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									Comedies are my favorite genre to direct. On those
days when you’re down, your luck has just run out,
nothing is going your way... A good, hard laugh is
always the cure. For me, directing this play has
certainly been a non-stop dose of medicine!

I have been a fan of Neil Simon’s work for a
long time, so being able to direct one of his finest
comedies is a great pleasure. One thing Simon is
known for, however, is the relationships he creates
between his characters. Chemistry is key in all his plays.
This one was no exception. I had the fortune to luck-out
with my cast. From day one, the chemistry between the
actors has been remarkable! They have done a terrific
job of feeding off each others energies and making each
other look good onstage. I could not have asked for a more cohesive, or dedicated
cast. The hours of sweat, tears, and blood (literally) have paid off!!

I hope in watching this production that you are able to find humor in the tangled
and twisted relationships that abound; perhaps parallels to your own interactions;
and maybe even some peace in those few tender moments.

Or perchance, you’ll at least enjoy a good, hard laugh. Shama Shama!”

Jillian Nolan

        Corporate SponSorS and UnderwriterS
             Steven & Carolyn Wong/TSF Inc. – Producer
       David & Kristin Fishter/Exxon Mobil Foundation – Director
                Jim & Angela Graves – Stage Manager
                 Karen & Mike Olson – Stage Manager
            Mr. & Mrs. Harold E. Wood, Jr. – Stage Manager
                Cliff & Peggie Miller – Stage Manager
                  Dr. Bruce and Mimi Bastian – Actor
                (In order of appearance)

Corie Bratter.........................Crys McClure
Telephone Repair Man .........Steven Dowell
Delivery Man .......................Gerald Livingston
Paul Bratter ..........................Richard C. Wilcox
Ethel Banks ..........................Yvonne Owen Nelson
Victor Velasco ......................Patrick Slagle

                      SYNOPSIS OF SCENES
                             aCt one
  the top floor of a brownstone on east 48th Street, new York City.
              about 5:30 on a cold February afternoon.

                               aCt two
                 Scene 1: Four days later. about 7:00 pm

                  Scene 2: Later that night. about 2 am

                               aCt tHree
                     the following day. about 5:00 pm

there will be a 15 minute intermission between act ii Sc. 1 and Sc. 2.
               Food & drink only in the lobby, please!

