Silent         holiday appeal. Please contact Terra at
Auction, and Spot Light Raffle. Thank you in    (818) 879-8514 or email
advance for supporting this year’s Mothers’     terraoldagoura@adelphia.net with any
Christmas Luncheon and Fashion Show.            questions.
 Fashion Show                                   Volunteers
The fashion show is being hosted by Chick’s     Thank you to all the Crespi Parents who
Sporting Goods. Mothers and sons interested     have already volunteered. We greatly
in modeling can contact Tish Amborn (Ryan       appreciate your time and talents. We still
’03, Sean ’05, Thomas ’07) at (818) 999-4822.   have openings within our committees, so
                                                please contact either Terri McSweeney at
Silent Auction and Raffle Donations             (818) 222-6048 or terrichat5@aol.com or
Please consider donating an item to the         Debbie McGaughey at (818) 705-1160
Mothers’ Luncheon and Fashion Show. Items       ordebbiemcgaughey@sbcglobal.net. We
of interest are tickets to sporting events or   look forward to hearing from you.
concerts, sports equipment for young men, a
stay in a vacation home, beauty products,       Centerpieces
home furnishings, seasonal decorations, and     A warm welcome to Christina Capo (Chris
gift certificates for restaurants, clothing,    ’10). Thank you for bringing your creative
music, or movies. Any questions, please         talent to the luncheon; we are looking
contact Debbie McGaughey (Trevor ’09) at        forward to your centerpiece design!
                                                Crespi Family Christmas Tree
Donations can be dropped off at the Crespi
                                                Terry Ibarra (Brandon ’07, Justin ’10)
Carmelite main office during regular business
                                                will be decorating the Spot Light Raffle
                                                “Crespi Tree.” Please join us in decorating
Ad Book                                         the tree by bringing in a vintage style
You may choose to purchase a personal or        ornament to the front office during
business ad for our luncheon program. (SEE      regular business hours marked, “Attention:
ATTACHED FLYER).                                Terry Ibarra.”

                                                Thank You for Your Support,
                                                Debbie and Terri
                                                Christmas Luncheon Co-Chairs

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