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									The Odyssey Study Guide
Part Two

Dissemble            Lithe                  Incredulity            Bemusing
Glowering            Equity                 Maudlin                Contempt

Literary Elements :
Symbol              Syntax                  Foil                   Metaphor

“The Return of Odysseus”
   1. How does Odysseus get home? Who helps him?

   2. Who greets him? And what does she tell Odysseus?

   3. How is Odysseus disguised?

   4. Where has Telemachus been and why?

   5. Is the description of the goddess in lines 997-1007 written as an epic simile?
      Why or why not?

   6. Summarizes lines 1031-1034 on pages 1024.

   7. Who does Telemachus think Odysseus is when they first reunite?

   8. Compare Odysseus’ emotions with those of Telmachus at their reunion?
   9. How does Odysseus explain the change in his appearance?

   10. In lines 1060-1067 there is an epic simile, what is being compared in it?

   11. On page 1025, what does Odysseus tell Telemachus? What is the plan?

   12. Summarize Telemachus’ response to his father in lines 1089-1092.

   13. Summarize Athena’s role in the plan.

“Argus” p. 1028
   14. Who is Argus? How does he react to Odysseus return?

   15. Is it a coincidence that Argus dies just when Odysseus returns? Explain.

   16. The dog is a metaphor for the Odysseus’ home? Make the connection. Explain.

“The Suitors”
   17. Describe Antinous’ treatment of Odysseus.

   18. Why do you think Antinous treats Odysseus so badly?

   19. In lines 1254-1260 summarizes what is being said.

   20. How is Telemachus feeling after seeing his father struck?

   21. How does Penelope feel about the suitors in her house?

   22. What does Penelope hope to find out when she questions the beggar?

   23. In lines 1290-1297, write the epic simile then tell me what it is comparing.

   24. What does Odysseus tell Penelope about himself?

   25. Summarize what Penelope tells the disguised Odysseus. (Lines 1305-1350) What
       trick does she tell him about?

   26. Why do you think Odysseus chooses not to reveal his identity to his wife?

“The Challenge”

   27. What is the challenge and what will it decide?

   28. In the lines 1370-1379, what is Odysseus’ handing of the bow being compared to?
       To which senses does the imagery appeal?

“Odysseus’ Revenge”

   29. Do you think that Odysseus’ revenge is justified? Why or why not?

   30. Which act begins Odysseus’ revenge on the suitors?

   31. Why does this act catch the suitors by surprise?

   32. Why do you think Odysseus selected Antinous as his first target?
   33. What color images appear in the epic simile about Antinous’ wounds?

   34. Summarize Eurymachus’ plea?

   35. What did Odysseus plan before confronting the suitors?

   36. How does his planning help him defeat his opponents?

   37. How does the fight turn out?

   38. Even though some suitors have been crueler than other, why does Odysseus take
       equal revenge on all of them?

   39. What is the epic simile is on page 1042, and what is it comparing?

   40. Are Odysseus’ actions in dealing with the suitors consistent with his actions in
       earlier episodes of the epic? Explain.

“Penelope’s Test”

   41. What is Penelope’s test, and how does Odysseus pass it?

   42. Why does Penelope feel the need to test Odysseus, even though he has abandoned
       his disguised?

   43. Is the mood after the test altogether happy?

   44. How does this translation end?

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