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					                                                       Conference and Show

       The ties that bind
                           In a fitting, fun-for-everyone       destination, GCSAA once again
                                    brought its extended family together for an all-time
                                           record-breaking,    celebratory reunion.

                                                        Terry Ostmeyer

           ith all due respect and            ning of generations at the associa-

W           plaudits to GCSAA's offi-
            cial1996 entertainer, John
Michael Montgomery, the tune "Fam-
                                              tion's highest level by the Williams
                                              family of Illinois.
                                                  In between were hundreds of
                                              GCSAA members and staff, commer-
ily Tradition" by one of his country
and western music colleagues seemed           cial representatives and association
to be forever echoing throughout the          allies attending the conference and
endless expanse of the Orange                 show with their families in tow to
County      Convention     Center      in     take in the area's myriad delights.
Orlando, Fla., during the 67th Inter-             All told, this golf course industry
national Golf Course Conference and           family added up to a record-shatter-
Show held Feb. 5-11.                          ing conference and show attendance
   Although a family theme was defi-          of 21,784, along with almost 700
nitely protocol during the closing Gala       trade show exhibitors. It was reflective
'96 (related article on page 88), it also     of earlier in the week when an
was repeatedly in evidence through-           unprecedented       720 participants
out the association's activity-laden          played in the GCSAA Golf Champi-
week. It almost was enough that               onship (see article on page 104).
GCSAA's conference and show was in                Thus, GCSAA's annual pilgrimage
Orlando - perhaps America's ulti-             to celebrate the golf course manage-
mate family-oriented destination.             ment profession continues to know no
   But there was much, much more.             bounds, and association officials
Intentionally and otherwise, GCSAA            already expect a similar response to
played host to family reunions all over       the 1997 assemblage in Las Vegas
the place - from the grassroots gath-         next Feb. 6-12.
ering of superintendents from the                                                          GCSAA's affair in Orlando was indeed family-oriented.
Dodson clan of Canada to the span-                                    Continued on p. 44

Golf Course Management   / April 1996                                                                                                        41
                                                                 Conference        and Show

SHOW                                        fromp.41

Historic hand off
    Emblematic of GCSAA's family
affair in Orlando was the official
change of leadership at the closing
Gala '96. When 1995 president Gary
T. Grigg, CGCS, passed the gavel to
Bruce R. Williams, CGCS, it marked
the ascendancy of the association's
first second-generation president.
    Not only was Bruce's father, Robert
M. Williams,the association's president
in 1958, but he also was among those
on the dais at the gala to be honored
- as the 1996 recipient of the USGA's
prestigious Green Section Award.
    The theme played on when
GCSAA's highest honor, the Old Tom
Morris Award, was presented to golf
course architect Tom Fazio, a man
known by many as much for his com-                       Toro's virtual reality was an eye-opener.
mitment to family as for the long list
of award-winning and environmen-
tally friendly golf venues he has
brought to life.                                       honored two industry legends in the           removed from that of the golf course
                                                       making as this year's Distinguished           superintendent, he noted.
Booming kickoff                                        Service Award winners: 1993 president            Holtz talked a lot about attitude -
   A few days earlier, Grigg, superin-                 Randy Nichols, CGCS at Cherokee               one's attitude toward adversity, toward
tendent at Royal Poinciana Golf Club                   Town & Country Club in Dunwoody,              a purpose and toward one's self.
in Naples, Fla., and himself born of a                 Ga., and Michigan State University's          "Adversity is to be overcome," he said.
family with strong agronomic inter-                    Paul Rieke, Ph.D., a turfgrass manage-        "Always have that hope. Within an
ests spanning       five generations,                  ment educator and researcher for more         organization, associate yourself with
opened the Orlando festivities with a                  than three decades.                           people who care, make sacrifices,
traditional ribbon cutting and a pre-                      Also recognized were Dan Rack-            accept criticism and have a passion
diction that immediately looked to be                  ~iffe,CGCS at The Longshore Club in           for excellence."
right on target: "The 1996 conference                  Westport, Conn., as the recipient of             Above all, Holtz added, is having
and show will impact the golf course                   the Leo Feser Editorial Award for his         the right attitude when viewing the
industry for years to come."                           winning      superintendent-authored          "big picture," the central purpose.
   Presented in partnership       with                 article in GeM, and the new GCSAA             "Don't forget exactly what you're try-
United Horticultural Supply, GCSAA's                   golf champion, Jim Dusch, CGCS at             ing to do ... what your job is," he said,
Orlando kickoff was one of its more                    Atlanta     National Golf Club in             adding that a professional should be
riveting opening sessions in recent                    AIpharetta, Ga.                               adept at helping satisfy the needs and
years. Following Grigg's bold but                          The large Opening Session crowd           wants of others.
prophetic statement, the association                   was also treated to a video promoting
                                                       GCSAA's highly popular TV show,               A reason for being
                                                       "Par for the Course," which in March              If GCSAA's conference and show
                                                       began a new season on ESPN, the all-          has a central purpose in the final
                                                       sports network that reaches about 65          analysis, it's education. The Orlando
                                                       million American households.                  gathering was up to its usual incredi-
                                                           That impressive lineup served to          bly high standards with educational
                                                       set the stage for the session's keynote       programs and activities in all direc-
                                                       address by famed Notre Dame football          tions. Staff's array of more than 90
                                                       coach Lou Holtz, who made up for a            educational sessions, forums and sem-
                                                       late arrival with an entertaining hour-       inars attracted more than 5,500
                                                       long motivational        rendition   of       registrants, an all-time record. The
                                                       personal experiences from a man who           lineup of educational sessions included
     Some serious scrutiny on the trade show floor.    holds one of the nation's most visible        some that dealt with matters close to
                                                       and pressurized jobs - not too far                                       Continued   on p. 46

