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					    Facilities Listing the VA Central IRB as an IRB of
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Listed alphabetically by location of facility (as of March 1, 2012):

Samuel S. Stratton Veteran Affairs Medical Center
Albany, New York

New Mexico VA Health Care System
Albuquerque, New Mexico

Veterans Affairs Ann Arbor Healthcare System
Ann Arbor, Michigan

Charles George VA Medical Center
Asheville, North Carolina

Veteran Affairs Medical Center Atlanta
Atlanta, Georgia

Charlie Norwood VA Medical Center
Augusta, Georgia

VA Maryland Health Care System
Baltimore, Maryland

Bay Pines VA Healthcare System
Bay Pines, Florida

Edith Nourse Rogers Memorial VA Hospital
Bedford, Massachusetts

VA Gulf Coast Veterans Health Care System
Biloxi, Mississippi

Birmingham VA Medical Center
Birmingham, Alabama

VA Boston Healthcare System
Boston, Massachusetts

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James J Peters Veterans Affairs (VA) Facility
Bronx, New York

VA Western New York Healthcare System
Buffalo, New York
Canandaigua Veterans Affairs Medical Center
Canandaigua, New York

Ralph H. Johnson Veterans Affairs Medical Center
Charleston, South Carolina

Jesse Brown VA Medical Center
Chicago, Illinois

Chillicothe Veteran Affairs Medical Center
Chillicothe, Ohio

Cincinnati VA Medical Center
Cincinnati, Ohio

Louis A. Johnson VA Healthcare System
Clarksburg, West Virginia

Louis Stokes Cleveland Department of Veteran Affairs Medical Center
Cleveland, Ohio

Coatesville Veteran Affairs Medical Center
Coatesville, Pennsylvania

Harry S. Truman Memorial VA Hospital
Columbia, Missouri

William Jennings Bryan Dorn VA Medical Center
Columbia, South Carolina

Chalmers P. Wylie VA Ambulatory Care Center
Columbus, OH

Department of Veterans Affairs North Texas Healthcare System
Dallas, Texas

Dayton VA Medical Center
Dayton, Ohio

VA Eastern Colorado Health Care System
Denver, Colorado

John D. Dingell VA Medical Center
Detroit, Michigan

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Durham Veteran Affairs Medical Center
Durham, North Carolina

VA New Jersey Health Care System
East Orange, New Jersey

Fargo Veterans Affairs Medical Center
Fargo, North Dakota

Veterans Affairs Central California Health Care System
Fresno, California

North Florida/South Georgia Veterans Health System
Gainesville, Florida

Hampton Veteran Affairs Medical Center
Hampton, Virginia

Edward Hines, Jr. VA Hospital
Hines, Illinois

VA Pacific Islands Health Care System
Honolulu, Hawaii

Michael E. DeBakey Veterans Affairs Medical Center
Houston, Texas

Department of Veterans Affairs Medical Center
Huntington, West Virginia

Roudebush Veterans Affairs Medical Center
Indianapolis, Indiana

Iowa City Department of Veterans Affairs Medical Center
Iowa City, Iowa

G.V. (Sonny) Montgomery VA Medical Center
Jackson, Mississippi

Kansas City Veterans Affairs Medical Center
Kansas City, Missouri

VA Eastern Kansas Health Care System
Leavenworth, Kansas

Veterans Affairs Medical Center Lexington
Lexington, Kentucky

Central Arkansas Veterans Health Care System
Little Rock, Arkansas

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VA Loma Linda Health Care System
Loma Linda, California

VA Long Beach Healthcare System
Long Beach, California

VA Greater Los Angeles Healthcare System
Los Angeles, California

Robley Rex VA Medical Center
Louisville, Kentucky

William S. Middleton Memorial Veterans Hospital
Madison, Wisconsin

Manchester VA Medical Center
Manchester, New Hampshire

Martinsburg VA Medical Center
Martinsburg, West Virginia

Memphis VA Medical Center
Memphis, Tennessee

Miami VA Health Care System
Miami, Florida

Clement J. Zablocki VA Medical Center
Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Minneapolis VA Medical Center
Minneapolis, Minnesota

VA Hudson Valley Health Care System
Montrose, New York

Jack C. Montgomery VA Medical Center
Muskogee, Oklahoma

VA Tennessee Valley Healthcare System
Nashville, Tennessee

Southeast Louisiana Veterans Health Care System
New Orleans, Louisiana

VA New York Harbor Healthcare System
New York, New York

Captain James A. Lovell Federal Health Center
North Chicago, IL

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VA Medical Center Northport
Northport, New York

Oklahoma City VA Medical Center
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

VA Nebraska-Western Iowa Health Care System
Omaha, Nebraska

Orlando VA Medical Center
Orlando, Florida

Veterans Affairs Palo Alto Health Care System
Palo Alto, California

Philadelphia VA Medical Center
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Phoenix VA Health Care System
Phoenix, Arizona

VA Pittsburgh Healthcare System
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Portland VA Medical Center
Portland, Oregon

Providence VA Medical Center
Providence, Rhode Island

VA Sierra Nevada Health Care System
Reno, Nevada

Hunter Holmes McGuire Veteran Affairs Medical Center
Richmond, Virginia

Salem Veteran Affairs Medical Center
Salem, Virginia

Salisbury VA Medical Center
Salisbury, North Carolina

George E. Whalen Department of Veterans Affairs Medical Center
VA Salt Lake City Health Care System
Salt Lake City, Utah

South Texas Veterans Health Care System
San Antonio, Texas

VA San Diego Healthcare System
San Diego, California

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San Francisco Veteran Affairs Medical Center
San Francisco, California

VA Caribbean Healthcare System
San Juan, Puerto Rico

VA Puget Sound Health Care System
Seattle, Washington

Overton Brooks VA Medical Center
Shreveport, Louisiana

Sioux Falls Veterans Administration Medical Center
Sioux Falls, South Dakota

St. Cloud Veterans Affairs Medical Center
St. Cloud, Minnesota

St. Louis Veterans Affairs Medical Center
St. Louis, Missouri

Syracuse VA Medical Center
Syracuse, New York

James A. Haley Veterans’ Hospital
Tampa, Florida

Central Texas Veterans Health Care System
Temple, Texas

Southern Arizona VA Health Care System
Tucson, Arizona

Tuscaloosa Veteran Affairs Medical Center
Tuscaloosa, Alabama

Washington DC Veterans Affairs Medical Center
Washington, District of Columbia

VA Connecticut Healthcare System
West Haven, Connecticut

Department of Veterans Affairs Medical Center
White River Junction, Vermont

Department of Veterans Affairs Medical Center
Wichita, Kansas

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