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     Newton Central School - 1392
     Charter, Targets, Strategic &
             Annual Plan
                              NEWTON CENTRAL SCHOOL CHARTER & STRATEGIC PLAN                                     2008~2010
    A caring school community founded upon a tiriti based relationship that nurtures enthusiastic learners, values diversity
                                                  and celebrates success.

He hapori Kura, ë, ko töna tü e whai pütake ana ki të tiriti hei atawhainga akonga täkare; ä, e kaingäkaunui ana ki ngä tini
ähuatanga rerenga kë, anä e whakanui ana hoki i ngä angitunga pukumahi.

                                                              MISSION STATEMENT:
We value the ethnic and cultural diversity of Newton Central School.

We expect our pupils to reach their potential in all academic, social, cultural and physical aspects of the New Zealand Curriculum.

We encourage our pupils to keep, or learn, the languages, and cultures of their families, and believe the sharing of such knowledge will enhance their
cultural awareness and tolerance of others.

We believe our pupils will develop high self-esteem and become part of a unique inner-city culture which will enrich the multi-cultural Aotearoa of their
Values of the School

    A school community where të tiriti o Waitangi is the foundation document.
    A school community where guardianship/kaitiakitanga and care of the environment/taiao is valued and practiced.
    A school community where all contributions will be valued.
    A school community where a whänau culture is encouraged and supported
    A school community where there is trust, honesty and integrity
    A school community where respect, care and compassion are demonstrated
    A school community where children develop the pride and confidence to stand strong in the world
    A school community where effort, diligence and achievement will be acknowledged
    A school community where Te reo Maori me öna tikanga are integral.


   The provision of immersion education for Maori
   The provision of Fanau Pasifika education opportunities
   The extension of the Permaculture development – ‘Enviro Schools Project’
   ‘Towards a bilingual / bicultural school’
   The provision of high quality teaching and learning
   Lower pupil / teacher ratios – small class sizes
   The retention, development and recruitment of quality teachers
   Enthusiastic Learners
   Community Partnership
   A community of Learners
   An equal partnership with Maori
   Home / School partnership
   Diversity & difference – retention of our Multicultural school community
   Celebration of difference, diversity and success
   ‘Recognition of Newton as a Special Character School’
   Board of Trustees – representing school’s diversity
   Quality resources and equipment
   Beautiful physical environment with well maintained property and grounds
   Strategic Management of Growth

            NAG Area          2008             2009                   2010                                                                2011   2012
                                Revised        integrate environment into curriculum

                                                                                                       full school bilingual/bicultural
                                                                                                        programme implementation
                                curriculum –

develop Treaty relationship
  academically, culturally,

            Curriculum          review and
                                development of

     negative impacts

                                Curriculum NCS

                              develop unit about                               integrate Treaty into
                              Takaparawhau                                     curriculum
                              integrate te reo/ tikanga into curriculum                                                                          need academic
                                                                                                                                                 achievement targets
                              identify achievement
            Planning &        indicators
                              identify achievement
            Review            indicators

              detailed plan for

              support Orakei satellite
              develop Yr 7/8

Personnel &
              PD focus on te reo         PD at Orakei Marae         all teaching staff can   all staff can converse in
                                                                    converse in te reo       te reo
              financial costs
              financial costs
Finance       identified
              financial costs

              Support nursery at
Property      Orakei?
              develop adventure playground; covered wet time        withdrawal space for     whare nui, fale
              play area; safe                                       special needs students
              policy/procedures incl
Health &      environment
              cultural safety issues

              adopt policies

              review structure in        continue to develop
Governance    relation to Treaty         relationship with Orakei
              Trustees develop te

                                                                                  STRATEGIC GOALS
Curriculum - (NP) – National Goals                                                               Property
    Improved student achievement for all students across all curriculum areas success for all          Property developments improve conditions for teaching and learning and the health and
     (NP)                                                                                                safety of children
    Priority given to Literacy & Numeracy in Years 1 – 4 (NP)
    Improved outcomes for students at risk (NP)                                                        The Library is developed as a centre of literacy and information
    Improved outcomes for Maori (NP)
    Improved outcomes for Pacific Nation (NP)
    To provide quality teaching and learning by ensuring on-going, monitoring, assessment,             Environment enhancement & beautification – gardens, murals, maintenance &
     reflection, review and ‘best practice’. (NP)                                                        sustainability – environmental schools project
    Improved reporting on assessment, analysis and strategic curriculum goals. (NP)
    To provide a safe learning environment that promotes the core values of Newton Central             Risk & harm minimisation
     School (NP)

    To provide programmes which cater for individual/group needs and abilities                         Effective property management and maintenance – a clean, safe and well maintained
    To extend and develop the capability for the integration of ICT across curriculum by the            physical environment
     provision of quality professional development and equipment
    To encourage the development of skills and enthusiasm for life long learning                       To identify and respond to community needs and aspirations – cultural appropriate
    To provide inclusive education for children with special needs                                      design and use of facilities
    To ensure that the community’s cultural diversity is reflected in the curriculum
    To promote gender equity across school programmes and practice.
    To reinforce and further develop the philosophy of relationships between                           Improved standard of field and bottom court to ensure full utilisation of the area
     the nurturing and growth of the child and the whenua.                                       PROJECT PRIORITIES 2008:
                                                                                                            Special Needs property Modifications – completed by July 2008
    DOCUMENT THAT REFLECTS THE UNIQUE NATURE OF NCS – 3 Year Cycle across                                        A senior school playground
                                                                                                                 New resource storage area with increased capacity – integrating Maths and
   IMPROVE TEACHING AND LEARING – AN ANNUAL ASSESSMENT PLAN THAT                                                  arts equipment
    NEEDS/PROGRESS AND ACHIEVEMENT – ALSO INFORMS PROFESSIONAL                                                   Rehousing of PE and Music equipment

  ‘TOWARDS A BILINGUAL / BICULTURAL SCHOOL’ – RESEARCH, INFORMATION &                                            More central cleaners /rubbish room
AND METHODOLOGY IN THE DEVELOPMENT OF A BICULTURAL/BILINGUALTEACHING                                             New Property – Year 7 & 8 bilingual – 2 rooms if possible – additional used
                                                                                                                  as multi-purpose / wharenui until such time as growth needs

OUTCOME: A Comprehensive guiding philosophy, pedagogy methodology and                                            Modernisation of old resource room to junior classroom space
    curriculum guiding document with clear achievement expectations and
 planned assessment tools and strategies to improve teaching and learning –                      STRATEGIC:
                   planned review and development cycle                                              Development of a comprehensive 10 year maintenance and property plan
                                                                                                     Identified project priorities time-lined into new 5 Year Plan
                                                                                                     Infrastructure assessment undertaken and capacity development written into 5 year plan

Finance                                                                                          Self Review & Planning
     Give priority to teaching and learning in all aspects of financial management and budget        To ensure school processes and programmes honour Te tiriti o Waitangi.
     Prioritise lower teacher / pupil ratio in budget allocation                                     Implement Planning & reporting requirements
     To provide and manage up to date, effective needs based resources in accordance with            Undertake Community consultation
      the strategic plan                                                                              On-going reflection and self review
     Unqualified Audit Opinion                                                                       Positive ERO reports & participation
     Business community sponsorship                                                                  Report to the community on local curriculum targets and achievement
     Increase income from sign lease – review contract                                               Report to the Maori community on progress and achievement and planned improvement strategies
     Review and improve fundraising / local funds income                                             Report to the Pacific Nation community on progress and achievement and planned improvement
          Improve response to expectation around payment of donation                                 Annual exit interviews / research with Year 6 children – feedback on perceptions and future
          Improved Working Capital Surplus - $15,000 at 2008 year end                                Recognition of Newton as a ‘special character school’
                                                                                                      Strategic planning – comprehensive consultation – including Ngati Whatua – mana whenua; Maori
    Asset Management: Review Asset Register – data entry and inspection – improve for                  school community; parent community; business community & wider community
                      ease of identification and tracking of assets.                                  BOT induction and development
                                                                                                      Review policy manual, identify priorities for specific policy and procedure review

                                                                                                      STRENGTHENING PASIFIKA COMMUNITY ENGAGEMENT & PARTICIPATION TO
                                                                                                      SUPPORT DEVELOPMENTS, PROGRESS AND ACHIEVEMENT OF STUDENTS AND
                                                                                                                   OWNERSHIP OF PROJECTS AND INITIATIVES

                                                                                                     INCREASING COMMUNITY CAPABILITY – PARENTS AS TEACHERS / RELATIONSHIPS
                                                                                                          WITH TEACHERS AND SHARING OF VISION, HOPES AND ASPIRATIONS

                                                                                                           REVIEW AND UP-DATE / RATIONALIZE BOT POLICY & PROCEDURE FOLDER
Personnel                                                                                        Community - Community Participation and Reflection
     To value staff and ensure continued professional development                                    To provide a physical environment which meets the differing cultural needs of the school community
     To encourage the recruitment and retention of staff that reflect our cultural diversity         To provide an environment which encourages and supports community participation
     The retention, development and recruitment of quality staff                                     To ensure community hopes and aspirations are reflected in school planning and implementation
     Effective appraisal and support programme                                                       To maintain an administrative culture that values consultation, collaboration and accountability
     Provide effective leadership                                                                    The Kura will continue to sustain the partnership between Te Whao Urutaki and BOT to recognise the
     Clear and high expectation of behaviour and communication process for conflict                   continuing relationship between Kawanatanga and tino rangatiratanga.
      resolution                                                                                      Active acknowledgement of Ngati Whatua as mana whenua – Te Hapai Heru – Ngati Whatua
     Capacity and capability building of staff to support career development – ‘towards               Education Strategy.
     Encourage & support ongoing knowledge and qualification development – ‘towards                        STRENGTHENING FANAU PASIFIKA – POWER SHARING RELATIONSHIP WITH
      masters’                                                                                               PI COMMUNITY – NETWORKING: SUSTAINABILITY – BUILDING COMMUNITY
                                                                                                            EMPOWERING PARENTS AS FIRST TEACHERS – PROVIDING DEVELOPMENT
                                                                                                             SKILLS FOR SUPPORTING STUDENTS

Health & Safety                                                                            Maori Education
                                                                                                Partnership, - to further develop the partnership between Te Whao Uru Taki – the
                                                                                                 Maori community representative group – and the Board of Trustees
     To do no harm                                                                             Quality Maori immersion education
     Undertake Community Health Consultation                                                   To identify and respond to community needs and aspirations
     Provide a safe, clean, caring, physical, emotional, spiritual & cultural                  Maori language in mainstream
      environment                                                                               Active participation by the Maori community in the day to day and corporate life of the
     Pro-active education and action on health & safety issues and concerns                     school
     Effective risk management & hazard identification                                         Improved achievement
     Implementation of ‘cultural safety statements into policy’
                                                                                                IMPLEMENTATION AND DEVELOPMENT OF INTERMEDIATE KAUPAPA – YEAR
          o    REVIEW OF PANDEMIC PLANNING PROCEDURES                                            1 – ESTABLISHMENT AT A YEAR 6 / 7 AND BUILDING TO A YEAR 7 / 8. – TARGET
                                                                                                 18 – AT CAPACITY

                                                                                                CULTURALLY APPROPRIATE PROPERTY DEVELOPMENT – CONSIDERATION
                                                                                                 OF TECHNOLOGY NEEDS AND FURTHER ROLL INCREASE

                                                                                                SUCCESSION PLANNING IN LEADERSHIP

ICT                                                                                        Pacific Islands Education
     Every classroom has network capability
     Information communication technology is integrated across curriculum                      Improved achievement
     Every classroom has at least two computers                                                Parent partnership & participation
     Confident and competent ICT and Computer Literacy                                         Celebrating Pasifika on-going
     Build capability and skill in the use of the Student Management System and the            To identify and respond to community needs and aspirations
      data within to plan for improvement in student learning – knowing what kids can do        Strengthen physical education, health and arts skills – ensure curriculum implementation
      and need to do next.                                                                      Provide specific professional development for staff – encourage children to think laterally,
                                                                                                 outside the square

      HARDWARE AND SOFTWARE NEEDS                                                                     o    COMMUNITY CAPABILITY BUILDING

Curriculum Focus NAG 1                                                                                                      Personnel & Employment
      Written language – Literacy         Self Review & Planning NAG 2                 Board Development NAG 2             NAG 3
       Development Plan implementation
                                                  2008 – 2010 Strategic Plan –                                                   Promote higher learning
      Strengthening ‘inference’ and
       comprehension skills                        consultation and development
                                                                                               BOT Training and                  Specify/clarify roles &
      Review school wide programme
                                                  Feasibility Year 7 & 8 bilingual             development                        expectations / job descriptions
       ‘Written Language’
      Assessment Review – What and                                                            BOT Governance manual             Review appraisal policy
       why do we assess? – Strengthen             School capacity and school zoning
                                                                                                – up-date                          statement & procedures
       information and use for
       improving practice                         Recognition of the school as a              Strategic Planning –              Employment audit – permanent
      Health & PE – focus on ‘Get                 special character school                     participation and process          & fixed term – appointments
       Active’ – reflect on teaching and                                                                                           review
       learning                                   Health & PE Programmes                      Sharing our success
      Developing curriculum                      Assessment                                                                     Up-date staff handbook

Community Partnership                                                                                                       Staff Development NAG 3
      Strengthen Maori partnership                                                                                               ICT Cluster development and
                                                                                                                                   curriculum integration
      Ngati Whatua – Hapai Heru                  NEWTON CENTRALSCHOOL                                                            Gifted and Talented – integration

                                                      ANNUAL PLAN
                                                                                                                                   and extension – develop ‘school
      Develop and consolidate Pasifika                                                                                            definition’
       community engagement &

                                                                                                                                  Written Language – Literacy
      Whanau groupings – wider school                                                                                             Development Plan – LDO’s / Team
       – parent engagement &                                                                                                       Solutions
       participation                              ‘Towards a bilingual / bicultural school’                                       Implementation of exemplars to
                                                                                                                                   inform teaching and learning
      ‘Towards a Bilingual / Bicultural
                                                   Developing a community curriculum                                              New Curriculum programme
      Bilingual Pedagogy

Compliance : NAG 6                         Health & Safety NAG 5                        Property NAG 4                      Finance NAG 4
      Late arrival & attendance –         Health Consultation
       follow up and improvement               Property Safety Checks – timeline          Review 10 Year Plan                   Audit and Annual Plan
       processes                               Evacuation Procedures – review                                                     Preparation
                                                                                           Develop 5 Year Plan –
                                                                                                                                  Consolidate and extend working
                                               Pandemic – procedures and                   Priorities 2008 – 2013                 capital surplus - $10,000
      BOT Reporting on                            preparation                             Senior Adventure Playground            minimum
       compliance – formats                    Civil Defence systems & resources          Environmental Schools                 Sponsorship & fundraising
                                                                                            Programme                              strategies
      Annual Reporting                           Impact of motorway on teaching and                                             Review financial management
       Requirements                                learning - acoustics                                                            systems policy and procedures
                                                                                                                                  Up-date and review Asset
                                                                                                                                   register & accession procedures

                                              Newton Central School – Te Kura-a Rito o Newton
                                                      Annual Targets to Charter 2008