44                                                                                                              Golf Course Management   / April 1996
                                                                         Conference        and Show

 SHOW                                         jromp.44                                                                       Emblematic of GCSAA's emphasis
                                                                                                                         on education and its professional ben-
 many superintendents' hearts, such as                                                                                   efits was the annual certification
 the Decision-Makers Forum; Identity                                                                                     luncheon and meeting. Partnering
Crisis, a session on image; another on                                                                                   with Ciba Turf & Ornamental Prod-
employment security; and a couple of                                                                                     ucts this year, GCSAA showcased
days of exploring the ongoing con-                                                                                       144 newly certified superintendents.
frontation with Poa annua.                                                                                                   Traditionally taking the back seat
    A workshop         featuring    the                                                                                 to no educational event in popularity,
Audubon Society of New York State's                                                                                     the Turfgrass Tour took its sell-out
Cooperative Sanctuary Program for                                                                                       entourage on a whirlwind spin of
golf courses also included an introduc-                         The Turfgrass Tour included        a   stop   at Walt
                                                                Disney World's recycling center.                        Walt Disney World's nursery, recycling
tion of ASNY's new Cooperative                                                                                          and composting facilities, as well as
Sanctuary Program for Schools that                                                                                      WOW's Eagles Pines and Osprey
is being sponsored by GCSAA                                                                                             Ridge golf courses; then toured The
(related article on page 125).                                what to do if you are fired; Nancy                        Scotts Company's renowned research
    The always-popular and heavily                            Pierce of The Links at Crowbush                           facility in the Orlando area; and
attended Innovative Superintendent                            Cove on Prince Edward Island                              finally stopped off at the Grand
sessions didn't disappoint. Each ses-                         reviewed her work in the develop-                         Cypress Resort as guests of superin-
sion began with an early morning                              ment and management            of an                      tendent Tom Alex, who showed off
breakfast, compliments of GCSAA                               environmentally sensitive golf course;                    his modern maintenance operation.
partners American Cyanamid and                                another Canadian superintendent,                              Highlighting the educational activ-
Club Car, and then offered almost two                         Robbie Hellstrom of Mont- Tremplant                       ities for GCSAA's many student
hours of popular peer-to-peer, how-                           Golf Course in Quebec, coaxed his                         members was the Collegiate Turf
to case studies.                                              colleagues to consider their worth as                     Bowl competition         that centered
    Some of the more attention-grab-                          "directors of golf" in the ongoing                        around the identification of turfgrass
bing innovative subject matter again                          management tug of war; and Ken                            specimens and the solution of turf
included those issues most closely                            Thompson of Stone Harbor Golf Club                        management problems. Steve Millet
observed by today's superintendents.                          in Cape May Court House, N.J.,                            of the University of Wisconsin-Madi-
Ed Walsh, CGCS at Essex County                                demonstrated how a little common                          son edged John Mills of Penn State
Country Club in West Orange, N.J.,                            sense can lessen the rigors of dealing                    for first-place honors, while Josh
imparted firsthand knowledge on                               with personnel.                                           Mahar of the University of Nebraska
                                                                                                                        was third.
                                                                                                                            This year's Student Forum empha-
                                                                                                                        sized the job market, ranging from an
                                                                                                                        exploration of career opportunities, to
                                                                                                                        the value of intern programs, to
                                                                                                                        career success stories by several men-
                                                                                                                        tor panelists.
                                                                                                                            GCSAA's chapters were the sub-
                                                                                                                        ject of much conference and show
                                                                                                                        talk because of the election results at
                                                                                                                        the annual meeting concerning dual
                                                                                                                        membership and the affiliation agree-
                                                                                                                        ment, but they also made an impact
                                                                                                                        on the education front through
                                                                                                                        forums for chapter publications and
                                                                                                                        workshops for chapter leaders.
                                                                                                                            Enhancing the educational offer-
                                                                                                                        ings at the conference and show was
                                                                                                                        the simultaneous interpretation ser-
                                                                                                                        vice for selected sessions made
                                                                                                                        available through GCSAA's partner-
                                                                                                                        ship with Toro International and

