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					                                   Becta viewpoint - Data Handling in the classroom

Better Learning with ICT - Data Handling in the Classroom

                            The Becta viewpoint
We were delighted to be asked to review these new ICT programmes from Teachers
TV. In our role of driving effective and innovative use of technology in learning, we
would like to share our perspectives on these videos:

    What can teachers get out of them?

    What are the key elements in terms of effective practice and professional

    How do they link with other videos in the series?

Effective practice
Effective teaching involves preparation whether or not technology is being used. The
lessons were Inclusive and interactive helping to keep the learners on task and
focused on learning, allowing a wide range of learners to succeed. The programme
shows a good example of how a small number of data loggers can be included in a
whole class activity and can be used advantageously, in this case for differentiation.
Using appropriate software enabled the results from individual groups to be shared
immediately with the whole class via the interactive whiteboard. The technology was
used to support practical activities with data the pupils have collected themselves,
rather than using abstract data. The year 2 pupils were able to identify some of the
benefits of using technology to collate and display their data, easier, faster, better
and neater!

Professional Development
ICT professional development needs to balance skills training with an understanding
of pedagogy. Good professional development has a number of key elements some
of which are demonstrated by the teachers/schools in this video:

The teacher, Lyn, featured in the video is being supported by the head in her
development of her use of technology. The head released Lyn from teaching to
visit another school to watch another teacher, Chris, use technology effectively. Lyn
has lots of support from colleagues within school when using ICT.

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Other points to consider
Some issues highlighted by the programme that schools could consider when
applying this technology in learning and teaching:

    In this programme Google docs were used to enable pupils to enter their data
        into the same spreadsheet. Other schools will set up documents like this
        using their learning platform or school intranet.

    Most primary data loggers have built in sensors to measure temperature, light
      and sound, however, extra sensors can be used to measure other quantities
      such as heart or pulse rate and motion.

Key points highlighted in other programmes in the series

e-safety advice

    Obtaining parental permission before posting digital images / video of children
      on the internet (

    When posting pictures on the internet of pupils don’t include their names

    Ensure privacy settings are set to an appropriate level when setting up online
       areas which children access (link to video in the classroom)

    The need for anonymity online e.g. use online games which have no real
       names on screen (

    educating pupils on responsible use of the internet which can then be applied in
       and out of school ( :–

               o Teaching children safety rules

               o When communicating online don’t give out your full name, if you have
                  to share information use first name only

Don’t give out personal details, e.g. address, phones number, email etc to
online contacts

     Identifying the benefits of using technology, e.g. Voki (avatars): stressing the
        safety issues, the avatars offer anonymity which is good safety practice plus
        it avoids embarrassment to pupils (

     Sharing practice and resources with colleagues

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     Being able to transfer an activity between settings and context e.g. a year 5
        activity applied to year 2 and in different subjects

Useful websites

Becta e-safety (

This section of the Becta website sets out basic good practice for keeping learners safe.

Becta Professional Development (

All education professionals need to be equipped with technological skills and capabilities to
support the delivery of high quality education in the 21st century

Becta Schools – Learning and Teaching section

Teaching staff should integrate technology effectively into their teaching to create an
inclusive, innovative and exciting learning environment.

Becta Publication - Getting started with your learning platform: Advice for schools

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