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									                             AUTISM SPECTRUM DISORDERS
         TITLE                  AUTHOR            DATE                    DESCRIPTION

1.Insight-A Card Game      Shapiro, Lawence      1999     These card games will encourage players to
That Teaches                                              talk about thoughts and feelings and to think
Emotional Intelligence                                    about ways to understand others and
Game                                                      themselves.
                                                          For ages 8 and above
2.Self-Control-A Card                                     2-4 players
Game That Teaches
Emotional Intelligence

3. The Empathy Game-
A Card Game That
Teaches Emotional

A “5” Could Make Me        Buron, Kari Dunn      2007     This useful tool for teachers, parents, and
Lose Control-An Activity                                  psychologist can help individuals who cannot
Based Method for                                          verbalize their feelings, deal with inappropriate
Evaluating and                                            behavior and reduce meltdowns from frustration
Supporting Highly                                         and being overwhelmed by the environment.
Anxious Students                                          Manual, cards for reproduction, and examples.

ABA Program              Fovel, J. Tyler         2002     This book is written to help the reader integrate
Companion: Organizing                                     important theory and concepts from Applied
Quality Programs for                                      Behavior Analysis (ABA) into powerful,
children with Autism and                                  practical, and comprehensive educational
PDD-Book                                                  programming, from assessment through
                                                          program methodology and evaluation.
                                                          Includes CD
                                                          170 Pages

Activity Schedules for     McClannahan, Lynn       1999   Activity schedules enable children with autism
Children With Autism-      Krantz, Patricia               to accomplish activities with greatly reduced
Teaching Independent                                      adult supervision. In this book, parents and
Behavior-Book                                             professionals will find detailed instructions and
                                                          examples to help them implement an activity
                                                          schedule at home and school.
                                                          110 Pages

ADHD/Autism                Kennedy, Diane        2002     Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD)
Connection: A Step                                        is a growing diagnosis. This book provides
Toward More Accurate                                      insights into the overwhelming number of
Diagnosis and Effective                                   similarities between autism and ADHD.
Treatment-Book                                            182 Pages

An Integrated Approach     Steffensmeirer, Ann   2001     This notebook has the basic strategies of
For Early Intervention     Wagner, Deanna                 several approaches taken to intervene with
With Children With         GWAEA                          children with autism/PDD. This report speaks
Autism/PDD-Notebook                                       to the need to have an integrated approach to
                                                          meet the individual needs of each child and

         TITLE                AUTHOR            DATE                    DESCRIPTION

Andy And His Yellow       Thompson, Mary        1996     This book written for early elementary children
Frisbee                                                  is about Andy, who has autism, and his sister
                                                         moving to a new school. Andy’s behavior is
                                                         explained through the sister’s point of view.

Answers To Questions      Kranowitz, Carol        2001   The authors have assembled an extensive and
Teachers Ask About        Szkut, Stacey                  easy-to-use set of checklist and other tools that
Sensory Integration-      Balzer-Marten, Lynn            are useful to every teacher and parent who has
Forms, Checklist, and     Haber, Elizabeth               children with sensory integration challenges.
Practical Tools for       Sava, Deanna                   63 Pages
Teachers and Parents-

Ask Me About              Michael Thompson      1999     In this video, Parents and professionals
Asperger’s Syndrome       Productions                    describe the impairments that typically affect
Video                                                    students with Asperger Syndrome and offers
                                                         practical suggestions and techniques for
                                                         working with these children.

Asperger Syndrome         Myles, Brenda Smith     2001   “During adolescence some of the most salient
and Adolescence-          Adreon, Diane                  characteristics a Asperger Syndrome are often
Practical Solutions for                                  Accentuated, leading to serious academic and
School Success-Book                                      social problems. This book provides
                                                         suggestions and strategies intended to make
                                                         the transition to and survival in middle and high
                                                         school easier for the adolescent with Asperger
                                                         261 Pages

Asperger Syndrome         Moore, Susan            2002   This book offers practical solutions for
and the Elementary        Thompson                       addressing the academic and social needs of
School Experience:                                       elementary-aged children with Asperger
Practical Solutions for                                  Syndrome. The book includes forms; checklists
Academic and Social                                      and other visuals that help teachers implement
difficulties-Book                                        the book’s ideas and strategies.
                                                         195 Pages

Asperger Syndrome for Coulter video             2004     This DVD offers practical actions fathers (and
DAD-Becoming an Even                                     other family members) can take to help in
Better Father to Your                                    understanding their child with Asperger, help
Child with Asperger                                      with behavior difficulties, and prepare the child
Syndrome                                                 for adult life.
                                                         23 min.

Asperger Syndrome In      Willey, Liane           2001   Liane Holliday Willey and one of her daughters
The Family: Redefining    Holliday                       both have Asperger Syndrome. This book has
Normal                                                   personal vignettes, frank discussions and
                                                         practical suggestions for dealing with major
                                                         and minor challenges. This is a positive book
                                                         that will speak to all whose lives have been
                                                         affected by Asperger Syndrome.
                                                         172 Pages

Asperger Syndrome: A    Myles, Brenda Smith     1998     The need for basic information about Asperger
Guide for Educators and Simpson, Richard                 Syndrome is the foundation of this book. This
Parents-Second Edition-                                  book for both parents and educators addresses
Book                                                     characteristics of children and youth with this
                                                         disorder and outlines some methods to facilitate
                                                         their growth and development.
                                                         195 Pages

        TITLE                 AUTHOR        DATE                 DESCRIPTION

Asperger Syndrome: A      Cumine, Val       1998   “This is a clear and concise guide to effective
Practical Guide For       Leach, Julia             classroom practice for teachers and associates
Teachers-Book             Stevenson, Gill          working with children with Asperger
                                                   90 Pages

Asperger Syndrome:        Attainment Co.    2001   This video looks at Asperger students in
Living Outside The Bell                            general and focuses in on 12-year-old Andrew.
Curve                                              Dr. Tina Iyama from the University of
Video                                              Wisconsin Children’s Hospital explains the
                                                   causes of , symptoms of, and strategies for
                                                   coping with Asperger syndrome.
                                                   17 Min.

Asperger Syndrome:        Coulter Video     2004   This video provides proven tips and techniques
Success in the                                     to help make mainstreaming a child with
Mainstream Classroom                               Asperger Syndrome a positive learning
Video                                              experience for him or her and for teachers and
                                                   44 Min.

Asperger Syndrome:        Coulter Video     2004   This video describes what young people with
Transition To Work                                 Asperger Syndrome need to do to find and hold
Video                                              a job. It includes sections on making a good
                                                   job match, how to approach employers, key
                                                   workplace skills, disclosure issues, and
                                                   negotiating accommodations.
                                                   34 Min.