Strategic Goal:     All students achieving at age appropriate levels in literacy – reading
        Specific Target                        Historic Data                                 Pathway                                     Support
     (must be measurable)          (where we are now – what have we                  (how will we achieve this)            (systems & resources / programmes /
                                            identified as need)                                                                            $$
                                 See attached assessment and charter           Initial assessment using the STAR             Purchase of STAR Reading
All students at Years 4 – 6      / variation statement against targets          ASSESSMENT TOOL will be                        Assessment docs March & Nov –
achieving at age appropriate     2007.                                          undertaken in March 2008 across the            NZCER. $500
levels / stanines in the                                                        age ranges Years 3 – 6.                       Development of Student
                                 New staff and Beginning teachers for
successful skills / knowledge    2008 need induction and support / PD                                                          Management Systems software to
of reading by November 2008.     to achieve consistency of practice            Analysis of results and data will enable       facilitate data entry, reporting and
                                                                                the identification of strengths and            subsequent analysis. $1500
                                 across the school
                                                                                needs. Individual support and extension       Administration support for data entry.
                                 Parent reading Programmes                      will be provided to enable individuals        Leadership & Management time for
                                 successful for all those participating –       and groups of students to further              Literacy Leadership. $10000
                                 see attached                                   achieve.
NB: In-depth analysis of data,                                                                                                Purchase of reading resources / texts
critical reflection, and                                                       Analysis of data and critical reflection
                                                                                                                               for instruction, individual reading,
                                                                                                                               recreational reading and extension
strategic development must to                                                   of teaching practice will inform review        $4000
inform teaching and learning                                                    and targets for improvement /                 Library skills teacher – all classes
to improve outcomes.                                                            programme delivery.                            develop skills to motivate and
                                                                                                                               improve use of facility $6000
Assessment is of learning for                                                  Data collection and analysis through          Training and establishment of Parent
improving delivery and quality                                                  running records and PROBE assessment           reading Programme – Rocket reading
based on school and teacher                                                     will be on-going and inform needs /            RTLB to facilitate

knowledge to improve student                                                    change                                        Rainbow Reading Instruction
outcomes                                                                                                                       Programme – purchase of materials
                                                                               STAR ASSESSMENT will be                        and equipment / teacher Aide support
                                                                                undertaken in November and analysis
                                                                                will inform ‘value added’ and next steps      Training / facilitation of Tuakana /
                                                                                for targets in 2009                            Teina / Peer reading Programme
        Specific Target                     Historic Data                            Pathway                                   Support
     (must be measurable)        (where we are now – what have we            (how will we achieve this)          (systems & resources / programmes /
                                         identified as need)                                                                     $$

                                                                                                                    Purchase of Library Books $2,000
                                                                       Strong, informed and experienced team
                                                                        leadership and direction                    Designated Leadership with the
                                                                                                                     provision of appropriate release
All students in Years 1 – 3
                                                                       Quality first teaching – smaller pupil       time for support and development
making the necessary
learning progressions in the                                            teacher ratios                              Subsidize pupil teacher ratio -
developmental stages towards                                                                                         $5,000
                                                                       Professional dialogue and critical
literacy – reading                                                      reflection                                  Encourage pairing of teachers to
                                                                                                                     facilitate dialogue / reflection on
                                                                                                                     specific teaching strategies,
                                                                       Knowing the students and their               pedagogy and needs of students
                                                                        individuals / group needs

                                                                       Each child in mainstream classes            Designated teacher to undertake
                                                                        undertakes 6 Year Net Diagnostic             6 Yr Assessment of students – all
                                                                        Assessment and needs identified and          students assessed
                                                                        programme developed

                                                                       Individual pathways for those with          IEP facilitated by team leaders in
All students at age                                                                                                  collaboration with needs
appropriate / norm stanines as                                          identified needs integrated into
                                                                                                                     coordinator, parents and
                                                                        classroom programmes
assessed in the 6 Year Net                                                                                           classroom teachers – provision of
Diagnostic Survey                                                                                                    active / people resource where
                                                                       Provision of Reading recovery for 4          necessary
                                                                        students at each period of time – 1-1
                                                                                                                    Junior teacher to undertake
                                                                                                                     reading recovery training and this
                                                                                                                     also facilitates paired teaching /
                                                                       Small support in literacy groups             dialogue etc – dialogue /
                                                                                                                     pedagogy evident / improvement
                                                                       Focused teaching – programme review          in achievement for students
                                                                        – professional collaboration                 participating
                                                                                                                    Team leader to work alongside
Year 3 students at age                                                 Tuakana / Teina – peer reading               teachers to facilitate small groups
appropriate stanines across                                             programmes                                   where need arises
the features measured by the                                           Year 3 students assessed using STAR         Tuakana / Teina programme in
STAR Assessment Tool                                                    Assessment Tool – programme review           action – progress evident
                                                                        and individual / group support

                         Reading Ages Whole School Y2 - Y7 2007




         60                                        103

         40                                                                  73


                     Below                       At                     Above

The assessment tool used to monitor progress and achievement at mid and end of year was PROBE – both in English and
Whilst this graph show 60 students reading below their chronological age at year end, further analysis shows of this
number 10 are first year English Transition students, 10 are yet to start English Transition and 10 are ESOL students in
specific programmes. Further to this, 7 students are Autistic Spectrum / Downs Syndrome and have individual education
plans in place. Nine of the children identified as achieving below their chronological age participated in a Parent reading
Programme and made steady progress throughout the year. This analysis has prompted us to apply to train a teacher to
enable us to implement a Reading recovery Programme in 2008 to cater for 4 students at a time.

It is worth attending to the fact that across the school we have a higher than ‘normal – 23%’ group of students reading
approximately 2 years and more above their chronological age – 31%.

                             Mid Year Probe Assessment - Mainstream

   160            At / Above, 154

                                                                                           Below, 39
                     At / Above                                                              Below


Attachment – appendix 7 & 8

                         End Year Probe Assessment - Mainstream

                At / Above, 119




                                                                                  Below, 16

                  At / Above                                                        Below


The students featuring in the graphs below – Maori medium and Year 1/2 do not show in the
end year graph above.
                 End Year Probe Assessment - Maori Medium - English

                 At / Above, 26
                                                                                  Below, 23
                   At / Above                                                       Below

Attachment – Appendix 9
Of the 49 students in this group 7 have not at this stage had any formal exposure to instruction in English and
the remainder only minimal. This aside, more than 50% of them are reading at or above their chronological age
in their 2nd language of instruction!

                 End Year Probe Assessment - Year 1 / 2 Assessment

  18           At / Above, 17








    2                                                                           Below, 1

                 At / Above                                                      Below

Attachment – Appendix 10

               Mid / End Probe Results / Comparision - Maori Immersion
                        English Transition Programme - Yr 4 - 6

  20                                                                End, 19
                                Mid, 16
                                                                                           At / Above
    8            Mid, 7
                                                         End, 4
                          Mid                                     End

Attachment – Appendix 11

  Literacy – Rumaki Students English Transition Programme – Progress and
                          Achievement – 2006 / 7
In 2006 PROBE Reading Assessment was undertaken in both English and Maori for the 23 English transition
students from the Tuakana Yr 3 – 6 Rumaki class. This programme of English transition was provided 1 day a
week for all students at the Year 4 – 6 year levels to undertake an intensive development programme where
specific knowledge, skills and abilities to transition and learn English language and reading skills was

undertaken. For some (Year 3 & 4) this was their first formal exposure to the learning of English. Assessments
were taken in both Maori & English Probe at both Middle and End of Year Periods. Analysis indicates that:

All children made progress over the year in English. The minimum progress was 0.5 year level and the greatest
progress was 3.5 year levels. The average progress was 1.45. All children at the Year 6 level transitioning (blue
highlight) apart from one who was on an individual support programme were reading in English equivalent or
above mainstream full English medium students. This shows that some students initially take time to achieve
their chronological age level in reading. However, by the time most finish their Year 6 they are equal to or
above their mainstream peers. Some however, transition to English having undertaken all of their literacy
instruction in Te Reo Maori, at a level above their chronological age and their peers in mainstream. These
results are representative of research evidence on transition programmes. Students in red ink indicate their first
year on the programme - some commencing in mid year whilst those in black indicate their second year on the
programme. The data analysis for 2007 results should make an interesting comparison.

                STUDENT               MID PROBE           END PROBE           GAIN – YR Level
            TA                           6.5 – 7.5            7.5 – 8.5               1
            HA                         10.5 – 11.5             13 - 14               2.5
            TEA                         9.5 – 10.5             11 - 12               1.5
            KAG                            6-7                6.5 – 7.5              0.5
            DB                                              12.5 – 13.5
            SB                          6.5 – 7.5               9 - 10               2.5
            MT                           14 - 15            14.5 – 15.5              0.5
            MF                           12 - 13            13.5 – 14.5              0.5
            TF                           12 - 13            14.5 – 15.5              2.5
            RGH                           8-9               11.5 – 12.5              3.5
            KH                                                  5–6
            TH                                              14.5 – 15.5
            KHA                          11 - 12               13 - 14                2
            THE                        9.5 – 10.5           12.5 – 13.5               3
            DL                           14 - 15            14.5 – 15.5              0.5
            PM                        13.5 – 14.5           14.5 – 15.5               1
            TEM                                               7.5 – 8.5
            TEMA                        6.5 – 7.5               9 - 10               2.5
            UM                            8-9               11.5 – 12.5              3.5
            RM                          5.5 – 6.5                7-8                 1.5
            RS                          5.5 – 6.5                7-8                 1.5
            TS                                                   8-9
            TEW                         6.5 – 7.5                8-9                 1.5
Results show evidence of fast progress and development for these children many of whom at the Year 6 level
are equal to – but mostly above - the ability level of mainstream students having had all off their education
through the English medium.

Mid – End Te Reo Probe Results

               STUDENT            MID PROBE – TE END PROBE – TE                GAIN – YR Level
                                        REO           REO
           TA                                        10 - 11
           HA                          10 - 11       12 - 13                            2
           TEA                        8.5 – 9.5      11 - 12                           2.5
           KAG                            8-9         11-12                             3
           DB                                         10-11
           SB                          8.5-9.5        10-11                            1.5
           MT                           10-11         10-11
           MF                           11-12         12-13                             1
           TF                           10-11         13-14                             3
           RGH                          10-11         12-13                             2
           KH                         7.5 – 8.5        9-10                            1.5
           TH                                         10-11
           KHA                           9-10         12-13                             3
           THE                          10-11         12-13                             2
           DL                           11-12         12-13                             1
           PM                           12-13         12-13
           TEM                        7.5 – 8.5        9-10                            1.5
           TEMA                       8.5 – 9.5       10-11                             1
           UM                             7-8         10-11                             3
           RM                         8.5 – 9.5       10-11                            1.5
           RS                             8-9         10-11                             2
           TS                            9-10         10-11                             1
           TEW                            8-9          9-10                             1

PROBE results in Te reo Maori and comparison from mid to end of year show most children made some
progress. The minimum progress was 1 year and the maximum progress was 3 years. The average progress was
1.6 years. Of the 21 students, all were above their chronological age in Te Reo Maori PROBE reading
assessment. Those showing no mid PROBE results were not present for the assessment. The only child to
remain at the same level mid – end made huge gains in consolidation and comprehension of text.
Parent Rocket Reading Programme – Data Analysis of Achievement
In 2005 analysis of data and monitoring of students identified a need to provide reading practice support for a
group of students in our school. As a result we worked in collaboration with our school cluster RTLB
(Resource Teacher Learning & Behavior) to undertake training of parent volunteers. Following this a
programme was set up in 2006 where parents were timetabled on a daily basis to read with students for a term
and as children progressed they were moved on so that others could gain from the programme.

In 2006 we commenced with 9 students and this grew to 13 in 2007 as a result of parents responding to the fact
that they had evidence that they could make a difference.

            Parent Reading Programme 2006 Student Progress





            W       A       NH      M       JW       T        MT        N     K

The minimum movement for students was 3 levels with the maximum being 10 levels. The average
improvement was 6.4 reading levels on the Reading Recovery Levels Scale.

                 Parent Reading Programme 2007 Progress of
                            students Terms 2 - 4
















The minimum movement for students was 2 levels with the maximum being 9 levels. The average improvement
was 9 levels on the Reading Recovery Levels Scale.

This assessment tool is used to undertake assessment of all children in mainstream classes at the age of six. It assists
with determining progress and development of children and the early literacy skills they possess as well as
identifying students with skills and those with need of support programmes. Analysis of this data assists with
determining priorities for programme review, teacher development and targeted resources. Analysis of 2007 data
indicates a high level of skill for most of our students at 6 years of age. We have identified a need to provide
Reading Recovery Training for a staff member to enable us to provide a 1 – 1 support programme for a group of
students with needs. The prioritizing and Board of Trustees resourcing of lower pupil/ teacher ratios in junior
classes has had a huge impact on the progress and achievement of our students as early learners as has ensuring
quality teaching and learning programmes and skilled and committed teachers and team leadership.

The Diagnostic Survey comprises specific assessment in the key areas / skills of Literacy - Letter Identification;
Dictation – Hearing & Recording; Word Identification; Concepts about Print; and Instructional Reading.

                                   Letter Identification - 6 Year Net



                                               3                       3
           0                                                                       0          0
       Stanine 1 Stanine 2 Stanine 3 Stanine 4 Stanine 5 Stanine 6 Stanine 7 Stanine 8 Stanine 9

Of the 22 students turning 6 in 2007 (mainstream only) most are in the average to above average stanine 4 – 9
range. The biggest single group being at stanine 9! This is attributed to an emphasis in teaching and learning on
Phonemic Awareness and the Magic Caterpillar Programmes in the junior team. Three (3) students are below
achievement expectation and they are being catered for in support programmes.

                        Dictation - Hearing and Recording - 6 Year Net






                        1                                              1
             0                      0                                                 0          0
        Stanine 1 Stanine 2 Stanine 3 Stanine 4 Stanine 5 Stanine 6 Stanine 7 Stanine 8 Stanine 9

Again most students feature in the 4 – 9 stanine levels with a large group at stanine 9. Only 1 child falls in the lower
stanine quartile and is currently on an IEP.

                              Word Identification - Clay - 6 Year Net


                        1                      1
            0                                                         0           0          0
        Stanine 1 Stanine 2 Stanine 3 Stanine 4 Stanine 5 Stanine 6 Stanine 7 Stanine 8 Stanine 9

Again, most students feature in the mid (8) upper (9) stanine groups. Of the students featuring in the lower stanines
(5) two are identified with special needs and three as students of ESOL. Programmes are in place for them.

                               Concepts About Print - 6 Year Net



                                                                              3                     3
                       2                     2
            1                     1                                1
         Stanine 1 Stanine 2 Stanine 3 Stanine 4 Stanine 5 Stanine 6 Stanine 7 Stanine 8 Stanine 9

In the above graph of assessment results are more evenly spread across the stanines. However, most still feature in
the mid / upper stanines. Teaching and learning programmes have targeted specific aspects of print concepts and
these results reflect this.

