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					                                   Microtel Inn & Suites, Sayre, PA
                                       Outline Specifications

Division I - General Requirements

    1. General Conditions of the Contract
       The entire edition of the most current edition of AIA document A201 General
       Conditions of the Contract for Construction are made part and part of the
       project specifications by reference.
       -Edition A201-2007 attached.

    2. Project Construction Management, Job Site Supervision, Environmental Control
       and Safety Issues:
       General Contractor shall include all costs appropriate to provide for, address and
       incorporate work necessary for implementation of customary project safety
       measures such as safety fencing, warning signs, construction entrance gates, etc.,
       temporary soil erosion and sedimentation control measures with periodic
       maintenance repair and replacement work, dewatering measures including silt
       settling basins for stormwater discharge water quality control, OSHA
       compliance, etc.

    3. General Contractor's Insurance
       Insurance Certificates for both Workers Comp and Contractor's General Liability
       as follows:
       A. Microtel Inn & Suites, WPAW Ltd., and Keystone Consulting & Associates LLC
           shall be named Additional Insureds.
       B. Microtel Inn & Suites shall be Certificate Holder.

              *Insurance requirements and minimum limits for Contractors shall be:
                          Commercial General Liability     $ 2,000,000 Aggregate Limit
                          Automobile Liability             $ 1,000,000 Combined Single Limit
                          Excess Liability                 $ 4,000,000
                          Workers Compensation             A-Statutory B-$500,000
                          Builders Risk (all risk)         Project value as limit

              Insurance certificates with a cancellation notice are required prior to the start
              of any work on the project. Microtel Inn & Suites shall be
              named additional insured on the certificate. The certificate shall have a 30
              day pre-cancellation notice provision.

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    4. Release and Waiver of Liens
       A fully executed and notarized "Partial Release and Waiver of Lien" form
       from the General Contractors and all subcontractors/vendors, etc. which
       have/will receive a payment/distribution of payment applied for by General
       Contractor shall be attached to all payment applications.

         -AIA document G-707A Contractor’s Affidavit of Release of Liens or a
         similar document acceptable to the Owner shall be used for this purpose.

         -This requirement for an executed, notarized partial release and waiver of liens
         shall be extended by General Contractor to include all subcontractors, vendors,
         suppliers, etc. whose total project related financial obligation for payment from
         the General Contractor is in excess of $5,000.00; this $5,000.00 value may not be
         avoided by General Contractor’s intentional placement of numerous subcontracts
         or purchase orders in values less than this $5,000.00 threshold.

    5. Performance and Material Payment Bonds
       General Contractor is advised that Proposal shall include a Specified Bid add
       Cost (specified bid add alternate) for the value of a 100% performance and 100%
       material payment bond.
       -Value shall be based upon General Contractor's lump sum proposal value.
        *Available for Owner's selection at any time by Change Order process.

    6. Project Schedule
       General Contractor is advised that it is the Owner's interest and intention that this
       project will move forward in a very timely manner relative to start of construction.
       -General Contractor is requested to price this project for the building project
       foundation excavation (construction) start on or before 2 January 2012 and
       substantial completion on or before 15 August 2012.

    7. Debris Disposal
       All shall be legally disposed of off site. No on site burial or burning will be

    8. Borrow Area
       General Contractor is advised that there is no designated borrow area located on
       the project property area.
       -As such all required structural fill materials to be imported from other off site
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    9. Fines and Penalties
       General Contractor is advised that during the building construction procedures, the
       General Contractor will be absolutely and solely responsible and liable for all
       financial penalties and fines imposed by any and all authorities having jurisdiction
       for any and all causes resulting from the General Contractor's work.

    10.Geotechnical Testing
       General Contractor is advised that Owner has contracted directly with a qualified
       Professional Geotechnical testing firm for building foundation site preparation
       construction geotechnical monitoring, inspection, testing and supervision and
       procedures to insure that building foundation sitework and earthwork
       construction is built in accordance with geotechnical recommendations and/or
       requirements for structural soil preparation (cut and fill), trench bedding, backfill,
       etc. for all contract work, including all required poor soil undercut areas.
       -These quality control geotechnical services also include concrete and grout
       testing, rebar placement inspections, structural steel inspections, reinforced
       masonry inspections, etc.

