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                                                                    of SUN LAKES 


                Volume 16 Issue 8                 AUGUST  2010 

 Events:                         Back by popular demand ... it’s time for the Game Show!

September 25,         
                                          It’s a “Game Show Fiesta” where everyone can be a winner!
  TV Game
                                 Great food, lots of laughter & prizes galore will fill the evening!
                                 A few of the featured games will be ... “Name That Tune”, “Minute
                                     to Win It”, and “Let’s Make a Deal” plus much, much more.
 October 16,
    2010                                      Saturday, September. 25, 2010 in the Navajo Room at
Octoberfest -                                               Sun Lakes Country Club
German Food
   Night                      5:30-6:00: Happy Hour with Appetizers - $3 Margarita Special!

November 13,                  6:00-6:30: Round I: Games where individuals win prizes!
Western Night
                              6:30-7:15: A fabulous dinner catered by Rubio’s Fresh Mexican
San Tan Flats                 Grill (Germann & Gilbert store)

December 11,
                              7:15-8:10: Round II: Battle of the Sexes - Guys vs. Gals!
    2010                      The gals are planning their revenge over the guys’ win last year!
                              8:10-8:30: Dessert
Dinner Dance

                              8:30-9:15: Round III: Let’s Make a Deal & award Raffle Ticket
 January 26,                  Winners!
Theme Dinner                           Deadline for reservations is Sat., Sept. 18 ... NO Exceptions!

                                                                   $15 per member                             $17.50 per guest
February 19,
   2011                                                            Don’t miss this one & bring your friends!
  Brad Zinn
                               Make checks payable to: 40’s/50’s Club. Mail your checks & registration
impersonator                  form to: Gloria Richardson, 9545 E. Pinto Place, Sun Lakes, AZ 85248

                                  Any questions please call Larry or Terrie Veltrie at 480-619-8786
                                           MEMBER INFORMATION PAGE  

                                     2010 – 2011 BOARD MEMBERS 
                                              July 2010 – June 2011 
          President:      Gloria & Larry Richardson         786-4397       

          Vice President: Charlene Clausen                  895-7879

          Treasurer:      Vince La Paglia                   515-9315       

          Secretary:      Rick Kenny                        883-1501       

          Publicity:      Nancy Fayfar                      883-7126       
                          Christine Said                    474-4011       

          Membership     Terrie & Larry Veltrie             619-8786

          Activities:     Susan Carter                      895-1026  
                          Ann Hurst                         883-1764       

          Hospitality:    Karen & Jim Larson                836-7221       
                          Sharon & Ken Stanton             786-5642        
                          Mary & Ron Sharkey               266-1104        

           Webmaster:      Wayne Karp                       802-9319

                         CURRENT MEMBERSHIP COUNT:  345 
                               WELCOME NEW MEMBERS                                                                      
                                    Melissa & Chip Foster   
                                                                                        Please respect our members’  
                                  Barbara & Bob Hushmidth                               privacy. Use of e‐mail addresses 
                               Elaine & Chuck Legorreta                                                                 
                                                                                        are for 40s/50s + club business 
                                       Eleanor Merts   
                                         Diane O’Brien 
                               Diane Yoder & Vince Morrissey   
                                       Margaret Norberg                                                                 
            Members Application (Members … please pass this form to friends or  neighbors:  
              Annual dues for the balance of 2010 are $5.00 per person, $10.00 per couple 
    The 40s/50s + Club of Sun Lakes is made up of members (including Board Members) who work TOGETHER to create a
    club that is FUN. All members   encouraged to help where needed, at least a couple of times during the year; working on
    activities that                   
                               good ideas.           
                    help to make this club FUN. We always need help in the following ways: Event setup and cleanup, assisting
    with activities, or just your

    I/WE COULD ASSIST THE CLUB IN THE MONTH OF: ________________________________________

    New Member #1:_______________________________________________ *Home State ________ * where you moved from

    New Member #2:_______________________________________________ *Home State ________

    Address: _______________________________ City:______________ State: ____ZIP________ Phone ___-____-______

    E-Mail:_________________________________ I would like to receive the newsletter electronically ___ Yes ___ No
    New Member 2010_____ Renewal 2010 ___ Amount Enclosed: $____________

    Make checks payable to 40s/50s+ Club. Mail To: Terrie & Larry Veltrie, 24220 S. Sunbrook Drive, Sun Lakes, AZ 85248
    Questions?? E-mail

 Approximately 60 members and guests enjoyed the Pot Luck Social held in July at the
 Poolside Cafe. Friends had the chance to catch up on future and past travel news of fellow
 members as well as just visiting and enjoying a night out during the hot weather. The food
 was delicious and bountiful (even though we managed to eat just about everything!!) A
 “Getting to Know You Bingo Game” was played and enjoyed by all. Thanks to all for the
 delicious food and enjoyable evening.

Reservation Form for:   
                                   GAME NIGHT – Saturday, September 25, 2010  
Deadline for registration and cancellation is:  Saturday, September 18, 2010     
 No exceptions.   
Cost:  $15.00 per member   Guest of Member: $17.50  Number attending: ___________
                                                                                  Total Enclosed:  
Print your name(s) below as you want them on your event name tag                 
Name #1:________________________________________________            
Name #2:_______________________________________________        
Name #3: _______________________________________________   
Name #4: _______________________________________________        

Phone #__________________________ NEW email address:____________________________ 

 Make checks payable to 40s 50s+ Club:  Mail this form and check to:  Gloria Richardson, 9545 E. Pinto Place, Sun
Lakes, AZ 85248 For Information call Terrie or Larry Veltrie at 480-619-8786 
Business Advertising:           Make our members aware of your business by advertising in our newsletter. Space
is available on a first request basis. Cost is $60 per year and covers 12 newsletters. Contact Vince LaPaglia at

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