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Ben Metcalfe, Project Lead

    Open Tech 2005, London
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 Introduction
 launch

 Announcement (w00t!)

 Brief prototype showcase
What is

 Developer network from the BBC
 Platform for us to share
  content with you
 Community of peer-developers
 Robust licence for content re-use
 Opportunity for you to connect with
  BBC and feedback into the creative
Why are we doing this?

 Part of a greater “Open BBC” push
 Support creativity and innovation in
  the UK
 Identify + showcase talent

 Public service for the 21st century!

    but especially because…
Why are we doing this?

“ attempts to
encourage and support those who have
provided most of the innovation on the
internet - the passionate, highly-skilled
& public-spirited developers and
designers, many of whom volunteer
their time and effort.”
Many of you are in this room!
What’s on offer?

 BBC News + BBC Sport RSS feeds
 Travel XML

 Threads from BBC message boards

 Podcasting feeds

 + more
What’s the deal?

 Strictly non-commercial use
 Remixing with other web services +
  data providers is good!
 You retain the Intellectual Property of
  the prototypes you build (we retain the
  copyright to our content)
 We showcase your work on for the world to
What’s the deal?

 We want to work with the producers of
  successful prototypes to help them
  iterate further
 BBC wants to implement compelling
  work back into the organisation to the
  benefit of our entire audience on
What’s New: Launch of
Out of beta…
New feeds!

 BBC TV and Radio schedule data for
  the next 7 days
 TV Anytime format
New feeds!

 BBC Weather in association with the
  Met Office
 XML dump via REST

 More data, better ways of accessing it
  to follow

    (let us know how you want it!)
More to come…

 The BBC is continuing to make more
  and more of it’s content available via
 All new RSS feeds should* be
  “backstage” compatible
 API’s are coming – stay tuned…
Announcement: Inaugural competition

   We want you to innovate and come up
    with prototypes that demonstrate new
    ways of exploring the BBC TV
Competition: you could…

   Combine schedules with web services
    Such as, technorati, etc
    Open up each programme to external
   Focus on genres
     Such as all films, comedies, etc
     Signed or subtitled programming
     Vertical searching by genre
Competition: you could…

   Introduce a social element to a
    schedule or channel
     Bookmark programmes
     Collaborative filtering
   Alert, client-push, etc
     Email broadcasts
     Desktop reminders
Competition: you could…

   Integrate the data with existing BBC
    feeds or external sources
     Such as IMDB
     Google Video, Yahoo Video
   Create new ways of tagging
     Align with existing tagged web-based content
Competition: extra marks…

 Extra points for using the TV-Anytime
  feed to make your prototype truly
 Alternatively base your prototype on
  schedule data at

   Criteria: Level of innovation, Quality of

   Judged by a ‘celebrity’ panel

   The producer of the winning prototype
    will be awarded…
Competition: Prize

   Brand new, famous brand, rackmount
    server! Delivered to your door! Seriously!
   Invitation to visit the BBC as guests of the crew
Competition: details

 Full details on the site on Monday
 Closing date 5th September 2005
Prototype Showcase
Prototype Showcase

 Local Knowledge (Dom Ramsey)
 Rebotocast (Ted Gilchrist)

 BBC News Front Page Archive
  (Matthew Somerville)


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