Take Pride In Your Garden And Reap The Benefits During Spring! by cynthiafbussey119


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									Take Pride In Your Garden And Reap The Benefits During Spring!
Spring is arguably the most important season for gardening, because this is when you prepare your
plot before growing your plants. There are several important steps that should be taken to ensure that
you are completely prepared for a new batch of crops. Read this article for some helpful tips on
making the most of your spring!

One of the first things you should do in preparation for spring with your garden is weeding! This is
important because this helps to avoid your plants being killed by these pesky plants. Concentrate
especially on the edges of the garden and the beds, as this is where most of the weeds are found. If
you neglect to do this early, the weeds will only spread and it will take much longer to get rid of all of

Because springtime often means unpredictable weather, it is important to take care of all of your
plants, especially the vulnerable ones. A great way to protect them from wind and rain is to use
stakes for support. Make sure that you don't put the stakes too far into the ground, as they can run
into the roots. However, they also should not be able to be taken away from the wind or other weather

Composting is another important step in saving money with your garden while using the best fertilizer
possible. If you do not already have a compost pile, start one in the spring so it can be used for your
garden over the entire season. You can have an outdoor pile near the garden, or buy a special indoor
bin that will only hold compost materials. These should all be food materials like peels or skins of
fruits and vegetables. Make sure to tend to an existing compost pile, especially if you have not paid
attention to it during the winter.

Early blooming flowering plants should be pruned as soon as possible. Flowers like roses and shrubs,
including forsythia or viburnum, should be tended to immediately as well. If these plants go neglected,
they will not bloom as well and may even die. Deadheading is important too, so remove any spent
flowers from the bulbs in the spring. You can leave the bulbs behind for the time being, as well.

Use appropriate mulch in the springtime so your garden gets all of the nutrients it needs. If you used
a heavier mulch for winter in order to protect your plants, make sure to clear it away and put down a
new layer for spring. Carefully fertilize the beds and borders of your garden so you can get the best
results later in the season.

Gardening is a fun hobby that has many rewarding benefits, but you must put some effort in it for the
best results. Deadheading and weeding are important steps, but make sure that you mulch your beds
and borders appropriately as well. Remember these tips to have the best garden possible for the

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