Standing Agenda and Previous Action Points from Monthly Meeting
       22nd November 2007 – Black Horse, Checkendon

            Attendees                                  Apologies
Sam Peates SP (Chairman)                  Stuart Higley SH
Richard Ford RF (Secretary)               Martin Holman MHO (Treasurer)
Pete McAlister PSM (1st Team Mgr)         Graeme Storey GS (Res Team Mgr)
Mike Higley MHI (Club Captain)
Paul Meakin PME (Manager Under 10’s)

Standing Agenda:

   1. Apologies for Absence

   2. Review of previous action points

   3. Club funds update (inc. financials / sponsorship / player debt)

   4. Managers Update – (matches/kit/training/other)
         a. 1st Team
         b. Res Team
         c. Under 10’s / Youth Development

   5. Secretary Update

   6. Update on playing surface / facilities / equipment / other requirements

   7. Update on initiatives
         a. Training tops
         b. Functions – Xmas / Social Events etc…
         c. Fund Raising Events / Ideas
         d. Charter Status

   8. Any other business
Closed Action Points from previous meeting (for information)
  Date                     Action                Owner Due by               Notes
 29/8/07   PSM to report on success of trial for  PSM/  1/11/07           c/f, despite
           training at November meeting            NP/                        plan
           Updated: SP to enquire about            SP                       revision
           Langtree training, PSM to contact
           A.Asphalt, NP Wallingford.
 29/8/07   NP to put up notice in C.Room           NP   4/10/07               c/f
           advising on punishments for
           Yellow/Red Cards
 29/8/07   PSM to update website with same as     PSM   4/10/07               c/f
 4/10/07   NP to ensure Ian Paice chases           NP  14/11/07
           money from previous seasons and
           ensures MHO fully aware of current
           fund situation.

4/10/07     RF to send list of signing on players      RF      14/11/07
            to MHO to ensure he is aware who
            has actually completed a form !

4/10/07     RF to put advert in Evening Post for       RF      14/11/07
            new reserve manager
4/10/07     RF to enquire regarding Dog Racing         RF      14/11/07
            at Reading late November (issue
            details on how funds will be collected

Action Points Outstanding:
  Date                     Action                    Owner     Due by        Notes
 29/8/07   MHO to write to 10 highest debtors        MHO/PSM   4/10/07     c/f to next
           in 1st week of September Updated:                                   mtg
           PSM to chase MHO for progress
 29/8/07   RF to look into selling spare kit, once     RF      4/10/07     c/f pending
           new kits acquired                                                 new kit
29/8/07     SP to e-mail Vanessa Lynch                 SP      4/10/07          c/f
            requesting if needs to be informed of
            fixtures in advance and confirms
            costs – expected at £44 1st team
            and £35 reserves Updated: SP to
            summarise games played, when
            three or one official, and expected
            charge per game for Vanessa.
29/8/07     RF to update constitution and re-          RF      4/10/07         c/f
            circulate for final agreement
 Date                    Action                   Owner     Due by     Notes
4/10/07    NP to organise banners for sponsor      NP/RF    14/11/07    c/f
           advertising (spend approved out of
           sponsorship received) Updated: RF
           to follow up with NP
4/10/07    SP to look into 2nd Key for changing     SP      14/11/07    c/f
4/10/07    PSM to get Save a Life certificate      PSM      14/11/07    c/f
           reference to RF
4/10/07    PSM to send out form to give players    PSM      14/11/07    c/f
           regarding training top orders
4/10/07    PSM to discuss taking charter status    PME      14/11/07    c/f
           forward with PME
22/11/07   Committee concerned by lack of          PSM      10/1/08
           treasurer attendance at committee
           meetings recently. PSM to discuss
           with MHO to seek his attendance
22/11/07   PSM to talk with GS about               PSM      10/1/08
           requirements of manager, beyond
           player management.
22/11/07   RF to check constitution summarises      RF      10/1/08
           managers responsibilities
22/11/07   PSM to get summary of reserve debt      PSM      10/1/08
           and approach Rob Lynch to become
           match fee collector. Rob also to be
           invited to join the committee
22/11/07   SP to sound out Langtree to training     SP      10/1/08
           facilities/cost in New Year
22/11/07   MHI to book end of season do –          MHI      10/1/08
           target near end May (Friday
22/11/07   MHI to get money off D.Ward before      MHI      10/1/08
           new kit ordered
22/11/07   MHI to speak to Martin/Neil re:         MHI      10/1/08
           training bills outstanding
22/11/07   PSM/MHI to summarise how much          PSM/MHI   10/1/08
           billed/owed/collected and
           outstanding for training
22/11/07   SP to look into why the Woodcote         SP      10/1/08
           Rally donation was less despite more
           hours worked collectively
22/11/07   SP to look into whether Cricket Club     SP      10/1/08
           will share cost of line marker
22/11/07   PSM to talk to MHO and send round       PSM      10/1/08
           an assessment of club finances to
           seek agreement for spend on line
22/11/07   PSM to organise Boxing Day game         PSM      10/1/08
Recorded Decisions:

      PME commented on Oratory School training and marketing Woodcote SR
       as an option for future players.
      Suggested that MHO operates finances on a team by team basis, to show
       profitability for 1st Team, Reserves and Youth.
      Committee advised keen to invite others to join the committee and have
       some kind of succession plan for the future of the club.
      Woodcote Rally committee have given £150 to club.
      RF advised of his intention to stand down as Club Secretary at the end of
       the season.

Next Meeting:        10th January 2008
                     The Black Horse, Checkendon               8pm

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