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									         District School Improvement Team (DSIT)
                      School Reviews
                Frequently Asked Questions
What is the DSIT?
The DSIT was created in 1971 in response to the Colorado
Educational Act of 1971. The Act mandated the formation of an
accountability committee to make recommendations to the Board of
Education regarding the adequacy and efficiency of educational

Who is involved in DSIT?
The DSIT is made up of parent and community representatives from
Adams 12. Membership is composed of representatives from each
school in the district. Each school designates representatives
to attend monthly meetings and communicate district-level news
back to their buildings. DSIT meetings are open meetings and
anyone is welcome attend!

Why are DSIT representatives involved in school reviews?
The state mandates that a district’s school accountability
committee review school improvement plans before they are
submitted to the Board of Education. DSIT has been involved in
reviewing plans for over 19 years.

Who are school reviewers?
School reviewers are volunteer parents and community members who
are part of the DSIT. Volunteers have experience writing plans
on School Improvement Teams (SITs) at their own schools and go
through special training conducted by the District.

How are reviewers chosen for individual schools?
There are a number of criteria that go into review assignments:
    Reviewer availability- how do schedules of reviewers match
     the schools review time?
    Reviewer history- ideally, a reviewer, especially the team
     leader, will review a school’s plan for 3 consecutive years
     beginning with the first year after the accreditation
     review and going through the following accreditation.
    Training- All reviewers go through training specific to the
     type of plan they will review. Only reviewers who have
     attended the Title school training may review Title
    Type of review- accreditation reviews will have two or more
     reviewers. Off-year reviews will typically have 1-2
How are school review teams set up?
Each school will have 1-3 DSIT reviewers assigned to review its
plan. If only one person is assigned it will be a team leader.
Team leaders are reviewers that have previous experience
conducting reviews. Their job is to communicate with the
principal about the review schedule, mentor new volunteer
reviewers and submit the strength/recommendation form to the
school review coordinator.

How are reviewers trained?
Reviewers should be involved writing school improvement plans at
their own schools. Additionally, they attend a 2.5 -hour
training in the fall before reviews begin. Patti Gilmour
conducts the training for non-Title schools and Patti Paredes
for Title schools. Additionally, mini “trainings” are conducted
throughout the year at DSIT meetings on topics like interpreting
data, data trends and current curriculum.

Why are most reviews scheduled in the evening?
DSIT school reviewers are volunteers and most work during the
day. Some can take time off work to do daytime reviews but most
volunteer availability is in the evenings. For the 2009-2010
school year, all reviews will be conducted in the evening. All
off-year reviews will be conducted the evenings of Oct. and Oct

Why don’t reviewers spend more time at the school (i.e. visit
ahead of time?)
Although DSIT reviewers would like to spend more time at each
school, even visit during the day, it is not possible due to
busy volunteer and school schedules. Most DSIT reviewers review
more than one school and the majority work during the day.

How is feedback processed after the review?
Team leaders get together for two different meeting to go over
all reviews before they are sent to the schools. The meeting
allows feedback forms to be standardized and checked for
grammatical and other errors. One meeting covers accreditation
reviews and the other off-year reviews. All feedback to
accreditation schools is provided by early December before the
Blue Ribbon panel meets. The feedback process for off-year
schools should be faster this year since all off-year reviews
will be completed by October 21.

Is there anything schools can do to help DSIT with the school
review process?
DSIT recruits school reviewers from its membership. Please
designate your representatives and encourage them to attend
DSIT! Also, schools play a major role in training school
reviewers. The SIT experience volunteers get at their home
schools writing plans, interpreting data and learning about
teaching strategies is the best way for them to understand the
process and become active participants at their home schools and
better reviewers at other schools.

Who do I contact if I have questions or comments?
DSIT is always trying to improve the school review process.
Your comments, questions and suggestions are always welcome. If
you have questions or comments about the review process, please
contact Kathy Plomer, School Review Coordinator at 303-460-9161
or kplomer@msn.com. Thank you!

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