               StaGe riGHt Board oF direCtorS
      Catherine Anderson, Marcia Feldt Bates, Phil Clarke, Katt Gilcrease,
      Angela Graves, Lyn Hawthorne Howard, Greg Kelly, Tom Lockhart
            Bruce Lyon, Melody Montez, Mike Olson, Sandy Riney
     Amy Sowers, Carolyn Corsano Wong, Steven Wong, Kathleen Zaritski
Director ...........................................Jillian Nolan
Assistant Director............................Michael Cadwallader
Technical Director ...........................Jim Bingham
Stage Manager ................................Kylee Huddleston
Set Design .......................................Katt Gilcrease
Set Construction ..............................Katt Gilcrease, Susan Burge,
.........................................................Jim Bingham, Peter Kelly
Costumes & Props...........................Amy Sowers, Carolyn Wong
Sound Design ..................................Carolyn Corsano Wong
Sound Engineer ...............................Nick Barfield
Light Design....................................Roger Ormiston
Light Engineer ................................Maredith Zaritski, Steve Wong
Stage Crew ......................................Tori Allen, Gerald Livingston,
.........................................................Katie & Peter Kelly
House Manager ...............................Mary Lockhart
Producer ..........................................Amy Sowers
Steven dowell (Telephone Repairman)            Won’t Fly and in Harvey as Elwood P.
Steven is happy to be on the Crighton          Dowd. He thanks his lovely wife Susan
stage for the second time. He was last         for sharing him with the historic Crighton
seen here in Harvey, searching for a six       Theater.
and a half foot white rabbit. Steven has
been working in shows nonstop for the          CrYS MCCLUre (Corie Bratter) Crys
last two years, it seems. Recent shows in-     is thrilled to be playing Corie, she has
clude A Lesson Before Dying at Houston         dreamed of this since she was a little girl.
Family Arts Center, The Curious Savage         She would like to send a big thank you
at Playhouse 1960, The Annual 10x10 at         out to Jillian Nolan the director, and all of
Country Playhouse, Driving Miss Daisy          STAGE RIGHT for this opportunity. This
at Playhouse 1960, and Daddy’s Dyin’           is the third time Crys has worked with
Who’s Got the Will? also at Playhouse          STAGE RIGHT, you may remember her
1960. He also had the pleasure of stage        from the world premiere of Mama Won’t
managing Agnes of God, in which his            Fly or last summer’s The Music Man.
lovely wife Jacque played the title char-      Crys studied acting at the Houston Acad-
acter. Thanks to Jillian Nolan for her di-     emy of Dramatic Arts. Some of her favor-
recting skills, the entire cast and crew, as   ite roles have included Allison in Men are
well as the wonderful Steve and Carolyn        Dogs and Geneva from Dearly Beloved.
Wong for making his experience at the          Crys would also like to thank all of her
Crighton Theatre a happy one. As al-           friends and family for their support.
ways, Steve wishes to thank his lovely
wife Jacque. None of this, or anything         YVonne owen neLSon (Ethel
else would happen without her.                 Banks) has enjoyed being involved with
                                               this collaborative effort. She earned a
GeraLd LiVinGSton (Delivery                    BFA in Drama from Sam Houston State
Man/Set Crew) is a familiar face to Con-       University, worked summer stock, and
roe Theater goers as a journeyman char-        toured on the dinner theatre circuit be-
acter actor. Locally he has been seen in       fore performing in community theatres in
My Fair Lady, Daddy’s Dyin’ Who’s Got          Galveston, Houston, and Conroe, such as
the Will? and The Crucible. In the Vaude-      the Strand Street Theatre, Chocolate Bay-
ville show he played 5 different charac-       ou Theatre Company, the Equinox and
ters with George Burns being his favor-        Kaplan Theatres, Playhouse 1960, Hous-
ite. He followed up Vaudeville (Finally)       ton Family Arts Center, Stage Right and
Comes to the Crighton with a behind the        The Crighton Players as well as TUTS.
lights effort of AD for Lend Me a Tenor.       Selected roles she has played include
In Annie, once again, he played 5 char-        Come Blow Your Horn (Mrs. Baker), But-
acters. Most recently, he was in Mama          terflies are Free (Jill Tanner), The Collec-
tion (Stella), The Prisoner of Second Ave-   tion degree in Business Management. He
nue (Jessie), To Kill a Mockingbird (Miss    was raised in Conroe, Texas and is cur-
Stephanie Crawford), Charley’s Aunt          rently a resident of The Woodlands, Tex-
(Donna Lucia d’Alvadorez), The Quilt-        as. Richard would like to thank the cast
maker’s Gift (the Quiltmaker), Oklahoma      and crew of Barefoot in the Park, includ-
(Ado Annie), Guys & Dolls (Adelaide),        ing Jillian Nolan, Director, and Michael
Annie (Miss Hannigan), The Music Man         Cadwallader, Assistant Director, for their
(Mrs. Paroo), and several principal roles    guidance throughout the preparations for
in The Sound of Music: Maria von Trapp,      the show.
Elsa Schraeder, Mother Abbess and Sis-
ter Margaretta. She has also enjoyed         Crew
voicing characters in The Monkey’s Paw       JiLLian noLan (Director) is a pro-
(Mrs. White), Little Women (Marmee),         fessional director and actor. Most recent
and Charles Dickens’ The Story of the the    shows include: The Music Man, No Time
Goblins Who Stole a Sexton (the Goblin       for Sergeants, Mixed Feelings, Mur-
King) for Short Story Theatre on behalf      der on the Nile, Cheaper by the Dozen,
of Taping for the Blind. Love and thanks     Vaudeville (Finally) Comes to the Crigh-
go out to the guy who has made it all pos-   ton, Time Square Angel, Southern Hospi-
sible the past 27 years – husband Larry      tality, Line, and more. She is occasional-
Wayne Nelson – and to her supportive         ly involved in the Houston Film Industry
family and friends.                          in a directing and casting capacity. She
                                             currently works as a Theatre instructor
patriCK SLaGLe (Victor Velasco)              for grades 6-8. She is so proud of the
Patrick began his stage career at the age    hard work from the cast and crew, and
of 12 in the Thibodaux Playhouse pro-        she thanks God everyday for her talent
duction of Tom Sawyer. Since then, he        and passion!
has rarely left the stage working in com-
munity and professional theatres through-    tori aLLen (Set Crew) Tori is a 9th
out southern Louisiana. After moving to      grader in homeschool through the PAC-
Texas he found a new home with STAGE         ES program. This is Tori’s first time to
RIGHT, and has performed in their pro-       work backstage for a STAGE RIGHT
ductions of Dearly Beloved, Christmas        production. She has been in 13 shows
