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Producers at
Cannes 2012
Screen AuStrAliA At cAnneS
Level 8, Residence du Festival
52 la Croisette
t 04 93 30 10 07

Supporting Australian producers in the international marketplace
Australian Producers Cannes 2012

We are pleased to present the Australian   Screen Australia is the         business opportunities for
production companies doing business this   Federal Government’s major      producers. Australia has
                                           screen agency. We develop       co-production treaties with
year at Cannes. Their projects represent
                                           and finance high-quality,       Canada, China, Germany,
a diverse range of genres, budgets and     innovative and commercially     Italy, Ireland, Israel,
ambitions, reflecting our vibrant local    attractive projects designed    Singapore, South Africa
screen industry.                           with audiences in mind.         and the United Kingdom,
                                           We conduct research, assist     and MOUs with France and
                                           the development of local        New Zealand.
                                           film culture, and market
                                           Australian talent and screen
                                           content domestically and
                                           internationally. Screen
                                           Australia facilitates regular
                                           co-production events with
                                           international partners to
                                           enable a broad range of

360 Productions
Create | Entertain | Inspire                                   in develoPment        ComPleted
360 Productions is an Australian and UK-based                  overtime              Cedar Boys
entertainment company, dedicated to film, television and new   Thriller              Drama, 2009
media production.                                              director Jody Dwyer   director Serhat Caradee
                                                               est Budget A$9M
Ranko markovic                      Co-production UK
moBile +61 416 256 654                                         C.H.A.R.l.i.
                                                               Family                                      director Jody Dwyer
                                                               est Budget A$10M
Sydney NSW
                                                               Co-production UK
                                                               est Budget A$9M
                                                               Co-production UK

All A’s Production
All A’s is a vibrant digital art and film production house that   in develoPment                  ComPleted
approaches digital image as an everlasting field for fresh        Rainbow monochrome              night Before Xristine
ideas, high concepts and visual innovation.                       Drama                           Drama, 2011
                                                                  director Alla Gopsha            director Alla Gopsha
Alla Gopsha                                 est Budget A$10M                FandF
moBile +61 452 217 155                                            Co-production US, UK, France,   Drama, 2011
                                                                  Germany                         director Alla Gopsha
Sydney NSW

Aquarius Films
Aquarius Films has a diverse slate of feature films and TV    in develoPment                ComPleted
series and produces high-quality, innovative screen content   the Second Coming             Wish You Were Here
by collaborating with the best writing and directing talent   Mystery                       Mystery, 2012
in Australia. Aquarius Films’ feature Wish You Were Here      director David Barker         director Kieran Darcy-Smith
                                                              est Budget A$3.8M             Festivals/Awards Sundance,
opened the 2012 Sundance Film Festival.
                                                              memorial day                  Hong Kong
Angie Fielder                      Crime                         i love Sarah Jane
                                                              director Kieran Darcy-Smith   Drama, 2008
moBile +61 403 819 644
                                                              est Budget US$10M             director Spencer Susser
                                                              Co-production US              Festivals/Awards Sundance,
                                                              Berlin Syndrome               Telluride, Edinburgh, Sydney,
Sydney NSW                                                                                  Melbourne
                                                              est Budget A$3M               Crossbow
                                                              Co-production Germany, UK     Crime, 2007
                                                                                            director David Michôd
                                                                                            Festivals/Awards Sundance,
                                                                                            Telluride, Edinburgh, Sydney,

Arclight Films
Arclight Films is an international sales company                  in develoPment      ComPleted
encompassing theatrical, television and home video. Now           mulan 3d            Bait 3d
in its ninth year, Arclight Films is one of the world’s leading   Action adventure    Horror, 2012
foreign sales companies.                                          Heart of darkness   director Kimble Rendall
                                                                  Sci-fi              A Few Best men
Gary Hamilton                                                  Comedy, 2011
moBile +1 310 528 5888                                                                director Stephan Elliott
Sydney NSW

Artmedia produces award-winning feature films which put        in develoPment              ComPleted
Australian and New Zealand stories on the world screen.        true Believers              Butterfly Crush
Their first feature, Butterfly Crush, won a string of best     Family                      Drama, 2010
feature film awards last year at festivals in the US and has   director Alan Clay          director Alan Clay
                                                               est Budget A$1.5M
been picked up for North American distribution by Vanguard
                                                               Co-production New Zealand
                                                               Angels Can Fly in lA
Alan Clay
                                                               director Alan Clay
moBile +64 210 234 2836                                        est Budget A$4M
                                                               Co-production US
Sydney NSW

Atlantic Film Group
Atlantic is a prolific film and television production company    in develoPment                   ComPleted
with unrivalled international pedigree. As well as creating      the outrageous Barry Rush        love Birds
its own content it has positioned itself to be the conduit for   Action adventure                 Romantic comedy, 2011
international production into Australasia.                       director Kriv Stenders           director Paul Murphy
                                                                 est Budget A$10M                 dean Spanley
Alan Harris                    Co-production Singapore, China   Drama, 2009
moBile +61 452 225 499                                           Pork Pie                         director Toa Fraser
                                                                 Comedy                           Festivals/Awards Toronto,                                        director Matthew Murphy          London / FCCA Awards
                                                                 est Budget A$6M                  the Ferryman
Sydney NSW
                                                                 Co-production New Zealand        Horror, 2008
                                                                 the Floating Brothel             director Chris Graham
                                                                 Drama                            Festivals/Awards Toronto,
                                                                 est Budget A$15M                 London / FCCA Awards
                                                                 Co-production UK

b:j films
b:j films make features and documentaries.   in develoPment          ComPleted
                                             defiant                 Uninhabited
Bill Bennett             Thriller                Thriller, 2010
moBile +61 412 944 777                       director Bill Bennett   director Bill Bennett
                                             est Budget A$8M                     Sport
Sydney NSW                                   Thriller
                                             director Bill Bennett
                                             est Budget A$8M

 8 specialises as a director of photography and   in develoPment                ComPleted
producer.                                                       Foreign Brother               last Flight to Abuja
                                                                Drama                         Action adventure, 2012
James m Costello                 director Karen Borger         director Obi Emelonye
moBile +61 432 738 611                                          est Budget A$2.4M             inale
                                                                Co-production Latin America   Musical, 2010
Sydney NSW                                                      macbeth                       director Jeta Amata
                                                                Action adventure              deserted
                                                                director Hakeem Kae Kazim     Thriller, 2010
                                                                est Budget A$2M               director Henry Zalapa
                                                                Co-production UK, Nigeria
                                                                taking off
                                                                director Rory Williamson
                                                                est Budget A$1M

Bellafigura develops and co-produces distinctive Australian        in develoPment                  ComPleted
films, TV series and MMO video games with an international,        Foreign Brother/Hermano         All is Forgiven
historical and political slant. Their 2012 slate includes an       lejano                          Mystery, 2006
exciting selection of original and intriguing fictional feature,   Thriller                        director Karen Borger
                                                                   director Karen Borger           Serendipity
TV and documentary projects.
                                                                   est Budget A$3.5 M              Comedy, 1992
                                                                   Co-production Latin America,    director Karen Borger
Karen Borger                                    Europe                          Festivals/Awards London
moBile +61 404 283 569
                                                                   Action adventure
                                                                   director Karen Borger
Port Macquarie NSW                                                 est Budget A$28M
                                                                   Co-production US, UK, Pacific
                                                                   the Bedou Key
                                                                   Action adventure
                                                                   director Karen Borger
                                                                   Co-production World

Bollywood dreams
Bollywood Dreams is involved in producing quality         in develoPment                   ComPleted
independent feature films and providing film production   the last Weaver                  the Sleeping Warrior
services in Australia and India.                          Drama                            Drama, 2012
                                                          director Chayan Sarkar           director Chayan Sarkar
Chayan Sarkar                  est Budget A$3M
moBile +61 410 420 004                                    Co-production Canada, France,
                                                          Germany                                tagore
Brisbane QLD                                              Drama
                                                          director Chayan Sarkar
                                                          est Budget A$5M
                                                          Co-production UK
                                                          Flug de Seele
                                                          director Chayan Sarkar
                                                          est Budget A$3M
                                                          Co-production Germany, Austria