                                 Writing Vocabulary - 6 Year Net


                                                       4                      4
           1          1                                            1

        Stanine 1 Stanine 2 Stanine 3 Stanine 4 Stanine 5 Stanine 6 Stanine 7 Stanine 8 Stanine 9

Most students at 6 years feature in the mid – upper stanines 4 – 9. These results concur with teacher philosophy
and practice in phonemic development and whole school spelling infrastructures and programmes. The results
highlight a need for a strong print and spelling programme for ESOL students and this is incorporated into
developments and programmes for 2008.

Instructional Reading – Age 6 Years – Reading levels
                                            Reading Level at Age 6

    5                                                                                               Series1

























Reading ages are well spread across the early reading levels with the largest single group being well above their
chronological age. Those at the lower end are targeted for special support and reading recovery programmes.

                                     Newton Central School – Te Kura-a Rito o Newton
                                             Annual Targets to Charter 2008

Strategic Goal:      All students achieving at age appropriate levels in literacy – writing

       Specific Target                     Historic Data                                  Pathway                                      Support
    (must be measurable)           (where we are now – what have                 (how will we achieve this)                     (systems & resources /
                                       we identified as need)                                                                      programmes / $$
                                  Focus areas for 2008 – Years 4 - 6        The designation of an experienced               Designated literacy leadership
A school – wide 100 point             Content of writing –                  teacher as Literacy leader, with the key
increase in overall                     enrichment of content                knowledge, skill and ability to support         Provision of leadership release
achievement against the 2007                                                 teachers in the implementation, analysis         time
                                                                             and use of this to improve the teaching
results as attested on the              Surface features of writing         of writing                                      Principal actively participating in
AsTTLe assessment features               with a focus on spelling and                                                         the leadership process
                                                                            Whole staff workshops on effective and
– both surface and deep - in             punctuation                         successful teaching, highlighting point of      Designated staff
written language – Recount –                                                 skill development and needs for students         workshop/meeting time – teacher
in both English and Te Reo                                                  Modeling ‘best practice’ – utilizing staff
                                                                                                                              Only Day / Call back day
Maori.                                  Develop an overview and             knowledge, strengths and expertise              Further development and
                                         teaching pedagogy for the          Whole staff workshops on moderation of           implementation of The Literacy
An improved school-wide                  modeling of writing within          recount Samples                                  Development plan in collaboration
student attitude to writing.                                                                                                  with The Ministry of education
                                         the classroom – Writing            Undertake 1st assessment of Recount
                                                                                                                              Literacy development Officer and
                                                                             Sample in April and implement teaching
                                         Exemplars to be utilised as a       strategies                                       Team Solutions
An improved student                      model of children’s writing
motivation for writing.                                                     Re-assess in June – comparison of data -        Targeted whole staff professional
                                                                             value added – needs for programme                development – team Solutions
                                        Raising our growth target to        improvement and professional                     and utilizing expertise within the
An improved knowledge and                100 points as 2008 is our           development further identified                   school – modeling, dialogue,
skill base in the features both          second year with regard our        Review and further develop Literacy
                                                                                                                              support and collaboration
surface and deep of written              focus on literacy                   Development Plan with MOE Literacy
language by students                                                         leader and Team Solutions support
                                                                            Create a purpose to write – publishing
                                                                             and school publication

       Specific Target                  Historic Data                                 Pathway                                      Support
    (must be measurable)        (where we are now – what have                (how will we achieve this)                     (systems & resources /
                                    we identified as need)                                                                     programmes / $$
                                     Using assessment data to          The designation of an experienced               Designated literacy leadership
                                      create learning intentions         teacher as Literacy leader, with the key
                                                                         knowledge, skill and ability to support         Provision of leadership release
                                                                         teachers in the implementation, analysis         time
                                                                         and use of this to improve the teaching
                               Focus areas for 2008 – Years 0 - 3        of writing                                      Principal actively participating in
                                   Using assessment data to            Whole staff workshops on effective and
                                                                                                                          the leadership process
                                     create learning intentions          successful teaching, highlighting point of      Designated staff
                                   Develop an overview and              skill development and needs for students         workshop/meeting time – teacher
                                     teaching pedagogy for the          Modeling ‘best practice’ – utilizing staff
                                                                                                                          Only Day / Call back day
                                     modeling of writing within          knowledge, strengths and expertise              Further development and
                                     the classroom – Writing            Whole staff workshops on moderation of           implementation of The Literacy
                                     Exemplars to be utilised as         recount Samples                                  Development plan in collaboration
                                                                                                                          with The Ministry of education
                                     model of children’s writing        Undertake 1st assessment of Recount
                                                                                                                          Literacy development Officer and
                                   Focus on teaching the                Sample in April and implement teaching
                                                                                                                          Team Solutions
                                                                         strategies .Re-assess in June –
                                     deeper features of writing          comparison of data - value added –              Targeted whole staff professional
                                   Develop a continuum of               needs for programme improvement and
                                                                                                                          development – team Solutions
                                                                         professional development further
                                     where to next to develop            identified
                                                                                                                          and utilizing expertise within the
                                     next learning steps                                                                  school – modeling, dialogue,
                                                                        Review and further develop Literacy              support and collaboration
                                   Teaching to focus on                 Development Plan with MOE Literacy
                                     developing a student voice          leader and Team Solutions support
                                     in the content of writing          Create a purpose to write – publishing          Overall aim is to build staff
Review of teaching and                                                   and school publication                           capability, knowledge, skills and
learning and the collective          No consistent written             Review of current documents – align with
                                                                                                                          abilities to strengthen writing
development of NCS writing            language programme and             revised curriculum and new learning              across the school. – Consistent
progressions and Writing                                                 from development programme –                     practice and judgment in
                                      assessment process was in                                                           determining against indicators /
                                                                         feedback and support – MOE LDO &
Scheme linked to the revised          place in 2007. This is             Team Solutions.                                  exemplars
curriculum                            currently being reviewed.
                                                                        Identify priorities for whole staff
                                      Staff is working                   development to build capability KSA’s
A comprehensive written               collaboratively to develop         .Incorporate community feedback –               Forward thinking to 2009 –
language assessment and               this using the revised             contexts for writing                             strengthen leadership, clear
                                                                                                                          planning and guidelines –
development programme                 curriculum, AsTTle and            Identify student learning progressions
                                                                                                                          collegial approach to assessment
with clear guidelines and             the learning progressions to       and expectations at each year level
                                                                                                                          judgment – improved dialogue
expectations                          support the development           Annual written language target included
                                                                         in annual documents / action plans

               Data Analysis: Writing
School: Newton Central School                                                           Date: December 2007                Baseline/comparative

Group: Mainstream Years 0 to 6

Data source   Date 1 Date: April                                            Data 2 Date: November                                               Comment
                                                                                                                                           What is different?
                                                          Year Groups                                               Year Groups
asTTle                                          4       5      6                                                4     5      6
console       Is our school median at or       N      Y       N             Is our school median at or      Y          Y     Y         Our Year 4 and Year 6
Y4-8          above the national median?                                    above the national median?                                 students are now achieving
              (Y/N)                                                         (Y/N)                                                      above the national median.
                                                                                                                                       Therefore all year groups are
                                                                                                                                       achieving above the national
              What is the median aWs for       392    444     469           What is the median aWs for      442        465   498       There was growth at all levels.
              each year group?                                              each year group?                                           Year 4 students achieved our
                                                                                                                                       target growing by 50 points.
              Where is Attitude compared to                                 Where is Attitude compared to
              national picture?                Lower Same Higher            national picture?               Lower Same Higher
              How does Depth of Thinking       Surface Features are:        How does Depth of Thinking      Surface Features are:      The trend is that Depth of
              compare to national mean?                                     compare to national mean?                                  Thinking is generally lower
                                               Lower Same Higher                                            Lower Same Higher          than the national mean.
                                                                                                                                       The shift has been that
                                                                                                                                       Deeper Features of writing
                                               Deeper Features are:                                         Deeper Features are:       have progressed to the same
                                                                                                                                       level as the national mean.
                                               Lower Same Higher                                            Lower Same Higher          However, Surface Features
                                                                                                                                       have remained in the lower
                                                                                                                                       band as related to the national
              Curriculum Functions: What are   Audience Content             Curriculum Functions:           Audience Content           The Audience curriculum
              the strengths?                   Structure                    What are the strengths?         Structure                  function has remained a
                                               Language Resources Grammar                                   Language Resources         strength. There has also been
                                               Punctuation Spelling                                         Grammar Punctuation        an improvement in the
                                                                                                                                       Structure of children’s
                                                                                                            Spelling                   writing.
              Curriculum Functions: What are   Audience Content             Curriculum Functions:           Audience Content           There has been improvement
              the weaknesses?                  Structure                    What are the weaknesses?        Structure                  in the area of writing
                                               Language Resources Grammar                                   Language Resources         Structure. There remains
                                               Punctuation Spelling                                         Grammar Punctuation        weaknesses with content,
                                                                                                                                       punctuation and spelling.

asTTle Tabular      What is the average aWs          424                                        What is the average aWs   468                                        There has been an
Output Y4-6         score?                                                                      score?                                                               improvement of 44 points.
                                                                                                                                                                     Our target for the year was a
                                                                                                                                                                     50 point improvement in the
                                                                                                                                                                     first year of our Literacy
                    What is the average              2P                                         What is the average       2A                                         There has been a shift of 1
                    Curriculum Level Years 4 to                                                 Curriculum Level?                                                    curriculum level.
                    How many students at each                   0                               How many students at                 1                     2
                    curriculum level?                <2b                   4b                   each curriculum level?    <2b                   4b
                                                                15                                                                   6
                                                     2b                    4p                                             2b                    4p
                                                                19                                                                   8
                                                     2p                    4a                                             2p                    4a
                                                                6                                                                    10
                                                     2a                    5b                                             2a                    5b
                                                                8                                                                    12
                                                     3b                    5p                                             3b                    5p
                                                                2                                                                    7
                                                     3p                    5a                                             3p                    5a
                                                     3a                    6b                                             3a                    6b
                    How many students at or          Y4     Y5       Y6         Y7        Y8    How many students at or   Y4     Y5       Y6         Y7        Y8
                    above national mean?             454    482      504        518       536   above national mean?      454    482      504        518       536
                                                                                                                                                                     A general increase in students
                                                     6      2        5                                                    12     4        10                         achieveing at or above the
                                                                                                                                                                     national mean. The increase in
                                                                                                                                                                     numbers are due to new
                                                                                                                                                                     enrolments over the second half
                                                                                                                                                                     of the year.
Excel spreadsheet   How many students at each                                                                                                              7
Y1-3                level?                           0                     2b         5                                   0                     2b
                                                                13                    4                                              25                    5
                                                     1i                    2p                                             1i                    2p
                                                                26                                                                   22                    6
                                                     1ii                   2a         8                                   1ii                   2a
                                                                8                     8                                              9                     12
                                                     1iii                  3                                              1iii                  3
                    Curriculum Functions: What are   Audience Content                           Curriculum Functions:     Audience Content                           There are strengths in the
                    the strengths?                   Structure                                  What are the strengths?   Structure                                  areas of Audience, Content

                                                       Language Resources                               Language Resources        and Punctuation
                                                       Grammar Punctuation                              Grammar Punctuation
                                                       Spelling                                         Spelling
                      Curriculum Functions: What are   Audience Content      Curriculum Functions:      Audience Content          There are weaknesses in the
                      the weaknesses?                                        What are the weaknesses?   Structure                 areas of Structure, Language
                                                       Structure                                        Language Resources        Resources, Grammar and
                                                       Language Resources                               Grammar Punctuation       Spelling
                                                       Grammar Punctuation                              Spelling

In summary while there have been positive shifts in learning as stated in the comments boxes in this document. The data analysis has highlighted
areas for improvement in 2008. They are as follows:

Focus areas for 2008 – Years 4 to 6

      Content of writing – enrichment of content
      Surface features of writing with a focus on spelling and punctuation
      Develop an overview and teaching pedagogy for the modeling of writing within the classroom – Writing Exemplars to be utilised as a model
       of children’s writing
      Raising our growth target to 100 points as 2008 is our second year with regard our focus on literacy
      Using assessment data to create learning intentions

The above focus areas have implications for the Junior school as at a Year 4 level there is a need to include the above focus areas at a Year 2 and 3
level. It will be an interesting exercise to track growth after a years focus on these language areas.

Focus areas for 2008 – Years 0 to 3

      Using assessment data to create learning intentions
      Develop an overview and teaching pedagogy for the modeling of writing within the classroom – Writing Exemplars to be utilised as model of
       children’s writing
      Focus on teaching the deeper features of writing
      Develop a continuum of where to next to develop next learning steps
      Teaching to focus on developing a student voice in the content of writing

                                          Newton Central School – Te Kura-a Rito o Newton
                                                  Annual Targets to Charter 2008

Strategic Goal:     All students achieving at age appropriate levels - mathematics & numeracy

       Specific Target                       Historic Data                                     Pathway                                    Support
    (must be measurable)             (where we are now – what have                    (how will we achieve this)                   (systems & resources /
                                         we identified as need)                                                                       programmes / $$
All students at Years 4 – 6            See attached data from                  March 2008                                    NZCER Maths PAT Assessment
achieving at age appropriate           Statement of Variation 2007 – this                                                    Resources ordered for both Pre &
                                                                               Initial assessment March 2009 – use of
Stanine by year end 2008               forms the basis of areas for
                                                                               NZCER Marking Service to give in-depth
                                                                                                                             Post   teaching    and    learning
                                       improvement and must inform                                                           programmes. $800
                                                                               analysis of needs and strengths across the
                                                                               school and to identify individual and group   Data entry to transfer to SMS $500
                                                                               needs. This information to inform review of
                                                                                                                             Principal and Senior Management to
                                      81% of all students Years 4 – 6         teaching and learning programmes and
                                       achieving at stanine 4 – 6. These                                                     analyse data and feedback to staff /
                                                                               integration of learning next steps into
                                       figures include: 87% of boys; 87% of                                                  BOT
                                                                               classroom teaching and learning and
                                       Year 4 students; 87% of Year 5          maintenance programmes.                       Ensure we provide the optimum
NB: In-depth analysis of data,         students; 94% of Year 6 students;
                                                                                                                             conditions for the assessment so that
                                       95% Rumaki Immersion students;          September 2008
critical reflection, and               87% Maori Students; 80% Bilingual;                                                    it is an assessment of Maths not test
strategic development must to          62% Pasifika Students and 76% of        Further assessment – post teaching – data     conditions or reading!
                                                                               analysis and hoped for ‘value added’
inform teaching and learning           girls.
to improve outcomes.
                                      significant gains have been made
Assessment is of learning for          under the area of Number Knowledge
                                       and Geometry (both of these areas
improving delivery and quality         showed as gaps in the 2006 results)
based on school and teacher           future focus will be the development
knowledge to improve student           of Number Strategies and Statistics
                                       as these areas demonstrate a need
outcomes                               for improvement based on 2007 data

                                      further development will be using the
                                       data in teams to review our current
                                       teaching in order to determine
                                       classroom programmes for the
                                       remainder of the year.