    11.Contracting Methods
       General Contractor is advised that it is the interest and intent of the Owner to
       ultimately enter into a standard AIA construction contract AIA-A107 on a lump
       sum basis for the completion of all "project" (site and building) construction work
       in accordance with these attached construction plans and outline specifications.
       -Accordingly, General Contractor is advised that payments during construction
       will be in accordance with standard AIA contract requirements using AIA G702,
       G703 payment application forms, which will provide for monthly payments to
       General Contractor for the value of work completed and/or materials suitable
       stored on site. A 10% cumulative retainage will be withheld from each payment
       application through substantial completion, at which time the retainage will be
       reduced to 5% of the total contract amount.

    12.Scope Changes/Change Orders
       General Contractor is advised that it is the interest and intent of the Owner to
       address any scope changes necessary during the building construction process
       that will result in a change to the construction contract amount, either
       addition/add cost to or credit/ deletion from, by formal processing of standard
       AIA contract change order forms.

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         -General Contractor is advised that no change order work will be authorized
         by either informal verbal or written communication prior to Owner's
         acceptance and formal execution of General Contractor's AIA change order

    13.Completion Schedule
       -General Contractor is advised that it is the Owner's interest and intent that the
       building project construction be scheduled, managed, and constructed from start
       to the point of substantial completion as quickly as possible in accordance with
       the following schedule:
       A. Project Substantial Completion with Athens Township Certificate of
            Occupancy and turnover to the Owner for move-in and training setup
            required on or before 15 August 2012.
       B. Project Final Completion through completion of final inspection punch list
           work items and submission of required closeout documents required on or
           before 31 August 2012.

    14.Late Completion (Liquidated) Damages
       A late completion penalty will be assessed to the General Contractor at the rate of
       $1,500.00/calendar day for each and every calendar day that Contractor fails to
       provide either:
       A. Substantial Completion
       B. Final Completion
       In accordance with dates specified in Item #13 above.
       -Owner shall have the right to implement such late completion damages by further
       withholds from Contractor's Payment Application 10% retainage per
       Owner's/Consultant's evaluation and consideration of project work/completion status at
       any time after Contractor progress payments made to date (previous payments) have
       reached an amount equal to or greater than 80% of the current contract value.

    15.Shop Drawing Submittals
       General Contractor is advised that during the project construction, a minimum of (4)
       complete sets of product shop drawing submittals shall be assembled and submitted
       to the Consultant for review and comment/acceptance prior to ordering.
       -General Contractor will be required to maintain (1) complete set of approved
       shop drawing submittals for incorporation into contract as built plan submissions
       prior to project finalization.

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    16.Sample Submittals
       General Contractor will be required to procure and submit to Consultant and/or
       Owner all product samples requested during shop drawing submittal processes; to
       document color selections, quality, etc.
       -Sample submittals shall be at the discretion of the Owner and/or Consultant as
       deemed necessary to facilitate Owner’s complete understanding of product during
       selection and prior to General Contractor’s purchase.

       General Contractor shall be responsible for preparation and periodic updating of
       the Critical Path construction schedule to illustrate to the satisfaction of the
       Owner and Consultant that project is being properly bought out, subcontracted,
       manned, and managed to maintain acceptable construction Substantial
       completion and Final completion schedule.
       -Schedule shall be prepared and presented using the Critical Path Scheduling
       Method in accordance with construction schedule agreed upon prior to start of

    18.Job Meetings
       General Contractor shall be responsible for typed up preparation and
       distribution of formal job meeting minutes to document all items discussed
       during regularly scheduled job site job meetings, which Owner and
       Consultant will attend for the purpose of project management coordination
       and decision making.
       -Form and format may be at Contractor's discretion so long as acceptable to
       Owner and Consultant. Final form and format shall be acceptable to both
       by review/comment/approval procedures from 1st job meeting report

    19.Job Trailer
       General Contractor will be required to provide a suitable job trailer on site for use
       as a job site office for conducting job meetings. Job trailer shall be equipped with
       plan layout/work table, electric power, and telephone service.
       -Job trailer shall be made available to Owner, Consultants, Inspectors, etc. and to
       all subcontractors for official project business.

