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									The Outsiders Cause &
  Book Written by S.E Hinton
 Slide Show by: Jack Anderson

                          S.E Hinton, author of The Outsiders
 If you are planning on reading “The
 Outsiders”, DO NOT view this slide show.
 There are some HUGE spoilers that will
 ruin the book for you.
 If you have read this book or aren’t
 planning to, proceed.
      Background Information
I’m going to give some background information so all of the causes
and effects make sense, this will include a brief summary and a list
of the most important characters from the book.
This book takes place in the 1960’s and is about a 14 year old boy
named Ponyboy ( that’s his real name). Ponyboy’s parents are dead
and his two brothers, Darry and Sodapop have to live alone on the
dangerous part of town. Well, not completely alone. Ponyboy and
his brothers are greasers and are in a gang made up of a bunch of
delinquents. One day, Ponyboy and one of his friends from the
gang, Jhonny, are jumped by a group of Socs, the rich, spoiled kids
who throw beer blasts and beat up greasers for fun. They try to
drown Ponyboy, and Jhonny kills one of them with a switchblade.
They soon go into hiding.
  Background Information Part 2
 Members of the Gang: (Good Guys)

Socs: (Bad Guys)

Cherry Valance (Good)
Marcia (Good)
Jerry Wood (Good)
Police (Bad)
Cause & Effect #1

 Cause: Ponyboy and Jhonny are jumped
  by socs and try to drown Ponyboy.
  Effect: Jhonny kills one of the socs.
Cause & Effect #2

  Cause: Jhonny kills one of the socs.
  Effect: He and Ponyboy go into hiding in
  a church far oustside the town.
Cause & Effect #3

  Cause: Either Ponyboy or Jhonny
   dropped a cigarette in the church ( the
   book doesn’t tell you who) and left with
   Dally to find something to eat.
  Effect: Ponyboy, Jhonny and Dally come
   back to find the church in flames with
   children inside.
Cause & Effect #4

  Cause: The church is in flames with
   children trapped inside.
  Effect: Ponyboy and Jhonny go into the
Cause & Effect #5

 Cause: Ponyboy and Jhonny go into the
  burning church to rescue the trapped
 Effect: Jhonny gets severely burned.
Cause & Effect #6

  Cause: Jhonny is severely burnt from
  Effect: Jhonny dies.
Cause & Effect #7

  Cause: Jhonny dies.
  Effect: Dally kills himself.


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