An Industry Outlook on Broadcasting by waterwolltoremilion


									An Industry Outlook on

    Mr. Steven Stefano
Forest Hill Community High
   Broadcasting- defined as
    radio and television
    programs that reach a large
   Landing a job in Broadcasting has always been
   It is not going to get better any time soon
   Why…
     • Merging- Large media companies own a lot of
     • Syndication- Reusing old programs
     • Technology- Digital equipment replaces need for
        human labor
                 Industry Trends
   Telecommunications Act of 1996- allows media
    companies to own several competing stations
   Digital Technology- unpredictable shape of
    broadcasting…already changing the shape of movie
    and book industries
   Federal Communications Commission (FCC)-
    Government branch that keeps a close look on
    broadcast content
   Television
   Traditional Radio
   Satellite Radio
   Small Station Broadcasting- these
    professionals wear more than “one hat”
    •   Pull reports off the news wire
    •   Write scripts
    •   Develop advertisements
    •   Delivery off all elements on the air
                 Jobs- continued
   On-Air Announcers- tell audience program agenda,
    read news reports, open/close program, commercial
    announcements, and guest interviews
   Types of on-air announcers
    • Disc jockey (DJ)- music based radio stations
    • Television announcers- hosts for variety and talk shows
    • Broadcast announcers- research, coordinate, and read news
                    Jobs- continued
   Program director- determines content for a specific
    audience. Works close with management, marketing,
    and sales departments.
   Producers- takes all the content ( ex: news,
    commercials, interviews) and makes the program run
   Writers- prepare content before program airs
    • There are three (3) common types of writers
          News
          Copy
          Script
Compensation ($$$)
            Average salaries in
             • Camera operator- $20,000 –
             • TV reporter- $20,000 –
               100,000 +
             • Broadcast technician- $15,000
               – 60,000
             • Technical Director- $75,000 –
             • Producer- $20,000 – 100,000
                      Hiring Tips
   A background in business, journalism,
    communications, and/or production
   Participate in unpaid internships and irrelevant entry
    level positions
   Display a willingness to work long hours
   Display determination for continuous success
   Experience, experience, experience
   Have fun…employers will take notice!!!
               National Companies
   Harpo Inc. (Oprah
    Winfrey’s company)
   AOL Time
   Infinity Radio
   American Broadcasting
    Company (ABC)
                      Love/Hate Tips
   People are not in this
    profession for the money
   Keeping your customers
    (audience) happy is not easy
   Talent and skill can only
    take you so far…use your
   Your imagination and
    creativity will be utilized to
    their fullest potential
   Be yourself!
       Relevant High School Courses
   Keyboarding and Business Communications
   Multimedia Presentation
   Journalism (sometimes offered as school newspaper)
   Public Speaking
   Advanced Placement English
   Introduction to Technology (video production)
   Introduction to Broadcasting
    Specific Employers That Hire While in
                High School
   Clear Channel
   Infinity
   Connecticut School
    of Broadcasting
Two Year College
               Connecticut School of
                Broadcasting- see next slide
               Palm Beach Community
                • Acting
                • Computer Programming and
                • Film, Television, and Video
                  Production Technology
                • Mass Communications
                • Journalism
                • Marketing
                • Public Relations
                 Four Year Colleges

   Connecticut School of Broadcasting- Studio Operations,
    Broadcast Journalism, Audio Production, Speech Radio, TV
    Acting, Video Production
   Palm Beach Atlantic University- TV Broadcasting Production,
    Script and Screen Writing, Screen Acting, Communication,
    Film Production, Instrument Performance
       Four Year Colleges- continued
   Northwood University
    • Entertainment, Sport,
      and Promotion
   Nova Southeastern
    • Communications
    • Computer Information
       Four Year Colleges- continued
   Florida Atlantic University
    • Communication
    • Visual Arts
After College These Companies Might
             Hire You…

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