   Specific Target                    Historic Data                                      Pathway                                      Support
(must be measurable)          (where we are now – what have                     (how will we achieve this)                     (systems & resources /
                                  we identified as need)                                                                          programmes / $$
   All staff capable and       6 new teaching staff employed for       Identification of staff needing to participate      All staff provided with the
    confident in using the      2008. All require training in the       in the Numeracy Training Programmes                  opportunity        to     undertake
    Numeracy Assessment         Numeracy Project.                       2008. Provide release and additional                 Numeracy project Training – 5
    Diagnostic Tool to          BOT allocated funds to enable
                                                                        mentoring support from those with more               staff will be attending in 2008 to a
                                                                        experience – monitoring of the input into            total cost of $5200 for teacher
    determine student’s KS      participation in the project.
                                                                        teaching and learning programmes as a                release – 5 x 4 days @ $260
    and next learning steps     Attendance and impact on                result of the PD
                                teaching and learning to be                                                                 Designated        Numeracy         /
                                                                                                                             Mathematics Leadership – up-
   All new staff to            monitored as part of appraisal
                                                                                                                             skilled via the Numeracy Project
    undertake Numeracy          process 2008                            Identify a teacher of experience to lead the
                                                                        Numeracy development in the school.                  facilitators and with the provision
    Training                                                            Establish a numeracy / mathematics team              of release time to support
                                                                        to review current programme, link with               teachers
                                Assessments informing practice
                                and review of teaching and              feedback on revised curriculum and draft
                                learning programmes                     new mathematics teaching and learning
                                                                        plan with clearly state achievement
                                No specific and designated              expectations
                                leadership in Mathematics /
                                Numeracy – to appoint to
                                strengthen practice and KSA of
                                all staff – provide release and
                                                                                                                         Need    analysis  undertaken to
                                Analysis of data and professional                                                        determine resource and support
                                discussion and observation identifies                                                    needs
                                Y2 students as a group entering Y3      Assessment expectations – timelined and
   All students within         not having sufficient knowledge and     monitored. Data collated into SMS and
    appropriate age             skill to move from counting concrete    delegated responsibility for analysis and        Quality of teaching and learning
                                materials to counting on strategies.    reporting. Individual teachers / Teams use
    achievement bands on        They also lack knowledge and skills
                                                                                                                         programme integrated into Quality
                                                                        data to inform teaching practice and to          Assurance / Appraisal Programme –
    the Team Solutions          in basic fact counting in fives and     improve programmes – Team Leaders                specific  feedback     for  further
    Numeracy tracking           tens and in place value.
                                                                        support / provide leadership or arrange          development / support given to
    Grid                                                                observations / mentoring from experienced        teachers
                                See attached numeracy                   teachers
                                assessment grid - 2006
                                58% - At or above                                                                        Planning for support / extension
                                40% - Near expectation                  Ensure all classes have appropriate              programmes to be provided in 2009
                                24% - at risk (includes: ESOL,          resources to support teaching and learning       under special programmes
                                Special Needs and ORRS                  programme
Concerns                   MATHS
                                                PAT MAths 2007 - Newton Distribution
2007               ABOVE    AVE    BELOW         Against National Normal Distribution
Norms               23%     54%     23%

Whole School        27%     54%     19%    35
Maori               17%     70%     13%    30
Pacific Nation      5%      57%     38%    25
Boys                36%     51%     13%    20
Girls               21%     55%     24%    15
Year 4              35%     52%     13%    10
Year 5              35%     52%     13%    5
Year 6              50%     44%     6%     0

                                           St e 2

                                           St e 3

                                           St e 4

                                           St e 5

                                           St e 6

                                           St e 7

                                           St e 8

Rumaki              22%     73%     5%















Bilingual           13%     67%     20%

Fanau Pasifika              36%     64%

                                       Comparison of results PAT Mathematics Assessment 2006 – 2007

                                                     PAT Maths Comparison of results 2006 - 2007

                                        Stanine Stanine Stanine Stanine Stanine Stanine Stanine Stanine Stanine
                                           1       2       3       4       5       6       7       8       9

Further analysis of achievement data from PAT Mathematics identified the need to consolidate Measurement, Geometric Knowledge & Operations and
both Statistics and Probability. These strands were reviewed and changes made to both teacher programmes and practice. The Asttle formative assessment
tool was used to measure progress against the set improvement targets.

Numeracy Assessment – GLOSS – Global Assessment Results – Newton Central School
end 2006 – from data listed
   Year Level           No of           At Risk             Near           At             Above             Special
                       Students                         Expectation   Expectation       Expectation         Abilities
   Year 0                 8                 0             1 = 10%       7 = 90%
   Year 1                 20            2 = 10%           7 = 35%       3 = 15%           8 = 40%
   Year 2                 17            7 = 41%           4 = 24%       6 = 35%
   Year 3                 29            4 = 13%          12 = 42%      12 = 42%                              1 = 3%
   Year 4                 29            3 = 10%          14 = 48%      10 = 35%           2 = 7%
   Year 5                 33            8 = 24%          16 = 48%       5 = 15%           4 = 13%
   Year 6
   Total No’s             136          24 = 17%           54 = 40%     43 = 32%           14 = 10%           1 = 1%
58% - At or above
40% - Near expectation
24% - at risk (includes: ESOL, Special Needs and ORRS Students)

                                      Newton Central School – Te Kura-a Rito o Newton
                                              Annual Targets to Charter 2008

Strategic Goal:     Strengthening Pasifika Education – Developing Community Vision and Partnership to Improve Student
       Specific Target                  Historic Data                               Pathway                                  Support
    (must be measurable)        (where we are now – what have              (how will we achieve this)                 (systems & resources /
                                    we identified as need)                                                               programmes / $$
As per school wide             Pasifika Students                    Assessment procedures do not                 Designate staff / management
expectation and targets.       overrepresented in low               disadvantage Pasifika students –             leadership       of     Pasifika
                               achieving and                        review use of traditional tools – PAT        education – strengthen Fanau
                               underrepresented in high             – develop tools with relevance to the        Pasifika – identify development
                               achievement areas across the         knowledge skills and experiences of          needs of teachers
                               school                               students

All Pasifika Students          Pasifika students have higher        Strengthening home school                    Review school wide attendance
attending school regularly     non-attendance / consistent          partnerships. Personal approached            monitoring     and    response
and consistently – on-time     attendance than all other            to community – collective                    systems – identify gaps and
and every day                  groups                               accountability – a Pasifika Plan by          ways to strengthen this –
                                                                    Pasifika, for Pasifika in the interests      integrate ‘cultural practices /
                                                                    of students and future – regular             accountabilities / community
                                                                    monitoring and reporting to                  into follow-up processes –
Establish a Pasifika Parent    Although there has been              established group – collective               agreement from all in strategic
Group and hold regular fono    consistent BOT representation        support                                      planning processes
to develop vision and          this has been an individual
discuss strengthening          position and this is difficult for
                                                                    Extend PI representation on BOT
Pasifika education             one person – expand
                               representation – formalise and       Actively recruit PI teachers – build
                                                                                                                 Needs involvement of all PI
A designated Pasifika          prioritise ‘fono’ and Pasifika       leadership and community relationships
                                                                    – support teacher initiatives with time      parents / students and their
Education Team of Teachers     community – active Principal
and Parents – a designated                                          and resources                                extended families to work –
                               promotion and participation –
teacher leader – senior                                                                                          Must be a partnership between
                               build capacity of PI teachers in     Give it mana!
management                                                                                                       school   management       and
                               the school.                                                                       community with teacher active
                                                                    Working as a community with a shared         engagement and support
A clear vision statement for                                        focus – our children our future – identify
Pasifika Education at Newton                                        hopes and aspirations – key areas for
Central School                 No formal documents exist for        development to strengthen kaupapa /          Time & Space and commitment
                               the vision or philosophy for         ownership / engagement =                     of Management / BOT and staff
       Specific Target                      Historic Data                              Pathway                                 Support
    (must be measurable)            (where we are now – what have             (how will we achieve this)                (systems & resources /
                                        we identified as need)                                                             programmes / $$
                                   Pasifika Education / Fanau          responsibility and accountability –         – seeing to be giving it priority –
Clear understanding and            Pasifika establishment – need       collective and collaborative                walk the talk!
ownership of the roles and         to do this to clarify and monitor   development of this document will
responsibilities to achieve the                                        enable a clear pathway to achievement       Active    engagement      with
                                   achievement against intentions
vision of: Students, Parents,                                                                                      community – Pasifika presence
Teachers, Management, BOT                                                                                          strengthened – role models –
and Wider Community.                                                                                               ownership of developments
                                                                       In-depth analysis of data in Literacy and
                               Data analysis to support                Numeracy, to identify strengths / needs
Review Fanau Pasifika against intentions – comparison Fanau            of programme – enable quality and in-       BOT funding for kai –
its intended purpose – Raising Pasifika / Mainstream – is there        depth review – Is it successful? What       opportunities, time / space to
Pasifika Achievement – and     a difference – positive /               needs to change? What are the               meet –
develop a documented           negative – what needs                   successes?
philosophy and statement of                                                                                       It needs is time, commitment,
                               improving etc
intent for this – accountability                                                                                  celebration and recognition of
                                   Lack of clear focus and             A clear vision and identification of steps the unique place of Pasifika in
                                   direction – nothing to              to achieve this enable opportunities to    our community. Each meeting
A Pasifika Education Strategic     strengthen responsibility and       participate and engage and celebrate       to      see    involvement     /
Plan for NCS 2009 – 2011           accountability to kaupapa and       achievement – identifying next steps – a participation grow. Notes and
                                   collective                          clear focus                                documents will evidence needs
An annual plan of actions and
                                                                                                                  / vision and pathway forward.
expected outcomes – owned          Traditionally targets / focus       Specific tasks. Timeframes and
by the community / school with     areas identified by                 measures – accountability /                 Strengthened home / school
accountabilities /                 management                          responsibility / review and reflection      partnership.
responsibilities from all.

                                    Newton Central School – Te Kura-a Rito o Newton
                                            Annual Targets to Charter 2008

Strategic Goal:    Strengthening Maori Education – ‘Ka Hikitia’ – ‘Extending and strengthening options’

       Specific Target                 Historic Data                             Pathway                            Support
    (must be measurable)       (where we are now – what have            (how will we achieve this)           (systems & resources /
                                   we identified as need)                                                       programmes / $$
Start the Year 7 – 8          Planning for this new initiative    Temporary set-up in room 3 – 1:18     Leadership support for teacher
Bilingual / Immersion Class   was in response to the desire       maximum role – combination of Year    and development of kaupapa
and develop the property      for whanau to continue the          6 & 7 students in the first year –    0.20 FTTE - $8000; Englsih
complex associated with       strength of relationships           moving to Year 7 & 8 Intermediate     Transition Programme – 0.20 -
this.                         between the school and parent       level 2009. Provide teaching and      $8,000;
                              community (Maori) as well as to     leadership support – development of   Classroom set-up and furniture
                              continue to provide quality         kaupapa and teaching and learning     $15,000
                              education at transition years for   programme – external provider for
                              the students – continuity!          technology.                           Property          Development
                              MOE approval for funding for        Whanau support, cohesiveness and
                              new property complex – design       integration of whanau specialist Liaison with intermediate to
                              and planning – whanau driven.       skills / knowledge into teaching and develop           Technology
                                                                  learning programme.                   Programme     –  Te    Atatu
                                                                                                        Intermediate – work towards
                                                                  Management           and     whanau local intermediate as provider
                                                                  development       of   new building in 2009.
                                                                  complex design and associated
                                                                  visioning for this. To be complete by
                                                                  Feb 09. – crucial!
                              Appoint Maori Education
Provide leadership and        expertise in leadership to          Identify personnel with knowledge Tamsin Hanly – knowledge and
teaching support /            support the work and                and strength to work in this area – expertise Team Solutions –
development                   development of the teacher.         develop plan of support and on- Numeracy Project

       Specific Target                 Historic Data                            Pathway                              Support
    (must be measurable)       (where we are now – what have           (how will we achieve this)             (systems & resources /
                                   we identified as need)                                                        programmes / $$
                                                                 going review / reflection on progress
                                                                 of initiative

                                                                 Monthly whanau hui to identify
                              Whanau owned and driven            actions / priorities and delegate       Provide time and space and
Strengthen whanau             kaupapa are the strength and       responsibility. On-going review and     Leadership     support     and
ownership, engagement         contributors to the success of     reflection on kaupapa and areas for     encouragement     –    teacher
and contribution to the new   Maori Ed initiatives at Newton –   strengthening and development           participation – acknowledge
pathway                       utilizing whanau knowledge                                                 additional time factor and
                              skill and abilities supports /                                             demands on teacher
                              models for students and offers     STAR Reading Assessment - March
                              them a broader curriculum          – identify individual / group needs /
                                                                 strengths – focus the learning – on-
                                                                 going     monitoring     PROBE     – School     wide     systems     /
Age appropriate                                                  assessment for ongoing monitoring personnel to support this –
achievement in Literacy –     School – Wide PD in Written        in Te Reo Maori – PROBE etc           purchase     of     appropriate
Reading & Writing             language using AsTTle Written                                            resources for assessment and
                              Language Indicators and                                                  also teaching and learning
                              Exemplars to inform teaching       AsTTle        Written       Language resources specific to Year 7 &
                                                                 Assessment March – June in 8 programme – literacy etc
                              practice – data analysis
                                                                 Recount both English and Maori –
                              identifies strengths needs and
                                                                 fous on needs and specific
                              next steps in teaching/learning
                                                                 dimensions of written language
                              Assessment Mar – June –            programme – extend content,
                              comparison of progress – goal      structure and both surface / deep Work with MOE LDO and Team
                              to improve by 100points on         features                              Solutions expertise in Literacy
                              2007 results – new initiative so                                         Programme
                              establishing base work and
                              developing expectations            Numpa     Assessment      Feb   –
Age appropriate
                                                                 November – comparison of progress
Numeracy/Maths for all
                                                                 and needs – review quality of           PD For staff member 5 x day –
students – implementation     New staff member – PD in           teaching and learning programme –       full day release for course
of support programmes         Numeracy Programme –               Staff PD – Numpa / Numeracy             participation $1500 – resources
where needs identified        support in leadership etc          Programme – monitor progress            $500
        Specific Target                Historic Data                            Pathway                        Support
     (must be measurable)      (where we are now – what have           (how will we achieve this)       (systems & resources /
                                   we identified as need)                                                  programmes / $$

  The production of an in-
  depth Curriculum Teaching   Linked to school wide              Collective   staff and    whanau Designated curriculum teams
  and Learning Plan at the    curriculum review in priority      development – link to school wide and leadership – support from
  Year 7 & 8 Level            areas Literacy / Maths / Heath     curriculum review                 MOE Website – Curriculum PD
                              & PE / Social Studies – plan for                                     in new curriculum – Leaders
                              whole school Y0 – Y8 – no                                            and Management – whanau
                              achievement expectations at                                          input imperative
                              this stage – need to be

                                                         ACTION       PLAN
   NAG/CHARTER REFERENCE:                                  DATE                                         TO