Brewstertainment specialises in the development and           in develoPment
production of commercially driven feature film projects for   Go You Good thing
the Australian domestic and international marketplace.        Comedy
                                                              est Budget A$5M
nick Brewster                       mcHappy day
moBile +61 424 007 477                                        Comedy
marty Brewster                     est Budget A$10M
moBile +61 401 238 358

Main Beach QLD

Buffalo Films
Buffalo Films is a boutique development and film production   in develoPment                ComPleted
company based in Sydney, Australia.                           nicolai (working title)       Yardbird
                                                              Drama                         Short, 2012
Jessica mitchell                  est Budget A$2M               director Michael Spiccia
moBile +61 406 318 779                                        Co-production Russia, Czech   Festivals/Awards Cannes
Sydney, NSW

Buzz Productions
Buzz Productions is the film production arm of Buzz            in develoPment             ComPleted
Corporate Communications – a registered Public Relations       Sunny Side Up              missing Pieces
Institute of Australia consultancy group that specialises in   Drama                      Thriller, 2011
publicity, sponsorship and event management. Buzz’s slate of   director Kenton Bartlett   director Kenton Bartlett
                                                               est Budget A$2M
upmarket US feature films includes romantic thriller Missing
Pieces, which recently won four awards on the film festival
circuit.                                                       director Kenton Bartlett

estelle Buzzard
moBile +61 437 888 019
Perth WA

Camera Club
Camera Club produces films, television documentary and         in develoPment                  ComPleted
digital entertainment for the internet and portable devices.   Jomo                            Grey matter
                                                               Drama                           Drama, 2011
dominic Allen                                director Kivu Ruhorahoza        director Kivu Ruhorahoza
moBile +61 402 923 479                                         est Budget A$650K               Festivals/Awards Tribeca,
                                                               Co-production France, Germany   Rotterdam                                              A Gorgeous Sense of Hope        two men
Melbourne VIC                                                  Romantic comedy                 Thriller, 2009
                                                               director Dominic Allen          director Dominic Allen
                                                               est Budget A$350K               Festivals/Awards Melbourne,
                                                               Co-production World             Sydney, London, Prague
                                                                                               Back of House
                                                                                               Action adventure, 2012
                                                                                               director David Budge

Chilling Pictures
Chilling Pictures creates and facilitates compelling stories   in develoPment             ComPleted
across all screens that inspire or provoke audiences.          the Witness tree           Cloudstreet
                                                               Thriller                   Family, 2011
della Churchill                     director Alex Chomicz      director Matt Saville
moBile +61 417 225 980                                         est Budget A$3M            Preservation
in CAnneS +372 5778 3267                                       melt                       Mystery, 2003
                                                               Drama                      director Sofya Gollan                                       director Sofya Gollan      Festivals/Awards Banff, Sydney,
Brisbane QLD                                                   est Budget A$2.8M          Melbourne, St Tropez
                                                               the Pink viking
                                                               est Budget A$5M
                                                               Co-production Canada, UK

Clandestine Pictures
Clandestine Pictures is a development company with a           in develoPment                ComPleted
rich slate of developed feature scripts, seeking producers/    Sofia and the maire           the merchant of Fairness
production partners with both artistic and commercial          Romantic comedy               Drama, 2002
sensibilities and a desire to deliver distinctive, resonant,   est Budget A$1.8M             director Shane Luther
enduring movies.                                               the Attic in Celestial lane
Shane luther                          Kale Amblyn’s master Plan
moBile +61 417 775 877                                         Horror

Melbourne VIC

Cm Film Productions
Carmelo has conceived and nurtured the development of        in develoPment                  ComPleted
many films, television documentaries and drama programs      Crossing nullarbor              deep Sleep no more
for international release. Carmelo is the recipient of the   Drama                           Drama, 2011
2010 Lotterywest Award for Outstanding Contribution to the   director Yu-Hsiu Camille Chen   director Carmelo Musca
Industry.                                                    one night of madness
                                                             Romantic comedy
Carmelo musca                         director Carmelo Musca
moBile +61 409 288 977
Perth WA

Cottesloe Films
Cottesloe Films make narrative features and shorts in both      in develoPment           ComPleted
live action and animation. With the brother/sister directing    Going South              Chat noir
team of Khrob Edmonds and Miranda Edmonds, Cottesloe            Drama                    Family, 2010
Films have adapted the work of well-known Australian            est Budget A$1.5M        directors Khrob Edmonds,
                                                                the Quinta               Miranda Edmonds
author Tim Winton for the screen, made an award-winning
                                                                Drama                    the Water Was dark and it
short animation and shot the first digital feature in Western
                                                                est Budget A$5M          Went Forever down
Australia.                                                      Co-production Portugal   Drama, 2009
                                                                                         directors Khrob Edmonds,
miranda edmonds                                               Miranda Edmonds
moBile +61 402 081 977
                                                                                         the Course
                                                                                         Romantic comedy, 2007                                                                   directors Khrob Edmonds,
Perth WA                                                                                 Miranda Edmonds

Courage Films
Courage Films develops and produces feature films. Courage       in develoPment                   ComPleted
Films is experienced in bringing productions to Australia and    Shadows From the Sky             our lips Are Sealed
taking local productions offshore (eg US, Africa, France), and   Thriller                         Family, 2001
in the production and post-production of 3D stereoscopic         director Rupert Wainwright       director Craig Shapiro
                                                                 est Budget A$18M                 i Wish i Were Stephanie v
films. They look for commercially viable projects, cast and
                                                                 Claws                            Romantic comedy, 2010
crew with proven track records, and stories that are purely
                                                                 Thriller                         director JD Cohen
entertainment or strong value-driven stories. They also seek     est Budget A$8M                  S21 3d
projects needing co-production post-production partnerships.     Co-production Canada (or other   Sci-fi, 2009
                                                                 alpine country)                  director Olivier Parthonnaud
laura Sivis
moBile +61 412 753 315
in CAnneS +33 658 352 717

Sydney NSW

dragonet Films
Dragonet Films is committed to bringing strong Australasian     in develoPment            ComPleted
directorial voices to international screens, both in quality,   Rockpool                  Paper Giants: the Birth of Cleo
entertaining feature films and through high-end, well-          Comedy                    Drama, 2011
developed television drama.                                     director Sonia Whiteman   director Daina Reid
                                                                est Budget A$3.5M         Festivals/Awards AACTA
Karen Radzyner                          em                        Being venice
moBile +61 411 692 259                                          Romantic comedy           Drama, 2012
                                                                director Kate Riedl       director Miro Bilbrough                                           est Budget A$6M           Bryan Brown’s two twisted
Sydney NSW                                                                                Mystery, 2006
                                                                                          directors 14 inc Rachel Ward,
                                                                                          Glendyn Ivin, Kate Riedl

dystopia Six
Dystopia Six is a production company specialising in quality,      in develoPment           ComPleted
intelligent, genre-influenced feature films for an international   Another Bloody Wedding   Sick day
market.                                                            Romantic comedy          Thriller, 2011
                                                                   est Budget A$2–3M        director Dean Bertram
Shane Kavanagh                               the deepest Cut          ZtS State of entropy
moBile +61 414 384 569                                             Horror                   Action adventure, 2002
                                                                   est Budget A$2–3M        director Stefanos Stefanidis                                                three men
Sydney NSW                                                         Horror
                                                                   est Budget A$2–3M

east West Synergy
East West Synergy is dedicated to capitalise on the fast-      in develoPment                 ComPleted
growing Asian market by developing and producing high-         Yu and the Andersons           the triangle Wars
quality hybrid cinematic projects. The fusion of Eastern and   Comedy                         Drama, 2011
Western cultures, along with a fresh and dynamic approach      director Véronique Filippini   director Rosie Jones
                                                               est Budget A$10M
to filmmaking in diverse genres, is to appeal to a wider
                                                               Co-production China
international audience.
                                                               Romantic comedy
Guillaume Catala
                                                               Co-production Indonesia
moBile +61 424 957 138
                                                               Foxtrot Six
                                                               Action adventure
                                                               director Randy Korompis
Melbourne VIC                                                  Co-production Indonesia

emerald Productions
Emerald Productions is an innovative film and television     in develoPment            ComPleted
production company that brings together the talents of       Halfway motel             the love Song of iskra
Prue Williams, Sheila Jayadev and Lyn Norfor. With an eye    Thriller                  Prufrock
for developing unique stories and nurturing new talent,      director Miranda Nation   Drama, 2010
                                                             est Budget A$1.5–2M       director Lucy Gaffy
Emerald Productions has built a slate of original projects
across feature films and television drama, comedy and
documentary.                                                 est Budget A$3–4M
                                                             Co-production UK
lyn norfor
                                                             my mother the Bollywood
moBile +61 407 906 901
                                                             Comedy                                est Budget A$4–5M
Sydney NSW                                                   Co-production UK