Asperger Syndrome-    Winter, Matt          2003   At some point in their teaching career, all
What Teachers Need To Cloud 9 Children             teachers will come across a child with Asperger
Know                  Foundation                   Syndrome. Matt Winter, a teacher himself,
                                                   imparts tips and practical ideas that he has
                                                   found successful in a school environment.
                                                   79 pages

Asperger’s Syndrome: A Attwood, Tony        1998   This book provides a description and analysis
Guide For Parents And                              of the unusual characteristics of Asperger’s
Professionals                                      syndrome, with strategies to reduce those that
                                                   are most conspicuous or debilitating. This guide
Spanish version:                                   brings together the most relevant and useful
El Sindrome De                                     information on all aspects of the syndrome.
Asperger: Una Guia                                 223 Pages
Para La Familia

Asperger’s Syndrome-      Attwood, Tony     1999   This 2-tape three-hour presentation on
A Guide For Parents                                Asperger’s Syndrome-Diagnosis and support
And Professionals-                                 covers the full range of the spectrum, from the
Video Presentation                                 profoundly disabled to the most highly
                                                   functioning people.
                                                   3 Hours

         TITLE               AUTHOR         DATE                   DESCRIPTION

Autism and PDD:          Reese, Pam           2001   The lessons are grouped into five separate
Adolescent Social        Challenner, Nena            workbooks:
Skills-Workbooks                                          Health and Hygiene
                                                          Interacting
                                                          Managing Behavior
                                                          Secondary Schools
                                                          Vocational
                                                     These instructional lessons are intended to
                                                     teach adolescents what they need to do or say
                                                     in social situations that are sometimes

Autism and PDD:          Reese, Pam           1999   The lessons are grouped into five separate
Social Skills Lessons-   Clallenner, Nena            workbooks:
Workbooks                                                 School
                                                          Home
                                                          Community
                                                          Getting Along
                                                          Behavior
                                                     These instructional lessons are intended to
                                                     teach young children what they need to do or
                                                     say in social situations that are often
                                                     overwhelming to children with autism.

Autism and Play-Book     Beyer, Jannik        2000   This accessible handbook describes different
                         Gammeltoft, Lone            play sequences, which encourage the
                                                     integration of social, emotional and cognitive
                                                     development in children with autism. The easy-
                                                     to-follow play strategies focus on the four key
                                                     skills of visualizing, imitation, mirroring, and
                                                     turn taking.
                                                     108 Pages

Autism and the New       Edvantage            2001   In this video, you will learn about components
Law: Resources for                                   of The Advancement of Pediatric Autism
Treatment-Hope For                                   Research Act, a subtitle of the Children’ Health
Cure-Video                                           Act of 2000.This law was passed to find
                                                     effective treatments and even a cure for autism
                                                     30 Min.

Autism Spectrum          Grant Wood AEA     2005     This manual is a resource document for teams
Disorder-Instructional                               and families who are involved in the
Interventions Manual                                 Instructional Decision Making process for
Birth to Five-Book                                   children who are younger than five years of
                                                     age. It offers choices and a creative blend of
                                                     methodologies that may be needed to best
                                                     meet the unique needs and challenges that
                                                     each child with autism presents.
                                                     24 Pages

Autism Spectrum          Attainment Co.       2002   Educational psychologist Glenis Benson, Ph.D.
Disorders-Video                                      presents a comprehensive overview of autism
                                                     spectrum disorders. Her developmental
                                                     perspective covers major issue areas:
                                                     Cognitive style
                                                     Diagnostic characteristics
                                                     Communication skills and deficits
                                                     Social behaviors
                                                     Support strategies
                                                     Challenging behaviors
                                                     39 Min.

         TITLE                  AUTHOR            DATE                    DESCRIPTION

Autism Spectrum            Fisher, Eileen, M.D.     2003   This author, a parent of a child with Asperger
Overview                                                   syndrome, and a physician, has synthesized
                                                           many articles on pervasive developmental
                                                           disorder, autism, and Asperger syndrome. This
                                                           overview will be helpful to parents and
                                                           teachers as they look for understanding of
                                                           autism spectrum disorders and behavior
                                                           strategies for home and school.
                                                           20 Pages

Autism...A Family Affair   Nollette, Cindy        1985     This is a curriculum for use with siblings of
                                                           special needs children. 48 Pages

Autism/Aspergers:          Gutstein, Steven         2000   This program, Relational Developmental
Solving The                                                Intervention, is an intervention designed to
Relationship Puzzle-                                       steer children with autism into areas of self-
Book                                                       awareness and social awareness. The goal is
                                                           for children with autism to have meaningful
                                                           friendships, and heartfelt connections with the
                                                           people in their lives.
                                                           179 Pages

Autism: How To Help        Leicestershire           1998   This easy to read and illustrated book will help
Your Young Child-Book      County Council and              people who and work with children with autism
                           Fosse Health Trust              understand the disability. The book
                                                           emphasizes individual differences in people
                                                           with autism and offers strategies and
                                                           suggestions that may work a particular student.
                                                           55 Pages

Autism: Information And    Simpson, Richard L.;    2002    This book is primarily designed for parents and
Resources For Parents,     Zionts, Paul                    family members of children with autism,
Families, And                                              persons interested in learning more about
Professionals                                              autism, and professionals who may have
                                                           occasional contact with children and youth with
                                                           autism. This book attempts to give readers an
                                                           overview of concepts and characteristics of
                                                           autism; background on the disorder; and
                                                           alternatives, considerations, and strategies for
                                                           obtaining education, treatment, and support.
                                                           179 Pages

Autism: What’s New-        Collins, Abby            2002   This book gives parents basic information
The Primer For             Collins, Sibley                 about autism and gives educators the
Parents-Book                                               understanding of autism they need to best
                                                           educate a student with autism.
                                                           95 Pages

Autism-What Is It          Grant Wood AEA         1996     This video shows children with autism who are
                                                           attending a regular elementary school. The
                                                           video is narrated by children who are
                                                           explaining autism and how it affects behavior
                                                           and learning in those children who are autistic.
                                                           13 Min.

Baby Signing Time          Two Little Hands       2005     This signing DVD teachers 30 basic words
Volume 1-DVD                                               toddlers can use to make their wants and needs
                                                           known to adults.
                                                           45 min.

         TITLE                  AUTHOR         DATE                    DESCRIPTION

Caution: Do Not Open        Enright, Rick        1995   This book was written to help people with
Until Puberty! An                                       disabilities learn about their bodies, sexuality,
Introduction To                                         and relationships. This book helps parents
Sexuality For Young                                     approach their adolescent with disabilities
Adults With Disabilities-                               about these sensitive yet so important issues.
Book                                                    37 Pages

Children With Autism-A      Powers, Michael    2002     This book provides up-to-date information about
Parent’s Guide              D.,Psy.D.,ED.               autism and covers areas that are of special
                                                        concern to parents. It’s the type of book that
                                                        should be read by students and professionals in
                                                        training because it examines a parent’s
                                                        perspective so well.
                                                        368 Pages

Children With Starving      McCandless,          2002   This book explores the medical model of
Brains: A Medical           Jaquelyn                    autism. The model maintains that autism is a
Treatment Guide For                                     complex medical illness that requires
Autism Spectrum                                         biomedical diagnosis and medical treatment.
Disorder                                                This book has information on the medical
                                                        considerations of immune impairments, chronic
                                                        infections, low-level accumulations of heavy-
                                                        metals, special diets, and child-specific nutrient
                                                        261 Pages

