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                                                 GRANT REVIEW SCORING FORM - 2004

Application # ___________________ Applicant Agency______________________________________

Project Name _______________________________ Reviewer Name_______________________________

Focus Area:                 1. Min Over Rep                    2. Girls               3. Mental Health            4.Restorative Justice

Scoring Directions Score each numbered and bolded Evaluation Factor, using a scale of 0 - 5, with 5 being the highest, based
on the applicant’s overall level of response to the bulleted criteria listed below the Factor. Record your score (0-5) for the
Factor then multiply that score by the weight given to obtain the TOTAL Score for the Factor. In the “Comments” box,
please be specific; your comments will be used in the modification or denial of the proposal.

                                   EVALUATION FACTOR                                                     Factor                   TOTAL
                     The bulleted statements below each Factor are reproduced from the                             Weight
                  Announcement of Available Funds, Application and Application Instructions              Score                  Factor Score
 1. Applicant Agency Capacity                                                                                        X2
       Agency’s mission, structure and history of services support the proposed project             COMMENTS:
       Evidence agency is appropriate and supported as lead agency
       Staff assigned have adequate training and experience
       Agency incorporates culturally competent policies, practices, and procedures or
        demonstrates a commitment to do so
       Agency provides culturally and linguistically-appropriate services (including
        gender) to insure access to diverse populations (or evidence that it is working to
        obtain capacity)
       Financial Checklist, located after the Budget Narrative, indicates strong fiscal and
        accounting management

 2. Problem Identification and Contributing Factors
       Described the PROBLEM to be addressed supported by local data (Not just the                  COMMENTS:
        need for funding or the need for this project or program)
       Data provided is clear and relevant and can be used as a baseline to measure
        project impact
       Explained how they think this project/program will affect the problem they are
        wanting to address, and the contributing factors to that problem
       Explained the process used to analyze the data, existing resources, and evidence
        based programs which led them to select this project/ program to implement,
        continue or expand
       Analysis of the factors logically lead to the need for this project
       The target population is described and appropriate for the purpose of these funds
        (Filled in the provided table)
       Addressed specifically the population with Limited English Proficiency
 3. Collaboration
       Agency actively and formally collaborates with other appropriate agencies in the             COMMENTS:
       Appropriate community/stakeholder involvement is shown in problem
        identification and prioritization, as well as in proposal development
       Letters of Commitment or Memos of Understanding/Agreement from
        participating agencies are included
       Collaboration of community partners is described for the purposes of resource
        sharing, coordination of efforts, case management and to avoid duplication of

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                                   EVALUATION FACTOR                                           Factor              TOTAL
                     The bulleted statements below each Factor are reproduced from the                  Weight
                  Announcement of Available Funds, Application and Application Instructions    Score             Factor Score
 4. Intended Outcomes Specified (Project Plan: Goals, Objectives
    and Performance Indicators)
    --------------------------------------------------------------------------------           Comments:
           The Project Plan is clear
           If direct services are being provided to youth: screening and background check
            procedures for staff and volunteers are described; the program is strength-
            based; services are offered within safe and secure environments; mentoring
            components meet criteria stated in the AAF; any juvenile sex offender
            treatment provider is on the SOMB Approved Provider List.
           Goals and objectives are responsive to the purposes, overall goals, essential
            components, and guidelines of the focus area chosen.
           Goal statements provide an overall understanding of the impact the project will
            have on the identified problem.
           Objectives are clear, complete, concise, realistic, measurable and relate to the
            goal statement
           Time frames for tasks are indicated and realistic and responsible parties are
           Objectives indicate the tasks to be completed (Process Objectives) or the
            change in the target population that must take place (Outcome Objectives) to
            meet the goal
           Data or indicators, to be collected and used to determine whether the
            objectives are achieved, have been identified
           Application format was followed

 5. Evaluation Plan
           Process Evaluation. Has a plan to keep records of services provided, how they      COMMENTS:
            were provided, and clients served
           Outcome Evaluation. Has a plan to measure desired or intended changes and
            effects; address achieving both short and long-term goals
           Both the Process and Outcome Evaluation Plans relate to the objectives
           Time-lines, methods and responsibilities for collecting data, data analysis, and
            reporting are clearly defined
           If a continuation project, provided an explanation of the effectiveness and
            impact of the project to date and whether modifications have been made to the
            current goals and objectives and evaluation plan
 6. Budget and Sustainability Plan
           Budget is reasonable, necessary, and efficient; reflects allowable costs           COMMENTS:
           Relates to specific goals and the expenses needed to complete the project
           Budget narrative explains and justifies requested funds
           Budget narrative demonstrates agency support, including any required cash
            match, and other sources of support for the project
           There is no supplanting evident
           A sustainability plan is provided, beyond grant funding
           Information on total agency funding is provided
           Budget format was followed

                      TOTAL SCORE = Sum of all Total Factor Scores (Maximum is100)

If funded, are there any special conditions to be imposed prior to draw down of funds?

Amount Requested: $__________________ Recommended Level of Funding: $_________________________

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