Enchanter is a dynamic Sydney-based film, television and        in develoPment                ComPleted
media production company specialising in the development        Seraphim                      Seraphim trailer
and financing of science fiction and fantasy genre stories.     Action fantasy                Action fantasy, 2009
Their mission is to develop innovative and commercially         director Damian Simankowicz   director Damian Simankowicz
                                                                est Budget A$10M              the Heist
successful genre projects for the worldwide market, utilising
                                                                memory of Breathing           Fantasy, 2007
the depth of talent that is available in Australia.
                                                                Fantasy                       director Georgia Clark
matt Carter                           director Matt Carter          the First thing i Remember
moBile +61 402 832 211
                                                                est Budget A$3M               Documentary, 2006
Jonny Peters                          Stalking daylight             director Tamara Meem
moBile +61 420 530 079
                                                                dream Channel                                            Sci-fi
                                                                director Jonny Peters
Sydney NSW
                                                                est Budget A$1.5M

essential media and
Essential is one of Australia’s leading independent television    in develoPment         ComPleted
producers with a proven track record in high-quality              Almost French          Au bonheur des dames,
content for both local and international audiences. Its           Romantic comedy        l’invention du grand magasin
broadcast partners include the BBC, National Geographic,          director Kate Dennis   Drama, 2011
                                                                  est Budget A$10–15M    director Sally Aitken
PBS, Discovery, Sundance Channel, ABC, SBS, The History
                                                                  Co-production France   Gourmet Farmer 1 and 2
Channel, CBC, Arte France, France Five and RTE Ireland.
                                                                  Show Pony              2010/2012
Based in Sydney, with offices in Los Angeles and Toronto,         Romantic comedy        director Max Bourke
Essential produces content in all genres including drama,         est Budget A$10–15M    Helen’s War
lifestyle and documentary. Attached to their Sydney facility is   Co-production NZ, UK   Drama, 2003
a 16-suite HD post facility and graphic design company.                                  director Anna Broinowski
                                                                                         Festivals/Awards London / AFI
Sonja Armstrong                                      Awards
moBile +61 409 653 509
in CAnneS +33 6 11 80 66 00
Sydney NSW

Fandango Australia
Fandango Australia is an executive producer on the films of   in develoPment                ComPleted
company directors Rolf de Heer and Richard Lowenstein, and    michael H                     the King is dead!
produces films with other filmmakers. It is affiliated with   Drama                         Drama, 2011
Domenico Procacci’s Fandango in Italy.                        director Richard Lowenstein   director Rolf de Heer
                                                              est Budget A$10M              ten Canoes
Sue murray                            Co-production France, UK      Comedy, 2006
moBile +61 414 639 814                                        Joe Cinque’s Consolation      director Rolf de Heer
                                                              Crime                         Festivals/Awards Cannes,
in CAnneS +33 6 43 86 86 94
                                                              director Sotiris Dounoukos    Telluride, Toronto, Busan,
                                                              est Budget A$3M               Chicago, Hof, São Paulo, St
Sydney NSW
                                                              Beauty for Beginners          Tropez, Göteborg / Special Jury
                                                              Drama                         Prize Un Certain Regard Cannes,
                                                              est Budget A$6M               AFI Awards, FCCA Awards
                                                                                            Alexandra’s Project
                                                                                            Thriller, 2003
                                                                                            director Rolf de Heer
                                                                                            Festivals/Awards Berlin,
                                                                                            Chicago, Edinburgh, Stockholm,
                                                                                            Telluride, Toronto, Valladolid,
FG Film Productions
FG Film Productions, based in Melbourne, is the feature film   in develoPment                ComPleted
and TV production company of veteran producer Antony           Waltzing matilda              last dance
I Ginnane. Founded in 1976, it has a satellite office in Los   Action adventure              Drama, 2012
Angeles.                                                       director Simon Wincer         director David Pulbrook
                                                               est Budget A$20M              Arctic Blast
Antony Ginnane                             Co-production Germany, UK     Thriller, 2010
moBile +61 423 477 228                                         Blowback                      director Brian Trenchard-Smith
                                                               Action adventure                                                est Budget A$20M
                                                               Co-production UK, Singapore
Clayton VIC
                                                               director Mark Hartley
                                                               est Budget A$5M

Film Art media
Film Art Media is a rights management, development and         in develoPment               ComPleted
distribution company based in Melbourne, Australia. The        the dressmaker               Japanese Story
directors have a 30-year track record producing blue chip      Comedy                       Drama, 2003
film, television and digital media programs. They specialise   director Jocelyn Moorhouse   director Sue Brooks
                                                               est Budget A$15M             Festivals/Awards Cannes,
in screen content about ideas that matter, that has strong
                                                               Boys’ Club                   London, Busan, Telluride, Toronto,
audience appeal and is at the cutting edge of innovation in                                 Chicago, Göteborg, Brisbane / AFI
screen content and form.                                       director Marcus Cole         Awards, IF Awards, FCCA Awards
                                                               est Budget A$5.2M            Hunt Angels
Sue maslin                                                             2006
moBile +61 417 346 287                                                                      director Alec Morgan
                                                                                            Festivals/Awards Brisbane,                                                                        Melbourne, Rotterdam, Shanghai /
Melbourne VIC                                                                               AFI Awards, FCCA Awards
                                                                                            Road to nhill
                                                                                            Comedy, 1997
                                                                                            director Sue Brooks
                                                                                            Festivals/Awards Hof,
                                                                                            Singapore, São Paulo

the Film Company
Established by multi-award winning producer Richard Keddie,   in develoPment         ComPleted
The Film Company is an independent production house           Catch a Falling Star   Goddess
that creates quality drama for the local and international    Musical                Musical, 2012
market. With the musical feature Goddess set to be released   est Budget A$12M       director Mark Lamprell
                                                              Co-production UK       Hawke
soon, and an extensive slate of feature and TV projects in
                                                              Wife of Bedlam         Drama, 2010
development, 2012/13 is set to be another busy year for The
                                                              Drama                  director Emma Freeman
Film Company.                                                 director Eric Styles   Festivals/Awards AFI Awards
                                                              est Budget A$8M        little Fish
Richard Keddie
                                                              the Heart Garden       Drama, 2005
moBile +61 419 529 885
                                                              Drama                  director Rowan Wood
ella Keddie                             est Budget A$6M        Festivals/Awards Melbourne,
moBile +61 438 647 534                                        Co-production UK       Toronto, Shanghai, Singapore /
                                                                                     AFI Awards, IF Awards, FCCA                                                            Awards
Melbourne VIC

Films and Casting
A multi-award winning film production, casting and          in develoPment             ComPleted
consultancy firm based out of Fox Studios, Sydney.          defiant                    From Sydney With love (lP)
Specialising in South Asian cinema, Temple is currently     Thriller                   Comedy, 2012
producing Australian features and documentaries with Bill   director Bill Bennett      director Prateek Chakravorty
                                                            est Budget A$6.5M          induction to Bollywood
Bennett and John Winter.
                                                            Co-production UK, India    Comedy, 2009
Anupam Sharma                                one in a Billion           director Anupam Sharma
                                                            Mystery                    Behind the Scenes tourism
moBile +61 411 837 053
                                                            director John Winter       Australia
                                                            est Budget A$1.3M          Drama, 2011
                                                            Co-production UK, India,   director Anupam Sharma
Sydney NSW                                                  Canada
                                                            Romantic comedy
                                                            director Anupam Sharma
                                                            est Budget A$3.4M
                                                            Co-production UK, India