    20.Temporary Sanitary Services
       General Contractor shall provide for temporary toilet facilities (job johnnies)
       positioned on the job site and serviced periodically in accordance with DEP and
       OSHA standards.
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    21.Temporary Utilities and Utility Charges
       General Contractor shall be fully responsible for providing all necessary
       temporary utilities and all temporary and permanent utility charges necessary for
       completion of the building construction contract work up through the date of
       substantial completion and turnover of the building to the Owner for start of
       Owner’s beneficial use and occupancy.
       -Included shall be all necessary electrical and gas services and utility fees
       necessary to accommodate anticipated winter work conditions to maintain
       building interior temperatures at a minimum of 60º F at any time during which
       building interior finishes are being prepared and/or installed.

    22.Project Superintendent
       General Contractor shall have a permanently assigned prequalified/pre
       approved (by Owner’s Consultant) project superintendent on site full time
       at all times during which any project construction (work) is underway.
       -General Contractor’s superintendent shall be responsible for the actions of
       all subcontractors, suppliers, vendors, etc. and shall be in a responsible
       position to speak on behalf of the General Contractor and to receive either
       written or verbal communications and/or directives from either Owner or
       Consultant relative to execution of the building construction contract.

    23.Manufacturer's Recommendations
       Without exception all product manufacturer's use, application, installation,
       setup, connection, testing, operating and start-up, etc. recommendations shall be
       contract scope requirements.

    24.As-Built Plans
       Prior to completion, General Contractor to present full set of as-built plans for all
       project work to Consultant for review and acceptance/rejection comments.
       -Upon final acceptance of as-builts, (2) sets of reproducible plans shall be
       submitted to Consultant for record.

    25.Material Cost Definition: As applicable to specified material cost allowances,
       Contractor's and/or Subcontractor's unit cost ($/sf - $/syd, etc.) net delivered cost
       of purchased material from the wholesale supplier and/or direct from the
       manufacturer, including any applicable sales tax and after deducting any
       Contractor's/Subcontractor's discounts, and specifically excluding any overhead
       and/or profit add-on costs.

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    26.Site and Building Permits
       Owner's Consultant will procure all necessary site and/or building plan approvals
       and permits prior to issuing Contractor's notice to proceed.
       -All permit fees will be paid by Owner directly.

    27.Site and Building Inspections
       Owner's Consultant will coordinate to procure all inspections for site and/or
       building construction work from all Authorities Having Jurisdiction.
       -All routine work-in-progress and final completion inspection fees will be paid by
       Owner directly.

         *However any and all re-inspection fees charged for re-inspection of faulty
         defective substandard and/or non compliant contractor's work, etc. do-over work
         will be contractor's responsibility to pay without any additional charge to Owners;
         including all costs incurred for the do-over work.
         -If such re-inspection costs are charged to the Owner by the "AHJ" such charges
         will be deducted from contractor's next payment application at direct cost.

Division II – Sitework/Earthwork

    1. Scope:
       General Contractor shall be responsible for all work necessary for completion of
       entire project including trench de-watering, over excavation and structural filling of
       any unsuitable soft spots, as well as structural backfilling and compaction.
       -The project Sitework will be inclusive of the illustrated buildings, project
       sitework, site improvements, utilities, etc. including PaDOT permitted driveway.
       -Site utilities shall include the installation, connection, and testing of the following:
            Sanitary sewer/pump station
            Domestic and fire service water lines
            Stormwater management structures
            Natural gas
            Electric
            Phone and TV

    2. General Contractor shall be responsible for topsoil stripping and stockpiling prior
       to start of sitework and shall be responsible for topsoil spread out and final grading
       of all disturbed (work) areas including stone raking and cleanup, permanent
       seeding and mulching to provide a grassed lawn area throughout entire property for
       compliance with E&S approval permanent stabilization requirements.

Microtel Inn & Suites, Sayre, PA     Page 7 of 51                                December 2, 2011
         -Regardless of Landscape Plan work/illustration of landscape plant bed areas on
         the Landscape Plan.