     Turfgrass Tour participants   got their exercise during an unscheduled   stop.
                                                                                                                                                  Continued   on p.   66

46                                                                                                                                Golf Course Management   / April 1996
                                                                         Conference and Show

SHOW                                        fromp.46
                                                                                                                      What are friends for?
Greatest show on turf                                                                                                     GCSAA's industry and association
    Benefiting most dramatically from                                                                                 allies were on hand in Orlando to pre-
the unprecedented attendance at                                                                                       sent informative and sometimes
Orlando was the trade show, which                                                                                     revealing mini-conferences.
featured a record 693 exhibitors whose                                                                                    The American Society of Golf
wares covered 208,870 square feet.                                                                                    Course Architects used the GCSAA
Significant trends were in evidence -                                                                                 conference and show as a stage for
such as the introduction of seven-plex                                                                                celebrating the society's 50 years of
mowers by Toro and Ransomes,                                                                                         existence and presenting a unique
Jacobsen celebrating its 75th birthday                            The Opening Session   included   the traditional
                                                                                                                     educational session. Panelists at the
                                                                  ribbon cutting.
with a "one-of-a-kind" anniversary                                                                                   event moderated by ASGCA presi-
edition of its new Tri-King triplex                                                                                  dent Jeff Brauer included Pete and
mower and Rain Bird's latest in com-                         conference and show partners, The                       Alice Dye, Rees Jones, Robert Trent
puter-~nhanced irrigation technology.                        Scotts Co. (sponsor of the President's                  Jones Jr., Ed Seay and Art Hills.
    Cognizant of the issues of the day,                      Reception), to announce the winner of                   Remarks also were given by venerated
many exhibitors stressed the environ-                        its 1996 Tradition of Excellence                        society member Geoff Cornish and an
mental friendliness of their products.                       Award: Stan Metsker, CGCS at the                        actor portraying the legendary archi-
And for out-of-the ordinary, there                           Country Club of Colorado in Colorado                    tect Donald Ross, who opened the
were Toro's irrigation promotion fea-                        Springs. A superintendent for nearly                    session with a series of "remem-
turing a virtual reality show,                               four decades, Metsker, among other                      brances" of the old master's work.
Monsanto's magician and Oase's cap-                          things, is credited with helping iden-                      The National Golf Foundation's
tivating water arch.                                         tify salt-tolerant turfgrasses. He also                 session was highlighted by the release
    In all, the expanded Orange                              has been one of the most enduring                       of the results of an NGF study of
County Convention Center prompted                            and active members of the Rocky                         golfer attitudes and perception toward
an aura of positive feedback for                             Mountain GCSA, notably as a prolific                    superintendents. Overall, the research
GCSAA as exhibitors reported strong                          writer and editor for its publication,                  revealed that a surprising number of
traffic, an abundance of quality leads                       the Rocky Mountain Reporter. Metsker                    golfers are aware of the superinten-
and a general good feeling about the                         will be honored with the award during                   dent's professional role in the care and
conference and show overall.                                 The Tradition tournament on the                         upkeep of a golf course.
    The trade show setting also was an                       Senior PGA Tour on April 4-7 in                             The USGA in the meantime,
opportunity for one of GCSAA's key                           Scottsdale, Ariz.                                       treated a large audience to a rendition