Finch is an independent production company specialising in   in develoPment            ComPleted
television commercials, documentaries and feature films      the Aurora Stone          Red Hill
with offices in Sydney and Auckland.                         Action adventure          Action adventure, 2010
                                                             director James Rabbitts   director Patrick Hughes
luke mazzaferro                        est Budget A$5.5M         Festivals/Awards Berlin,
moBile +61 438 160 185                                                                 Sydney, Melbourne, Edinburgh,
                                                                                       Busan, Karlovy Vary
Paddington NSW

For Pete’s Sake
An independent production company which develops and            in develoPment            ComPleted
produces thought provoking, high-quality and entertaining       lawson                    the marriage of Figaro
films. The Marriage of Figaro 2009 (London Australian Film      Drama                     Romantic comedy, 2009
Festival 2010 and Dungog Film Festival 2010) was the first in   est Budget A$8–10M        director Chris Moon
                                                                marrying mani             Festivals/Awards London
a slate of features, including Lawson (inspired by poet Henry
                                                                Romantic comedy           Australian
Lawson), Marrying Mani (cross-cultural rom-com) and Warby
                                                                est Budget A$4M
(World Water Speed Record 1978).                                Co-production UK, India

Peta Astbury                  Warby
                                                                Action adventure
moBile +61 401 034 465
                                                                est Budget A$8–10M
                                                                Co-production US
Adelaide SA

Freshwater Pictures
Australia’s Freshwater Pictures produces feature films,         in develoPment                   ComPleted
documentaries and transmedia with leading experienced           World of Chickens                my America
directors and writers, and with exciting new filmmakers.        Comedy                           Documentary, 2011
Freshwater has partnered with co-producers, studios,            director Charlotte George        director Peter Hegedus
                                                                est Budget A$3M                  Festivals/Awards Sydney,
distributors and broadcasters including Working Title,
                                                                Co-production UK                 Brisbane
Universal Pictures, Walt Disney Studios, Firefly Productions,
                                                                Red earth                        Subdivision
Rialto Distribution, Hoyts, Hopscotch Films and Madman          Drama                            Comedy, 2009
Entertainment.                                                  director Liselle Mei             director Sue Brooks
                                                                est Budget A$4M                  Festivals/Awards Brisbane, St
trish lake                  Co-production UK                 Tropez
moBile +61 412 189 977                                          dance for me                     the Burning Season
Kelly Hawke                      Drama                            Documentary, 2009
moBile +61 438 340 989                                          est Budget A$10M                 director Cathy Henkel
                                                                Co-production UK, South Africa   Festivals/Awards Sydney,                                                                    Tribeca, Guangzhou / IF Awards
Brisbane QLD

Galvanized Film Group
Established in 2009, GFG focuses on the development,            in develoPment         ComPleted
financing and production of quality feature films for the       Remarkable Creatures   Accidents Happen
international market. Together with Abacus Film Fund, GFG       Drama                  Comedy, 2009
has combined the assets of a specialised film finance entity,   Writer Jan Sardi       director Andrew Lancaster
                                                                est Budget A$12M       Festivals/Awards Tribeca,
intimate knowledge of film production and respect for the
                                                                Co-production UK       Sydney, São Paulo
filmmaking process.
                                                                Salvation Creek        Hey, Hey it’s esther
                                                                Drama                  Blueburger
Heather ogilvie
                                                                est Budget A$9M        Comedy, 2008
moBile +61 409 034 282                                                                 director Cathy Randall
                                                                Five little Gweilos
                                                                Family                 Festivals/Awards Berlin,                                                            Hamburg, Gijon, Giffoni
                                                                est Budget A$6.5M
Sydney NSW                                                      Co-production China    the Blackwater lightship
                                                                                       Drama, 2004
                                                                                       director John Erman

Get Reel Films
Founded in 2010, Get Reel Films has completed two               in develoPment         ComPleted
independent feature films and is now in development on          no escape              Still Waters
larger projects with international partners. Get Reel Films     Thriller               Horror, 2011
focus on working with the best Australian talent to provide a   director John V Soto   director Tana Smith
                                                                est Budget A$4M        tin God
top-quality product.
                                                                Co-production US, UK   Drama, 2011
tana Smith                                Carols Wedding         director Jake Reedy
                                                                Comedy                 trente Cinq
moBile +61 427 466 656
                                                                est Budget A$4M        Thriller, 2010
                                                                Co-production US, UK   director François Pragnere
                                                                two degrees
Brisbane QLD
                                                                est Budget A$2M
                                                                Co-production US, UK

Glen Pead Film and tv
Glen Pead Film and TV Productions produces short dramas       in develoPment             ComPleted
and documentaries for broadcast TV and the festival market.   the mad Circle             Al and Geoff
Currently its focus is on developing long form narrative      Drama                      Drama, 2005
projects for the art house circuit. The company will be       director Glen Pead         director Glen Pead
                                                              est Budget A$1.2M
represented at the Marché du Film in Cannes by producer/
                                                              Co-production Canada, UK
writer/director Glen Pead.

Glen Pead
moBile +61 411 220 245

Sydney NSW

Goalpost Pictures
Goalpost Pictures is a dynamic independent production   in develoPment             ComPleted
company that produces compelling screen stories.        Untitled                   the Sapphires
                                                        Thriller                   Comedy, 2012
Rosemary Blight           director Matthew Saville   director Wayne Blair
moBile +61 408 819 550                                  Writer Joel Edgerton       Clubland
Kylie du Fresne              est Budget A$8M            Comedy, 2007
moBile +61 412 999 939                                  Holding the man            director Cherie Nolan
                                                        Drama                      Festivals/Awards Sundance, St
Ben Grant
                                                        est Budget A$5.5M          Tropez, Adelaide / FCCA Awards
moBile +61 414 899 112
                                                        mixtape                    the tree
lauren edwards              Romantic comedy            Drama, 2010
moBile +61 425 361 549                                  director Maia Horniak      director Julie Bertuccelli
                                                        est Budget A$4M            Festivals/Awards Cannes,                                                           Melbourne, Sydney
Sydney NSW

Great Southern Ark
Great Southern Ark Productions is a newly established film     in develoPment                    ComPleted PRoJeCtS
production company, with offices in Queensland and Mumbai,     thanatos Palace Hotel             Father Joe and the Bangkok
actively developing an exciting slate of feature films and     Thriller                          Slaughterhouse
television projects. The production of multiple genres with    est Budget A$10M                  Documentary, 2010
                                                               Co-productions UK, India, China   director James Lingwood
international appeal gives the company a strong advantage in
                                                               elvis lives                       From the dragon’s mouth
one of the world’s fastest growing marketplaces.
                                                               Comedy                            Documentary, 2007
                                                               est Budget A$6M                   director James Lingwood
James lingwood
                                                               Co-productions UK, India          voyage of the Great Southern
moBile +61 438 883 588
                                                               love Under the eastern Sun        Ark
                                                               Romantic comedy                   Documentary series, 1988
                                                               est Budget A$4M                   director James Lingwood
                                                               Co-production Singapore, India,

Great Southern land
Great Southern Land Entertainment specialises in feature       in develoPment            ComPleted
film production, development and financing and international   the Aurora Stone          the Clinic
co-productions.                                                Action adventure          Thriller, 2010
                                                               director James Rabbitts   director James Rabbitts
Samuel Pinczewski                   est Budget A$5.5M         Festivals/Awards Melbourne
moBile +61 418 964 237                                         the nine Second Club
                                                               Action adventure
Sydney NSW                                                     director James Rabbitts
                                                               the Pharmacist