    3. Coordination with Other Related Sitework:
       General Contractor shall be expected and required to act in a professional manner
       relative to coordination and scheduling of all work with Owner’s other
       contractors/vendors and/or utility companies so as to avoid any interferences,
       delays, obstructions, or discrepancies in work layouts and/or arrangements.
       -General Contractor’s superintendent shall be responsible for overall project
       management, coordination, layout, etc. relating to any and all sitework that is
       being installed by the public utility companies for building construction;
       i.e.: placement, alignment, and installation of underground utilities such as the
       new fire protection/sprinkler system fire water service line.

    4. PA One Call Tape
       Without exception each and every underground utility line shall have (2) lines
       (layers) of traceable type color code compliant PA One Call tape installed
       directly over the line.
       -1st line @ nom. 8" above the utility line/pipe.
       -2nd line @ nom. 8" below finished grade/pave

         *See RFP and Bid Proposal Form for Specified Bid Add Cost "Material Cost
         Allowance" to Carry for Additional Decorative Landscaping Work per
         separate Decorative Landscape Plan to be prepared/provided by Owner’s
         separate landscape architect.

Division III – Concrete

    1. Material
       A. All building footing and interior concrete slab shall be minimum 3500 psi at
          28 day compressive strength.
       B. All exterior concrete for door landing, porch slabs, and/or sidewalks shall be
          minimum 3500 psi 4% air entrained concrete.
       C. Reinforcing steel shall be ASTM spec A-615 grade 60 (min. yield stress
          Fy =60000 psi) welded wire mesh shall meet ASTM spec A-185.
          Reinforcement steel placement shall be in accordance with CRSI and ACI

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    2. Concrete Forming And Reinforcement
       General Contractor shall provide shop drawing submittals for all steel for any
       arrangements that are proposed as an alternate to construction details presented.
       A. All concrete reinforcement steel shall be new quality, free of rust, oil, etc.,
          properly tied to maintain reinforcement positions and elevations from bottom
          of concrete and/or edge of finished concrete as detailed. Work to be in
          accordance with CRSI and ACI standards.
       B. Protective Covers
          Provide clear distance to reinforcement steel as follows: slab on grade – 2";
          footings and walls exposed to earth – 3"; piers – 1½"; slabs on deck – 1".

    3. Test Cylinders
       General Contractor shall be required to coordinate and pre-schedule with Owner's
       contracted professional materials testing services for concrete test cylinders taken
       as follows:
       A. At the Owner's discretion, a minimum (3) cylinders for each and every batch
           of concrete poured for any purposes, as well as +(3) cylinders for each
           additional (10) cu. yds. of concrete poured thereafter.
       B. Concrete test cylinders of appropriate size, type and quantity shall be taken
           and stored in strict accordance with Owner's Testing Agency's requirements to
           accommodate Owner's testing agency's pickup/storage and lab breaking, with
           test reports for 7 and 28 day compressive strengths.

              *Costs for same paid directly by Owner per I-10 and I-27.

    4. Concrete Floor Slab Finishes
       General Contractor is advised that the finished flatness tolerance for all interior
       concrete floor slab surfaces shall be a maximum deviation from true flatness of
       +/-⅛″ within any 10′ radius, non cumulative.
       -All concrete floor slab surfaces within the building area shall be finished with a
       polished steel trowel finish, suitable for application of finished floor surfaces as
       -Interior floor slab shall be poured in accordance with floor slab construction
       joints (steel formed) and/or saw cut control joints as illustrated on the floor slab
       pour plan/foundation plan.
       -Self leveling top coating for the wood framed plywood floor deck for 2nd, 3rd and
       4th floors, and precast concrete plank at partial 3rd floor area shall be Gyp-Crete
       2000/3.2K floor underlayment as manufactured by Maxxon Corporation or equal
       (per ASTM C472) . Floor top pave shall be installed by approved applicator in
       accordance with the manufacturer’s recommendation and requirement.
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    5. Exterior Flatwork Tolerances:
       Exterior flatwork concrete finished tolerances shall not be greater than +/- ⅛″
       deviation from true flatness in any direction, non cumulative, measured within a
       10′ radius.
       -All exterior flatwork shall be finished with a light non-slip broom textured
       surface drawn as follows:
        A. Covered porches – in a direction perpendicular to the building exterior wall
            for water drainage (in the direction of slab slope).
        B. Concrete sidewalks – crosswise perpendicular to normal pedestrian traffic.

