Odysseus and Penelope

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					Odysseus and Penelope

    By: Maggie Di Vito
• Odysseus (Ulysses in Latin) was the son of
• He was the ruler of the island kingdom of Ithaca.
• Known for his cleverness and craftiness, Odysseus
  was an important Greek leader in the Trojan War.


• Penelope was the wife of Odysseus.
• She was the daughter of Icarius of Sparta and the
  cousin of Helen and Clytemnestra.
• “Spindle-loosener” is the meaning of her name in
  Indo-European; she was a very loyal woman.
                 Their Situation
• Penelope waited 20 years     • Odysseus went to Sparta
  for the return of Odysseus     to compete for the hand
  from the Trojan War.           of Helen of Troy.
• She wept and laid in her     • He made the Oath of
  “bed of sorrows.”              Tyndareus, which stated
• Penelope was forced to         that Tyndareus would
  promise the marriage of a      help Odysseus win the
  suitor.                        hand of his niece,
• Finishing the shroud of        Penelope.
  Laertes was the deadline;    • All princes of Hellas
  she wove during the day        went to war with Troy,
  undid it in the night.         where Hellen was.
            Odysseus’s Return

• Odysseus arrived home
  disguised as a beggar (Athena
  had changed his appearance).
• Penelope was unaware that it
  was her husband.
• Euryclia, nurse of Odysseus,
  recognized him but was ordered
  not to say a word.
                                       The Battle

• Penelope gave the Bow of Odysseus to the Suitors and
  agreed to marry the one who could bend it.
• When none of them were capable, Odysseus took the
  bow and shot the Suitors which turned into a great
• Euryclia woke Penelope telling her that Odysseus had
  come home and killed the rogues.
• When Odysseus described the process of constructing
  his bed out of an olive tree (a detail only known by the
  two of them), Penelope instantly knew it was him.


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