Comic Strip                 Gray, Carol          1994   Comic Strip Conversations are based on the
Conversations-Colorful,                                 belief that visualization and visual supports are
Illustrated Interactions                                useful in structuring the learning of students
With Students With                                      with autism. Comic Strip Conversations
Autism And Related                                      systematically identify what people say and do,
Disorders-Book                                          and emphasize what people may be thinking
                                                        using eight symbols to represent basic
                                                        conversational skills.
                                                        30 Pages

Complete Guide to           Atwood, Tony       2007     This book brings together a wealth of
Asperger Syndrome,                                      information on all aspects of Asperger
The                                                     Syndrome for children through adults.
                                                        Drawing on case studies and personal accounts
                                                        from Tony Attwood’s clinical experience and his
                                                        correspondence with individuals with AS, this
                                                        book is authoritative and accessible.
                                                        347 pages

Connecting With Kids        Active Parenting     2000   Explores communication development in early
For Parents-Beyond                                      childhood, from the importance of touch to the
Words-Video                                             development of language. Spotlights selective
                                                        mutism, delayed speech and Asperger’s
                                                        24 Min.

         TITLE                 AUTHOR             DATE                    DESCRIPTION

Curious Incident of the   Haddon, Mark            2003     This is an award winning novel whose main
Dog In the Night-time-,                                    character has autism spectrum disorder.
The Novel                                                  From the book jacket:
                                                           Christopher John Francis Boone knows all the
                                                           countries of the world and their capitals and
                                                           every prime number up to 7057. He relates
                                                           well to animals but has no understanding of
                                                           human emotions. He cannot stand to be
                                                           touched He detest the color yellow.
                                                           This is his quest to investigate the suspicious
                                                           death of a neighborhood dog.
                                                           226 Pages

Day by Day: Raising       Goodman, Joan             1992   This honest and intimate look into the daily
The Child With            Hoban, Susan                     lives of two preschool children with
Autism/PDD-Video                                           autism/PDD illuminates the challenges faced
                                                           parents of difficult children. The tape offers the
                                                           viewer valuable insight into the day-to-day
                                                           experiences of the two families-in the home, at
                                                           the playground, while shopping, and in other
                                                           The parents explain the actual problems they
                                                           confront, their strategies for coping, their
                                                           frustrations, and their satisfactions in raising
                                                           special needs children.
                                                           60 Min.

Different or Delayed:     Baker, Sue              2002     This 16 minutes helps parents and physicians
How Can I Decide?         University of Iowa               understand the normal development of
Empowering Parents to     Hospitals and Clinics            language and when further evaluation of
Participate in Early                                       language delays is needed.
Screening For
Developmental Delays
or At Risk For Autism-

Do-Watch-Listen-Say:      Quill, Kathleen Ann       2000   This comprehensive assessment and
Social and                                                 intervention guide features a state-of-the-art
Communication                                              assessment tool along with hundreds of
Intervention For                                           creative ideas to promote social and
Children With Autism                                       communication skills. Practical background
                                                           information on perspectives of autism and
                                                           guidelines for designing and implementing
                                                           intervention plans round out this informative
                                                           398 Pages

Early Start for Young     McConnell, Kathleen     2006     This book was written for teachers, parents,
Children with             and Ryser, Gail                  therapist, and caregiver of young children, ages
Autism/PDD-Practical                                       2-5, with autism/PDD. The book is designed to
Interventions                                              meet the recommended OSEP interventions for
                                                           Early Childhood instruction for children with
                                                           172 pages

         TITLE                AUTHOR         DATE                     DESCRIPTION

Encouraging              Richman, Shira      2006     These 100 real questions from parents of
Appropriate Behavior for                              children with autism spectrum disorders (ASD)
Children on the Autism                                are organized by topic, covering everyday
Specturm-Frequently                                   problems from advice on what to do if your child
Asked Questions                                       routinely wanders away to tips on how to
Book                                                  increase communication and peer interaction.
                                                      210 Pages

Encouraging              Richman, Shira      2006     One hundred real questions from parents are
Appropriate Behavior for                              organized by topic, covering everyday
Children on the Autism                                problems. The author proposes clear and easy
Spectrum-Frequently                                   to follow behavior plans to tackle each problem.
Asked Questions                                       207 pages

Everybody Is Different-   Bleach, Fiona        2001   This book is designed to give answers to the
A Book For Young                                      many questions of brothers and sisters of
People Who Have                                       young people on the autistic spectrum. The
Brothers Or Sisters                                   book explains the characteristics of autism plus
With Autism-Book                                      it offers helpful suggestions for making family
                                                      life more comfortable for everyone concerned.
                                                      77 Pages

Everyday Encounters:      Dalrymple, Nancy     1999   This small book has lots of strategies to help
How To Succeed and                                    families and children with autism get through
Survive                                               the day by dealing effectively with the everyday
                                                      events that can present huge challenges for
                                                      the person with autism. The book has ideas for
                                                      coping with:
                                                            Eating problems
                                                            Toilet training
                                                            Sleeping problems
                                                            Visual information
                                                            Desensitization
                                                            Relaxation/calming
                                                      34 Pages

File Factor, The-Filing Dana, Terese         2005     This workbook is a teaching tool for children
Away Disappointment: A Meisel, Bradford               with ASD who need help in shifting their
Daily Logbook                                         thinking and behavior when their plans are not
Workbook                                              fulfilled or in a group situation, their plans are
                                                      not the group decision.
                                                       Examples Table of contents:
                                                                Having to Wait
                                                                Majority Rules
                                                                Luck of the Draw
                                                                Time’s Up
                                                      56 Pages

File Factor, The-Filing   Dana, Terese and   2005     This logbook is a model for use with children
Away Disappointment-A     Meisel, Bradford            who have behavior difficulties, especially
Daily Logbook                                         dealing with the rules and frustrations of
                                                      everyday life. The categories for processing
                                                      what one wanted vs what one experienced are:
                                                      Have to wait         Other people’s decisions
                                                      Luck of the Draw Rules Rule
                                                      Majority Rules       Safety First
                                                      Mess-ups             Time’s up
                                                      Not Available         Up to Parents
                                                      56 pages

         TITLE               AUTHOR          DATE                    DESCRIPTION

Functional Programming Dalrymple, Nancy      1991     This program for parents and educators gives
For People With Autism: Detmer, Carol, and            information about the sex education needs of
A Series...Sex          Sinex Linda                   people with autism. It offers a program for
Education: Issues For                                 parents and professionals to use to teach the
The Person With Autism                                necessary social skills and to teach the
                                                      necessary information to persons with autism
                                                      regarding sex and sexuality.
                                                      20 Pages

Functional Programming Dalrymple, Nancy      1991     For many reasons, toileting can be a problem
For People With Autism: and Boarman,                  for persons with autism. This manual helps
A Series...Toileting    Margaret                      parents and professionals by providing
                                                      information and practical steps for teaching
                                                      toileting skills to children with autism.
                                                      20 Pages

Great Expectations:     Geneva Center        1996     This video has parents and children talking
Living With More Able                                 about the difficulties of high-functioning autism
Levels Of Pervasive                                   or Asperger syndrome. Temple Grandin and
Developmental                                         others talk about strategies for teaching the
Disorder                                              social skills or working around the lack of
                                                      social skills which is the main deficit for people
                                                      with more able levels of pervasive
                                                      developmental disorder.
                                                      30 Min.