                                                                                                                     of "Golf Course Management: Past,
                                                                                                                     Present and Future." The four-hour
                                                                                                                     session included presentations from
                                                                                                                     various Green Section directors and
                                                                                                                     agronomists, a look at the associa-
                                                                                                                     tion's first 100 years and the next 100
                                                                                                                     years by its executive director, David
                                                                                                                     Fay, and, of course, repeated stints
                                                                                                                     featuring the USGA's ever-popular
                                                                                                                     Turf Tips.
                                                                                                                         The American Zoysiagrass Associ-
                                                                                                                     ation's     annual    forum     featured
                                                                                                                     presentations      by superintendents
                                                                                                                     Denis Barron, CGCS at Missouri
                                                                                                                     Bluffs Golf Club in St. Charles, Mo.,
                                                                                                                     who oversaw the sodding of a new
                                                                                                                     venue with zoysia, and Tim Taylor of
                                                                                                                     Richland Hills Country Club in Brent-
                                                                                                                     wood, Tenn., who converted his
                                                                                                                     course's ryegrass fairways to zoysia
                                                                                                                     with big-roll sod and was back in busi-
                                                                                                                     ness in less than two months.

     Keynoter Lou Holtz told his audience   to get an attitude.
                                                                                                                                               Continued   on p.   70

66                                                                                                                             Golf Course Management   / April 1996
                                                                       Conference and Show

SHOW                                       jromp.66

    The Society of Golf Appraisers
featured a computer graphics presen-
tation about the physical and
economic issues that involve superin-
tendents and can lead to increased
profits and owner equity.

Member services galore
   One of the busiest areas on the
trade show floor was GCSAA Mem-
ber Services, which included six
kiosks comprising the services the
association's staff provides the mem-
bership. The hotbeds of show-goer
interest centered on the merchandise
store and the Career Development

                                                             A Blues Brothers act put GCSAA in the mood for an upbeat week.
                                  Continued on p. 72

     GCSAA's educational   program attracted a record 5,500 participants.

70                                                                                                                            Golf Course Management   / April 1996
                                                                        Conference and Show

SHOW                                     fromp.70

Resource Center. Both did a land-rush
business, with long lines of attendees
toting away their apparel and other
merchandise, and the resource center
handling almost 900 resumes and a
steady stream of interested visitors
talking with employers, employment
consultants and a group of mentor
    The GCSAA Bookstore also was a
busy stop, enhanced by book -signing
sessions that featured the recent
works of Robert Kroeger, Sidney L.
Matthews, Mike Klemme, Mike Hur-
dzan, A.J. Turgeon and Pete Dye. The
"Par for the Course" kiosk grabbed the
spotlight, as well, especially when it
hosted a run on free "Par" sweatshirts,
and for the second year in a row, the
free cancer screening booth drew
ample lines of attendees.                                   Career Development's   job board was an attention-grabber   again this year.

