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									E    D     I T S H A R E                             I       N             E D U C A                     T    I    O     N
E    D      I T S H A R E                                I       N        E D U C A                      T    I    O     N

Bond University blends academics with industry
expertise in film, TV, multimedia courses
EditShare delivers end-to-end solution

Australia’s Bond University Centre for Film, Television and Screen Based Media is preparing the next generation
of industry media professionals. Degree programs combine academic study with lecturers and tutors from related
industries and “hands-on” training with state-of-the-art equipment. Depending on coursework, students use various
content creation tools including Avid Media Composer, Apple Final Cut Pro, and Digidesign Protools, Autodesk and
Unity. “We have over 250 students enrolled each trimester, working on over 600 projects,” explains Michael Sergi,
Director of Film and Television at Bond. “At any one time we might be required to manage more than 12 TBs of
rushes feeding 55 edit suites. The EditShare servers we installed a few years ago to handle that heavy volume were
very reliable. We could, and did, easily add more capacity as needed.”

the challenge                                                    really the ‘glue’ that supports our entire workflow.”
More recently, the Centre planned a shift to a totally           The existing EditShare™ Storage servers are the core of
tapeless HD environment, which presented some special            the Bond workflow, allowing all connected workstations
needs. Of course, EditShare handles a wide variety of HD         to capture, access and share in real time a common pool
and SD vcodecs. The move to solid state acquisition cried        of media files. Regardless of application or platform –
out for a more efficient way to manage the vast amount of        from video editing to game creation - source material,
content. The TV studio lacked an HD-capable video server         work in progress and finished packages are shared and
that could handle multiple ingests and replay. “It’s really      instantly available to all users on the EditShare™ network.
difficult to find a cost effective studio replay solution,”      EditShare uses standard Gigabit network technology
says Daniel Murphy, Technology and Studio Manager.               and supports a wide range of video codecs, including all
“We also realized that when you go totally tapeless,             compressed High Definition video resolutions, including
it’s very difficult to manage all the raw media. It’s more       the Panasonic AVC-Intra Codec, the P2 format that Bond
complicated than you anticipated.”                               students use in their coursework.

the solution                                                     the workflow
After exploring all the options, Bond turned to the              The Centre functions like a medium-sized production
latest products in the EditShare Complete Collaboration          house, with a very large number of Avid editing seats
offering - Flow for ingest and asset management, and             deployed on high performance MacPro and Windows
the Geevs video server for multichannel ingest and               workstations, as well as several Apple Final Cut Pro
playout. Combined with additional storage in a 32TB,             editing systems.
high bandwidth, high performance XStream server, Bond            Student rushes are sourced from film (35mm and 16mm
devised an incredibly efficient, end-to-end workflow at          telecined to tape or data file), Panasonic 2 cameras
an affordable cost. “We used to see EditShare as post-           (AVC-Intra codec, DVCProHD and DVCPro50), and
production storage with great features like Avid and Final       SONY XDCamHD. All footage is ingested directly to
Cut format support and project sharing – kind of the box         the EditShare systems, saving time and effort. Flow
at the end of the process,” says Mr. Murphy. “But with           Ingest captures multiple channels of media and metadata
these new capabilities, we now realize that EditShare is         directly to EditShare storage along with a proxy. With Flow
Browse, users can monitor, log and create subclips during or
after ingest, manage file-based transfers from XDCAM and P2
sources, and search through the media on EditShare storage.
“Flow gives us the ability to input metadata upfront as opposed
to having hundreds of files that need to be sorted out in an
NLE. We can also ingest right in the field, which will also help
quite a bit,” explains Mr. Murphy. “And Flow allows students and
staff to locate and handle media much more easily.”
In addition to sharing files, EditShare provides advanced
collaboration. “EditShare is the only system that allows us to
implement project sharing for both Avid and Final Cut Pro,
saving us time and storage space by centralizing shared media
used by all students in a class,” says Mr. Sergi. “Our tutors can
give students immediate access to media, review their progress
and mark editing assignments all within Editshare.”
At Bond, the Geevs HDP44 video server provides simultaneous
ingest of four HD channels using Avid DNxHD and Apple ProRes
codecs. Playout is uninterrupted, even when files are still being
transferred. Geevs is directly accessible from the three main
suites for direct playout of student productions. Geevs Autorun
software allows the creation of sophisticated playout lists;
Studio MC software supports manual and automated triggering
of playout events from the studios.
Bond maintains a backup using EditShare’s cost effective Ark
Disk system. They have multiplied their backup capacity by
adding a 32TB Ark Disk unit to the existing system.

the benefits
The EditShare Complete Collaboration line of products has
expanded the workflow horizon at Bond from ingest through
playout and archiving. Flow simplifies media management
with ingest directly to EditShare Storage, which provides
the sharing capabilities. “It’s really the same workflow the
entire film and television production industry uses,” Mr.
Sergi observes. “The Director can access the editor’s work
at any time, from any editing suite, make comments, suggest
improvements, or even do their own version of a scene as a
guide.” The Geevs multicam capability brings a professional
dimension to teaching film and TV drama. “With every
stream recorded as it comes in, Geevs automatically creates
an edit decision list with the edits,” explains Mr. Murphy.
“After a student finishes the edit, we’ll be able to go back in
and actually review what they’ve done. We get a much better
sense of their camera selections and cuts. Before, we had no
easy way to iso the cameras and look at the edit points. This
totally changes the way we teach multicam drama, and we’re
very excited about this capability.”
EditShare offers an excellent cost-benefit ratio, with no
costly seat licensing, and options to scale the system over
time. EditShare’s tools for managing passwords, media
spaces, quotas and media management are straightforward
and easy to use, simplifying system administration.
EditShare’s Active Directory integration allows students
and tutors to login into the system using standard AD
credentials, and just start editing.
EditShare provides Bond Centre’s state-of-the-art production
and training lab facilities with a reliable, high performance, end-
to-end workflow that mirrors the industry’s highest standards.

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