    6. Self leveling lightweight concrete top coating for the wood framed plywood floor
       deck for 2nd, 3rd and 4th floors and pre-cast concrete plank at partial 3rd floor area
       shall be Gyp-Crete 2000/3.2K floor underlayment as manufactured by Maxxon
       Corporation or equal (per ASTM C472-79). Floor top pave shall be installed by
       approved applicator in accordance with the manufacturer’s recommendation and

Division IV – Masonry

    1. All masonry construction shall be made with new normal weight concrete
       masonry units (f¹m = 2000 psi) of the size as detailed.

    2. All concrete masonry units (CMU) shall be laid with full head (face) shell and
       core web mortar (Type M) bedding.

    3. Concrete masonry unit reinforcement shall be installed as detailed with the core
       of all CMU grouted full with 2000 psi at 28 days, coarse or fine grout, as
       proportioned in Table SC-7 of the "Building Code Requirements &
       Specifications for Masonry Structures".
       A. Grouting procedures (methods) shall be pre approved by Consultant by
          submittals (low lift or high lift) and will be subject to quality control
          inspections and testing.
       B. General Contractor shall be required to coordinate and pre-schedule with
          Owner's contracted professional materials testing services for mortar and
          grout testing.

Microtel Inn & Suites, Sayre, PA    Page 10 of 51                               December 2, 2011
    4. All exterior surfaces of all masonry frost walls shall be cement parged and damp
       proofed with (1) coat of brush, roller, or spray applied bituminous asphalt
       foundation damp proof coating.

    5. Materials shall be in accordance with the "Building Code Requirements and
       Specifications for Masonry Structures" with specific reference to the following:
       A. Masonry Unit: Table SC-3, ASTM C-90 for normal weight concrete units -
          f¹m = 2000 psi
       B. Mortar: Table SC-2, ASTM C-270 for Type M mortar, 2500 psi @ 28 days.
       C. Grout Mix: (fine and coarse) – Table SC-7, grout proportions by volume,
          ASTM C-476 slump range between 8" to 11" for non self-consolidating
       D. Reinforcement and metal accessories: Table SC-6

    6. Cultured Stone Masonry Veneer
       The noted specified and illustrated cultured stone exterior coverage veneer product
       shall be the exact same make, model, style and color as is installed on Owner's
       existing Mansfield, PA Microtel Hotel.
       -Contractor to field inspect to verify prior to start.
       -Cultured stone veneer installation shall be onto a scratch coat of cement parging
       applied onto 3.5#/syd. galvanized expanded metal lath mechanically attached to
       exterior wall studding or plywood sheathing.
       -In exact accordance with product manufacturer's installation details for intended
       application/placement condition.

Division V – Metals

    1. Structural steel shall conform to ASTM Spec A-36 for 36,000 psi and ASTM
       A-441 for 50,000 psi for columns, beams, and plates. Pipe columns shall
       conform to ASTM Spec A-501. Structural tubing shall conform to ASTM Spec
       A-500, Grade B (minimum Fy=46,000 psi). The Contractor shall submit shop
       drawings to the Engineer prior to fabrication for review. Contractor shall provide
       all necessary temporary bracing for steel erection.

    2. Structural Steel Connections: Bolted connections shall generally be ¾" dia. high
       strength bolts meeting ASTM Spec A-325. Bolted connections shall be bearing
       type connections using the "turn-of-nut" method. The Contractor, at the direction
       of the Engineer, shall torque test any or all bolted connections to insure proper

Microtel Inn & Suites, Sayre, PA   Page 11 of 51                              December 2, 2011
         -Welded connections shall be in accordance with AWS Code and AISC
         Standards. Welders shall be certified. Any welded connection found not
         acceptable shall be ground down and re-welded at no expense to Owner. All
         welds shall upon completion, be wire brushed and painted. Anchor bolts shall
         have 4" hooks and 3" threaded projections – leveling nuts shall be used where
         required. Shop drawings showing connections, sizes, and numbers shall be
         submitted to the Engineer for review prior to fabrication.