Guide For Parents Of    Baker, Sue           1990     This guide has many suggestions to help the
Children With Autism:   France, Nona                  parents of children who are autistic handle
Managing Common         Shaw, Michael                 some of the common behaviors associated with
Problems At Home                                      autism. The ideas were reviewed by the
                                                      University of Iowa Hospital and Clinics.

Hands-On Reading        Kelly, Jane            1998   Using popular works of children’s literature,
More Hands-Reading      Friend, Teresa         1999   this instructional resource book offers children
Hands-On Reading-                              1999   with special needs ways to actively participate
Classroom Classics                                    in their learning. The multi-sensory activities
                                                      are links in the learning process and move
                                                      from the concrete to the more abstract. Some
                                                      level of participation for all children is ensured
                                                      through the use of the adaptive strategies
                                                      detailed in these sections.
                                                      Each book has over 350 Pages

Helpful Responses To    Dalrymple, Nancy     1992      This booklet is especially good for educators
Some Of The Behaviors                                 who are working with people with autism in a
Of Individuals With                                   regular classroom or in the community. It gives
Autism                                                descriptions of specific behavior often displayed
                                                      by persons with autism and an explanation for
                                                      the reason for that behavior. Situations which
                                                      are usual for most people, can be disturbing to
                                                      those with autism.
                                                      20 Pages.

Helping Children With   Dalrumple, Nancy     1983     This sourcebook covers the broad topic of
Autism Manage Their     Justin                        helping children with autism manage their
Behavior                                              behavior by analyzing the learning environment,
                                                      discussing behavior management techniques,
                                                      then giving specific procedures for increasing
                                                      attention and compliance.

         TITLE                 AUTHOR          DATE                    DESCRIPTION

Hidden Curriculum, The- Myles, Brenda Smith    2005     Using numerous everyday examples, Brenda
Teaching What is                                        Smith Myles emphasizes the importance of
Meaningful                                              teaching hidden curriculum items directly to
DVD                                                     individuals with autism spectrum disorders and
                                                        social-cognitive challenges.
                                                        46 Minutes

High-Functioning           Moreno, Susan       1991     This booklet offers information concerning
Individuals with Autism-                                those children who has normal to above normal
Advice and Information                                  intelligence and has at least some verbal ability.
for Parents and Others                                  The author describes the behaviors, issues,
Who Care-Booklet                                        and ourcomes for people on the higher end of
                                                        the autism spectrum.
                                                        36 pages.

How Rude-The               Packer, Alex          1997   This fun etiquette book for teens teaches the
Teenagers’ Guide to                                     basics of polite behavior in all kinds of
Good Manners, Proper                                    situations-at home, at school, in public, with
Behavior, and Not                                       friends, with strangers, at the mall , at the
Grossing People Out-                                    movies, anywhere you go! Especially good for
Book                                                    those students who have difficulty with social
                                                        450 Pages

How The Special            Sousa, David          2001   This book is for educators and parents who
Needs Brain Learns-                                     want to better understand the way their
Book                                                    children process and retain information. It also
                                                        offers practical classroom activities and
                                                        strategies for children with special needs.
                                                        220 Pages

How to Be A Para Pro-      Twachtman-Cullen,     1998   This book written especially for
A comprehensive            Diane                        paraprofessionals who work with students with
Training Manual For                                     autism spectrum disorders, offers practical
Paraprofessionals-                                      examples and suggestions for supporting
Book                                                    those students. The book also includes
                                                        reproducible data and record keeping forms,
                                                        and much more valuable information for
                                                        187 Pages

IBI Kit On Asperger        Iowa Dept. Of Ed    1997     This Kit contains books pamphlets, video,
Syndrome                                                notebook guide, and other aids for those
                                                        persons seeking more information about
                                                        Asperger Syndrome or for those teaching about
                                                        Asperger Syndrome.

Including Students With    Pratt, Cathy        1994     This booklet has reproducible planning guide,
Autism In Typical          Moreno, Susan                tips, adaptation charts and support plans to
School Settings                                         help autistic children move into a regular
                                                        classroom. Although it was written with the
                                                        autistic child in mind, the materials can be
                                                        applied to most any disabled student moving
                                                        into an inclusive setting.

         TITLE                 AUTHOR         DATE                    DESCRIPTION

Inclusive Programming      Wagner, Sheila       2002   The author presents different issues and
For Middle School                                      perspectives surrounding the child with
Students With                                          Asperger Syndrome functioning in an inclusive
Autism/Asperger                                        middle school setting. The author understands
Syndrome-Book                                          the difficulty these students have with the
                                                       middle school transition. The book also offers
                                                       strategies and suggestions to make the middle
                                                       school year productive for these students and
                                                       their teachers.
                                                       211 Pages

Incorporating Social       Moyes, Rebecca       2001   “This book provides practical, hands-on
Goals In The                                           strategies to teach social skills to children with
Classroom: A Guide for                                 high-functioning autism and Asperger
Teachers and Parents                                   Syndrome. It includes a detailed description of
of Children With High-                                 the social deficits of these children as they
Functioning Autism and                                 appear in the classroom and ways to address
Asperger Syndrome-                                     them.
Book                                                   178 Pages

Incredible 5-Point Scale, Buron, Kari Dunn    2003     The book will help teachers, associates, and
The: Assisting Students Curtis, Mitze                  parents, understand their students’ behavior
with Autism Spectrum                                   while learning simple and effective methods for
Disorders in                                           managing behavior problems. This approach
Understanding Social                                   will also allow many students to self-manage
Interactions and                                       their behavior.
Controlling Their                                      73 Pages
Emotional Responses

Inside Out: What Makes     Winner, Michelle   2000     The ILAUGH model is introduced as a
a Person with Social       Garcia                      framework of how to more specifically
Cognitive Deficits Tick?                               understand the deficits of persons with social
                                                       cognitive disabilities. It describes many of the
                                                       key areas of social cognition and related skills
                                                       that are weak in persons with social skill
                                                       Worksheets and sample IEPs are provided.
                                                       206 pages

Intricate Minds-           Coulter Video      2005     These DVDs help students see things from the
Understanding                                          point of view of the child with Asperger
Classmates with                                        Syndrome. Student’s with Asperger talk about
Asperger Syndrome                                      their experiences of having Aspergers.
(Teens)                                                The programs are designed to show the
                                                       challenges and strengths of students with
Intricate Minds 11-                                    Asperger and to help other students understand
Understanding                                          and accept classmates with behaviors that
Elementary School                                      make them appear “different”
Classmates with                                        Includes discussion guide
Asperger Syndrome
                                                       Each DVD is from 8-12 minuntes.
Intricate Minds 111-
Elementary School
Classmates Who Think