NAG 1: CURRICULUM REVIEW &                               Feb 2008                                     Dec 2008

  Effective, experienced and quality leadership of curriculum – overall and curriculum area specific
  Quality, effective individual curriculum leadership – Review roles, responsibilities and expectations - collaboration
  The consultation and development of a comprehensive community curriculum teaching & learning plan programme integrating key values
    vision and areas of focus identified as critical to the unique culture and philosophy of NCS – based on the revised NZ Curriculum.
  The identification of key knowledge, skills, abilities of each individual child at year levels – achievement expectations – across curriculum.
  Specific tasks to achieve       How will we do this?               Who will have                When completed?           How will we know when
                                                                     responsibility?                                            we have achieved?
     Effective, experienced    Needs analysis to identify                                                                Leaders appointed actively
                                gaps in knowledge and                                                                     promoting curriculum knowledge
      and quality leadership
                                understanding about NCS                                                                   and development across the school
      of curriculum – overall                                     Senior Management /                 April 2008          – reports to full school staff
      and curriculum area       curriculum programme                     Principal                                        meetings – on-going throughout
                                planning and development
      specific – Review                                                                                                   year
      curriculum                Strengths identified and roles                                                            Diverse leadership, participation
      management and            delegated for leadership –                                                                and engagement – world views –
      designate roles and       specific to Literacy            Staff / Snr Management /              May 2008            in curriculum review and
      responsibilities          Numeracy & Health & PE –                 Principal                                        development – sharing strengths –
                                 priorities 2008                                                                             feedback to staff meetings

                                 Establish curriculum                                                                        Dialogue and collaboration
    Quality, effective                                                                                                      evident in review process and
     individual curriculum       management teams – all staff       All teaching staff                                       development of learning area
     leadership – Review         to participate – review                                            December 2008            statements and programmes
                                 current programmes and
     roles, responsibilities
                                 align with revised curriculum
     and expectations –          – strengthen KSA of all staff                                                               Quality review and development
    The consultation and        Unpacking the revised                                                                       A clear statement of values –
     development of a            curriculum – aligning                                                                       specific to NCS and aligned to the
     comprehensive                                                                                                           revised NZ Curriculum –
                                 curriculum values with
     community curriculum        NCS values – How are                                                  From 2007             documented and reported to
                                                                    All teaching staff                                       community
     teaching & learning         these integrated into
     plan programme              school culture and                                                   March 2008
     integrating key values      practices?
     vision and areas of
                                                                                                                             Documented feedback from
     focus identified as         Consultation with staff,                                                                    all groups – contexts
     critical to the unique      students, BOT and parent
                                                                 Staff / Students / BOT /                                    integrated into draft
     culture and philosophy      community on values,                                                                        curriculum plans /
of NCS – based on the   content and context for                 Parents                 March 2008       overviews to form basis of
revised NZ              learning across learning                                                         NCS Curriculum Teaching
Curriculum.             areas;                                                                           and Learning plan – draft
                                                                                                         plan across prioritised curric
                        Integration of this into                                                         areas to staff meetings over
                        core curriculum plan and                                                         terms 3 & 4 for discussion
                        timeline for teaching;          On-going 2008 – review       March – September   and feedback
                        Specific learning area
                        curriculum teams integrate                                                       Draft curriculum plans for
                        feedback from                                                                    priority areas – Literacy,
                        consultation into teaching      On-going 2008 – review        March – October    Numeracy/Maths/Social
                        and learning programme as               teams                                    Studies & PE – tabled for
                        part of review – identify                                                        discussion – documented
                        NCS student achievement                                                          evidence
                        expectations in all learning
                        areas – clear statements to    All staff – curriculum team                       Shared dialogue and
                        enable review and                specific for discussion      December 2008      collegiality – sharing KSA.
                        monitoring of achievement               whole staff                              Clear statements of
                        against them for individual                                                      expectations across all age
                        and school as a whole                                                            levels and curriculum areas
                                                                                                         – prioritised for 2008
                        Senior management team
                        align feedback and team
                        work into overall school         Senior Management –                             Draft curriculum plan for
                        curriculum plan                  Designated curriculum                           presentation at TOD 2009
                                                           leaders / Principal        December 2008
                        Workshops – staff                                                                Vision statement / Mission
                        meetings to focus on our                                                         statement linked to core
                        unique philosophy –                                                              purpose of education and
                        beliefs, hopes, aspirations                                                      integrated into NCS priority
                        for teaching and learning                                                        – relationships – to each
                        and student outcomes at                                                          other to learning to the
                        NCS – input from                    Principal / BOT            October 2008      world etc
                        community, student                                                               Documented and formally
                        consultation – the                                                               adopted vision / mission
                        development of a clear,                                                          statement
                     concise and portable
                     mission/vision statement
                     linked to core purpose –
                     teaching and learning and
                     achievement of students                                                     Notes from call back days –
                                                                                                 evidence of progress and
                     Teacher call back days x 2                                                  achievement towards overall
                     to pull it all together into a                                              goal – bones of curriculum
                     framework – Te Whare                                                        plan in place – linking in
                     Ako – ensuring alignment                                                    progress – next steps and
                     with revised NZ                       All staff           October 2008      timeframes identified – plan
                     Curriculum but uniquely                                                     for 2008 – 2009 further
                     Newton                                                                      development completed

                     Draft curriculum plan –
                     including achievement                                                       Draft document circulated to
                     expectations and special                                                    community for feedback and
                     character – values etc to                                                   consideration – all included
                     community for                    Senior Management       November 2008      for workshop on TOD Feb
                     consultation / feedback                                                     2009

                     Teacher Only Day (MOE                                                       Final action plan for 2009
                     supported)– Feb 2009 to                                                     developed with clearly
                     pull it all together. Final          All Staff             Feb 2009         identified goals / actions and
                     draft to BOT March 2009                                                     timeline for completion

                                                      ACTION           PLAN

    NAG/CHARTER REFERENCE:                               DATE                                   TO

NAG 1: CURRICULUM – ASSESSMENT &                        Feb 2008                              Dec 2008

 High quality assessment for learning that identifies students next learning steps & K.S.A
 An assessment philosophy & procedures designed, owned and implemented by whole staff
 To meet school-wide standardized assessment requirements throughout the year
 To develop further assessment & shared Policy on assessment for learning, “evidence based learning/teaching.
 Review and develop new reporting format and student profile on SMS

 Specific tasks to achieve      How will we do this?              Who will have                When completed?            How will we know when
                                                                  responsibility?                                           we have achieved?
 Identify staff beliefs
  about assessment ‘Why      Workshop                               Hoana / Jo                 End Term 1 2008           A clear statement of beliefs
  do we assess?              - staff meeting                                                                             & intent - deeper
  Does it help our                                                                                                       understanding of the
  teaching & students        Reference:                             Whole staff                                          assessment practice and
  learning and identify      ERO Assessment                                                                              processes to inform teaching
  developing needs for       Good Practice Docs                                                                          and learning
  both teachers & students
                                                                                                                         A commitment
                                                                                                                         Evidence of practice
                             Identify K.S.A and what
 Developing an annual       info we need to inform.
   assessment plan           Decide on tools                                                                             Teachers have clear
   Numeracy                        Probe?                  Principal / Assessment and     Annually November for        guidelines on requirements
   Literacy                        Star?                   Maths / Numeracy Leaders      following year – identified   and expectations –
   Mathematic                      Asttle                                                by curriculum area review     consistency of practice
   Kaupapa                         Gloss                                                       and timelines
                                    PAT
                                    Vernon

                                                                                                                       Increased K.S.A
 Whole staff PD -           Enquire to participate in the
                             ATOL programme 2009 /                                                                     Evidence of practice
  Learning Intentions
                             2010 – Interim discuss our      Principal / Literacy leader   On-going 2008 – investigate Children know what the
   Informing children of
                             philosophy and beliefs                                            continuation 2009       expectations are
     their learning goals
      and expectations         linked to revised curriculum                                                  Expectation is evident.
                               development and                                                               Children setting own
                               implementation                                                                learning goals and
                                                                                                             monitoring their progress.

1. Shared understanding &                                        All teachers & students        Nov 2008     Consistency of practice –
   ownership of assessment     Access current research and                                                   shared philosophy /
   both standardized           readings to share with staff.                                                 understanding of assessment
   assessment as well as       Build up manual of best                                                       practice at NCS
   assessment for learning     practice – Literacy –
   “evidence based”            research evidence of
   teaching practice.          practice aligned.
                               Informed next steps in
                               teaching and learning

                               Whole staff meetings                                                          Collegiality strengthened –
                               dedicated to literacy –                                                       increased dialogue and
2. Development &               written language                                                              sharing of KSA to support
   participation will evolve   development and review of       Literacy Leader / Principal /    On-going     and strengthen each other.
   through team & whole        programme and practice –                   Staff                              Improved engagement in
   school meetings and         increased ownership and                                                       discussion and development
   through personal            commitment to unique NCS                                                      of procedures and processes
   development plans to        literacy practices and                                                        with regard to assessment
   establish deeper            assessment procedures –
   knowledge and               collegiality encouraged and                                                   Personal development plans
   pedagogy related to         supported                                                                     include school wide as well
   assessment                                                                                                as individual teacher literacy
                               More effective use of                 Literacy Leader /                       and assessment development
                               ‘school based experience’ to     Experienced teachers with                    goals – linked to appraisal –
                               guide others                    strengths in written language                 increased accountability.
                                                                          / literacy
3. Planning & teaching         PD with staff on writing                                                      Written language learning
   will involve clear          effective learning objectives   Literacy Leader / Principal /                 intentions / next steps for
   learning objectives,        and inclusion of feedback /           Team Solutions            2008 – 2009   learning clearly evident,
   students voice = success    learning intentions/goals of              All staff              On-going     displayed and used in
   criteria & feedback        students – link to PD on                                                                       teaching of students.
   given to students and      ATOL in 2009 +                                                                                 Students aware of individual
   these linked with school   Literacy team established to                                              May 2008             and collective learning steps
   wide curriculum & prof.    work on overview and                                                                           and can discuss and reflect
   dev.                       programme review –                                                                             on their learning and
                              Literacy leader to liaise and                                                                  progress.
                              work with LDO & Team                                                   September 2008
                              Solutions                                                                                      Best Evidence in practice
                                                                                                                             and dialogue with and
                              Students using AsTTle                                                                          between teachers
                              indicators to monitor and
                              reflect on their own work
                              and set clear next steps and           Students / teachers        June – December 2008 – on-            As above
                              goals for their learning                                                    going

                              Identify specific needs for
                              data collection, use and            Literacy Leader / Team /                                   Clear statement of intent and
                              purpose; - individual and          Principal / teachers – links        September 2008           purpose – linked to process
                              whole school / groups               to philosophy of practice                                     and procedure – clear
                                                                                                                             expectations and consistency
                                                                                                                                      of practice

                                                                                                                              Standardised information –
 Review and develop          Design template for SMS to           Senior Management /               November 2008             ease of access, up-to-date
  new reporting format        adapt                                      Principal                                               cumulative record for
  and student profile on                                                                                                     individual students available
  SMS                                                                                                                                    for use

                              Ensure correct and efficient      Principal / Executive Officer       March / September        Increased confidence in use
                              data entry – training for staff          / eTap trainer                                        of equipment, efficient and
                              and support staff in eTap                                                                          effective use. Data is
                              and AsTTle.                                                                                    accessible and retrievable –
                              Effective and efficient use of         Principal / Senior              December 2008           School wide report to BOT
                              data to report to BOT /               Management / Staff                                            and community on
                              Parents / Community                                                                             achievement, progress and
                                                                                                                              comparison – value added
                                                                                                 Literacy – reading, writing,
                                                                                                   spelling , Numeracy and
                           Individual student                                                    mathematics – whole school,
                           cumulative portfolio of                                               groups and areas of interests
                           assessment results – literacy
 Review and develop       / numeracy and attitude etc –    Principal / Senior   November 2008
  new reporting format     inform new teachers /           Management / Staff                          Ease of access to
  and student profile on   parents and new school                                                    information. Inform
  SMS                      where necessary                                                          teaching and teacher
                                                                                                   knowledge of a child’s
                           An up-to-date individual and                                           needs/strengths / progress
                           school wide portfolio of                                                   over school years.
                           progress and achievement
                           across curriculum strands                                                    Ease of access.
                                                                                                   At any time a students
                                                                                                    individual cumulative
                                                                                                 profile can be accessed and
                                                                                                    printed for the chosen

                                                           ACTION        PLAN
    NAG/CHARTER REFERENCE:                                  DATE                                 TO

                                                                Feb 2008                                           Dec 2008
 A quality written language teaching and learning programme – shared beliefs, philosophy and practice based on best evidence
 Specific and clear progress indicators / expectations of achievement – age specific across the school – AsTTle / Exemplars
 High quality, sustainable and on-going professional development
 Quality and consistent dialogue and sharing of practice, knowledge and experience
 Improved student outcomes through focused teaching and learning and assessment process that support / inform that
 Quality resources / strategies to support the strengthening of written language
 Specific tasks to achieve      How will we do this?              Who will have               When completed?           How will we know when
                                                                  responsibility?                                          we have achieved?
 Participation in the        Full staff development            Principal / Senior                                   Increased dialogue between
   Literacy Development          focus during staff            Management Team –                                      teachers in full staff, team
   Programme to inform           meetings, TOD’s and        designated Literacy Leader       On-going 2008 – 09       and 1-1 meetings – focus on
   knowledge in effective        targeted development      – Sheila Buchanan / Hoana /                                best and shared practice
   pedagogy and practice         alongside LDO & Team           Kirsty MOE LDO                                        Documented best practice
   of written language;          Solutions – clarifying                                                               procedures and guidelines –
                                 knowledge, skills,                                                                   using assessment and data
                                 understandings and best                                                              analysis to inform teaching
                                 practice                                                                             and learning – clarifying
 Review of current           Collective
   Written Language              understanding of                                                                     Written Language Teaching,
   Programme – teaching,         effective practice.                                                                  Learning and Development
   learning and assessment       Identify key components                                                              Programme documented.
   and develop new               of a written language                                                                Inclusive of teaching and
   programme in line with        programme; develop         Whole Staff – Leadership –             Feb 09             learning expectations across
   new learning.                 guidelines and clear      Principal & Literacy Leader                                the years. Consistent
                                 expectations with regard                                                             practice across the school –
                                 to deliver. Refer BES                                                                informed teaching practice
                                 and current research –
                                 advice from LDO and
 Development and                Team Solutions
   adoption of specific       Linked to development                                                                  Consistent and cohesive
   assessment practices and      of effective practice –                                                              assessment practices,

   procedures to inform          adoption of the asTTle                                                           knowledge, skill and ability
   teaching and monitor          indicators and analysis                                                          in the use of the asTTle
   student progress              to inform teaching          Whole Staff – Leadership –                           indicators and written
                                 practice / programmes –     Principal & Literacy Leader   On-going 2008 – 2009   language exemplars – used
                                 PD to up skill KSA of                                                            to inform teaching
                                 all teaching staff to                                                            programmes and practice –
                                 inform next steps in                                                             Consistency across school –
                                 teaching                                                                         all staff engaged in targeted
 High quality, sustainable                                                                                       professional development
  and on-going                 Continued participation
  professional                  in the Literacy
  development                   Development
                                Programme –                                                                       All staff engaged in learning
                                investigate possibility of                                                        processes – increased
                                accessing this support                                                            dialogue and collegiality –
 Quality and consistent        beyond 2008 due to lack      Whole Staff – Leadership –                           contributing to consistency
  dialogue and sharing of       of availability of support   Principal & Literacy Leader   On-going 2008 – 2009   across school and increased
  practice, knowledge and       services                     Team Solutions and Kirsty                            KSA of all staff
  experience                   Dedicated whole staff              Ross MOE LDO
                                development using
                                school expertise and
                                external support
 Improved student              agencies
  outcomes through
  focused teaching and         School wide written                                                               In-depth analysis of data
  learning and assessment       language assessment                                                               from pre and post
  process that support /        March 2008 – analysis                                                             assessment using the
  inform that                   to inform practice / next    Whole Staff – Leadership –    On-going 2008 – 2009   AsTTle tool and moderation
                                steps and reassessment       Principal & Literacy Leader                          processes against the
                                in June to compare           Team Solutions and Kirsty                            indicators – staff sharing
                                progress – target 100              Ross MOE LDO                                   KSA and developing
                                points – need to get                                                              consistency of practice and
                                MOE LDO in on this to                                                             expectation across the
                                support next steps and                                                            school
 Quality resources /           consistent comparative
  strategies to support the     moderation practices.                                                             Teachers and students have
  strengthening of written     In- depth resource needs                                                          access to and are using
   language                       analysis to strengthen    Whole Staff – Leadership –                                quality resources and
                                  written language          Principal & Literacy Leader           July 2008           materials in their written
                                  programmes across the     Team Solutions and Kirsty                                 language programmes
                                  school in both English          Ross MOE LDO
                                  and Te Reo Maori
                                                                                                                      Informed staff with regard to
                                Identify resources                                                                   resources to support
                                 available to support            Literacy Leaders             By October 2008         effective practice – use for
                                 programme                                                                            scaffolding and extending
                                Organise and list
                                 available resources             Literacy Leader             By October 2008 for      Purchase plan presented for
                                 including websites and                                    inclusion in 2009 budget   inclusion in 2009 budget
                                 professional reading for
                                 teaching staff