Green light
Green Light Productions specialises in feature film and   in develoPment                 ComPleted
documentary production as well as long lead internet      Redd inc 2: Hostile takeover   Redd inc
marketing and crowdsourcing.                              Horror                         Horror, 2012
                                                          est Budget A$3M                director Daniel Krige
Jonathon Green         Flo                            Cup of dreams
moBile +61 412 160 040                                    Family                         2011
in CAnneS c/o Arclight +1 310 528 5888                    est Budget A$25M               director Julian Shaw
                                                          Co-production US, Canada,      darling: the Pieter-dirk Uys                          France, UK                     Story
Sydney NSW                                                                               Documentary, 2008
                                                                                         director Julian Shaw
                                                                                         Festivals/Awards Berlin

Essi Haukkamaa has been working in film and TV for 15 years      in develoPment                  ComPleted
in both Finland and Australia. She established Haukkamaa         little Angels                   the Heartbeats
Productions in 2011. The company produces quality feature        Drama                           Drama, 2009
films and TV drama with a special interest in co-productions     director Lauri Haukkamaa        director Saara Cantell
                                                                 est Budget A$3M
between Australia, Europe and the Asia-Pacific. Essi is
                                                                 Co-production Finland, UK
researching co-production opportunities between Finland
                                                                 the Astronaut
and Australia for her Doctor of Visual Arts and is also a 2010   Sci-fi
EAVE (European Audiovisual Entrepreneurs) graduate.              director Pete Riski
                                                                 est Budget A$8M
essi Haukkamaa                      Co-production Finland, UK, US
moBile +358 40 186 1368
Brisbane QLD

Hopscotch Features
Hopscotch Features represents an exciting collaboration        in develoPment           i Sold my life on eBay
between Hopscotch, John Collee (writer of Master and           the Seduction            Comedy
                                                               Drama                    directors Stephen Lance,
Commander, Happy Feet, Creation, the upcoming Ripley’s
                                                               director Rachel Ward     Damon Escott
Believe It or Not) and Andrew Mason (producer of The Matrix,                            est budget A$4–5M
                                                               est Budget A$6M
Dark City, Tomorrow, When the War Began).                                               displaced Person
                                                               Co-production France
                                                               Saving mr Banks          Drama
Andrew mason                                                 director Eron Sheean
troy lum                                                     est budget A$30M
                                                               director Nigel Cole
moBile +61 409 927 064                                         est Budget A$15M         ComPleted
Rachel okine                      Co-production UK
                                                                                        the Grandmothers
moBile +61 418 283 982                                         the Pack                 Drama, 2012
Frank Cox                           Drama                    director Anne Fontaine
                                                               director Gregor Jordan
                                                                                        i, Frankenstein                                      est Budget A$12M
                                                                                        Action adventure, 2012
Sydney NSW                                                     the Water diviner        director Stuart Beattie
                                                               director Anthony Maras
                                                               est budget A$9M
                                                               Co-production Turkey
impian Films
Based in Perth, Western Australia, Impian films is an           in develoPment               ComPleted
independent Australian film production company founded by       the drowner                  the last trimate
Stephen Van Mil. Impian Films’ first feature film is based on   Drama                        Family, 2008
the multi-award winning novel The Drowner by Robert Drewe.      director Fred Schepisi       director Stephen Van Mil
                                                                est Budget A$40M             Saving orangutans
Development began in 2008 with pre-production underway in
                                                                Shallows                     Family, 2007
2011. Production is expected to begin in 2012.
                                                                Drama                        director Stephen Van Mil
                                                                est Budget A$30M             King of Kings: White lions
Stephen van mil
moBile +61 404 395 395                                          Black Honeymoon              Family, 2005
                                                                Thriller                     director David Adams
                                                                director John Collee
                                                                est Budget A$15M
Perth WA                                                        Co-production UK, Belgium,
                                                                France, Germany

instinct entertainment
Established in 1998 with a vision of producing the best     in develoPment                    ComPleted
quality, innovative and entertaining stories, Instinct      Piper                             Charlie and Boots
Entertainment is now one of Australia’s most prolific and   Action adventure                  Comedy, 2009
successful feature film production companies. It has        director Mennan Yapo              director Dean Murphy
                                                            est Budget A$25M                  Strange Bedfellows
developed, financed, produced and distributed a range of
                                                            Co-production Germany             Comedy, 2004
commercially successful mainstream movies and award-        (Co-producer Marco Mehlitz)       director Dean Murphy
winning dramas.                                             the Underhood                     Festivals/Awards London /
                                                            Sci-fi                            IF Awards
david Redman             director Marc Gracie              till Human voices Wake Us
moBile +61 418 546 005                                      est Budget A$10M                  Drama, 2002
in CAnneS +33 6 33 90 44 80                                 Co-production US, UK, Europe      director Michael Petroni
Felix Snow               the three lucias                  Festivals/Awards London
moBile +61 419 472 271                                      Drama
in CAnneS +33 6 59 22 56 80                                 director Sandra Sciberras
                                                            est Budget A$2M
                                                            Co-production France, Malta, UK
Melbourne VIC

Jaggi.Shute holds a diverse slate with a keen focus on         in develoPment              ComPleted
commercially viable, audience-driven content. Jaggi.           Babylon                     Short Beach
Shute has over a decade’s experience in the industry in        Thriller                    Drama, 2012
Australia, the UK and US and is ideally placed to facilitate   director Stephen Sewell     director Matt Cerwen
                                                               est Budget A$3.5M
co-productions or to host shows looking to take advantage of
Australia’s generous production and financial incentives.
                                                               director Sandra Sciberras
Steve Jaggi
                                                               est Budget A$2M
moBile +61 457 346 575
liz Shute
moBile +61 407 211 845
Sydney NSW

Karigar (Australia)
Karigar (Australia) director, Raj Suri, is the only Australian   in develoPment            ComPleted
co-producer of the National Award–winning (2012 India)           deadline                  i Am
film I Am (Official Selection: Vancouver International Film      Thriller                  Drama, 2011
Festival 2010, Canadian premiere). Karigar (Australia), with     director Sidharth Anand   director Onir
                                                                 est Budget A$1.2M         Festivals/Awards Vancouver
its associate film office KAHWA Entertainment (Mumbai),
                                                                 Co-production Worldwide
hopes to work together on Australian and global co-
                                                                 Karma Sutra
productions.                                                     Comedy
                                                                 director TBA
Raj Suri                                        est Budget A$2M
moBile +61 404 862 663                                           Co-production Worldwide
Sydney NSW

As a team, Grant and Dale Bradley have been producing and              in develoPment                 ComPleted
directing film and television projects for over 25 years and have      Faraday                        Bad Karma
over 35 films and three television series to their credit. The newly   Thriller                       Thriller, 2011
established production base in Queensland is now taking off and,       director Tony Tew              director Suri Krishnamma
with production offices in both New Zealand and Australia, they are    est Budget A$7M
well positioned to partner with northern hemisphere producers and                                     Undertow
                                                                       Co-production UK               Thriller, 2011
to bring many more productions to Australasia.
                                                                       Waltzing matilda               director Dale G Bradley
Grant Bradley                         Drama                          Sinbad and the minotaur
moBile +61 422 407 393                                                 est Budget A$25M               Sci-fi, 2011
                                                                       Co-production Germany          director Karl Zwicky                                         Helldorado
Brisbane QLD                                                           Western
                                                                       est Budget A$25M
                                                                       Co-production UK (partner in