        TITLE                AUTHOR            DATE                    DESCRIPTION

It Can Get Better: A     Dickinson, Paul         1998   This book from the National Autistic Society of
Guide For Parents And    Hannah, Liz                    Great Britain was written for parents to give
Caregivers                                              practical suggestions that will help families
Book                                                    through some of the difficult times such as
                                                        toilet training, temper tantrums, self-injury, or
                                                        other challenging behaviors of their child with
                                                        59 Pages

Keys To Parenting The    Brill, Marlene Targ     2001   This book has advice to parents on dealing
Child With Autism-Book                                  with autism, understanding feelings, working
Second Edition                                          with therapist, and evaluating recent education
                                                        laws, treatments, and therapies to help
                                                        children with autism develop their potential.
                                                        210 Pages

Making Visual Supports Savner, Jennifer        2000     This book give examples of visual supports that
Work In The Hone And    andSmith- Myles,                families and professionals can use to help
Community: Strategies   Brenda                          persons with Autism and Asperger Syndrome
For Individuals With                                    better understand and negotiate their different
Autism And Asperger                                     environments.
Syndrome                                                33 Pages
Spanish Version:
Preparacion De apoyos
Visuales Para Usa En El
Hogar y La Comunidad

Manners for the Real     Coulter Video         2004     Designed for ages from upper elementary
World-Basic Social                                      through adult, the presentation features clear
Skills                                                  descriptions and demonstrations of appropriate
                                                        behavior in the areas of:
                                                                Personal hygiene
                                                                Conversations
                                                                Introductions
                                                                Telephone and internet use
                                                                Table manners
                                                                Behavior for “ladies and gentlemen”
                                                                Manners in public
                                                                Serving as a host
                                                                Being a guest

                                                        43 minutes.

More Social Skills       Johnson, Anne           1999   This book contains a series of short stories that
Stories: Very Personal   Marie                          depict the appropriate or inappropriate use of
Picture Stories for                                     communication and social interaction skills.
Readers and                                             These skills include:
Nonreaders K-12                                             Use of morning checklist for grooming
                                                            Properly fitting clothing
                                                            Sneezing
                                                            Nose picking
                                                            Appropriate self-touching (adjusting
                                                             clothing over private areas)
                                                            Inappropriate noises (burping)
                                                        346 Pages

         TITLE                 AUTHOR          DATE                     DESCRIPTION

New Social Story Book,    Gray, Carol          1994     Most of these social stories will serve as an
The                                                     outline from which you can develop a final story
                                                        which fits the needs of an individual student or
                                                        situation. Chapter 13 covers the guidelines
                                                        which will be helpful in creating new social
                                                        stories for individuals.
                                                        200 Pages

Paradox of Giftedness     University of Iowa   2007     This packet of information was developed for
and Autism-Packet of                                    professionals who are involved in Belin-Blank
Information for                                         student programs. The Assessment and
Professionals-Booklet                                   Counseling Clinic has worked with gifted
                                                        students who have been diagnosed with an
                                                        autism spectrum disorder. This information
                                                        packet has experienced-based information and
                                                        recommendations for those working with these
                                                        41 Pages

Parent’s Guide to        Ozonoff, Sally        2002     Leading psychologist explain how to work with
Asperger Syndrome and Dawson, Geraldine                 your child’s paradoxical combination of
High-functioning Autism: McPartland, James              precocious talents and social difficulties. The
How to Meet the                                         book describes useful strategies to help your
Challenges and Help                                     child learn to interact more comfortably with
Your Child Thrive-Book                                  siblings and peers, understand the rules of
                                                        appropriate behavior, and become an active
                                                        participant in school and family life.
                                                        263 Pages.

Parental Survival         Schopler, Eric       1995     The Parent's Survival Manual is the work of
Manual: A Guide To                                      parents and professional together to make this
Crisis Resolution In                                    book a collection of ingenious solutions that
Autism And Related                                      parents have developed as responses to the
Developmental                                           continual challenges of living with autism.
Disorders                                               224 Pages

Parenting the Explosive   Green, Ross          2004     In this 2 hour video, Dr. Ross Green and his
Child-The Collaborative                                 colleague, Dr. Stuart Ablon, help parents
Problem Solving                                         understand the specific cognitive skill deficits
Approach                                                that can impair a child’s capacities for flexibility
DVD                                                     and frustration tolerance and provide step-by-
                                                        step guidance on their approach.
                                                        Two Hours

PECS-The Picture          Frost, Lori            2000   This video and accompanying manual provides
Exchange                  Bondy, Andrew                 an overview of the potential benefits of using
Communication                                           PECS. IT vividly portrays examples of each
System-Video and                                        training phase within PECS in school, home,
Manual                                                  and community settings with a variety of
                                                        communicative partners.
                                                        15 Min.

         TITLE                  AUTHOR           DATE                    DESCRIPTION

Pervasive                  Quinn, Barbara          2000   This book written mainly for parents provides
Developmental              Malone, Anthony                realistic and practical information about
Disorder: An Altered                                      Pervasive Developmental Disorder. The book
Perspective                                               discusses the unique worldview of the child
                                                          with autism/PDD and how that view affects
                                                          language, play, and social skills. The book has
                                                          information on the main educational programs,
                                                          Picture Exchange Communication System
                                                          (PECS)’ applied behavioral analysis (ABA),
                                                          and TEACCH.
                                                          150 Pages

Picture the Progress       Street, Annabelle     1995     This book provides drawings of students
                           Cattoche, Robert               engaging in appropriate behavior within a variet
                                                          of school settings and activities. These pictures
                                                          are for those students who respond to visual
                                                          Users of this book are allowed to photocopy the
                                                          pictures for classroom or home use with
                                                          children. Please read the section: Photocopying
                                                          107 Pages

Powerful Struggles-        Maag, John              2001   The author offers another approach to dealing
Managing Resistance,                                      with challenging behaviors. This approach
Building Rapport                                          emphasizes focusing on the adults’ behavior to
                                                          achieve positive changes in the students’
                                                          174 Pages

Practical Solutions To     Myles, Haley Morgan   2002     Haley Myles, daughter of Dr. Brenda Smith
Everyday Challenges                                       Myles, international writer and speaker on
For Children With                                         autism and Asperger syndrome, has offered her
Asperger Syndrome                                         ideas for students with Asperger syndrome
                                                          using her own experience as a person with
                                                          Aspergers. Each challenge and solution is
                                                          presented in short easy-to-read format. This
                                                          book offers practical advice for the student and
                                                          the family.
                                                          34 Pages

Preparing for Life: The    Baker, Jed            2005     This resource provides a complete toolbox of
Complete Guide for                                        social skills and the means to attain them. He
Transitioning to                                          offers skill building ideas on perspective taking,
Adulthood for those with                                  nonverbal communication skills, stress
Autism and Asperger’s                                     management, and other skills.
Syndrome                                                  355 Pages

Preparing for Life-The     Baker, Jed, Dr.       2005     This resource provides a toolbox of social skills
Complete Guide for                                        and the means to attain them so that students
Transitioning to                                          may approach their futures with excitement
Adulthood for Those                                       rather than anxiety. The author includes issues
with Autism and                                           of communication, perspective taking, stress
Asperger’s Syndrome                                       management , laws and services, resources,
                                                          and places an emphasis on the sutdent’s
                                                          assets as tools for meeting social goals.
                                                          355 pages

         TITLE                  AUTHOR              DATE                    DESCRIPTION

Programming for             Keystone AEA                     This video is designed to give very basic
Autism: An Associates’                                       information to people who have been hired to
Role-Video                                                   work with children who have autism. It is best
                                                             used with some supplemental discussion
                                                             and/or reading material about autism.
                                                             20 Min.

