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					As this time its Nida Yasir with her
daily spell of entertainment to give
 a fresh, lively and energetic start
         to your mornings.
Nida will daily provide a Word or
Question in the start of program
on the basis of which viewers will
 interact in the program through
Danish Nawaz is allowed to appear
   in a character and discuss any
 social issue in a light mode as per
   the conventional Devar Bhabi
 An open segment where various
doctors related to different fields
like gynea, dentistry , urology etc.
will be invited to discuss viewers’
    problems through live calls.
Its mouth watering and heart tempting at the
 same time, as famous chefs are on board to
  teach you various scrumptious and healthy
     dishes along with weekly diet plans.
   In addition to this, tips for food decor and
    food presentation will also be imparted.
It’s all about career guidance, education
      guidance, personal grooming &
      professional training hosted by
     Corporate Trainer Asma Mustafa.
Many women want their husbands/sons /
brothers to look good but they don’t know
           how to change them.

              In this segment we will invite women with
                their loved ones and discuss what they
              don’t like and want to change about them.
                 A stylist will then do the needful and
                present him with a changed look at the
                            end of the show.
 This time GMP has taken the responsibility
   to extract new talents from the roots of
Pakistan and making them known from just
being unknown. Best Model / Host / Singer /
  Actor will be selected for the week by the
   choice of the viewers through voting by
A monthly segment in which the Team
   GMP will pay tribute to the extra
 ordinary people from all fields of life
  and make a montage of their every
  day routine and bring them on the
              show too.
  Sharing real life success stories of
   women of Pakistan, from being
  struggler to become an achiever.
 Viewers will be invited to announce
their struggles and adventures of life
            through email.