 Quality and specific data
  and reporting to BOT          Improved data, analysis                                                              March – Teacher’s record
  and parent community           and reporting to BOT,                                          March – June          and analysis data and use
  as well as using with          Parents and students.                                                                data to inform to teaching
  students to identify their     Students using the                                                                   programme and target areas.
  strengths and needs –          indicators to inform of                                                              Assessment in June to
  targets for learning           their next steps. Data     Principal / Literacy Leaders                              monitor and report on
                                 used to identify school      / Teachers and Students                                 progress – value added Mar
                                 wide, group and                                                                      – June.
                                 individual needs and                                       September / October       This information condensed
                                 strengths. Targets for                                                               into written report for BOT
                                 further improvement                                                                  and Community September
                                 identified and linked to                                                             2008
                                 charter 2009

                                                               ACTION         PLAN
      NAG/CHARTER REFERENCE:                                                DATE                                            TO
NAG 1: CURRICULUM – RESOURCES                                             Feb 2008                                        Dec 2008
 Ease of identification and access to high quality teaching and learning resources across curriculum
 Expansion and rationalization of existing systems
 Effective system for resource need identification / budge
 Purchasing
 Resource storage access / retrieval system & personnel
 Specific tasks to achieve            How will we do this?                  Who will have               When completed?        How will we know when
                                                                           responsibility?                                        we have achieved?
 Sort existing dirth of                        TOD                        All teaching staff               Feb 5th          All resource area surfaces
  resources into                                                                                                             clear
  appropriate system –
 Set up clearly labeled            Sheila to purchase & label                   Sheila                     Feb 7th          Boxes ready for use
  resource accession (new                      boxes                                                                         - visible/unavoidable
  resources) and return
 Empty part-time                       Identify person with                     Hoana                      Feb 8th          Person employed system
  resource support person                appropriate K.S.A                                                                   operational
  - Develop clear                                                                                           Feb 8th
      procedures & job                                                                                                       Clear & practiced system-
      description                         Resource person &                                                                  less clutter – refined &
  - Consult/inform all                    Parent/Teacher help                                               Feb 12th         better use of resources
      staff                             New building project
 Rationalise Maths & Art             Transfer location to new              Sheila/Hoana                    Feb 15th         Clean! Tidy! Find things
   resource areas                           Resource Room                       Irini                                        No clutter
                                        (Budget Implications)           Hoana Design & Tribe                June 08          Transfer complete expansion
 Expand resource storage
   capacity                               Stock take & list of            Project Managers                                   timelined & purchase (plan
                                         resources. Identify &                                                               approved & completed)
  - English & Maori
                                      prioritise needs based on                                                              Up-to-date catalogue of
 Data Base of existing
                                            new curriculum                 Hoana/Maryanne                   Dec 08           resources
  resources linked to
                                       development & revised                    Irini                                        Clear purchase plan 2009
  Library Access-it Prog.
                                     teaching & learning prog.

                                                                         ACTION           PLAN
     NAG/CHARTER REFERENCE:                                  DATE                                            TO

NAG 1: Curriculum -Teaching & Learning                      Feb 2008                                       Dec 2008
– Resource Storage & Access

   To set up systems to effectively store and manage resources
   To set up systems for withdrawal and return of resources.

 Specific tasks to achieve     How will we do this?          Who will have          When completed?            How will we know when
                                                             responsibility?                                       we have achieved?
  Set up return boxes       Boxes – labeled                                                                  Put in place on table (back
                               TOPIC, MATHS                       Sheila              Start of 2008          wall) resource room.
                               JOURNALS, JUNIOR
                                READERS, A.V

  Teachers undertake         Explain system to                                                              Materials used will be
   responsibility for          teachers at TOD.                                                               placed in correct boxes on a
   returning materials.        Teachers to do returns             Teachers                                    regular basis.
                               weekly.                                                    T.O.D

  Efficient return of        Resource person to
   materials.                  store, mend, sort                    Irini           Every Friday 2008         Resource room will be
                               materials on a weekly                                                          organized, tidy and run
                               basis.                                                                         efficiently.

  Construction of new        Funding from Y1:18 –
   resource room               frees up room 4 to                                                             Construction completed –
                               develop as a classroom.   Hoana / BOT/DesignTribe       August 2008            transfer of resources
                               Extend resource                                                                effective use of space
                               capacity and
                               organisation                                                                   Easier access and storage
                                                                                   Capacity Nov / Dec 08      resources

                                                              ACTION         PLAN

     NAG/CHARTER REFERENCE:                                     DATE                                                TO

NAG 1: Curriculum – Special Needs                              Feb 2008                                          Dec 2008
  To develop a clear procedure for identifying students with needs above and below and special from their class peers.
  Provide learning that is clear & achievable wither thru IEPs, Class Planning, Specialized Programme.

 Specific tasks to achieve      How will we do this?            Who will have            When completed?          How will we know when we
                                                                responsibility?                                         have achieved?
1. Teachers Assessment        Individual and class             Josephine / Ally              March 08         Register up-dated, all identified
   analyzed & class obs        assessment by teachers                                                          needs being catered for –
   completed Tm 1. (needs      at beginning of year –                                                          classroom teachers supporting
   identified)                 needs identified –                                                              IEPs and programmes are
                               programmes resourced                                                            monitored and reviewed –
                               and developed – register                                                        students progressing – aligned
                               of needs established                                                            with PD

2a A students of concerned    Strengthening teacher
   shared with Snr             dialogue about teaching     Special Needs Coordinator /        On-going         Increased teacher dialogue and
   Teacher.                    and learning and                     All staff                                  knowledge, skill, understanding
                               identification of needs –                                                       of diverse needs and pathways to
                               clear assessment                                                                meet then
                               pathways – emphasis on
                               assessment to inform
2b Snr Teacher brings
   concern to Snr Manage      Agenda item at all                                                              Minutes of senior management
   Meeting.                    Senior Management           Special Needs Coordinator          On-going         meetings, BOT Reports – needs
                               meetings                                                                        integrated into support
3. Students already           IEPs Reviewed each
   identified with Special     term – all support          Special Needs Coordinator                           Documented IEP plans and
   Needs with IEPs are                                                                                         monitoring of progress
    reviewed each term             personnel contributing –
                                   regular monitoring of
                                   needs and progress

4. Regular meetings with         Strong home/school
   parents/feedback book          partnerships and sharing    Special Needs Coordinator   On-going   Shared ownership and partnership
   (home/school) are held         of information and                                                 in child’s learning and
   either fortnightly, daily,     resources p parents                                                development needs – keen
   term depending on              informed/knowledgeabl                                              knowledge and understanding of
   needs.                         e of needs and                                                     needs and learning pathways –
                                  programmes – minutes                                               student progress is evident
                                  kept of all meetings and
                                  information shared

                                                             ACTION        PLAN

     NAG/CHARTER REFERENCE:                                    DATE                                        TO

NAG 1: Curriculum – Library /                                 Feb 2008                                   Dec 2008
       Info Literacy

1 To train monitors to attend to break time supervision in the library
2 To review job description and provide training for Teacher Aide library assistant.

 Specific tasks to achieve      How will we do this?           Who will have           When completed?       How will we know when
                                                               responsibility?                                 we have achieved?

1 Training student library   Using student monitor           Rose, Sheila, Carron      End March 2008       Student librarians will be
  monitors.                  training programme over 4                                                      confidently and effectively
                             week period.                                                                   supervising the library
                                                                                                            during lunch breaks.

2 Write and discuss job      Arrange time to discuss and        Sheila & Rose          End March 2008       When library T.A is
  description in             write job description with                                                     completing tasks as stated
  consultation with T.A      clearly defined tasks/hours                                                    and library processing &
  Library Assistant.         & expectations. Provide any                                                    data entry is running
                             necessary training through                                                     smoothly.
                             National Library Prof. Dev.

                                                              ACTION           PLAN
     NAG/CHARTER REFERENCE:                                        DATE                                              TO

NAG 1: Curriculum – Library /                                 Feb 2008                                             Dec 2008
       Info Literacy
3 To develop an efficient processing system for library resources
4 To develop a programme of teaching and learning to improve students info – literacy for enquiry learning.

 Specific tasks to achieve       How will we do this?              Who will have          When completed?              How will we know when
                                                                   responsibility?                                       we have achieved?

3 Improving processing of       Set up flow chart for             Sheila                 Ongoing process            Backlog of books will be
  new stock.                     processing                        T.Aide Library                                    cleared.
                                Set up boxes for each             Rose                                              Books will be processed as
                                 stage of processing               Carron                                            bought more efficiently.
                                Allocate tasks for each           Siu
                                 library staff member in           Parent helpers
                                 the processing chain.

4 Library teaching &            Staff meetings                     Sheila & Rose      Ongoing during 2008 at
  learning programme            National Library P.D                                  allocated staff meetings.
   To develop students /        Library programme                Classroom teachers   Full training during 2008      Students will access/sort and
   teachers learning in info     activities to develop info          Sheila to lead                                   use information more
   – literacy.                   – literacy in folders                                                                effectively making research
                                 approp. to jnr/md/snr.                                                               easier.

                                                                                                                      Teachers will be more
                                Staff meetings in library          Sheila & Rose
                                                                   National Library                                   confident in using library as
                                 to practice activities /
                                                                                                                      a resource for info – literacy.
                                 share ideas. P.D –
                                 National Library


Goal                        Action needed                  Person responsible   Success criteria                      Time frame
Project team in place for   Set up project team and        David, Cass and      Team will be able to support the      Throughout 2008
each school and action      formalize an action plan for   Angie                professional development in the       Facilitator to meet with
plan formalised             2008 for the school                                 school                                David and Cass to
                                                                                                                      develop the plan by
                                                                                Action plan will guide ICT            end 2007
                                                                                professional development for the
ICT Leaders experience      ICT Lead teachers attend       David to organize    The lead teachers will gain skills    19-22 February
an ICTPD conference         the Learning at School         teachers for the     and confidence in ICT integration
                            Conference in Rotorua 19-      conferences, Angie   and pass this on to other teachers    April 2008
                            22nd February                  to organize          in the school through scheduled
                                                           accommodation.       staff meetings and workshops.
                            Apple i-extreme                .
                            conference at Waiheke
Teachers are able to use                                                        Teachers will confidently use e-      Throughout 2008
the E-Tap ICT data                                                              Tap to record and interpret
tracking and reporting                                                          student data and write plans and
system to record and                                                            reports
interpret achievement
data and plan units,
write reports.

Evidence will show that                                                         Planning units and                    Throughout 2008
teachers are engaged in                                                         evaluation/appraisal will show that
best practice teaching                                                          teachers are linking best use of
and learning with ICT                                                           ICT tools to their curriculum
tools                                                                           delivery.
Teachers will be able to                                                        End of year survey will reflect       Throughout 2008
discuss research based                                                          teachers increased understanding
readings about best                                                             of the role and application of ICT
practice teaching and                                                           tools to enhance curriculum
learning with ICT tools                                                         delivery.
through formalized
                                                                        ACTION PLAN 2008

          NAG/CHARTER: CURRICULUM – HEALTH & WELL BEING                                         DATE                               TO
NAG 1 i (c)                                                                                7 February          17 December
Each Board through the principal and staff is required to develop and implement teaching
and learning programmes
– Priority given to regular quality physical activity that develops movement skills, esp
years 1-6
quality learning circle
meetings on a regular
TeacheRs will share                                                                             Teachers will have the             Throughout 2008
their knowledge with                                                                            knowledge, skills and confidence
other teachers in the                                                                           to engage in collegial discourse
school or cluster or at                                                                         with others.
A three year strategy           The management team will            Management team             Best practice teaching and         By November 2008
plan for ICT                    conduct a survey of                 and facilitator             learning with ICT tools will be
infrastructure, curriculum      existing data as a                                              extended beyond the terms of the
delivery and professional       foundation for the new                                          current ICTPD contract and be an
development will be             strategy plan which will be                                     integral part of future
developed                       for 2009 - 2012                                                 development within the school.

     Goals:         1. To provide PE Curriculum Plans with available PE Resources
                    2. To include holistic teaching skills for PE plans – taha wairua(spiritual), hinengaro (thinking),a tinana (physical) Manawa
                       (emotional) and whanaungatanga (social-team support)
                    3. To ensure that each Whanau-team has a dynamic daily fitness and weekly sport programme using shared resources
                       and space
                    4. To have students evaluate their fitness and physical education lessons positively
Specific Tasks to achieve             How will we do this?                    Who will have        When completed      How will we know when we
                                                                              responsibility                           have achieved?

