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					       American Pop
       Culture: a Tool
           for Attracting
American Corner Workshop Moscow
              November 2009
           Andrea McGlinchey, IRO

(adapted from Sudak, Crimea 2009 presentation by
              Barbara Conaty, IRO)
      What is Pop Culture?
• (High Culture: classical music, serious
  novels, poetry, dance ) Examples?

• POP CULTURE: entertainment, sports, TV,
  films, popular music – often mass
  audiences and usually commercial

• “Something that is in fashion now, wasn’t
  6 months ago, and won’t be in 12
  months”. Anonymous public librarian
      Sample Demographics
 (Pop Culture Products & Enthusiasts)
• Elementary school: PBS Kids, American
  Girl, Wiggles, High School Musical, spinoffs
• Teens: Social networks, anime and
  manga, college and career,
  faith/spirituality, environment, SD&RR
• Gen X, Gen Y: Careers, Work/life balance,
  gadgets, politics
• Baby boomers and WWII folks: Vintage
  film and TV, using email, end-of-life
        Pop Basics in an AC
• Periodicals: American Girl, Boy’s Life,
  Discover Kids, Sports Illustrated Kids,
  Teen Vogue, SPIN, VIBE, J-14
• Books: Thinking Outside the Book:
  Alternatives for today’s Teen Library
• Online: Horn Book Magazine, School
  Library Journal, Bookslut, Edge of the
• See
    Pop Culture Promotion
• Advocacy: Why activities about Pop
  Culture are important
• Marketing: Getting your community
  to use materials and attend activities
• Public relations: Assure that there is
  positive media coverage
• Elicit comments from users
• Look for audiences through outreach
           Trendspotting –
      What is the next Big Thing?
• Keep track of blogs, listservs, listen to
  your clientele, recruit an advisory group

• Take a look at

• “I take advantage of RSS feeds to make it
  easy and it’s when you have everything
  gathered together that you really start
  noticing trends”. Anonymous public
   Technology is Pop Culture’s
• For example what you can do on Flickr:
• Tours: grab a camera and take photos to create a
  virtual tour of your community
• Programs: Take photos to document your
  activities to showcase your programming
• Transformations: For renovations, moving, new
  staffer, new materials for Before and After shots
• Read a book: take pictures of your readers while
  reading and share them
• Student/volunteer projects: Document the
  project and show what kids are doing and
  Licenses and Permissions
• Be mindful of copyright and
• Use other people’s content from the
  web and from printed material only
  with permission
• You may need signed releases to
  share photos online
      Pop Culture Month by Month

•   Jan: Sundance Film Festival and MLK Jr Month
•   Feb: BHM, Oscars, Grammy Awards
•   March: WHM, Soul Train Awards, March Madness
•   April: National Poetry Month, ComicCon
•   May: Free Comic Book Day, Stanley Cup finals
•   June: Daytime Emmy Awards, BET Awards
•   July: World Cup Soccer, Independence Day
•   August: TV premieres
•   Sept: NY Fashion Week, MTV Video Awards
•   October: Halloween, World Series
•   Nov: Country Music Awards, NAIHM, Diwali
•   Dec: Kwanzaa, Christmas
  Keeping Up with Pop Culture


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