   GCSAA Friends of The Founda-
tion's annual meeting and reception
played to more than 200 guests. Hon-
ored were The Foundation's latest                       center lobby.                                             GRrrrrreat!
scholarship winners announced last                         A reception also was an opportu-                           GCSAA Government Relations'
December, while an update on fund-                      nity for participants and friends of                      biggest contribution to the conference
raising activities included recognition                 GCSAA's Government Relations Net-                         and show was partnering with Ciba,
of The Foundation's many contribu-                      work to learn about the association's                     Jacobsen, Lebanon Turf Products and
tors. The Foundation also again                         advocacy programs and the chapter                         Rain Bird in presenting a dramatically
sponsored the vintage maintenance                       or alliance advocacy efforts that the                     improved    Environmental     General
equipment display in the convention                     network promotes.                                         Session format - expert moderator
                                                                                                                  Arthur Miller orchestrating a panel
                                                                                                                  consisting of superintendents, a golf
                                                                                                                  course designer, a turfgrass professor
                                                                                                                  and environmental activists going
                                                                                                                  head-to-head over the issue of the
                                                                                                                  coexistence of golf courses and the
                                                                                                                  environment, or lack thereof.
                                                                                                                     (For a comprehensive look at the
                                                                                                                  panel discussion, see the related arti-
                                                                                                                  cle on page 90.)
                                                                                                                    The event, which produced a hearty
                                                                                                                  positive reaction from a large audi-
                                                                                                                  ence and similar feedback in the
                                                                                                                  succeeding days at the conference
                                                                                                                  and show, also featured a formal pre-
                                                                                                                  sentation of honors to the national
                                                                                                                  Environmental Steward Award win-
                                                                                                                  ners and the President's Award for
                                                                                                                  Environmental Leadership to the
                                                                                                                    As 1995 president, Gary Grigg also
                                                                                                                  used the forum to announce
 Free cancer screening   was a service popular   with many attendees.
                                                                                                                                                 Continued   on p. 74

72                                                                                                                               Golf Course Management   / April 1996
                                                                          Conference and Show

 SHOW                                         fromp.72        ing for something to do in this visi-
                                                              tor's paradise.
GCSAA's new environmental pro-                                    The pure numbers reflect both the
grams and initiatives, which included                         record attendance at this year's con-
the association taking a leading role                         ference and show and the increasing
in the development of environmental                           popularity of the social events. For
principles for the industry, an active                        instance, the service offered tickets to
participation in the Environmental                            the many Disney theme parks at a
Summit, participation in the EPA's                            special rate and sold nearly 3,000
Pesticide Environmental Stewardship                           before the week was out. The four
Program, and a sponsorship role in                            tours catered to 1,060 people in all,
the Audubon Cooperative Sanctuary                             while the two Wednesday mixers -            The GCSAA Merchandise   Store did a landslide
Program for Schools.                                          one for adults and one for children -
                                                              had almost 400 participants. But the
Off-site socializing                                          big number came at the end - Sun-
    Not to be undone by the many                              day night's "Private Affair with           were the 18-Hole Challenge drawing
activities going on within the conven-                        Shamu" at Sea World. The dinner and        winners.
tion center, the awesome number of                            show seemed hardly private as just a          Richard      Zepp,     CGCS      at
attractions found in the Orlando area                         few GCSAA staffers, members, fami-         Whitinsville Golf Club in Whitinsville,
undoubtedly played a key role in this                         lies and guests shy of 3,000 took part.    Mass., won the grand prize, a Regal
year's record attendance. From the                                                                       Valanti 182 SE Mercruiser sport boat
almost obligatory visits to Walt Dis-                         The big winners                            and trailer, while Bruce Behnke of
ney World's theme parks to daily                                 Although there were many more           Belmont Hills Country Club in St.
social tours that included a river                            winners than losers at GCSAA's 67th        Clairsville, Ohio, took home the sec-
cruise and a stop at the Kennedy                              conference and show, some won              ond prize, a Kawasaki Jet Ski Tandem
Space Center, superintendents, their                          much more than others. Three mem-
families and guests were never want-                          bers who immediately come to mind                                     Continued    on p.    76

     Seminar interpreters   used all kmds of methods to get the facts straight.