    3. All structural steel formed and fabricated metals and miscellaneous metals, etc.
       shall be new metal products provided in an arrangement, size, and configuration as
       detailed with (1) coat of shop and/or factory applied red oxide primer on all surfaces.

    4. All field welding of any structural steel components shall be done by a current Pa.
       State Certified Welder.
       -Certification documentation to be provided.

    5. Stairwell Handrails
       -To be custom fabricated of profile illustrated and detailed from schedule 40
       black steel pipe.
       -With all sections, bends, ends and fittings, as well as support brackets, welded in
       -All bends to be mandrel radius bend formed. Cut and welded 90° mitered joints
       will not be acceptable.
       -All welds to be ground smooth.
       -All work to be prime painted, and after weld finish touch-up, finish painted with
       (1) coat alkyd enamel of color selected by Owner.
       -All installed rail to provide a continuous handhold and slide with min. 1½"
       clearance to adjacent wall/work.
       -All handrail to be structurally designed, fabricated and installed to support
       constant 250 lb. point load at any point in any direction.

Division VI – Wood and Carpentry Construction/Millwork
    1. Pre-engineered Roof System Trusses
       Roof trusses shall be pre-engineered, pre-fabricated wood roof trusses of the open
       web type trusses with 2" x 4" minimum members. Trusses shall be designed and
       constructed to withstand the loadings indicated and meet all applicable standards.
       Design dead load shall be equally divided between top and bottom chords.
       -Girder trusses shall be designed with the loads and supports as illustrated on the
       plans. Girder truss loads shall be divided as ⅓ dead load and ⅔ live load.

Microtel Inn & Suites, Sayre, PA    Page 12 of 51                              December 2, 2011
         -Trusses shall be designed by a licensed Professional Engineer with current
         Pennsylvania registration, who shall be responsible for fabrication procedures.
         Sealed and signed shop drawings shall address design, fabrication, handling,
         delivery/storage, and installation/bracing.

    2. Any wood products in direct contact with either masonry or concrete shall be
       lifetime pressure treated wood products, such as .40 wolmanized pressure treated
       or equal; all hardware to be hot dipped galvanized.
       -Shop drawing submittals shall be presented for all pressure treated wood products.

    3. Framing lumber shall be SPF construction grade – Fb (min.) = 1200 psi (for
       repetitive use). Miscellaneous framing lumber and wood blocking shall be SPF
       stud grade Fb (min.) = 850 psi (for repetitive use).

    4. Sheathings: ⅝" CDX plywood.
       -Exterior roof sheathing to be ⅝" thick "Zip System" (by Advantech); roof
       sheathing installed in accordance with manufacturer's recommendations,
       including joint sealant tape specifications.

    5. Wood joists shall be as manufactured by Weyerhauser or equal, installed as per
       manufacturer's requirements and standards. Shop drawings shall be sealed by a
       Professional Engineer registered in Pennsylvania.
       -Wood joists shall be designed by a licensed Professional Engineer with current
       Pennsylvania registration, who shall be responsible for fabrication procedures.
       Sealed and signed shop drawings shall address design, fabrication, handling,
       delivery/storage, and installation/bracing.

    6. Wood Fasteners
       All fasteners used for any and all pressure treated wood products shall be coated
       and manufacturer listed and labeled as suitable for use with P.T. wood products.
       -All structural wood framework shall be installed using milling patterns as
       illustrated and specified in the 2009 edition of the International Building Code
       -All roof sheathing shall be fastened using nails installed in accordance with 2009
       IBC "nailing standards". Staples will not be acceptable.

    7. Millwork and Decorative Wood Trims
       -All are to be as detailed and scheduled as to type, style, and arrangement and
       finished product surface finish.

