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					      Marc Blakewill & James Harris              07740 683692       

                        Marc Blakewill & James Harris - CV

      Comedy writers Marc Blakewill & James Harris are currently working with production
      companies to develop various projects for TV, and are constantly devising new ideas
      for shows and formats.

Broadcast credits & options: 2009-present
   TITLE                  COMPANY         CHANNEL      DETAILS
   Horrible Histories     Lion TV         BBC1         CBBC Sketch Show based on the best-selling books.
                                                       Contributing Writers, Series 1 and 2.
                                                       Broadcast BBC1 2009/10
   Hudd and               Perfectly       Radio 2      New Radio 2 sketch show starring Roy Hudd and David
   Quantick’s Global      Normal                       Quantick.
   Village                Productions                  Contributing Writers
                                                       Due for broadcast in Jan 2011
   Russell Howard’s       Avalon          BBC3         Series Two and Three of his BBC3 news show.
   Good News                                           Contributing Writers
                                                       Broadcast 2010
   White Van Man          Granada Media   BBC3         Sitcom about a handy man
                                                       Contributing Writers
                                                       Due for broadcast in 2011
   The All-Star           Pett and Baby   ITV1         Christmas Special impressions show for ITV1.
   Impressions Show       Cow                          Contributing writers
                                                       Broadcast 2009
   Leaders’ Wives         Clever Pie      BBC Online   Sketch starring Lucy Montgomery, Sarah Kendall,
                                                       Isabel Fay and Jocelyn Jee Esien.
                                                       Writers & Devisors (with Isabel Fay)
                                                       Broadcast online
   Celebville             Magicworlds                  Animated celebrity-based narrative series
                                                       In Production
   Gag Writers            After Dinner                 Gag writers for after dinner speakers, including Chris
                          Speakers                     Barrie
                                                       Contributing Writers
   The X Husband          BBC             BBC Online   Web sketch starring Peter Dickson. BBC Comedy
                                                       Extra's most-viewed video of 2009.
                                                       Writers & Devisors (with Julie Bower)
                                                       Broadcast online
   Last Resort            Wild Rover                   TV sitcom set in the world of a walk-in help centre
                                                       Writers & Devisors
   Telling Laura          DLT Ents                     TV sitcom about an obsessive
                                                       Writers & Devisors
   Tormented By           Glandoo                      Short mockumentary on the perils of learning Morse
   Tapping                Productions                  code
                                                       Writers & Devisors
                                                       Placed 4th in YobiLaughs competition
   The Works                                           Stage sketch show performed by top UK comedy talent
                                                       Contributing Writers
   Missing                                             Comedy short film about a missing garden.
                                                       Writers & Devisors
                                                       Script shortlisted for SuperShorts Int. Film Festival
   Strictly Gone          BBC             BBC Online   Strictly Come Dancing spoof
   Bonkers                                             Writers & Devisors
                                                       Broadcast online

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      Marc Blakewill & James Harris                07740 683692      

Broadcast credits & options: 2007/8
                          COMPANY         CHANNEL        DETAILS
   Headcases              ITV             ITV1           Topical animated sketch show
                          Productions                    Contributing Writers
                                                         Broadcast ITV1 2008
   Sorry, I’ve Got No     So Television   BBC1           CBBC sketch show
   Head                                                  Contributing Writers
                                                         Broadcast BBC1 2008
   Comedy Cuts            ITV             ITV2           Sketches for Jess Robinson
                          Productions                    Contributing Writers
                                                         Recorded in 2008.
   The Charlotte          Monkey          Channel 4      Series 2 of her comedy show
   Church Show            Kingdom                        Contributing writers
                                                         Channel 4 (2007)
   Trexx n Flipside       Hanrahan        BBC3           Contemporary sitcom
                          Media                          Contributing Writers
                                                         Pilot Script Polish (2007)
   Grrr                   Angel Eye       BBC Radio      Radio sketch show
                                          Scotland       Contributing writers
                                                         BBC Radio Scotland (2007)
   The Genius Room        Rough Cut       Online         Series of web-based comedy infomercials
                                                         Series Completed (2007)
   TV Or Not TV           NFTS                           Sketch show based around rubbish TV
                                                         Main Writers
                                                         Broadcast Online. Nominated for RTS Student Award:
                                                         Best Comedy.
   The Two Wrongies       Rough Cut                      Sketch show pilot for Katherine Parkinson and Daisy
                                                         Contributing Writers
   Shut Up You            Rough Cut                      Contemporary sketch show
   Muppet                                                Contributing Writers
   Tumbledown Hotel       Rough Cut                      Family sitcom developed for Sarah-Jane Honeywell and
                                                         Justin Fletcher
                                                         Writers & Co-Devisors
   Virtual Girlfriend     Channel K                      Sitcom about an unusual love triangle
                                                         Writers & Devisors
   Jiggedy                The Comedy      BBC Radio      Sketch show pilot for BBC Radio Scotland
                          Unit            Scotland       Contributing Writers
                                                         Broadcast BBC Radio Scotland 2009
   Noobs                  Talkback                       Sketch Show
                          Thames                         Writers & Devisors
                                                         Commissioned to write pilot script
   Polite                 DLT Ents                       Sitcom set at a detective agency with manners
   Investigations                                        Writers & Devisors

