How to Play Golf in Windy Days

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					          How to Play Golf in Windy Days
How will you play your golf game if it's a windy day on the golf course. The
wind is an unavoidable situation you will meet on the golf course, which
make your game become very tough. Like other days when the weather plays
a factor, you have to throttle back on expectations and play smart.

The first thing will affect by the wind will be your mood, when you're up
against a windy day on the golf course, if you let it affect your mood, you're
going to be in for a long day. Many golfers have the same experience, so you
should not let this happen. First of all it does your golf game no good, and
secondly, if your playing partners bowing to the wind, then all the better for
you to collect on the nassau.

You cannot control the change of the weather, but you can control your
situation both physical and psychological. The number one course
management thought is putting the ball in play. Like other days when the
weather plays a factor, you have to throttle back on expectations and play
smart. The number one course management thought is putting the ball in
play.Hit low punch shots into the wind and with crosswind shots, work with
the wind to blow your ball to the fat part of the fairway. For example, if the
wind is blowing from the right and the fairway is open on the left side, aim
your ball to the right side of the fairway and work it back.

You may want to leave the driver in your bag to allow for more control on tee
shots, but think of taking advantage on downwind shots. This is a situation
where you can gain some extra yards and set up a shorter second shot. Just be
aware of trouble beyond your normal distance. You don't want to drive
through a fairway and into a hazard, for example, or worse, out of
bounds.The wind will also affect your short game. Opt for low runners over
high pitch shots and take that thinking onto the green. Downwind putts will
run more and those into the wind will require more speed. The wind can also
accentuate or minimize how the green breaks.

However, there are a couple of basic keys to the knockdown shot. You can
use the hands to remain ahead of the clubhead through the swing. So you can
move the ball slightly further back in your stance at your address. The
knockdown golf shot is not a 'full swing' type of shot. It is a control shot. In
fact, with knockdown shots you'll want your finish position to be lower and
not fully completed. Since the knockdown shot is not a full swing you'll want
to take and extra club or two in order to take the loft off of what would be
your normal shot and get the distance you want with a lower ball flight and
easier non-full swing.

If it's the tailwind, you can play a hole with a good tailwind is a favorite
scenario for many, but you need to control your strength. A tailwind certainly
adds distance and carry to your golf shots, and will help keep your shots
straighter, but remember it also adds roll. And if we're talking about an
approach shot into the green, the tailwind is going to take the backspin off of
your shot and subsequently your ball won't check nearly as tidy when it hits
the green. So, factor in not only the distance, but roll as well. However, if it's
the headwind, now you've made 180 and you're heading back into the same
wind that was just at your back. Now is when the knockdown becomes your
friend and ally. Remember, play the ball back in your stance, take more club,
and swing easy and under control. The crosswind or the quartering wind is
the most difficult to deal with. This type of wind will magnify the spin and
shape of your shot. If your flight is shaping the same direction, think distance
and roll but, if you're going to shape your shot back into the crosswind add
extra yardage to your calculation.

A windy day will pose its challenges, but the right course management will
keep your scores in line. Be confident when playing in the wind, ratchet your
swing back a couple of notches and think about a nice smooth rhythm with
solid contact.

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