Raise Your Child’s          Cohen, Cathi              2000   This author offers a practical step-by-step plan
Social IQ-Stepping                                           that will help children:
Stones To People Skills                                           Handle teasing
For Kids-Book                                                     Join in successfully with other children
                                                                  Read social cues
                                                                  Feel better about themselves
                                                                  Express anger appropriately
                                                             229 Pages

Reflections from a          Edited by Stanley       2004     Most parents of children with disabilities lack
Different Journey: What     Klein and John Kemp              personal experience with adults with disabilities.
Adults with Disabilities                                     Hearing from people who have lived the
Wish All Parents Knew-                                       disability experience can provide all parents
Book                                                         with essential information about the possibilities
                                                             for their children. This book comprises forty
                                                             inspiring essays written by successful adult role
                                                             models who share what it is like to grow up with
                                                             a disability.
                                                             205 Pages

Russell Is Extra Special:   Amenta,Charles A.III,    1992    This is a heart-warming portrayal of a boy with
A Book About                M.D.                             autism and his family. It helps families and
Autism For Children                                          friends to understand this serious
                                                             developmental disorder. A list of resources of
                                                             further information is provided. Photographs are
                                                             used throughout to illustrate story.

Scripting: Social           Mayo, Patty               1986   This book integrates the skill-step approach
communication For           Waldo, Pattii                    with a scripting technique. The scripts are
                   nd                                                       th
Adolescents-Book 2                                           written on a 5 grade level so it can be used
Edition                                                      with a wide range of abilities. It offers
                                                             structured activities suitable for those students
                                                             displaying attention deficits or self-control
                                                             282 Pages

Sensory Diet: Alerting      Heartland AEA             2000   The goals of this guide for parents and
the Brain For Learning-                                      teachers are:
Booklet                                                          1. Explanation of sensory integration
                                                                 2. Provide activities to meet sensory
                                                                      needs at home and classroom
                                                                 3. Awareness of when to call the
                                                                      occupation therapist for addition
                                                             16 Pages

Sensory Processing                                    2000   This video features families who use various
For Parents                                                  sensory strategies to help their children with
                                                             behavior and learning. The video interviews
                                                             parents and experts on the benefits of a
                                                             sensory diet.
                                                             30 Min.

         TITLE                 AUTHOR            DATE                     DESCRIPTION

Sensory Strategies For     GWAEA                   2003   This is a collection of articles, checklist,
The Classroom-                                            inventories, and other information about
Information compiled                                      Sensory Integration that can be used by
By Your Local GWAEA                                       classroom teachers to plan activities or just to
OT-Book                                                   become more knowledgeable about sensory
                                                          75 Pages

Sibling Stories:           Feiges, Lynne Stern   2004     Through their interviews with siblings across the
Reflections on Life with   Weiss, Mary Jane               age span, the authors have been granted a
a Brother or Sister on                                    window in to the lives of people who grew up
the Autism Spectrum-                                      with a brother or sister on the autism spectrum.
Book                                                      What they learned and have put into this book
                                                          will enrich the lives of siblings and parents alike.
                                                          150 Pages

Siblings of Children       Harris, Sandra          1994   This book is an invaluable guide to
With Autism: A Guide                                      understanding sibling relationships, how
For Families                                              autism affects these relationships, and what
                                                          families can do to support their other children
                                                          as they cope with the intensive needs of a child
                                                          with autism. The author also discusses how
                                                          parents can improve communication in the
                                                          family, balance personal and family time, and
                                                          foster interaction between children with autism
                                                          and their brothers and sisters.
                                                          120 Pages

Signing Time-DVD        Two Little Hands         2002     Babies and Toddlers can communicate with
Volume 1-My First Signs                          2007     signs.
Volume 2-Playtime                                         Signing can help reduce frustration and
Signs                                                     tantrums
Volume 3- Everyday                                        Ease the transition to verbal communication.

                                                          DVD time-60 min.

Signing Times-Songs        Two Little Hands      2002     The DVD features fun children songs being
Volume 1-3 DVD                                            sung while using sign for many of the basic
                                                          There are three volumes on one DVD.
                                                          45 min. for each volume

Simple Strategies That     Myles, Brenda Smith   2006     These strategies for teaching the “hidden
Work: Helpful Hints for    Adreon, Diane                  curriculum” can be applied to students of all
all Educators of           Gitlitz, Dena                  ages, preK-high school. The strategies are
Students with Asperger                                    simple enough for everyone to use from
Syndrome, High-                                           teachers, administrators, para-professionals, to
Functioning Autism, and                                   bus drivers, and cafeteria workers.
Related Disabilities                                      40 Pages

Skillstreaming The         McGinnis, Ellen       2003     Skillstreaming is a prescriptive instructional
Adolescent: New            Goldstein, Arnold              intervention designed to teach prosocial
Strategies and                                            behavioral alternatives to adolescents. This
Perspectives for                                          book addresses the implementation of this
Teaching Prosocial                                        strategy with the adolescents, emphasizing the
Skills-Revised Edition-                                   importance of family involvement in the
Book                                                      endeavor.
                                                          275 Pages

         TITLE                AUTHOR            DATE                    DESCRIPTION

Skillstreaming The        McGinnis, Ellen       2003     Skillstreaming is a prescriptive instructional
Elementary School         Goldstein, Arnold              intervention designed to teach prosocial
Child: New Strategies                                    behavioral alternatives to elementary aged
and Perspectives for                                     children. This book addresses the
Teaching Prosocial                                       implementation of this strategy with the
Skills-Revised Edition-                                  elementary aged child, emphasizing the
Book                                                     importance of family involvement in the
                                                         275 Pages

Skillstreaming in Early   McGinnis, Ellen       2003     Skillstreaming is a prescriptive instructional
Childhood: New            Goldstein, Arnold              intervention designed to teach prosocial
Strategies and                                           behavioral alternatives to children and youth.
Perspectives for                                         This book addresses the implementation of this
Teaching Prosocial                                       strategy with the preschool and kindergarten
Skills-Revised Edition-                                  child, emphasizing the importance of family
Book                                                     involvement in the endeavor.
                                                         275 Pages

Social Skills Stories:    Johnson, Anne           1999   This book contains a series of short stories that
Functional Picture        Marie                          depict the appropriate or inappropriate use of
Stories for Readers and   Susnik, Jackie                 communication and social interaction skills.
Nonreaders k-12                                          These skills include:
                                                             Greetings
                                                             Interrupting
                                                             Use of appropriate conversational topics
                                                             Proxemics (social space)
                                                             Use of “excuse me”
                                                             Gift buying and giving
                                                             Use of “thank you”
                                                         398 Pages

Social Skills! Sharing-   Jenny McCarthy        2007     Volume one of the Social Skills series,
Volume one                Teach2talk                     “Sharing”, focuses on learning to share by
DVD                                                      modeling appropirate sharing behaviors in a
                                                         variety of scenarios and settings, and by
                                                         incorporating humor and songs to keep children
                                                         engaged and provide additional reinforcement.
                                                         30 min.