Belles, Annie, and Mama Won’t Fly. He        through CYT and Stage Right and has
has also appeared in Some Show (About        worked backstage for CYT. Her favorite
a Murder) at Country Playhouse and in        role so far is Gracie in The Music Man.
the recent horror film Renfield the Un-
dead. He would like to extend his sincere    JaMeS BinGHaM (Technical Direc-
thanks to his partner of 14 years and all    tor) has been the Executive Director of
his dear friends who never miss his per-     The Crighton Theatre Foundation for
formances.                                   the past 21 years. Jim has been involved
                                             with theatre for over 35 years in shows
riCHard wiLCoX (Paul Bratter) is a           ranging from Aida to 1776. Welcome to
new-comer to the acting world with Bare-     the Crighton!
foot in the Park as his first performance.
He is a graduate from Baylor University
with a Bachelor of Business Administra-
niCK BarFieLd (Sound Engineer)                of Mama Won’t Fly. A veteran actor with
currently resides right up the road, in       television, commercial, and film credits
Montgomery. He works a full time job          under his belt, Katt is glad to announce
as an electrical estimator and has decided    the premiere of three movies in which
to return back to school at night, after 10   he appears, two of which are already
years for his electrical engineering de-      released: Up and Down (Michael Spen-
gree. He has been involved with the the-      cer), Oil (Paul Watkins), and Tree of Life
ater for the last three years.                (featured extra). Katt’s favorite stage
                                              roles include Jonathan Brewster in Arse-
MiCHaeL CadwaLLader (As-                      nic and Old Lace, Cpt. A. Keller in The
sistant Director) was born into a family      Miracle Worker. As always thanks and
of eight where he was homeschooled            love to Susan.
along with his brothers and sister. After
noticing that Michael was a rather wild       KYLee MiCHeLLe HUddLeSton
and crazy fellow his parents pushed him       (Stage Manager) is attending Sam Hous-
towards acting. Since then he has acted       ton University for a degree in Athletic
in Crighton theatre productions for over      Training and a minor in 2D Art. She was
ten years but recently he has spent most      the stage manager for Always… Patsy
of his time directing and acting in short     Cline at the Crighton Theatre in Conroe,
films and movies. Michael is also cur-        and assistant directed/stage managed the
rently working at “”             play Murder on the Nile at Playhouse
where he created and hosts a show called      1960. Kylee was last seen on the Crigh-
“Cinema Talk”. After being absent from        ton stage in Annie where she played a
the theatre for almost 2 years, he is ex-     Boylen Sister.
cited to be back at the Crighton to assist
Jillian Nolan in directing Barefoot in the    Katie KeLLY (Set Crew/Dresser) Al-
Park.                                         though she is still new to theatre, Kate
                                              performed in her second production,
Katt GiLCreaSe (Set Design &                  Mama Won’t Fly after appearing in The
Construction) Katt was last seen onstage      Music Man this past summer. Word of
as Father in A Christmas Story. He de-        her sewing skills got around and we were
signed and built that set as well as that     happy she decided to help us with cos-
tumes on A Christmas Story. Katie and       Doo Wop Wed Widing Hood. She serves
husband Peter enjoy working on what-        on the Crighton Theatre Foundation and
ever needs doing at the theatre. She is     Stage Right Boards. She is also the di-
looking forward to more performances in     rector of Bravo Company Performing
the near future.                            Arts School, the educational wing of
                                            Stage Right. Amy holds a MA in speech
peter p. KeLLY, iii (Set crew) While        pathology from the University of Hous-
living on Long Island and working as a      ton and lives in Conroe with her husband
police officer, Peter enjoyed Broadway      George.
and community theater alike, but never
thought that he’d be behind the scenes      CaroLYn           CorSano          wonG
one day.                                    (Sound Design) had a blast finding 60s
                                            era music, costumes and props for this
roGer orMiSton (Lighting De-                show. Over her 30 plus years in theatre,
sign) has been involved with theatre for    Carolyn has worn many hats; artistic di-
over 35 years. He is currently involved     rector, producer, director, publicist, chief
with lighting design, setup and program-    cook and bottle washer. Her favorite
ming for both the Crighton and the Owen     ‘hat’ is that of performer. Carolyn was
theatres.                                   last seen on stage as Eulalie Shinn in The
                                            Music Man and Louise in Always…Patsy
aMY SowerS (Producer) is proud              Cline. She has had the pleasure of por-
to have served a small part in bringing     traying Geneva Musgrave in Jones, Hope
this excellent production to the Crigh-     and Wooten’s Fayro Futrellogy (Dearly
ton Stage. Amy served as the assistant      Beloved, Christmas Belles and Southern
director for A Christmas Story and was      Hospitality) and directed the world pre-
last seen onstage at the Crighton Theatre   miere of Jones, Hope & Wooten’s Mama
in the world premiere production of the     Won’t Fly last September. She sends love
Jones, Hope, Wooten play Mama Won’t         and thanks to her guys at home; Steve,
Fly as Ardale, Juliette, and Teeta. She     Michael and Harley.
recently portrayed Ruby Ragot in the
Country Playhouse production Some           MareditH ZaritSKi (Lights En-
Show about a Murder. She has previ-         gineer) is thrilled to be involved in this
ously been seen as Honey Raye in the        fun production. Maredith recently gradu-
trilogy Dearly Beloved, Christmas Belles    ated from SHSU with a BFA in theatre.
and Southern Hospitality. Some of           She is currently pursuing any acting jobs
Amy’s favorite roles are Diana in Lend      she can get her hands on. She was last
Me a Tenor, Elaine in Miss Firecracker      seen on the Crighton stage as Myrtle
Contest, Mary in How the Other Half         Mae Harvey, Patsy Cline Always...Patsy
Loves, Pamela in The Uninvited, Mother      Cline, and Lily St. Regis Annie. “Thank
in Cheaper by the Dozen, Mary in Run        you to all my friends and family for be-
for your Wife and Marmee in Little Wom-     lieving in and supporting me through my
en. Amy has been an assistant director      life. I couldn’t have been where I am now
for Roger and Hammerstein’s Cinder-         without all of your love and support!”
ella and Stalag 17. She has directed a
number of children’s shows including
Bravo Company’s The Ever After and
Tori Allen      Nick Barfield      Jim Bingham        Michael      Steven Dowell