LipkinFilms is an independent production group, specialising   in develoPment               ComPleted
in genre-focused feature film content, produced locally and    Sinkhole                     Wail Away
distributed internationally.                                   Horror                       Horror, 2012
                                                               est Budget A$1M              director Mark Lipkin
mark lipkin                              Co-production New Zealand,   Frozen Butterflies
moBile +61 448 452 970                                         France, Germany, UK          Drama, 2008
Craig Jansson                                                         director Mark Lipkin
moBile +61 402 039 138
Melbourne VIC

maker Films
Maker Films is a development, finance and production   ComPleted
company.                                               Shadow Play: the making of
                                                       Anton Corbijn
James Hoppe                       Family, 2009
moBile +61 400 185 612                                 director Josh Whiteman
                                                       Summer Coda                                     Drama, 2010
Windsor VIC                                            director Richard Gray
                                                       Festivals/Awards Melbourne
                                                       Sci-fi, 2012
                                                       director Justin Dix
                                                       Festivals/Awards Hiroshima

the media Collective
The Media Collective is a production company specialising in   in develoPment                    ComPleted
TVCs and advertising. They’ve completed their first feature,   the devil Wants Sugar             muirhouse
Muirhouse, and have began pre-production on their second.      Drama                             Horror, 2012
                                                               director Tanzeal Rahim            director Tanzeal Rahim
tanzeal Rahim                       est Budget A$1.5M
moBile +61 408 007 343                                         Co-production New Zealand, Fiji
Double Bay NSW

mFP entertainment
MFP Entertainment specialises in executive production and   in develoPment              ComPleted
screen finance solutions.                                   Balefire                    Bait 3d
                                                            Thriller                    Horror, 2012
Richard Stewart                       director Kimble Rendall     director Kimble Rendall
moBile +61 402 462 033                                      est Budget A$20M
Gary ellis                               Phobos
moBile +44 7525 210 497                                     Sci-fi
                                                            director Rob Green
Brisbane QLD                                                est Budget A$6M
                                                            the White mouse
                                                            Action adventure
                                                            director Bruce Beresford
                                                            est Budget A$20M
                                                            Co-production UK, France,

mini Studios
Mini Studios is a Melbourne-based feature film company   in develoPment           ComPleted
focusing on theatrically distributed content.            Bad Girl                 the Apprentice
                                                         Thriller                 Comedy, 2010
Steve Kearney                   director Fin Edquist     directors Steve Baker,
moBile +61 414 719 299                                   est Budget A$3.8M        Damon Escott
                                                         my mistress              Fish and Chips                                   Drama                    Comedy, 2012
Melbourne VIC                                            director Stephen Lance   director Anna Broinowski
                                                         est Budget A$5.2M        Festivals/Awards Flickerfest
                                                         oddball Solution         White lines
                                                         Family                   Comedy, 2009
                                                         est Budget A$7M          director Craig McLean
                                                                                  Festivals/Awards Tropfest,
                                                                                  St Kilda

motion Arts
Motion Arts is a production company that specialises in   in develoPment                   ComPleted
crime, action and thriller movies.                        Bloodlines                       the devil’s 6 Commandments
                                                          Crime                            Thriller, 2010
dicky tanuwidjaya              director Dicky Tanuwidjaya       director Dicky Tanuwidjaya
moBile +61 413 299 702                                    est Budget US$2M
                                                          Co-production US, UK, Germany,                                     France, Canada
Sydney NSW                                                vicious Cycle
                                                          Action adventure
                                                          director Dicky Tanuwidjaya
                                                          est Budget US$2M
                                                          Co-production US, UK, China
                                                          necessary Crime
                                                          director Dicky Tanuwidjaya
                                                          est Budget US$1M
                                                          Co-production US, UK, Germany,
                                                          France, Canada

new Holland Pictures
New Holland Pictures are feature film producers and        in develoPment              ComPleted
co-producers operating across Australia and New Zealand.   Stray Bullets               iron Sky
                                                           Crime                       Sci-fi, 2012
Cathy overett              director Evan Clarry        director Timo Vuorensola
moBile +61 447 194 961                                     est Budget A$5M             Festivals/Awards Berlin, SXSW
mark overett                Co-production UK, Ireland   Separation City
moBile +61 488 710 966                                     Wonderland                  Romantic comedy, 2008
                                                           Comedy                      director Paul Middleditch                              director Paul Murphy        Unfinished Sky
                                                           est Budget A$6M             Drama, 2007
Brisbane QLD
                                                           Zigzag Street               director Peter Duncan
                                                           Romantic comedy             Festivals/Awards Busan,
                                                           est Budget A$5M             Toronto, Rotterdam, Brisbane /
                                                           Co-production UK            AFI Awards

notice Corp.
Notice Corp. are a collective of writers, directors, producers   in develoPment              ComPleted
and creative problem solvers with members in Sydney, New         the “C” and Borracho Show   Socio
York and Los Angeles.                                            Comedy                      Comedy, 2012
                                                                 director Eran Thomson       director Eran Thomson
eran thomson                                   Co-production US
moBile +61 403 887 443                                           the midas Flush
                                                                 Comedy                                               Stiffed
Tamarama NSW                                                     Comedy

omnilab media
Omnilab Media is the largest private investor in the       in develoPment           ComPleted
Australian film and television industry and continues to   tomorrow, When the War   Killer elite
invest in film production on a project-by-project basis.   Began 2                  Action adventure, 2011
                                                           Action adventure         director Gary McKendry
Christopher mapp                                          tomorrow, When the War
                                                                                    Began                                                                     Action adventure, 2010
Sydney NSW                                                                          director Stuart Beattie
                                                                                    Festivals/Awards AFI Awards,
                                                                                    IF Awards
                                                                                    the loved ones
                                                                                    Horror, 2009
                                                                                    director Sean Byrne
                                                                                    Festivals/Awards Toronto, Hong
                                                                                    Kong, SXSW, Torino, Sydney,
                                                                                    Melbourne, Revelation Perth

Ompyx Communications is a feature film production   in develoPment            ComPleted
company.                                            indigo lake               Gene-X
                                                    Thriller                  Thriller, 2006
martin Simpson         director Martin Simpson   director Martin Simpson
moBile +61 411 480 321                              est Budget A$4.7M
                                                    Co-production US
Sydney NSW

optimism Film
Optimism: creative collaboration + inspired films        in develoPment             ComPleted
Optimism: three award-winning creative producers         the Sleeper                mary & max
who champion talent, push boundaries and enjoy the       Thriller                   Drama, 2009
process: Mish Armstrong (Movie Mischief), Alicia Brown   director Fin Edquist       director Adam Elliot
                                                         est Budget A$3M            Festivals/Awards Annecy,
(Honeymooner) and Melanie Coombs (Mary and Max).
                                                         Co-production              Berlin, Edinburgh, Sundance,
                                                         the Bunyip of Berkeley’s   Tokyo / IF and many more
melanie Coombs
moBile +61 412 304 212                                   Creek                      Harvie Krumpet
                                                         Family                     Drama, 2003
in CAnneS +44 7576 887 066
                                                         director Sofya Gollan      director Adam Elliot
Alicia Brown                     est Budget A$15M           Festivals/Awards Annecy,
moBile +61 411 721 982                                   Byzantium                  Edinburgh, London, Toronto /
in CAnneS +44 7521 760 583                               Drama                      Oscar®, AFI Awards and many
                                                         director Cris Jones        more                                     est Budget A$3M            the Funk
Melbourne VIC                                                                       Drama, 2008
                                                                                    director Cris Jones
                                                                                    Festivals/Awards Oscar®,
                                                                                    Annecy Grand Cristal and many
Phalanx Corporation
Phalanx Corporation provides financial support for   in develoPment       ComPleted
development of film projects.                        the Jacaranda tree   Simpleton
                                                     Drama                Comedy, 2012
Chris Ramos                    est Budget A$5M      director Vee Malnar
moBile +61 419 250 367
in CAnneS +33 6 43 86 90 57
Alex manu
in CAnneS +33 6 43 86 90 57
Sydney NSW

Porchlight Films
Porchlight Films is one of Australia’s leading independent      in develoPment              ComPleted
production companies and the producer behind the                the Rover                   dead europe
internationally acclaimed Animal Kingdom (2010) and The         Drama                       Drama, 2012
Hunter (2011). Located in Sydney, Australia, Porchlight         director David Michôd       director Tony Krawitz
                                                                est Budget A$12.5M          lore
Films collaborates with the very best talent in Australia and
                                                                valve                       Drama, 2012
internationally as both a producer and executive producer.
                                                                Sci-fi                      director Cate Shortland
                                                                director Andrew Lancaster   the Hunter
liz Watts
                                                                est Budget A$2M             Drama, 2011
moBile +61 419 261 176
                                                                Jasper Jones                director Daniel Nettheim
vincent Sheehan                  Drama
moBile +61 418 401 121                                          est Budget A$6–9M
Sydney NSW