Social Thinking Across    The Grey Center for   2003     This two set DVD kit has Michelle Garcia
the School Day-DVD        Social Learning and            Winner presenting and demonstrating the
                          Understanding                  ILAUGH Framework which is a six-point model
                                                         of social cognition. DVD one is Michelle
                                                         presenting the model and DVD two is
                                                         demonstrations of the model.
                                                         Two hours each
Some Interpersonal        Dalrymple, Nancy      1992     This booklet provides parents and educators
Social Skill Objectives                                  with the information and objectives they need to
And Teaching                                             teach social skills to people with autism.
Strategies For People                                    20 Pages
With Autism.

Some Social               Dalrymple, Nancy      1992     This booklet offers communication objectives
Communication Skill                                      for people with autism. The author stresses
Objectives And                                           that to successfully teach functional and social
Teaching Strategies                                      communication skills, the communication
For People With Autism                                   program must be:
                                                             individual specific
                                                             individual centered
                                                             success oriented

         TITLE                  AUTHOR            DATE                     DESCRIPTION

                                                              include interactions in all settings
                                                              center on functional use
                                                           32 Pages

Soon Will Come The         McKean, Thomas         1994     Thomas McKean offers a fascinating insight
Light-A View From                                          into the world of autism. Diagnosed late in his
Inside The Autism                                          teens, Tom has a unique ability to be in the
Puzzle                                                     world of autism, yet possesses the
                                                           communication skills to tell what it feels like to
                                                           be behind the “Wall”.
                                                           155 Pages

Source For Asperger’s      Kowalski, Timothy        2002   The author intends this book to be a non-
Syndrome, The-Book                                         technical yet comprehensive resource for
                                                           parents and teachers of children diagnosed
                                                           with Asperger’s syndrome.
                                                           The book covers these topics:
                                                                An overview
                                                                Diagnosis
                                                                “Theory of Mind”
                                                                Strategies for practitioners
                                                                Parent’s concerns for the future

                                                           148 Pages

Source For Autism, The     Richard, Gail          1997     This book serves as an eclectic review of
                                                           autism-its definition, diagnostic characteristics,
                                                           intervention strategies, and general suggestions
                                                           for the team of professionals and parents
                                                           working together for the benefit of the child with
                                                           167 Pages

Spanish (Children With     Powers, Michael          1999   This book about children with autism for
Autism)-Ninos Autistas:                                    parents, therapist, and educators is written in
Guia Para Padres,                                          Spanish.
Terapeutas Y                                               300 Pages

Special Kind of Love, A:   Osborn, Susan Titus    2004     This book will bring families of children with
For those Who Love         Mitchell, Janet Lynn            special needs together with other families who
Children With Special                                      can identify with their struggles and share their
Needs-Book                                                 victories along the way.
                                                           176 Pages

Superflex-A Superhero      Madrigal, Stephanie    2008     The purpose of this curriculum is to provide the
Social Thinking            Winner, Michelle                social-thinking educator and parent with fun,
Curriculum                 Garcia                          motivating, and non-threatening way for
                                                           students to increase their social awareness and
                                                           modify their behavior.
                                                           DVD, manual, and student booklet

Taking Autism To           Edwards,                 2001   Angel, the main character, gives elementary
School-Book                Andreanna                       school readers information about autism and
                                                           how it affects her friend Sam and his life and
                                                           30 Pages

         TITLE               AUTHOR           DATE                    DESCRIPTION

Taking the Mystery Out   Tsai, Luke             2001   This book focuses on three types of Pervasive
Of Medications In                                      Developmental Disorder (PDD). They are
Autism/Asperger                                        autistic disorder, Asperger Syndrome, and
Syndromes: A Guide                                     PDDNOS/atypical autism. This is a
For Parents And Non-                                   comprehensive medication guide for parents
Medical Professionals                                  and non-medical caregivers. Although
Book                                                   research on the use of psychoactive,
                                                       psychotropic, or psychotherapeutic
                                                       medications to change or improve troubling
                                                       behaviors, disturbed emotions, or impaired
                                                       cognitive function in persons with Autism
                                                       Spectrum Disorders, has focused primarily on
                                                       autistic disorders, the information and guides
                                                       described in this book are also applicable to
                                                       persons with Asperger Syndrome and
                                                       PDDNOS/atypical autism.
                                                       388 Pages

Taming The Recess        Gray, Carol          1994     To a child on the autistic spectrum the fifteen to
Jungle-Socially                                        thirty minutes of recess can be eternal. This
Simplifying Recess For                                 book is designed to help teachers make recess
Students With Autism                                   less of a threatening experience to those
And Related Disorders                                  children and more of a social learning
                                                       opportunity for all children.
                                                       50 Pages

Tasks Galore             Eckenrode, Laurie,   204      These two Task Galore books are designed for
Book                     Fennell, Pat                  teachers, therapist, and parents. They have full
                         Hearsey, Kathy                color photos of highly organized, multi-modal
                                                       tasks that emphasize functional skills needed
Tasks Galore for the                                   for daily living.
Real World-Book                                        Each task includes visual strategies that
                                                       enhance independence in the home, school,
                                                       community, and workplace.

                                                       66 Pages for each book

Teach Me Language: A     Freeman, Sabrina       1997   The authors wrote this book to fill the need for
Language Manual For      Dake, Lorelei                 specific language activities designed for
Children With Autism,                                  children with autism, Aspergers’s syndrome,
Asperger’s Syndrome                                    and other related pervasive developmental
and Related                                            disorders. Teach Me Language is designed to
Developmental                                          be used by parents, speech therapist, and or
Disorders                                              trainers as part of a therapy program where
And Teach Me                                           language difficulties are being address. The
Language Companion                                     authors suggest three conditions to be met for
Exercise Forms                                         the book to be useful:
                                                            1. The child must be a visual learner.
                                                            2. The child must be table ready and
                                                                 relatively compliant.
                                                            3. The child must be able to
                                                                 communicate in some way.
                                                       404 Pages-Manual
                                                       152 Pages-Exercise forms

         TITLE                AUTHOR           DATE                    DESCRIPTION

Teaching Language To      Sundberg, Mark,        1998   The purpose of this book is to help parents and
Children With Autism or   Ph.D.                         educators understand language deficits, and to
Other Developmental       JamesPartington,              provide a guide for individualized language
Disabilities-Book         Ph.D.                         assessment and training. The book is primarily
                                                        focused on children with autism, but can be
                                                        effective for a wide variety of other
                                                        developmental disabilities that involve
                                                        language deficits.
                                                        304 Pages

