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									                   Frequently Asked Questions

Why would I pay more to have higher auto liability limits? Having low liability limits
can be financially devastating to you in the event of a serious accident. Your insurance
company will only pay up to the limits on your policy. When Bodily injury or property
damages exceed your policy limits, you can be sued for your personal assets- your home,
savings, investments, and even your future income! Perhaps even more importantly,
what if you are in an accident where the other driver is at fault and they don’t have
enough coverage, or don’t have any insurance at all? Without adequate UIM coverage,
you could be paying for someone else’s mistake for the rest of your life.

What happens if I cancel my existing policy before the end of its term? State law
requires an insurance company to give a pro-rated refund if you cancel your insurance
before the end of its term. So you don’t have to worry about paying for your insurance

How do I change my homeowner’s company if the premium is paid through my
mortgage company escrow account? Not a problem! There are a number of ways to
make a seamless transition to a different company, while continuing to have your
premium paid through your mortgage company. Often this can be done without the need
for any down-payment.

If I just had an accident, claim, or have a poor driving record, am I eligible for a new
policy? In most cases, there are insurance companies who can offer you a competitive
rate with a less than perfect claims / driving record if your agent has the right options
available, that is.
With so many insurance agents to choose from, how do I decide who I can trust with
something as important as my insurance?

       Proposals Look at what coverage they are recommending. Some insurance
        agents will quote very low coverage limits, or leave out important coverage
        altogether just so they can come in with the cheapest rate. While price is
        obviously very important, make sure a ‘cheap rate’ is not the only thing they
        have to offer.
       Service How long does it take an agent to return a phone call? Some agents
        take a day or more to return a simple phone call. Never forget that your agent
        works for you, not the other way around! If your agent is too busy chasing new
        business to take care of their customers, it’s time to move on.
       Options Some agents only represent one insurance company. The truth is,
        every insurance company has its own idea of where to be most competitively
        priced. The company who is most competitive this year might not be the next.
        Make sure your agent represents enough companies to remain competitive now,
        and in the future as well!

      Why would I want to insure my home for more money than it’s worth? Many
      people confuse the “Replacement Value” of their home with its “Market Value”.
      The market value of a home is based upon such factors as supply and demand, age
      and condition, desirability of the area, etc. For example, a 30 year old home is
      generally worth less than a brand new home. Obviously, if your home were to be
      destroyed in a fire you wouldn’t be able to build a 30 year old home in its place.
      So the replacement value of your home is based on what it would cost to remove
      and haul away the debris from the old home, and build a brand new one in its
      place. Some other factors which contribute to higher replacement costs are as
           Usually, when you build a home you expect the builder will begin
            construction within the next several months to a year. After a complete loss
            to your home, you are asking the builder to put everything else on hold and
            immediately begin construction on your own home. Of course there is a
            price for that!
           The builder does not always have the ability to negotiate labor and materials
            as they otherwise could under normal circumstances.
Why do some insurance agents say that they can’t simply mail a quote because they
have to present it in person? When an agent knows he or she can’t compete on rates,
they often insist on sitting down with you in order to present a proposal. This is very
often a high-pressure, scripted sales presentation. We would like to meet with you as
well, and certainly believe it is important for you to know who you are dealing with and
what kind of service to expect. The difference is however, that we understand most
people prefer to see what kind of rates an agent has to offer first. That way if it’s not in
‘the ballpark’ you won’t have to waste your valuable time. We will respect you and your
time by not insulting your intelligence with scripted presentations, high pressure sales, or
manipulation of coverage to reduce the price. If we are the right solution for your
insurance needs, you will know it!

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