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     Marc Blakewill & James Harris            07740 683692    

Selected broadcast credits & options: Pre-2007
   TITLE                 COMPANY       CHANNEL      DETAILS
   2DTV                  2DTV          ITV1         Topical animated sketch show
                         Productions                Contributing Writers (series 4 and 5)
                                                    ITV1 (2004)
   Weakest Link          BBC           BBC2         Gag-writing for Anne Robinson
                                                    BBC2 (2006)
   This Day              Open Mike     Radio 4      Historical sketch show
                                                    Contributing Writers
                                                    BBC Radio 4 (2006)
   Lipsmackin’           Angel Eye     BBC3         Ventriloquist-based hidden camera sketch show
                                                    Contributing Writers
                                                    BBC3 Pilot (2004)
   CHAOS Clinic          Talkback      Five         Narrative for lifestyle show
                         Thames                     Writers (Series 1)
                                                    Five (2005)
   The Sitcom Trials     HTV/Carlton   ITV1 West    Sitcom talent competition
                                                    Contributing Writers
                                                    Winners Of 2 Episodes
                                                    ITV1 West (2003)
   The 11 O’Clock        Talkback      Channel 4    Topical gag show
   Show                  Productions                Contributing Writers (MB)
                                                    Channel 4 (2000)
   Bearded Ladies        BBC           Radio 4      Contemporary sketch show
                                                    Contributing Writers
                                                    BBC Radio 4 (2004)
   Parsons and           BBC           Radio 2      Topical sketch show
   Naylor’s Pull-Out                                Contributing Writers
   Sections                                         BBC Radio 2 (2004)
   Burst Angel           19 Ents                    Comedy version of a Japanese animation
                                                    Contributing Writers
                                                    Pilot Script Polish (2007)
   The News              BBC           Radio 2      Topical sketch show
   Huddlines                                        Contributing Writers
                                                    BBC Radio 2 (2001)
   Weekending            BBC           Radio 4      Topical sketch show
                                                    Contributing Writers (MB)
                                                    BBC Radio 4 (1994-5)
   What Babies           Talkback      BBC Radio    Lifestyle show
   Want                  Thames        Scotland     Writers
                                                    JH: Voice Artist
                                                    Non-Broadcast Pilot for LWT (2004)
   Coast                 BBC                        Audio information accompanying BBC TV series
                         Worldwide                  Contributing Writers
                                                    BBC (2005)
   Handbags @ Ten        Scarlet TV                 Football panel game show
   Paces                                            Co-writers
                                                    JH: Co-devisor with Mike and Tanya Tier
                                                    Non-Broadcast Pilot (2006)

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     Marc Blakewill & James Harris         07740 683692    

Selected current development slate and available projects
   TITLE                 COMPANY       CHANNEL   DETAILS
   Bagsy                                         Sitcom about the trials and tribulations of
                                                 Writers & Devisors
                                                 In Development
   El Nino               Rough Cut               Sitcom set in the world of a tinpot dictator
                                                 Writers & Devisors
                                                 In Development
   Unpredictable         BBC Radio               Historical sitcom about a reluctant prophet
   World of                                      Writers & Devisors
   Nostradamus                                   In Development
   Pithy News            Glandoo                 Everything you wanted to know about a variety
                         Productions             of subjects in 47 seconds!
                                                 Writers & Devisors
   The Godliness                                 Sitcom about an Alan Sugar-type barrow-boy-
   Foundation                                    made-good
                                                 Writers & Devisors
                                                 Pilot script available
   Jim & Dyson                                   Character-led sitcom set in the world of the
                                                 Writers & Devisors
                                                 In Development
   Baba Schnausen                                Claymation sitcom set in a northern town
                                                 Co-Writers; Devised/animated by Shane Grogan
                                                 and Alex Hislop
                                                 Proposal/taster available
   The Joy Division                              Sitcom set within the entertainment division of
                                                 Writers & Devisors
                                                 Proposal available
   Two Timing                                    Sitcom set in two different eras
                                                 Co-Devisors (with Tim Sealey)
                                                 Sample script available
   Twisted Vista                                 Dark, atmospheric sketch show
                                                 Writers & Devisors
                                                 Pilot script available
   Waiting                                       Sitcom set at a bus stop
                                                 Writers & Devisors
                                                 Pilot script available
   Mega Mall                                     Animated sitcom set in a massive shopping mall
                                                 Writers & Devisors
                                                 Pilot script available
   MOD Squad                                     Pre-watershed, ensemble sitcom based around a
                                                 murder squad
                                                 Writers & Devisors
                                                 Proposal available
   Grandmaster                                   Sitcom set in the high-octane world of chess
   Flash                                         Writers & Devisors
                                                 Proposal available
   The Tragedy of                                Sitcom about a female loser
   Carly Fisher                                  Writers & Devisors
                                                 Proposal available

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