Thinking About you,       Winner, Michelle     2002     In this book, readers will find:
Thinking About Me-        Garcia                                 A review of social cognition and
Philosophy and                                                    related theories
Strategies to Further                                            Therapeutic activities
Develop Perspective                                              Concrete strategies to breakdown
Taking and                                                        verbal conversations
Communicative Abilities                                          A strategy for understanding the IEP
fro Persons with Social                                          A strategy called “social mapping”
Cognitive Deficits-Book                                          Sample IEP goals and benchmarks
                                                                 Assessments

                                                        207 Pages
Thinkng About You,       Winner, Michelle      2007     This book helps parents and educators teach
Thinking About Me-       Garcia                         social understanding concepts and skills with
Teachering Perspective                                  clear examples and explanations.
Taking and Social                                       300 pages
Thinking to Persons with
Social Cognitive
Learning Challenges
2 Edition

This Is Asperger          Myles, Brenda        1999     This book introduces siblings, peers and other
Syndrome-Book             Gogmen, Elisa                 children to the everyday challenges faced by
                                                        children with Asperger Syndrome at home or at
Spanish Version:                                        school.
Esto Es El Sindrome Do                                  15 Pages

Through A Mother's        Coppola, Mary Anne   1993     This booklet is a series of articles written by Ms.
Eyes                                                    Coppola that chronicle the life of a boy with
                                                        high-functioning autism from early childhood to
                                                        age 23. 38 Pages

Tictionalary: A          Ottinger, Becky       2003     This is an easy reference guide to topics and
Reference Guide to the                                  terms used with children who have the
World of Tourette                                       neurological disorders mentioned in the title.
Syndrome, Asperger                                      235 Pages
Syndrome, ADHD, and
Obsessive Compulsive
Disorder for Parents and

Toilet Teaching Your      Gilpin, Michelle       1995   This easy to follow guide was developed in
Special Child-Book        Harris, Dorothy               response to common questions and concerns
                                                        about toilet teaching, especially teaching
                                                        children with disabilities. The book combines
                                                        parent’s experiences with clinical information in
                                                        a fun and friendly way.
                                                        40 Pages

         TITLE                AUTHOR             DATE                    DESCRIPTION

Toilet Training For       Wheeler, Maria           1998   Persons with autism can be most difficult to
Individuals With Autism                                   toilet train. This book offers the strategies that
and Related Disorders:                                    have been demonstrated to be effective when
A comprehensive                                           teaching toileting skills to persons with autism.
Guide for Parents and                                     120 Pages

Transition Planning:      Regional Autism          2002   This video was produced to assist transition
Supporting the Working    Services Program-U              coordinators and those supporting adolescents
Adolescent With           of Iowa Health Care             with lower functioning abilities to utilize visual
Autism-Video              and Iowa Dept. of               strategies and appropriate planning to
                          Education                       positively effect the independence of the
                                                          population while on the job training for their
                                                          14 Min.

Treasure Chest Of         Fouse, Beth              1997   This book applies theory and best practices in
Behavioral Strategies     Wheeler, Maria                  behavior management to individuals with
For Individuals With                                      autism. Parents and educators will find this an
Autism, A-Book                                            easy reference for behavioral interventions.
                                                          440 Pages

Using Visual and          Presented by Robin     2002     Dr. Allen provides parents, professionals, and
Behavioral Cues in the    D. Allen                        caregivers with practical visual and behavioral
Home                                                      strategies to enhance communication, prevent
VHS-video                                                 disruptive behaviors and increase their child’s
                                                          independence in performing daily life skills.
                                                          110 min.

Visual Strategies For     Hodgdon, Linda           1995   This is a “how-to” book designed to assist
Improving                                                 teachers, speech-language therapist, and
Communication:                                            parents in devising solutions to the
Practical Supports for                                    communication and self-managing challenges
School and Home-Book                                      that are common to students who experience
                                                          autism and other moderate to severe
                                                          communication disorders.
                                                          230 Pages

Visual Supports-Book      Myles, Brenda          1999     This book shows parents and teachers how to
                          Savner, Jennifer                use visual supports. The book has step-by-step
                                                          instructions and pictures to demonstrate visual
                                                          supports for children at home and school.
                                                          20 Pages

Visually Structured       TEACCH-Treatment         1996   The manual lays out the principals and rational
Tasks: Independent        and Education of                of visually structuring tasks. The illustration are
Activities for Students   Autistic and related            photographs with the components of the task
with Autism and Other     Communication                   detailed by:
Visual Learners           handicapped                          1. Visual instruction
                          Children                             2. Visual organization
                          University of North                  3. Visual clarity
                          Carolina                             4. Task
                                                               5. Student special interest
                                                          41 Pages

        TITLE                AUTHOR          DATE                     DESCRIPTION

What Your Doctor May     Cave, Stephanie,      2001   This book offers information about vaccines
Not Tell You About       M.D.                         and the growing concern from some parents
Children’s               Mitchell, Deborah            and professionals involved with children who
Vaccinations-Book                                     have autism, autoimmune disorders, ADHD,
                                                      and other disabilities, that vaccinations may be
                                                      contributing to the growing numbers of children
                                                      with the above mentioned disorders.
                                                      300 Pages

When A Brother Or        Rosenbery, Marsha     2000   This book for brothers and sister of children
Sister Is Autistic:      Sarah                        with autism is written on about the 4 grade
Everything You Need                                   reading level. The book explains autism and
To Know                                               how if affects the person who has autism. The
                                                      book also devotes chapters to the siblings and
                                                      how they can take care of their own needs.
                                                      62 Pages

When Babies Read: A     Jensen, Audra        2005     This book addresses hyperlexia, a little
Practical Guide to                                    recognized disorder in which an ability to read
Helping Young Children                                from an early age is accompanied by a below-
with Hyperlexia,                                      average ability to understand spoken language
Asperger Syndrome and                                 and socialize, and it is often found to coincide
High-Functioning Autism                               with the diagnosis of autism.
Book                                                  178 pages

Working Together For A   Hays, Marilyn       1996     This book is a program for High-functioning
Brighter Future-Unique                                students with autism researched and taught by
Approaches For                                        the author. Part 1 is an overview of children
Educating High                                        with high-functioning autism. Part 2 is covers
Functioning Students                                  needs in the areas of behavior, language, social
With Autism                                           skills, and academics. Part 3 contains
                                                      inclusionary practices, parent support and
                                                      involvement, and four case studies.
                                                      260 Pages

Worksheets! For          Winner, Michelle    2005     These worksheets are to be reproduced to
Teaching Social          Garcia                       facilitate the teaching of specific social thinking
Thinking and Related                                  concepts and skills. These worksheets
Skills                                                compliment the ideas in the book, Thinking
Worksheets                                            About You , Thinking About Me.
                                                      256 Pages.


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