74                                                                                                                 Golf Course Management   / April 1996
                                                                         Conference        and Show

SHOW                                         fromp.74        Ciba, was a popular stop, and handy,
                                                             too, with its location in the lobby/reg-
Sport Watercraft, and Mike Varkonyi                          istration area.
of Louisquisset Golf Club in North                               In the meantime, the International
Providence, R.I., won third place, a                         Summit attended by GCSAA execu-
weeklong cruise for two aboard a                             tives,     industry      leaders     and
Royal Caribbean luxury liner.                                representatives of several countries,
   Although all 18-Hole Challenge                            dwelled on the common fronts the
participants received a 17-by-24-inch                        golf course industry faces worldwide.
print of golf superstar Ben Crenshaw                         GCSAA's 1995 president, Gary T.
by David Pursell, artist and executive                       Grigg, CGCS, noted that those com-
vice president of Pursell Industries,                        mon fronts include the heart and soul
earning the framed, No. 1 copy of the                        of GCSAA's mandates: image, the
print was the first GCSAA member                             environment and career assistance.
to turn in his completed challenge                               Much of the roundtable discussion
card at the "19th Hole": Jeff Johnson,                       involved the progress, ideas and needs
assistant superintendent at Midland                          of those common issues. It was evi-
Hills Country Club in St. Paul, Minn.                        dent that most of the countries in
                                                             attendance      have placed a great
An international                flavor                       emphasis on education - notably
   The international participation at                        Canada, the United Kingdom, Ger-
the conference and show continued                            many and Switzerland - for their golf
to be more visible than ever at                              course management professionals, but
Orlando - 65 countries were repre-                           at the same time most of them cov-
sented by nearly 1,800 attendees. The                                                                                   Almost 1,800 foreign attendees   tuned into golf
                                                                                                                        course management.
International Lounge, sponsored by                                                               Continued   on p. 80

     The hectic registration   area reflected the record attendance   at the 67th conference   and show.

76                                                                                                                                 Golf Course Management     / April 1996
                                                                         Conference and Show

 SHOW                                        fromp.76

eted the expertise of GCSAA in that
area. Mexico, for instance, said green
industry publications from the United
States would greatly enhance that
country's educational efforts.
    To no surprise, the environment is
a paramount issue worldwide, and all
agreed that a proactive stance is pre-
ferred. Dr. James Beard, who
participated in the summit discussions
as an interested observer, suggested
that the global environmental effort
not only be a proactive one, but also a
sustained, long-term effort to counter
activist movements, many of which
have basically remained the same
over the last 30 years while periodi-
cally stirring up new spasms of
   GCSAA         efforts    mentioned
                                                              Outgoing   GCSAA President    Gary T. Grigg, CGCS, presided     over an incredible   smash hit at Orlando.
                                   Continued on p. 84

     The immortal   Donald Ross came to life to help the American   Society of Golf Course Architects   mark its 50th anniversary.

80                                                                                                                                    Golf Course Management      / April 1996
                                                                               Conference and Show

     GCSAA   s array   of presenting   partners   assured attendees   of first-class amenities.

SHOW                                              fromp.80      tions have become very aggressive in          Michael DeYoung of the Hartlen
                                                                promoting their members as facility       Point Forces Golf Course in Nova
included the upcoming development                               leaders are in evidence worldwide to      Scotia and 1995 president of the
of public statements about well-main-                           some extent. Most agreed that more        Canadian Golf Superintendents Asso-
tained golf courses being good for the                          emphasis      on the expertise       of   ciation, noted that GCSAA has
environment, as well as a challenge to                          the superintendent - the agronomic        members in more than 50 countries
take the lead in using GCSAA                                    factor - should be at the forefront of    and queried GCSAA leaders whether
research to support industrywide                                efforts to elevate the superinten-        they had considered international
efforts promoting golf's positive rela-                         dent's status.                            chapter affiliation.
tionship with nature.                                              Spurred by Argentina's Ricardo de         "We still have a lot to do at home,
   GCSAA's new president, Bruce R.                              Udaeta, many of the representatives       but there are services available (to
Williams, CGCS, and Beard both put                              were interested in the improvement or     other parts of the world)," Williams
the weight of success in golf course                            outright establishment of international   replied, adding that the GCSAA's new
management's relation with the envi-                            relations in golf course management.      affiliation agreement is not applicable
ronment on GCSAA's individual                                   From Ireland, where there are 300         to chapters outside the United States.
members. Williams said association                              superintendents with an average age
leadership must get the word out,                               of 32, more student exchanges and         Votes of confidence
and then the members must "walk                                 use of the Internet were suggested,          The results from the annual meet-
the talk."                                                      while representatives of the British      ing generally reflected support for the
   As for career assistance, move-                              and International Golf Greenkeepers       direction the membership-driven
ments similar to that in the United                             Association mentioned the use of          association is headed. The 1996 Board
States in which club professional                               more international speakers at confer-
and general managerial organiza-                                ences around the world.                                             Continued   on p. 86

