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                                   Remember To Pronounce Your French Words Right
                                                 By Shareen Aguilar

   A distinct characteristic about the French language is the way it is pronounced. Within the French
language itself; rules in grammar and pronunciation varies but there is one rule accepted and
considered in using and speaking the French language in the standard way.

As you may have noticed, final consonants on a French word are normally omitted. There is no need to
pronounce the letters s, x, z, t, d, n, and m. but the rest of the consonants like c, r, y, f, and l are

Example: Les Miserables, Vouz

Liaison plays an important role between French words in a sentence. It simply links two words together
especially when the first word ends in consonant and the following word starts with a vowel. So in this
case, when a normal silent consonant is on this situation, it needs to be pronounced.

Example: les amants, vous avez

If consonants are dropped in French, there is the vowel dropping as well. This time, it’s called eliason.
This applies to some monosyllabic French words ending in a and e, like je and que drops the final
vowel when followed by another word starting with a vowel. The missing vowel is then placed by an

Example: Je ai faim = J’ai faim

Another rule is to double the final consonant in a sentence and then add the letter e at the end
producing a clearer pronunciation of the word.

Example: Parisien = Parisienne

What you need to focus on is how each word is used in French and if it makes sense when you start
using and connecting them together. The same thing applies when you try to memorize French words
and what it means – you connect the words together to form an interpretation which the human brain
can easily recognize.

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There are two things that you need to do, first is to remember the number two and do everything to
remember the number two.

The sentence may not mean anything to most people. But the example used the French word “deux”
which means the number two in English. The word “do” is used to emphasize the correct pronunciation
of the number in French so the reader can easily remember it without messing up the French word.

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                                                     Master French Pronunciation
                                                                By Dave Rivera

 If you aim to learn the French language in all its beauty, you may want to learn how to pronounce the
French words the correct way. Keep in mind that each language is unique in its own way that even
normal letters used in the English language has a distinct character and pronunciation of its own in the
French world.

Remember that the language is in French and what you’re trying to learn here is completely different
from your English language, or whatever it is you grew up on using as the primary language. But what
is important is that, you have a sense of recognition that the French language has a distinct sound and
accent. It’s best to forget what accent you currently have and try to adjust or better yet adapt to the
French accent little by little.

When you’ve heard how the words are used, be sure to listen to the words carefully and try to repeat
them properly the way they should be mentioned. Also, when you speak the French language, speak
like it is the only accent you’re capable of saying and nothing else. In this sense, it’s okay to repeat
what you’ve heard once or twice. But not to a point when you have to be purely dependent to repetition
as a way of memorizing a new language because it’s not appropriate.

If it’s not possible for you to find a crowd of French speaking people or natural French speakers, try to
get a French tutor. This way, you can check with your tutor if you have a hard time pronouncing one
French word. Yes, even one word of confusion is important because it prevents you from acquiring
wrong habits of pronunciation from the very beginning.

For your daily activity, it would be best to practice tongue-twisters as a warm-up exercise for your
French lessons. French words are very complex, so doing your best to pronounce good French words
as early as possible would be a great help to future lessons and words.

Shareen Aguilar is a writer for which has Memory Improvement Books
and Memory Game Software for better French language memorization.
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