�Macbeth� Act IV by tjP2ikl


									“Macbeth” Act IV
  I.     Answer the following questions in complete sentences.
         1. What apparitions do the witches show Macbeth? What do they tell him?

          2. What does Macbeth plan to do with Macduff?

          3. Why is Lady Macduff upset with her husband in scene ii?

          4. What does Lady Macduff say to her son regarding her husband?

          5. Why does Malcom initially distrust Macduff?

          6. Evaluate whether Macbeth has become more and more inured, or used to,

              doing evil. Use evidence from the play to support your answer.

   II.    Wanted Dead or Alive: King Macbeth of Scotland!!
   Create a “Wanted” poster on an unlined piece of construction paper that displays the
        A list of the crimes Macbeth is wanted for.
        What authority is he wanted by?
        A picture either drawn or from the internet, a magazine, or newspaper of
          Macbeth. We don’t know what Macbeth actually looked like so you can be
          creative with the picture.
        How much is the reward for his capture?

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