Rayon Productions
Rayon has produced 15 feature films over the past 15 years   in develoPment           ComPleted
and is one of the most successful production companies in    7 Crossroads             Reservoir Cats
Australia.                                                   Drama                    Crime, 2011
                                                             director Ade Adepegba    director Garnet Mae
Garnet mae                               est Budget A$1.5M        Road to Revolution
moBile +61 405 753 846                                       Co-production Nigeria    Action adventure, 2011
Peter Furst                           the 60 Film experiment   director Garnet Mae
                                                             Crime                    love Beauty
moBile +61 451 374 429
                                                             director Garnet Mae      Drama, 2010
                                                             est Budget A$1.2M        director Garnet Mae
                                                             Co-production UK
Sydney NSW
                                                             Bucks Party/Hens night
                                                             director Garnet Mae
                                                             est Budget A$6M
                                                             Co-production UK

Resolution Independent is a Melbourne-based production        in develoPment     ComPleted
company dedicated to the local production of genre feature    Popbot             Storm Warning
films. Founded by Peter Ford it has evolved as a vertically   Sci-fi             Horror, 2007
integrated company that develops, produces, post-produces     est Budget A$45M   director Jamie Blanks
                                                              Wynter dark        Festivals/Awards Screamfest
and distributes projects.
                                                              Sci-fi             the Bank Job
Peter Ford                     est Budget A$70M   Thriller, 2008
                                                              High Seas          director Roger Donaldson
moBile +61 414 328 269
                                                              Action adventure                                 est Budget A$70M
Melbourne VIC

Rough Beast
Rough Beast develops, writes and produces elevated genre   in develoPment              ComPleted
with an edge.                                              vampyr                      X
                                                           Horror                      Thriller, 2011
Jon Hewitt                           director Jon Hewitt         director Jon Hewitt
moBile +61 419 987 468                                     est Budget A$1M             Festivals/Awards Raindance,
                                                           m                           Melbourne
Sydney NSW                                                 Thriller                    Acolytes
                                                           director Jon Hewitt         Thriller, 2008
                                                           est Budget A$5M             director Jon Hewitt
                                                           Co-production Canada        Festivals/Awards Toronto,
                                                           King tide                   Sitges, Melbourne
                                                           Action adventure            Redball
                                                           director Jon Hewitt         Thriller, 1999
                                                           est Budget A$10M            director Jon Hewitt
                                                           Co-production Canada, US,   Festivals/Awards Toronto,
                                                           France, Germany             Sitges, Melbourne

Scarlett Pictures
Scarlett Pictures make anything that takes their fancy        ComPleted
including features, shorts, documentaries and most recently   Here i Am
art installations.                                            Drama, 2011
                                                              director Beck Cole
Kath Shelper                     Festivals/Awards Adelaide,
moBile +61 417 242 320                                        Montreal
                                                              Samson & delilah                                   Drama, 2009
Sydney NSW                                                    director Warwick Thornton
                                                              Festivals/Awards Adelaide,
                                                              Cannes, Cork, Göteborg, Karlovy
                                                              Vary, London, São Paulo,
                                                              Telluride, Toronto, Rotterdam,
                                                              Warsaw / Camera d’Or Cannes,
                                                              AFI Awards, AWGIE Awards, IF

ScreenLaunch specialises in international sales, distribution   in develoPment                  ComPleted
and marketing of innovative digital screen content. In          Survival tactics                Smith
2012, for the first time in Cannes they have a sales booth      Drama                           Drama, 2011
(Riviera C15) representing mainly Australian and interesting    director Morganics              director Ashley Fairfield
                                                                est Budget A$500K               eraser Children
international projects for pre-sales and sales.
                                                                Co-production France, Germany   Sci-fi, 2009
Ross Howden                               the last Apostle                director Nathan Christoffel
                                                                Drama                           Sweet dreams
moBile +61 413 521 989
                                                                est Budget A$8K+                Drama, 2004
                                                                Co-production US                director Mark Fletcher
                                                                Junkyard treehouse
Sydney NSW
                                                                director Nathan Christoffel
                                                                est Budget A$500K
                                                                Co-production Denmark, UK

See Pictures
See Pictures brings Michael Petroni (The Chronicles of       in develoPment              ComPleted
Narnia: The Voyage of the Dawn Treader, The Rite) together   Backtrack                   the Waiting City
with producer Jamie Hilton to produce engaging Australian    Thriller                    Drama, 2010
productions for the international marketplace. Their first   director Michael Petroni    director Claire McCarthy
                                                             est Budget A$9M             Festivals/Awards Toronto,
theatrical release, The Waiting City (Joel Edgerton, Radha
                                                             Co-production UK, Canada,   Busan, Mumbai
Mitchell), was released in 2010. Jamie was also executive    France, Germany             Sleeping Beauty
producer on Sleeping Beauty (Official Competition Cannes     Breath                      Drama, 2011
2011).                                                       Drama                       director Julia Leigh
                                                             est Budget $7M              Festivals/Awards Cannes
Jamie Hilton                           Shudder                     (Official Competition)
moBile +61 418 881 612                                       Crime
                                                             est Budget US$4.5M
Sydney NSW                                                   Co-production US

Silver Wings Films
Based on the Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia, a region          in develoPment                 ComPleted
rich in film services and locations, SWF provide world-class      Camel Rider                    Bad Karma
physical production processes to the feature film market.         Family                         Action adventure, 2013
They provide a comprehensive range of flexible and cost           director Brigitte Jean Allen   director Suri Krishnamma
                                                                  est Budget A$4–6M              Undertow
effective services that can be tailored to individual projects.
                                                                  Hard drive                     Drama, 2013
Pam Collis                            Action adventure               director Dale Bradley
                                                                  est Budget A$7M                Sinbad and the minotaur
moBile +61 438 786 943
                                                                  A Funny Way to die             Sci-fi, 2010                                       Comedy                         director Karl Zwicky
                                                                  est Budget A$5M
Brisbane QLD
                                                                  Co-production UK

Smoking Gun
Adelaide-based Smoking Gun Productions, established by         in develoPment              ComPleted
producer Kristian Moliere in 2001, has completed two feature   Cold Caller                 lucky Country
films, Boxing Day (2007) and Lucky Country (2009), with        Thriller                    Western, 2009
director Kriv Stenders (Red Dog). Smoking Gun Productions      director Clayton Jacobson   director Kriv Stenders
                                                               est Budget A$5M             Festivals/Awards Adelaide,
has three feature projects in development and is in pre-
                                                               Co-production US            Montreal, St Tropez
production on The Babadook (co-production with Causeway
                                                               Cut to the Chase            Boxing day
Films).                                                        Romantic comedy             Drama, 2007
                                                               director Steve Callen       director Kriv Stenders
Kristian moliere                    est Budget A$5M             Festivals/Awards Adelaide,
moBile +61 416 162 011                                                                     Busan, Sydney, Melbourne, Perth,
                                                               Thriller                    Brisbane, Montreal / ADG Awards                                          director Matt Wheeldon
Adelaide SA                                                    est Budget A$1.5M

Smooth motion Films
Smooth Motion Films is an Australian-based film and            in develoPment                  ComPleted
television production company with offices in Perth, Western   the ministry                    Ronan’s escape
Australia and Los Angeles, California.                         Action adventure                Drama, 2010
                                                               director AJ Carter              director AJ Carter
AJ Carter                       est Budget A$3–5M
moBile +61 417 733 445                                         Co-production European, Czech
Joe Brouillette
                                                               Prisoner Zero
moBile +1 310 663 4684
                                                               director AJ Carter
                                                               est Budget US$500K
Perth WA                                                       Co-production South America,
                                                               Fire City
                                                               est Budget A$3–5M
                                                               Co-production UK, Europe, US

the Snowglobe
The Snowglobe Factory develops and produces feature films,   in develoPment             ComPleted
TV drama, documentaries and multi-platform content for the   A Sweet and Sour life      Skype outside (Australia)
Australian and international markets.                        Romantic comedy            Comedy, 2009
                                                             est Budget A$4.8M          director Pulse Films UK
lindy taylor                   ZAPA! Zoo Academy of       ZAPA! Zoo Academy of
moBile +61 420 699 931                                       Performing Arts            Performing Arts (Pilot)
in CAnneS +44 7408 852 339                                   Family                     Family, 2012
                                                             est Budget A$2M                                  Co-production UK, Canada
Adelaide SA                                                  Wildwood Summer
                                                             est Budget A$1.8M
                                                             Co-production UK

