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It is imperative for all businesses to have a document management system to file, store
and monitor all paper and electronic documentation. A good system should flawlessly
merge with the current system and should also have the ability to control access
permissions and security. The system basically provides security, metadata, versioning,
storage, distribution, retrieval and indexing capabilities.

Security can be implemented by having all the documents and files assigned specific user
group settings and permissions. Multiple versions of the document can be created and
you can even keep track of users who have edited or viewed a document. Metadata also
referred to as data capture, will include the date and identity of the user who initially
stored the document. It helps users to search for documents by using specific keywords.

Some systems implement optical character recognitions on electronic or scanned
documents. Indexing keeps track of documents by offering a simple and efficient
classification via the document's metadata or word indexes derived from the contents of
the document. It is put in place to ensure easy retrieval of information by having an index
topology. Storage includes document information like the location stored, period of
storage; changes made to the document etc. Retrieval from storage can be done by use of
specific search keywords. Some systems can allow one to search for a document by using
key phrases or multiple keywords that can be found in the contents of the document.
These features are very important for every business to have, especially one that heavily
relies on security of sensitive data and accuracy.

A good document management system should save every edit and version of documents,
and effectively showing the life cycle from creation to disposal. If there are any
documents that need to be erased, it should securely erase the information according to
your company's disposal standards. Most systems have the ability to hold emails for a
specific period of time. This can be quite handy when the business receives a lot of
emails in a day. Retrieval of emails is secure, efficient and fast, especially when you are
looking for a specific email.

A document management system offers various solutions to any business which increases
productivity and efficiency by optimizing business processes. When looking for
document management experts, you should look for an established firm whose
professionalism can be determined by their current clientele.

You should work closely with the experts in order to identify your business' current and
future needs. Get a list of document management firms that you would like to work with
and then compare the cost and services offered. Choosing a complete and right document
management solution has optimal benefits for the whole organization.

The service provider should be well experienced to determine future market situations
and specific needs of different companies. Small businesses lack in house experts to
consult for the right solution that should be implemented to meet all needs. This means
that the service provider should not only offer the business the system, but also
maintenance and technical support.

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