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					Apple iPhone 4S vs. Samsung Galaxy Nexus vs. Motorola Droid RAZR

The smartphone market these days seems to have become a three-way competition among the iPhone,
the Nexus, and the RAZR. Although some may claim that some HTC models have been raking in sales as
well, the brand is not as popular in Europe.

While there were millions of people who were
disappointed when the iPhone 4S was announced
instead of the iPhone 5, these Android
superiorities might just quench the thirst of the
consumers for a new and revolutionary phone. (I
bet Steve Jobs wouldn’t be happy about this.)

At any rate, the competition for the mobile tech throne has become a wild one. People have tried to
find out which is better than the other and which smartphone is the best for them to use. Of course,
with knowing which phone is best for them, people have also looks for stores and other companies that
buy used smartphones so that they can dispose of their old units and have some money to make buying
a new one easier. If you are one of these people, then congratulations! You came at the right place and
you are reading the right article.

                                            So, which model rules in terms of cameras? When it comes
                                            to the cameras, the clear winner is the iPhone 4S. Instead
                                            of having four optics, the iPhone 4S camera now has five
                                            with a wider aperture. Unlike the other two Android
                                            phones, the iPhone 4S has image stabilization which can
                                            ease the problems of recording videos with a shaky hand.
                                            This lessens the chances of getting blurry shots.

                                            What about RAM? This time, both Android phones are
                                            superior to the iPhone 4S. The Droid RAZR and Galaxy
                                            Nexus both have 1 GB for their RAM. This means more
                                            storage and twice as fast processing for both phones. But
                                            then, this only applies to the latest editions of the Android
                                            phones. If you still have the old versions, it’s high time to
                                            sell your old smartphones in exchange for one of these
                                            three options.

                                            Let’s go on to special features. The iPhone 4S – Apple’s
                                            latest iPhone iteration is equipped with an artificially
                                            intelligent voice command assistant which is Siri. This
                                            enables the user to do a lot of things without actually
                                            touching their phones. Tasks include sending text
                                            messages, setting up reminders and alarms, and asking for
a lot of things.

The Droid RAZR – Motorola’s latest smartphone is now equipped with a water-repellant Nano-coating
which makes it invulnerable to water damage. It also has the Gorilla glass display screen believed to be
scratch-proof and it can stream heavy data like Netflix in HD.

The Galaxy Nexus – It is NFC technology supported (Near-Field Communication) and it has the highest
resolution for a smartphone which is at an astounding 1280x720. This will make video playback and
gaming more enjoyable and entertaining. It also promotes no lag for shutter speed.

With all of these features, you may have an easy or a more complicated time choosing which
smartphone you end up with. But one thing’s for sure – if you want some money to support your future
smartphone purchase, you should definitely consider sell used electronics or sell your smartphone for

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