2008 PE Curriculum Planning            -   Follow the PE 3 Year Cycle Plan    Management           Term 1              Long Term Plans reflect
                                       -   Curric Areas/ Skills identified    Lead PE Teacher      Week 8 of each      school wide PE skills
                                       -   Inventory of PE resources in                            Term prior to new   (Team leader checks)
                                           Resource Room/Around school        Lead PE Teacher      term
                                       -   PE Tikanga Maori resources         consults with
                                       -   PE Whanau Pacifica resources       Whanau Teams                             Statements in planning that
                                       -   PE Special Needs Resources                                                  have a inclusive statement
                                       -   PE Extension Resources                                                      and plan of action for diverse
                                       -   Resources List online, Plans       Lead PE Teacher                          learning needs
                                       -   Cyclic PE Resource System          at Assemblies                            (Teachers Plans this)
                                       -   teachers reminded about correct
                                           gear usage and care
Term PE Resource Kits
                                      -    Numbered Kit with PE resources     Lead Teacher/PE      Week 8 of each      Bags of PE gear allocated to
                                           for each whanau                    Monitors             Term prior to new   teams
                                      -    Each kit has the PE gear                                term                Gear is used daily or weekly
                                           recorded                           Teachers, Students                       Visibility of gear use
                                      -    PE gear is returned                PE Monitors                              PE Book is available
                                      -    Each whanau is responsible for
                                           their allocated gear
                                            Whanau NohiNohi
                                            Whanau Marama
                                            Whanau Te Uru Karaka
                                            Te Whanau o Orakei
                                            After School Care
                                      -    Report and return broken PE gear   Teachers

PE Shed Inventory
                                -   Inventory for Resources            Lead PE Teacher       Last week of every     Meeting with Management
                                -   Resource storage                                         term eg..              per term discussing PE use
                                -   Resource label system                                    Term 1 Week 11         and expenditure
                                -   Open times 8.15 – 8.30am           Lead PETeacher
                                -   Tchr Checks                        Student Monitors                             Student use of PE equipment
                                -   R14 Student Monitor System                                                      daily or weekly for leisure
                                -   PE gear available Lunch break                                                   time
                                -   PE Shed Booking Book:
                                -   PE Shed Keys: Office/PE Leader     Lead PETeacher
                                -   Maintenance Day – Wednesday        Office
                                -   Term Stock take
                                -   Budget                             Management
PE Update: Staff Meetings
                                -   Term PE/Health Skills              Lead PETeacher        Prior to Interschool   PE Planning, resources, gear
                                -   Resources available                                      events                 use and events are shared at
                                -   Resources online (SPARC)                                 Notices at staff       staff meetings
                                -   Recording PE Assessment                                  meetings when
                                -   Visitors to model PE Skill..eg                           appropriate to
                                    Jump Rope for heart                                      teaching needs
                                -   Special Event Planning eg..Cross
                                -   Meeting Notes sent to whanau
                                -   To provide staff with upcoming
School wide Fitness Programme
                                -    Daily and weekly                  Senior Team Leaders   Week 8 of each         Innovative PE routines and
                                -    Coverage of fitness skills for                          Term prior to new      activities demonstrated by
                                     aerobic and anaerobic             Lead PETeacher        term                   whanau
                                     movements                                                                      Shared resources and space
                                 - Dynamic fitness session of 15-                                                   All Whanau taking part in
                                     20min                                                                          sport
                                - Each Whanau to decide upon           Senior Team Leaders                          Students are enjoying their
                                their fitness skill approach                                                        sport activities
                                      Whanau NohiNohi                 Lead PETeacher
                                      Whanau Marama
                                      Whanau Te Uru Karaka
                                      Te Whanau o Orakei

PE Assessment                   -
                                -   Student Portfolio Pages                              Week 8 of each
PE Interschool Meeting Dates                                           Lead PE Teacher   Term prior to new   A portfolio page for fitness
                               -   Find out Cluster Meetings                             term                and all sport events
-                              -   Find out Sports timetable for the   Lead PE Teacher
                                   year                                                  Beginning of Year   Calendar outlining dates
                               - Show Meetings times to Senior                           Prior to events
                                   Classes for participation of                                              Lead Teacher attends
                                   students                                                                  Meetings
                                    Whanau Marama
                                    Whanau Te Uru Karaka                                                    Student Representation at
                                    Te Whanau o Orakei                                                      events
                               - Schedule for teachers to attend
                               - Produce a training schedule for
                               - Write up a network for Parent
                                   coach line to help train students
                                   in various sport
                               - Process Travel plans for teachers
                                   and students
                               - To organise dates for sport meets
                               - To have teaching plans available      Management
PE Resources                       for relieving teacher               Lead Teacher      Week 8 of each
                               Give Orakei updates of all meetings                       Term prior to new
                                -   Sports Store Discount stores
                                -   Ordering Process                   Lead PE Teacher
                                -   Sport Competitions….Fun Run..                        When Equipment      Inventory completed per term
                                -   Newsletter Events                                    has had wear and    Weekly updates per month
                                -   Visiting Role Models                                 tear and needs      from monitors
                                -   Invitational Letters                                 replacing
                                -   Assembly Updates for Students
                                -   Ways to use assorted PE gear
PE Budget                           for PE activities eg Chairs for
                                    Chair Aerobics
                                -   Budget for PE Gear

            -   Replacement budget for items
Concerns                                       Lead PE Teacher
             - PE Uniform Storage                                Beginning of Year   Record of Equipment use
             - Storeroom storage for PE Gear                                         and replacement
             - Hooks for PE Bags               All Teachers
           Staff Leaving gear on field                           * Placed in PE      PE gear is returned. stored
           - Need to return all gear                             Book                correctly and available for

                                                               ACTION         PLAN

     NAG/CHARTER REFERENCE:                                       DATE                                                TO

                                                                Feb 2008                                           Dec 2008

  An up-to-date policy register with a timeline for review – current based on school strategic plan and special character
  A revised charter – vision, values and goals in line with the school’s stated & documented special character
  A final strategic plan following community consultation
  A documented Special Character statement and pathway for implementation
  Integration of Special Character priorities into revised curriculum teaching and learning plan
  Specific tasks to achieve        How will we do this?               Who will have          When completed?            How will we know when
                                                                      responsibility?                                      we have achieved?
 An up-to-date policy          Review current policy register –    BOT Chairs / Principal     September 2009         List of policy needs and
   register – policies reflect  identify specific policies for                                                        timeline for review
                                review and development –
   special character and        distribute policy linked to
                                                                                                                      development tabled at BOT
   strategic priorities         specific areas to BOT delegated                                                       meeting September 2008 –
                                groups – timeline review as part                                                      in minutes – policy review
           o Policies           of monthly BOT meetings:                                                              and up-date becomes normal
               relevant     to                                    Principal & Delegated       September 2008         practice in regular BOT
               school and its               o Personnel            Personnel Committee                                meetings
               character     –                                                                                        Policy manual includes
               actions in line              o Finance &           Principal/ Treasurer &      November 2008          timeline for review and sited
               with policy –                    Assets             Delegated Finance                                  / signed by BOT chair on
               priorities and                                      Committee                                          completion – in minutes
               resources in
               line       with              o Property            Principal & Delegated         March 2009           Documented & minuted
               policies      /                                     Property Committee
               strategic plan
               & goals                                            Principal & Delegated          May 2009            Documented & minuted
                                            o Health &             Health & Safety
                                                Safety             Committee

                                     o Compliance             Principal / Chairs                  July 2009           Documented & minuted

                                     o Planning and           Principal / Chairs               November 2009          Documented & minuted
                                       Review                  &Delegated Personnel

                                      Curriculum –     Staff & Senior                     December 2009 / March      Documented & minuted
                                       inline with       Management                                2010                And included in BOT &
                                       revised                                                                         Staff Induction Folders
                                       2010 – includes
                                       Plan Maori &

 Alignment of policy to   Review and reflection on          In-depth review of school-    On-going – Dec 09 / March   Deeper knowledge and
  practice!                practice to align with            wide practices and                      2010              understanding of practices
                           strategic plan and policy         procedures to ensure                                      and procedures – systems
                           statements – relevance and        alignment – needs analysis                                are more efficient and goals
                           practicalities                    and inclusion in strategic                                are clearly aligned with
                                                             plan                                                      strategic plan and policy
                           Consultation              with
 A revised charter        community, staff and students      Chair / Principal / Staff        December 2008
  supported in its         to identify priorities, values      / Parents / Students                                    Clear and concise special
  development by the       and contexts for learning –                                                                 character statements and
  community and            hopes and aspirations by                                                                    priorities – portability to
  reflecting the special   community for students –                                                                    encourage understanding
  character of NCS         identification     of   special                                                             and ownership –
                           character and priority for                                                                  prominently displayed in
                           development in surveys and                                                                  newsletters, website and
                           community hui.                                                                              around the school – included
                           Deeper         clarity     and                                                              in a NCS Brochure / Info for
                           understanding of special                                                                    parents
                           character and pathways to                                    December 2008   Clearly espoused and
                           achieve / strengthen this.                                                   understood philosophy and
                                                             Staff and BOT                             pathway to development –
                                                                                                        priority in resource
                                                                                                        allocation and personnel
                                                                                                        where appropriate

                                                                                                        A uniquely Newton
                           Linked to revised curriculum                                  March 2010     Curriculum Delivery Plan
                           consultation and development                                                 inclusive of the values, hope
                                                                                                        aspirations and priorities of
                                                                                                        the NCS community

                           Community, staff, BOT,
                           student identification of the
 A documented special     unique       character    and                                                Clearly espoused and
  character – understood   priorities of NCS – developed     Principal / Chair / BOT   November 2008   understood philosophy and
  and owned by the wider   into key character statements                                                statements of special
  community                – included in values and                                                     character and priorities –
                           integrated into curriculum –                                                 reflected in curriculum
                           possible      application  for                                               planning, charter, policy and
                           special character status                                                     resourcing as a priority –
                                                                                                        statements documented and

                                                              ACTION          PLAN

     NAG/CHARTER REFERENCE:                                     DATE                                          TO

NAG 3: PERSONNEL                                               Feb 2008                                     Dec 2008
  Building and strengthening leadership capacity and capability – career pathways and structure review
  A strong leadership and management team
  Mentoring and support for aspiring leaders
  Shared load
  Specific tasks to achieve    How will we do this?            Who will have              When completed?        How will we know when
                                                               responsibility?                                      we have achieved?
 Link unit allocation to    MOE / NZEI Guidelines –      Hoana/Snr Management /             October 2008      Management and Leadership
   structure and policy      follow procedure – draft            Staff / BOT                                   structure reflects feedback
   review – leadership and   leadership and                                                                    from consultation and needs
   management structure      management plan for                                                               analysis – change to school
                             consultation – develop                                                            structure – clear job
                             clear job descriptions                                                            descriptions and stated
 Identify potential         Senior management to          Hoana / Senior Management     September 2008
  leadership and career      identify future leaders and             / Staff                                   Current and future leaders
  pathways – structure of    also self identification of                                                       identified and supported
  management and             aspiring leaders – set up                                                         with clear development plan
  leadership                 mentoring development                                                             and objectives /
                             programme                                                                         responsibilities

 Needs analysis to
  determine priorities for   Staff feedback survey                   Hoana                August 2008          Data collated and analysed –
  leadership                                                                                                   plan developed –
 Professional
  development pathways       Needs identified through                                                          Development plans
  for aspiring leaders –     survey, mentoring and             All staff / Pr / Snr      November 2008         completed and signed off
  both instructional and     support/development                 Management
  management                 programme established

 Develop distributive    Use plan developed with
  leadership plan and     Interlead as a basis – review   Hoana / Senior Management   November / December 2008   Distributive leadership
  implementation          for current situation                                                                  practices in place and action
  guidelines / timeline                                                                                          – shared leadership, clear
                                                                                                                 roles and responsibilities

    Improved leadership practices – clear roles and responsibilities –
collaborative practices – designated responsibilities and accountabilities

          Building and strengthening leadership capacity and capability

                                                                        ACTION          PLAN
     NAG/CHARTER REFERENCE:                                                DATE                                           TO

NAG 3: PERSONNEL - STAFF                                                Feb 2008                                        Dec 2008

Appraisal: Supportive & consistent appraisal systems in place and practiced to improve the quality of teaching & learning and encourage
teachers reflection & ongoing teacher development. Change emphasis from appraisal to reflection and development to improve quality of
teaching and learning – reflected in improved student outcomes
  Specific tasks to achieve              How will we do this?              Who will have     When completed?          How will we know when
                                                                           responsibility?                               we have achieved?
  Review current policy &    Whole staff discussion on ‘improvement of     Hoana / Staff          Nov 08           New policy and process
                              teaching and learning and the development of                                          integrated into development
                             KSA to support this – collaborative                                                           plan for 2009 – clear
                             understanding and writing of new policy and                                                   understanding seen in practice
 Every teacher will                                                                                                       Plans on files and progress
  develop their personal     Whole staff discussions to clarify knowledge and
                             understandings – identification of ‘owned’ whole                                              monitored and documented
  development plan &                                                             Staff / Team Leaders       Feb 08
                             school goals and reflection leading to individual
  review it.                 goals to improve KSA
                                                                                         / Hoana

 Quality assurance visits   Planned and timetabled – team leader release and      Team Leaders /        September 08      Documentation evident –
  term 1 & 3.                support for this                                         Hoana                                report to BOT – summary
 Teachers are assessing
  and reflecting             Timetabled staff meetings to enable specific
                                                                                   Principal / Staff /   November 08       Documented evidence and
                             focus on standards – clarify understanding and
  themselves against the                                                            Team Leaders                           reports
                             expectation around standards – what this means
  professional standards.    to NCS – mid and end year identification of
                             strengths / needs
 Requests for
  documentation as           Establish clear expectations / guidelines and                                                 All documentation received
  regards appraisal are      consequences – also provide focus time in staff       Staff / Principal     November 08       within expected timeframes –
  adhered to!                meetings for this                                                                             and quality

 Annual 1:1 appraisal
                             Specific timetabled meetings adhered to!
  performance evaluation                                                               Principal         December 08       Documentation and reports
  meeting with principal                                                                                                   evident
  and staff
                                          APPRAISAL AND DEVELOPMENT OVERVIEW 2008
We                    Term 1                             Term 2                              Term 3                          Term 4
      Mon     TEACHER ONLY DAY - 5TH     Mon   Teacher only day – 2nd MAY –   Mon    Teacher only day – 18TH   Mon   Teacher only day – 10TH
     4 Feb    FEB:                         5   CURRICULUM REVIEW,              21    JULY – CURRICULUM          13   OCTOBER – CURRICULUM
1       -                                May   DEVELOPMENT OF                 July   REVIEW, DEVELOPMENT       Oct   REVIEW, DEVELOPMENT OF
     8 Feb    APPRAISAL PROCESS AND       -    PHILOSOPHY, PEDAGOGY             –    OF PHILOSOPHY,              -   PHILOSOPHY, PEDAGOGY
              EXPECTATIONS                9    AND PROGRAMME                   25    PEDAGOGY AND               17   AND PROGRAMME
              INDIVIDUAL REFLECTION ON   May                                  July   PROGRAMME                 Oct
              2007 DEVELOPMENT PLAN
              GOALS – IDENTIFYING
              GOALS 2008

                                                                                      COMPLETE MID YEAR
                                                                                       SELF RELECTION /