Microtel Inn & Suites, Sayre, PA    Page 13 of 51                              December 2, 2011
         -All to be designed, fabricated, assembled, installed, and finished to meet or
         exceed applicable requirements and standards of the Architectural Woodwork
         Institute (AWI).
         -Material/stock to be AWI millwork grade as produced by an AWI certified and
         currently registered millwork shop. Proposed millwork shop/contractor required as
         submittal data.
         -Material/stock finish to be shop and/or field applied/completed in accordance
         with AWI standards for the wood species and finish selected by the Owner.
         -Shop drawings, product sample submittals, and mock-ups will be required for

         *For the purpose of bidding, all millwork stock both solid and veneer, to be
         AWI grade clear and better tulip poplar with stained and semi-gloss
         urethane finish.
         -Contemporary style paneled cabinet doors (flat center panel with eased edge
         stiles and rails) and moldings.

    8. Exterior Coverages
       -All exterior coverages, trims, and accessories shall be as detailed and scheduled;
       generally without substitutions allowed.
       -All to be stored, handled, installed, and finished in exact accordance with
       product manufacturer's recommendations/requirements.
       -All associated installation accessories as specified, detailed or recommended by
       coverage/trim manufacturer shall be supplied and installed for a completed

    9. High Pressure Laminate (HPL) Millwork
       A. Scope:
          1) Furnish all labor, materials, and equipment required to complete the
             millwork as indicated, specified, and detailed hereinafter.
          2) The Contractor shall be responsible for correct finishes and finish
             dimensions as outlined on drawings and selected by Owner. Contractor
             shall take necessary field measurements at job site to insure proper fit and
             fabrication of work. Corrections shall be made at no cost to Owner.
          3) All millwork details, elevations, sections and dimensions are nominal only
             to establish the general scope of work only and shall not be construed to
             preclude additional work needed for a finished product.

Microtel Inn & Suites, Sayre, PA   Page 14 of 51                              December 2, 2011
         B. Standards:
            All millwork stock to be used shall comply with the "Quality Standards" of
            the Architectural Woodwork Industry for the application indicated.

         C. Qualifications:
            Cabinet work included in this section shall be made by a Contractor who
            specializes in cabinet work of the type specified and detailed.

         D. Submittals:
           1) Submit complete shop drawings for review of all millwork, including
              materials, sizes of members and units, species, hardware, and method of
           2) Submit samples of all millwork stock for review to serve as a standard for
              finished millwork. Samples of wood species to received stained or natural
              finish to be submitted to the painting contractor for trial finishes.
           3) Color and pattern samples for finish materials requiring selection by
              Owner and review by Consultant to be submitted upon receipt of reviewed
              shop drawings only.

         E. Guarantee:
            All work to be free from defects in workmanship and material for a period of
            (1) year from date of beneficial use by Owner. Corrections to be made at no
            cost to Owner.

         F. Product Handling and Storage:
            1) No millwork to be delivered to building until masonry and other wet
               surfaces have dried out and 65° F can be maintained during and after
               installation of cabinet work.
            2) No damaged or otherwise defective millwork shall be installed. All
               deficiencies shall be made good before product installation.
            3) Product storage shall be such as to prevent damage to any cabinetry from
               moisture, temperatures, or mechanical injury.

         G. Products:
           1) All solid wood exposed after installation to be selected red oak, custom
               grade, for clear finished millwork.
           2) Flakeboard to be laminated type similar to "Supercore", Weyerhauser
               Company "Timblend" or U.S. Plywood "Novoply".
           3) High pressure plastic laminate, ¹/16" thick, to be used on countertops, back
               splashes, and sills. Plastic laminate shall be Formica or approved equal.
Microtel Inn & Suites, Sayre, PA    Page 15 of 51                              December 2, 2011
             4) Low pressure plastic laminate to be used where indicated for cabinet
                surfaces. Plastic laminate to be equal to "Vinylcote", U.S. Plywood Corp.,
                as selected by Owner and Consultant.
             5) Glue for cabinet assembly to be polyvinyl resin adhesive. Adhesive of
                plastic laminates to be non-flammable contact cement as recommended by
                plastic laminate manufacturer.
             6) Cabinet hardware and fitting to be furnished and installed as shown on
                drawings and as follows: (Submit samples of each type for Consultant's
                approval.) All exposed hardware shall have a brushed aluminum/satin
                chrome type finish.
                a) All hinged cabinet doors to have (1) pair of pivot type hinges per door.
                    Hinges to be similar to Stanley #1545 or approved equal.
                b) Adjustable shelf strips to be surface mounted type similar to Grant #125
                    pilaster strip with 120AL aluminum finish, and #21 shelf support
                    pilaster clips.
                c) Hinged doors to have magnetic catches as Stanley #46, magnetic catch
                    to be secured to cabinet framing.
                d) Drawers to be fitted with (1) pair of side mount double steel channel
                    drawer slides with bearing nylon rollers having a load capacity of 50
                    pounds per pair. Drawers to have positive stops and be easily removed.
                e) Each hinged door and drawer to be fitted with (1) door pull as selected
                    by Owner.
                f) All doors and drawers to have an adhesive attached felt bumper pad
                    installed at each corner.
                g) Cabinetry doors and drawers, where indicated, to have a key lock
                    cylinder for security. Keying arrangement shall be as approved by
                    Owner and/or Consultant.