Southern light Films
Southern Light Films develop and produce feature films.   in develoPment          ComPleted
                                                          music of my life        two little Boys
timothy White                   Romantic comedy         Comedy, 2012
moBile +61 416 190 590                                    est Budget A$10M        director Robert Sarkies
                                                          Co-production UK        Festivals/Awards Berlin
Sydney NSW                                                Son of a Gun            Sleeping Beauty
                                                          Crime                   Drama, 2011
                                                          director Julius Avery   director Julia Leigh
                                                          est Budget A$8.75M      Festivals/Awards Cannes (In
                                                          Co-production UK        Competition)
                                                                                  the Boys Are Back
                                                                                  Drama, 2009
                                                                                  director Scott Hicks
                                                                                  Festivals/Awards Cannes (In

taylor media
Taylor Media was established in 2001 by Sue Taylor who has     ComPleted
been an independent producer for over 25 years. Based in       the tree
Perth, Western Australia, Taylor Media specialises primarily   Drama, 2010
in television drama and feature film production.               director Julie Bertuccelli
                                                               Festivals/Awards Cannes
Sue taylor                              Closing Night Film / AFI Awards
moBile +61 411 725 930                                         three Acts of murder
                                                               Drama, 2008                                         director Rowan Woods
                                                               Festivals/Awards AFI Awards,
Perth WA
                                                               Logie Awards
                                                               the Shark net
                                                               Drama, 2003
                                                               director Graeme Burfoot
                                                               Festivals/Awards AFI Awards,
                                                               Logie Awards

Ultrafilms develops and produces feature films and other       in develoPment            ComPleted
long form drama. Its CEO and lead producer, David Lightfoot,   Skylab                    Blame
is one of Australia’s drama feature executives credited with   Thriller                  Thriller, 2010
many internationally recognised films.                         director Rupert Glasson   director Michael Henry
                                                               est Budget A$7.3M         Festivals/Awards Toronto,
david lightfoot                        Beautiful Beast           Melbourne
moBile +61 411 469 111                                         Comedy                    Coffin Rock
                                                               director Jim Lounsbury    Thriller, 2009
michael Clarkin
                                                               est Budget A$5M           director Rupert Glasson
moBile +61 438 824 821                                                                   Festivals/Awards Busan,
                                                               John doe
                                                               Thriller                  Chicago
                                                               director Kelly Dolen      Wolf Creek
Adelaide SA                                                    est Budget A$2.8M         Horror, 2006
                                                                                         director Greg McLean
                                                                                         Festivals/Awards Busan,

Unicorn Films
Unicorn Films is an independent production company formed       in develoPment             ComPleted
by producer Lizzette Atkins. Lizzette maintains her stake in    Aim High in Creation!      X
holding company CIRCEfilms, along with Beth Frey. They          Comedy                     Thriller, 2011
collaborate with some of Australia’s most experienced           director Anna Broinowski   director Jon Hewitt
                                                                est Budget A$1.2M          Festivals/Awards Melbourne,
filmmakers, and have a slate of feature films, documentaries,
                                                                lovesong                   Brisbane
and television series in production, development and                                       the triangle Wars
financing.                                                      director Sue Brooks        Drama, 2011
                                                                est Budget A$10M           director Rosie Jones
lizzette Atkins             Co-production France       Festivals/Awards Melbourne
moBile +61 418 121 944                                                                     night
                                                                Kid Snowball
                                                                Drama                      Drama, 2007                                         director Matthew Saville   director Lawrence Johnston
Melbourne VIC                                                   est Budget A$7M            Festivals/Awards Amsterdam,
                                                                                           Melbourne, Toronto, Shanghai

vitascope Filmed
entertainment /
david Hannay
The company develops, finances, produces and markets            in develoPment                   ComPleted
film and television productions, including international co-    Weekend Warriors                 once Around the Sun
productions. David Hannay, with more than 50 feature film       Action adventure                 Concert movie, 2012
and television producer credits, has worked in Australia, New   director Brian Trenchard-Smith   director David Huggett
Zealand, the UK, the US, France, Italy, South Africa, Hong      love lines                       the Argues: the movie
                                                                Romantic drama                   Mockumentary, 2010
Kong, Malaysia and the Philippines.
                                                                director Liz Gill                director Mark Hembrow
david Hannay                                  the Song they Sing in Heaven     mortal Fools
moBile +61 414 841 043                                          Romantic drama                   Romantic Sci-fi fantasy, 2008
                                                                Writer Des Power                 director Phil Moore                                                  Bridge of Floating dreams
Melbourne VIC                                                   Romantic drama
                                                                Writer Brian Jones

WBMC is a media production company operating on any        in develoPment            ComPleted
screen that can entertain, educate and inform. As well     Winter into Spring        Wasted on the Young
as working with talent from all sections of the creative   Drama                     Thriller, 2010
community, WBMC draws from a rich source of award-         est Budget A$7–10M        director Ben C Lucas
                                                           Co-production US, UK      Festivals/Awards Sydney,
winning inhouse traditional and new media expertise.
                                                           the noble Path            Toronto, Busan, Torino, SXSW,
                                                           Thriller                  Munich
Aidan o’Bryan
                                                           director Ben C Lucas      Something in the Water
moBile +61 402 011 711
                                                           est Budget A$10–15M       Documentary, 2008
Janelle landers                            Co-production Singapore   director Aidan O’Bryan
moBile +61 402 062 096
                                                           Pandamonium               mY Generation
                                                           Comedy                    Documentary, 2008                                                est Budget A$20M          directors Ben C Lucas, Britt
Perth WA                                                   Co-production China, US   Arthur, Janine Boreland

World Pictures
Incorporated in 2009, World Pictures Australia is a            in develoPment            Benhur 2: exile
production company based in Sydney, Australia. The             Riches                    Action
                                                               Romantic comedy           directors Stanley Joseph,
company develops and produces feature films, TV drama,
                                                               director Stanley Joseph   Joseph Shellim
documentaries and multi-platform content for both                                        est Budget A$50M
                                                               est Budget A$2.5M
Australian and international co-productions with strong                                  Co-productions India, China
                                                               Co-production India
connections to the Indian film industry. WPA produces action                             the Cinderella effect
                                                               P Platers
films destined for an international marketplace.               Horror                    Fairytale
                                                               director Stanley Joseph   director Howard Reichman
Stanley Joseph                               est Budget A$2–3M         est Budget A$1.5M
moBile +61 417 040 022                                                                   Co-production US
                                                               next of Kin
                                                               Action adventure          ComPleted                                               director Stanley Joseph
Sydney NSW                                                                               newton’s 3rd law
                                                               est Budget A$3–5M
                                                                                         Action adventure, 2011
                                                               Co-production India
                                                                                         director Stanley Joseph
                                                               the lost Wand
                                                               director Stanley Joseph
                                                               est Budget A$15M
                                                               Co-production India
World Wide mind
World Wide Mind Films is an Australian-owned, US-based   in develoPment                 ComPleted
production company specialising in feature films and     drift (television series)      drift
television series.                                       Action adventure               Action adventure, 2012
                                                         directors Morgan O’Neill,      directors Morgan O’Neill, Ben
timothy duffy                 Ben Nott                       Nott
moBile +1 347 288 7552                                   est Budget A$10M
                                                         Co-production Australia, US,
myles Pollard               Canada, UK, France, Germany
moBile + 61 416 927 797
Benjamin nott                 Thriller
moBile +1 310 666 1414                                   est Budget A$15M
                                                         Co-production US, Canada
Sydney/Perth/Los Angeles


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