     Katt Gilcrease         Kylee           Katie Kelly       Pete Kelly

             Gerald Livingston    Mary Lockhart     Crys McClure

    Yvonne Owen          Jillian Nolan    Patrick Slagle     Amy Sowers

  Richard C. Wilcox     Carolyn Wong        Steve Wong     Maredith Zaritski
                                              Show Supporters
Peggie Miller, Brad Meyer, Doc Fennessy, CraigJones, and Verle ‘Ozzy’ Osborne
                    for getting the word out about the show.
              Kit Randolph and Bret’s for a great deal on furniture.

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Mama Won’t
Fly (World
Premiere)                        Barefoot in the
By Jessie Jones, Nicholas        Park                            By Richard
Hope, and Jamie Wooten.          By Neil Simon                   Rodgers and
Auditions: TBA                   Auditions: Dec. 4-5, 2011       Oscar Hammerstein II
Performances: Sept. 9-25, 2011   Performances:                   Auditions: April 29 & 30, 2012
                                 Feb. 17- Mar. 4, 2012           Performances: Jul. 13-29, 2012
An overwhelmed groom
places his older sister in       Neil Simon’s play about         A Rodgers and Hammerstein
charge of getting their          newlyweds in a 5th story        musical about Cinderella,
mother from Alabama to his       walk up apartment in            a fairy Godmother, glass
wedding on the West Coast.       Manhattan. Rated: PG            slippers and a handsome
There’s only one problem:                                        Prince. This show proves that
                                                                 a woman’s life can change with
Mama won’t fly. Rated: PG        The Carol                       a new pair of shoes. Rated: G
A Christmas                      Burnett Show                        Benefits of
                                 By Contemporary                 Season Subscription
                                 Drama Service                   •   Reserved seats in the Crown Jewel of
By Philip Grecian                                                    Montgomery County for all shows!
based on a book                  Auditions: Feb. 19 & 20, 2012   •   Your seats reserved in advance for
                                 Performances:                       next season
by Jean Shepherd
                                 Apr. 20-May 6, 2012             •   An invitation to meet playwrights
                                                                     Jessie Jones, Nicholas Hope & Jamie
Auditions: Oct 16-17, 2011       A variety show based on the         Wooten at the world premiere meet
Performances: Dec. 2-18,         skits from the TV series “The       and greet party
2011                             Carol Burnett Show” with        •   Complimentary ticket exchange
                                 song and dance numbers          •   Over a 20% discount on tickets
“You’ll shoot your eye out
                                 reminiscent of “Vaudeville
kid!”, Ralphie and his quest                                     •   1 Free “Friends of a Subscriber” ticket
                                 (Finally) Comes to the              to one show
for a Red Ryder BB Gun.
                                 Crighton”. Rated: PG            •   Your name in every program
Rated: PG

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