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					AB SKHY                     AB SKHY                                    1969
Airmen Of Note                                   Come Out Swingin’     1973
Albert Collins              There's Gotta Be a Change                  1971
Barbara McNair              I Enjoy Being A Girl
Billy May                   Bill's Bag
Billy May                   Johnny Cool Soundtrack                     1963
Billy Strange               Music From James Bond
Bob Hardaway
Bobby Darin                 From Hello Dolly To Good Bye Charlie
Bobby Darin                 Artificial Flowers cond. by Richard
Bobby Darin                 Best Of Vol. 4
Bobby Darin                 This is Darin
Bobby Sherman
Bonnie Raitt                Takin' My Time                             1973
Bud Shank                                       Windmills of My Mind
Chicago Philharmonic        Titan Suite
Chuck Barris                Themes From TV Game shows                  1973
Chuck Sagle                 Splendor in The Brass
Clare Fischer               Manteca!
Cy Coleman                  Piano Witchcraft
David Wagner                d/b/a Crow
Denny Murphy and his band                                      1957    1957
Don Ellis                   French Connection II Soundtrack
Duke Ellington              Laserlight
Earl Hines
Electra Glide in Blue       Electra Glide in Blue Soundtrack           1971
Evie Sands                  Estate of Mind                             1974
Fifth Dimension             Living Together, Growing Together          1973
Fifth Dimension             Up Up & Away: The Definitive Collec        1997
Frank Sinatra               My Kind Of Broadway
Harry Chapin                Portrait Gallery                           1975
Harry James
Harvey Mason
Henry Mancini               Symphonic Soul
Henry Mancini               67'                                        1967
Henry Mancini               Concert
Henry Mancini               Mancini Generation
Henry Mancini               Big Latin Band
Henry Mancini               Encore!
Henry Mancini               Symphonic Soul
Henry Mancini               Hangin' With Hank
Herb Alpert                 Casino Royale
Herbie Hancock              Man-Child                                  1976
Jackson 5
James Last                  Well Kept Secret
James Lee Stanley           Three's the Charm                          1977
Jerry Fielding              West Coast Style
Joey Heatherton
Johnny Hartman              Collection 1947-1972                       1998
June Christy                Best of June Christy: Jazz Sessions        1949
Lalo Schifrin               Rock Requiem                               1971
Les Brown
Lionel Hampton
Lou Rawls                       Black and Blue
Lou Rawls                       Tobacco Road
LOVE                            Forever Changes
Lowell Fulson                   Ol' Blues Singer                          1975
Maxine Sellers                  Life is Short But It is Wide              1975
Maxine Weldon                   Alone on My Own                           1975
Michael Nesmith                 Wichita Train Whistle Sings               1968
Milt Jackson w/ Ray Brown       Memphis Jackson
Monkees                         Instant Replay                            1969
Monkees                         Monkees Present                           1969
Monkees                         Listen to the Band                        1991
Monkees                         Greatest Hits
Monkees                         Anthology
Monkees                         Goin' Down
Nancy Sinatra                   Sugar                                     1967
Nancy Sinatra                   Hit Years
Nancy Wilson                    Come Get to This                          1975
Nat King Cole                   Big Band Cole                             1950
Onzy Mattews                    Blues With A Touch Of Elegance
Onzy Mattews                    Sounds OF the 60's
Pacific Gas & Electric          Pacific Gas & Electric                    1969
Pete King
Pulp Fusion                     Pulp Fusion
Quicksilver Messenger Service   Comin' Thru                               1972
Ralph Carmichael
Richard Harris                  Yard Went on Forever...                   1969
Secret Agent File               Secret Agent File
Shorty Rogers                   Ten Trumpets and Two Guitars
Sonny Criss                      Warm & Sonny                             1976
Sonny Criss                     Summer Soft
South Dakota St.                Live at the Barn with Bud Brisbois 1975
Stan Kenton                     Cuban Fire                                1956
Stan Kenton                     Road Show, Vol. 1                         1959
Stan Kenton                     Road Show, Vol. 2                         1959
Stan Kenton                     Viva Kenton                               1959
Stan Kenton                     Standards in Silhouette                   1959
Stan Kenton                     At the Las Vegas Tropicana                1959
Stan Kenton                     Live at Barstow                           1960
Stan Kenton                     West Side Story                           1961
Stan Kenton                     Live 1957-59                              1991
Stan Kenton                     Live at March Field, Vol. 2
Stan Kenton                     Jazz Profile
Stan Kenton                     1950's Birdland Broadcasts
Stan Kenton                     Standards in Silhouette
Stan Kenton                     Viva Kenton
Stan Kenton                     By Request Vol. V
Stan Kenton                     Sophisticated Approach
Stan Kenton                     In New Jersey
Stan Kenton                     Artistry in Bossa Nova
Stan Kenton                     Kenton Christmas
Stan Kenton            Hair
Stan Kenton            Finians Rainbow
Stan Kenton            World We Know
Stan Kenton            Live 57-59
Stan Kenton            From the Red Hill
Sue Raney
The Four Freshmen      Got That Feeling
Time Life Series       The Swing Years
Tommy James And The    Sweet Cherry
Tommy Vig              Just For The Record   1967
Tommy Vig              Encounter With Time
Tony Bennett           TV Special
Warren Durrett
Water & Power          Water & Power         1975
Willie Hutch           Mack                  1973
The Turtles            Anthology
French Connection II   Soundtrack