     11 Feb EDUCATION REVIEW              12                                   28                               20
2       -   OFFICE – AUDIT               May                                  July                             Oct
     15 Feb                                -                                    -                                -
            BT PROGRAMMES KOHIA           16                                    1                               24
            BEGIN                        May                                  Aug                              Oct
     18 Feb                               19                                    4                               27
        -                                May                                  Aug                              Oct
3    22 Feb                                –                                    -                                -
                                          23                                    8                               31
                                         May PRINCIPAL / CLASSROOM            Aug    PRINCIPAL / CLASSROOM     Oct   PRINCIPAL / CLASSROOM
     25 Feb                               26 OBSERVATIONS                      11        OBSERVATIONS            3   OBSERVATIONS
4       –                                May                                  Aug                              Nov
     29 Feb                                –                                    -                                -
                                          30                                   15                                7
                                         May                                  Aug                              Nov
     3 Mar                                 2                                   18                               10
5      -       APPRAISAL – PERSONAL      June                                 Aug                              Nov
     7 Mar      DEVELOPMENT PLANS          -                                    -                                -   APPRAISAL – ROLE
                    COMPLETE               6                                   22                               14   REVIEW DUE TO HP
                                       June                         Aug                          Nov
     10 Mar                              9                           25                           17
6       -                              June                         Aug    QUALITY ASSURANCE –   Nov - COMPLETE TERMS 4 SELF
     14 Mar    QUALITY ASSURANCE –       -                            -    TEAM LEADERS TO        21 REFLECTION – PLANNING
                 TEAM LEADERS TO        13                           29    UNDERTAKE WITH ALL    Nov AND ORGANISATION
               UNDERTAKE WITH ALL      June                         Aug    TEACHERS
     17 Mar                             16                           1                            24
7       -      QUALITY ASSURANCE –     June                         Sep    QUALITY ASSURANCE –   Nov -
     21 Mar      TEAM LEADERS TO         -                           -     TEAM LEADERS TO        28
               UNDERTAKE WITH ALL       20                           5     UNDERTAKE WITH ALL    Nov
                    TEACHERS           June                         Sep    TEACHERS                      INDIVIDUAL STAFF /
                                                                                                         PRINCIPAL INTERVIEWS –
                                                                                                         FUTURE FOCUSSED – GOAL
            * Easter Good Friday                                                                         SETTING
     24 Mar * Easter Monday             23                            8                            1
8       -   * Easter Tuesday Holiday   June                         Sept                         Dec
     28 Mar                              –                            -                             -
                                        27                           12                            5
                                       June                         Sept                         Dec
     31 Mar                             30 COMPLETE TERM 2 SELF      15    COMPLETE TERM 31        8
9       –   Pr Appraisal – BOT Final   June REFLECTION – PLANNING   Sept   SELF REFLECTION –     Dec
      4 Apr Report                       -  AND ORGANISATION          -    PLANNING AND            -
                                         4                           19    ORGANISATION           12     INDIVIDUAL APPRAISAL
                                       July                         Sept                         Dec     REPORTS WRITTEN AND
      7 Apr                                                          22                           15     ATTESTATION
10      -   COMPLETE TERM 1 SELF                                    Sept                         Dec     UNDERTAKEN – SIGN OFF -
     11 Apr REFLECTION – PLANNING                                     -                            -     PRINCIPAL
            AND ORGANISATION                                         26                           19
                                                                    Sept                         Dec
      14                                                                                          =
11   April                                                                                       384
       -                                                                                          ½
      18                                                                                         days

                                                                    ACTION         PLAN
     NAG/CHARTER REFERENCE:                                           DATE                                                 TO

NAG 4: FINANCE & ASSETS                                              Feb 2008                                          Dec 2008
 Policies that reflect the core values and strategic plan and priorities of NCS
 An unqualified Audit 2007 Year – efficient documentation and processing systems
 A $10,000 Working Capital Surplus @ 2008 Year end
 An up-to-date Asset register and Asset Replacement Plan – ICT / Classroom Furniture and Equipment
 An efficient accounts processing system and personnel
 Timely (November BOT Meeting) presentation of initial 2009 Draft Budget – including identified asset replacement plan – costs included
 Specific tasks to achieve         How will we do this?                Who will have       When completed?          How will we know when we
                                                                       responsibility?                                     have achieved?
                                                                                                                      Up-dated policy and procedures files
   Review finance policy and    Access model policies (MOE       Hoana / Greg – Treasurer       October 2008         – BOT minutes to confirm –
    procedures                   & EDSOL) use as basis for                                                            improved processes and
                                 review – BOT meeting with a                                                          documentation
                                 finance review focus –
                                 ensure school priorities are
                                 linked to policies

                                Ensure all documentation is
   Unqualified Audit Opinion   transparent and available for              CES
                                accounts processors and           Maryanne/Elizabeth/Hoana        Feb - March         Documented in Auditor’ Report
   Financial Reporting
    Compliance Achieved         Process and systems working         Accounts Staff / CES     31st March to Auditors   Official Letter from MOE
                                well                                     Auditors              31st May to MOE

   Budget considers $10,000    Historical data and predictions
    working capital surplus –   based on increased roll income      Principal & Treasurer           Feb 08            Strict monitoring of income and
    review income and           and expenditure – Budget                                                              expenditure – detailed monthly
    expenditure figures –       Target $10,014 – includes                                                             reports and actions to support goals –
    improve accuracy and        MOE Furniture and Equip                                                               where income levels are not meeting
    predictions                 Grants of $21,046 – means                                                             targets restrict expenditure – roll
                                property developments have to                                                         increase ensure applications for
                                be completed                                                                          additional funds

                                   A check on current assets                                                            Year end report will indicate actual
   A comprehensive Asset          against register and addition of                                                     surplus
    register with an annual        any new assets. Also with
    checks for assets against      drawl of any damaged assets.                                          October 08
    register                       Needs analysis and                  Accounts Staff – Elizabeth /
                                   identification of items to be               Maryanne
   An asset replacement plan      replaced put into purchase                                                           Up to date Asset register and
    linked to strategic plan and   timeline based on priorities and                                      October 08     confirmation process documented
    identified priority needs –    strategic plan.                                                                      and reported to BOT – recorded in
    ICT / Environment /                                                                                                 BOT minutes
    Property / AV &                Curriculum and area leaders to
    Curriculum – Maori &           identify and timeline asset         Budget / Curriculum / Area       September 08    An asset replacement plan presented
    English                        needs and prioritise these into               leaders                                to the BOT for approval – recorded
                                   timeline.                                                                            in BOT minutes

                                   Identified needs integrated into
                                   2009 + Budgets                                                       November 08     Needs prioritised and impacts on
                                                                          Principal / Treasurer                         teaching and learning and the
                                   ICT Needs on lease basis and                                                         integration of ICT / AV
                                   time lined lease / equipment           Principal / Treasurer         September 08
                                   renewal                                                                              Current and up-to-date computer and
                                                                                                                        ICT equipment based on teacher
   A designated accounts          Develop job description and                                                          capability and readiness for access to
    person – with accountancy      criteria for appointment               Principal / Treasurer            Feb 08       ICT equip to integrate into teaching
    back ground – improve          Advertise position – appoint /                                                       and learning programme
    systems and processes          induct
                                                                                                                        Improved KSA and systems and
                                                                                                                        procedures – Ex Off able to focus on
                                   Resource priorities identified     Principal / Executive Officer /   Sept – Nov 08   strategic development and assistance
   Timely budget prep - Nov       by Sept / Oct – draft finalised                treasurer                             to PR Admin
                                   for staff consultation October
                                   to BOT November for                                                                  Draft Budget presented to November
                                   recommendations / changes                                                            BOT meeting - minuted

                                                                              ACTION           PLAN
       NAG/CHARTER REFERENCE:                                                   DATE                                                TO

              NAG 4: PROPERTY                                              JANUARY 2008                                        DECEMBER 2008
    High quality modern, safe, clean and programmed maintenance and development of property – A living/working plan for maintenance and
    Access to all buildings and property areas for children and staff with physical disabilities
    The integration and inclusion of culture in all design and layout aspects of school property – cultural specific / environmentally enhancing
    Environmental considerations in all aspects of property management – carbon reduction / resource sustainability
    Modernisation of property and spaces to support quality teaching and learning and resource rationalisation/access

    Specific tasks to achieve           How will we do this?                     Who will have              When completed?         How will we know when we
                                                                                 responsibility?                                         have achieved?
                                    Ministry of Education – Special                Hoana Pearson                July 2008           Staff and children with special
                                    Needs Property Modification           John Rehm – Pacific Environment                           needs able to access all parts of
1. Special Needs property           Scheme – in process.                    Architects – Project Manager                            school property – safe – no harm.
Modifications – property allows
safe and ease of access for staff   Auckland City Council –                       Hoana Pearson                                     Designated parking area ensures
and students with physical          designated Disability parking –             Claire Dixon – ACC              July 2008           students with disabilities have safe
disabilities                        Monmouth Street School entrance.                                                                access to school grounds beside
                                                                                                                                    disabled walkway.
                                    Identify modernization and
                                    maintenance priorities – integrate            Hoana Pearson
2. 10 Year Property Plan review     into plan based on priority.            Rau Hoskins – Designtribe –                             Plan approved by MOE
and development – in line with                                                   Project Managers              April 2008
MOE requirements and school
strategic plan.                     Priorities identified from 10 Yr
                                    plan development and                                                                            Plan approved by MOE funding
3. 5 Year Modernisation &           timelined/integrated into 5 Yr Plan                                                             available
Development Plan completed and      – process MOE requirements.              Designtribe / Hoana / BOT
signed off by MOE.                                                                                           May / June 2008

Specific Projects
Year 1 – 18 funding & balance of
2003 – 3008 5 Yr funds
                                                                                                                                    Space used as temporary
    Dental / Speech Clinic         Use of $17,500 remaining                    DesignTribe / Hoana            June 2008            classroom terms 3 & 4. When
     modernisation as additional    modernisation funds from 5 Yr                                                                   finished develop as teacher
     temporary classroom            Plan                                                                                            professional centre.

   Arson – Toilet Block rooms 9                                                                                                               More respectful use by students. A
    & 10 – facelift exterior –        Arson insurance funds from MOE            DesignTribe / Hoana               May / June 2008              safer and more hygienic
    deck, trellis and planting –      tender via Architect Property                                                                            environment – supports
    murals                            Managers.                                                                                                beautification project.

   Grounds & Cleaners shed –
    rubbish room – shift and re-      Supported from remainder of 5 yr          DesignTribe / Hoana                  May / June                        Project completed
    house – construction              funds.

   Resource Room – construct         Allocation from Y1 – 18 Property
    resource room under room 13.      Funds – development will create
    Relocate resource room and        opportunity for a specialist
    purchase additional storage       resource room and free a                  DesignTribe / Hoana                  June / July                       Project completed
    banks.                            classroom space in the heart of the

   Modernise and renovate room       Allocation from Y1 – 18 funds             DesignTribe / Hoana                  June /July                Project completed – in use by new
    4 back into a classroom                                                                                                                    entrant class established beginning
                                                                                                                                                              term 3
   Design and build new              Ministry funds allocated for an
    classroom – potential 1 and       85sq meter building. Creative use
    1/2 classrooms – near Mara –      of modernisation and Y1 – 18          DesignTribe / Hoana / TWU /          June – January 09             Building completed and in use as
    Yr 7 & 8 Bilingual Funds          funds will allow a larger room that             Whanau                                                   a functioning unit.
                                      can potentially be 2 classes
   Develop plans, seek quotes
    and funding for Senior School     Seek 3 quotes, develop funding             Maryanne / Hoana         July – quotes, November funding      Funding secured – playground
    Adventure Playground              application for ASB                                                 application, December informed –     landscaped and constructed Feb
                                                                                                                Jan Feb 09 constructed         09
                                      Seek 3 quotes, develop funding
   Plan & quotes for all weather
                                      application for ASB                        Maryanne / Hoana          Funding application November        Stage 1 constructed Feb – Mar 09
    area outside library

   Develop an environment
                                      Realisation of a community vision
    strategic plan – vision for the
                                      – How does the community              BOT / TE WHAO URUTAKI/        Funding applications to identified   Site plan and projects developed –
    future – landscaping,
                                      envisage the development of           ROSS / PARENTS /STAFF /                area / groups               strategic plan in place to achieve.
    plantings, orchards,
                                      environment and teachers /                   STUDENTS                                                    Plans and goals integrated into
    vegetables, sculpture, pou etc
                                      students environmental education                                                                         school curriculum – it is an
                                      and sustainability                     Hoana & Ross collaborate                                          integral part of curriculum

                                                              ACTION        PLAN
    NAG/CHARTER REFERENCE:                                      DATE                                         TO

NAG 5: HEALTH & SAFETY                                         Feb 2008                                    Dec 2008
‘TO DO NO HARM’ Effective Policy & procedures to minimize harm from hazards, Civil Defence, fire, earthquake & other threats

 Specific tasks to achieve      How will we do this?            Who will have          When completed?         How will we know when
                                                                responsibility?                                   we have achieved?
 Pandemic Planning          Review Policy & procedures            Hoana / BOT           November 2008        Up-dated policy and
  Effective and              Draft to community & staff                                                       procedures contained in
  communicated               for consultation                                                                 handbook both operational
  procedures to minimize                                                                                      and BOT
  and act in an instance.    Each class to have clear and       Maryanne / HP            September 08
  Review current Policy      accessible guidelines &                                                          Each class has an
                             safety kit.                                                                      equipment list and kit
 Civil Defence
  Effective and              Up-date guidelines                     Daryl                   Feb 08
  communicated               Evacuation procedures                                                            Evacuation procedures
  procedures to minimize     practiced each term                  Daryl / Jo                Dec 08            timelined and actioned –
  and act in an instance.                                                                                     report to BOT – in BOT
  Review current Policy                                                                                       minutes

 Special Needs Safety &     MOE Special Needs
  Accessibility              Property Modification              Hoana / Pacific          October 2008         Improved safety and
                             Project – MOE Funded –         Environmental Architect                           accessibility for students
 Hazard Identification      school to design and plan                                                        with physical disabilities –
  Clear procedures for                                                                                        equity
  reporting & rectifying     Keeping register up to date
  identified hazards         and items actioned             All staff and community        Ongoing            A hazard free environment
                             immediately                           Ross / Daryl
 Daily maintenance and                                                                                       The sick bay is hazard free
  cleaning/up keep of sick   High Expectations and clear                                                      and well maintained. All
  bay space & reporting /    job description – duty list        Hoana / Talita             Ongoing            incidents are recorded and
  recording procedures                                                                                        reported

                                                                  ACTION         PLAN

       NAG/CHARTER REFERENCE:                                       DATE                                       TO

                                                                   Feb 2008                                  Dec 2008

 To ensure compliance with all legislative and compulsory requirements on schools

    Specific tasks to achieve    How will we do this?               Who will have          When completed?       How will we know when
                                                                    responsibility?                                 we have achieved?
    Participate in Education   Prepare and participate –      Hoana / senior Management    February 2008       Report received from ERO
     review Office School       engage in debate / discuss /    / BOT /Te Whao Urutaki                          April / May 08
     Audit                      provide evidence /

    Meet Audit & Reporting                                      Maryanne / Elizabeth /     31st May 2008       Letter of acknowledgement
     requirements – docs to     Administration procedures              Hoana                                    MOE - on file
     Auditors / MOE before
     31st May                                                            Hoana
                                Hoana to prepare and
    Submit Charter and         collate docs from staff
     Targets to MOE
                                                                         Hoana                 July 08          Letter of acknowledgement
                                Senior management to                                                            MOE – on file
    Ensure monitoring of       check and inform
     school open days                                                    Hoana                 Dec 08           Open dates and count in
                                Ensure effective process to                                                     report to BOT Dec 08
                                follow up absence on daily
    Monitor attendance and     basis – formal discussion
     truancy                    where concern – referral in      Julie / Hoana / Truancy      On-going          In reporting documents –
                                extreme cases                             services                              Principal reports


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