84                                                                                                                  Golf Course Management   / April 1996
                                                                 Conference and Show

SHOW                                     fromp.84

of Directors retains nearly all of its '95
makeup, while the bylaws and articles
of incorporation      issues all earned
huge margins of victory, including the
much-debated      dual membership and
chapter affiliation issues.
    The dual membership requires all
Class A and B superintendents        join-
ing GCSAA or an affiliated chapter to
join both, effective July 1, 1997. That,
in turn, reflects the affiliation agree-
ment, which requires all chapters
wishing to be affiliated with GCSAA
to sign the agreement by Jan. 1, 1997.
    Also easily approved        was the
removal of voting privileges for Class
C members, which was followed by a
supporting     vote to reduce those
members' dues to encourage mem-
bership growth in that classification.
    Williams and new vice president                      Buttons promoting   GCSAA's Las Vegas conference   and show in '97 were handed out in glittering fashion.

Paul S. McGinnis, CGCS at Moon Val-
ley Country Club in Phoenix, Ariz.,
were elected by acclamation,        while              another year in his-current term on                   Bozeman, Mont., and also returning
George E. Renault III, CGCS at Burn-                   the board, as does Tommy Witt, CGCS                   for another year is Michael Wallace,
ing Tree Club in Bethesda,            Md.,             at Wynstone Golf Club in North Bar-                   CGCS at Hop Meadow Country Club
topped David W. Fearis, CGCS at                        rington,    Ill., who was not up for                  in Simsbury, Conn., who for the sec-
Blue Hills Country Club in Kansas                      re-election. Elected to a second term,                ond year in a row was the president's
City, Mo., for the secretary/treasurer                 meanwhile, was R. Scott Woodhead,                     appointment to fill the secretary/trea-
position by 1,500 votes. Fearis has                    CGCS at Valley View Golf Club in                      surer's unexpired      term. Grigg, of
                                                                                                             course, serves a year as immediate
                                                                                                             past president. The only new face on
                                                                                                              the nine-member      GCSAA board is
                                                                                                              Ken Mangum, CGCS at Atlanta Ath-
                                                                                                              letic Club in Duluth, Ga., who won his
                                                                                                             seat with a solid 3,500-vote total.
                                                                                                                  That evening at the Gala '96 fes-
                                                                                                             tivities, Williams expounded      on the
                                                                                                             task ahead for himself and others
                                                                                                             among the GCSAA leadership. His
                                                                                                             personal endeavor in that regard, he
                                                                                                             said, will be shared by both those in
                                                                                                             the Williams household       and those
                                                                                                             who work for him at Bob O'Link Golf
                                                                                                             Club in Highland Park, Ill.
                                                                                                                 'The commitment to serve GCSAA
                                                                                                             will take a tremendous       amount of
                                                                                                             time and sacrifice by my family and
                                                                                                             my staff," he said. "We are prepared
                                                                                                             for the challenges      and hard work
                                                                                                             ahead. I will give my best effort every
                                                                                                             day to work for GCSAA."             ~
 The "Greatest Show on Turf" played to a full house.
                                                                                                             Jerry Ostmeyer is editor of GeM.

86                                                                                                                          Golf Course Management     / April 1996