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                   You Should Know These Petting Tips

Quite a lot of pet owners buy a dog collar for their pets. But many of them didn't choose the
properly fitting collar. You may want to know whether your dog is wearing a right size collar. The
clearance between dog's neck and the collar is where three fingers can fit into it. If the size is too
big, it may slip off from dog's head; if the size is slightly small, it may affect dog's breathing and
eating food. At the same time, you need to adjust it when he or she grows.

If you are one of those people who like traveling with pets, you need to prepare somethings for the
unexpected. Update the health status and medical records and remember to leave your contact info
on the tag. On the other hand, you should store a few bottles of water in case the dog can't be used
to the water at the destination. In addition to it, don't forget to take the toys and treats that your
dog like. You also need to use a leash to put your dog under your control.

Some dogs are afraid of loud noise like thunder and firework. If you have that kind of dog, you
may find it is difficult to get him or her calm down. As far as I know, there is no effective way to
make dog frightened by thunder calm down. Some studies find that when a dog is accompanied
with another one, he or she doesn't show nervousness. Although having another dog seems a way
to solve the problem, it isn't practical and you may have no time and energy to pet another dog.

Classical music has magic effects on animals and humans, dog is no exception. Dogs seems that
they can understand the classical music. When your dog's listening the classical music, dogs are
inclined to spend more time in resting compared to other noisy music. Therefore, if you want to

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make him calm down, play classical music for him.

Do you know how to deal with an old dog? As the owner, you need to pay more attention to him
or her. If you don't know how to care about your pet, you can ask the vet for more advice. Pay
more attention to the dog's habits like eating food, sleeping time, potty, etc. One point for those pet
owners put extra weight on the pet's body, don't give any extra weight to the old dog and he can't
carry weight for you as he is young. Apart from dog habits, you also need to keep the balance
between taking in and consuming calories.

In winter, you may like to play with your dog on the snow-cleared road. Before you go to play,
you should understand that the cleared road doesn't mean totally safe for your dog. If you use
some type of snow and ice melter, it may bring problems to your pet. When the paws are exposed
to the material of the melter, the pet may get skin irritation. If you find your dog consume the
snow, you'd better to take him to the vet. Therefore, try to use safe melter for you dog.

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