         H. Fabrication:
           1) Cabinet Units – Base and Wall
               a) Cabinet units to be full flush construction with overlapping ends. All
                  exposed exterior surfaces to be finished with high pressure plastic
                  laminate. All exposed interior surfaces to be finished with low pressure
                  plastic laminate.
               b) Units to be made up in door and drawer combinations as shown on
               c) Units to have sides, backs, bottoms, and dividers of thicknesses to
                  provide substantial and rigid construction. Provide cleats, corner
                  blocks, cross rails, etc. for rigid construction.

Microtel Inn & Suites, Sayre, PA     Page 16 of 51                             December 2, 2011
                   d) Drawers to have ¾" thick sides and backs, lock corners jointed to fronts
                      and backs. Sides to have square top edges. Fronts, sides, and backs to
                      be grooved to receive bottoms. Bottoms, ¾" thick, to be glue blocked
                      all (4) sides. Drawer fronts, ¾" thick shall overlap cabinet framing on
                      all edges. Drawers shall be finished with plastic laminate.
                   e) Doors to be ¾" thick flakeboard finished with plastic laminate set and
                      sized for ½" cabinet face lap all around.
                   f) Shelves to be ¾" thick flakeboard finished with plastic laminate and set
                      on surface mounted standards and metal brackets or clips adjustable on
                      ½" centers.
                   g) Chart racks to have ¾" thick sides, back and front, and lock corners
                      jointed to front and back. Fronts, sides, and backs to be grooved to
                      receive bottoms. Bottoms, ¾" thick, to be glue blocked all (4) sides.
                      Ball bearing wheels shall be provided on bottom to facilitate mobility.
                      Sizes and construction to be as detailed in drawings.

              2) Countertops and Back Splashes:
                 a) Where indicated on drawings, countertops shall be provided.
                    Countertops to have (2) layers of ¾" thick "Supercore" flakeboard or
                    approved equal, covered with ¹/16" thick high-pressure plastic laminate.
                    Countertops shall provide ¾" cabinet overhang on all exposed sides.
                    -All exterior countertop corners shall be finished with a radius of the
                    dimension illustrated per location. If no radius dimension is noted, the
                    radius corner shall be made to the minimum practical for fabrication.
                    Square exterior corners will not be acceptable in any locations.
                 b) Back splashes to be ¹/16" thick plastic laminate on ¾" thick "Supercore"
                    flakeboard or approved equal. Exposed edges and all bottom edges
                    shall be faced with plastic laminate as necessary to complete
                 c) All back splashes (including sides) shall be field applied to fully
                    installed countertops. Back splash sections shall be installed onto a full
                    bed on clear (50) year silicone adhesive caulk applied onto the
                    countertop and with a continuous bead of silicone adhesive caulk along
                    the top rear edge of the back splash and then eased back and forth to
                    assure a full seating and contact.
                 d) After curing of adhesive and removal of braces/blocking and final
                    finishing of adjacent wall surfaces, all back splashes shall be sealed to
                    wall with a continuous bead of clear silicone caulk neatly concave

Microtel Inn & Suites, Sayre, PA        Page 17 of 51                             December 2, 2011
              3) Installation:
                 a) All cabinets and countertop sections shall be installed plumb, square,
                    and true with sides and edges scribed and cut to match adjacent wall
                    surfaces. All base and wall cabinets shall be securely screw anchored
                    into wood wall blocking. All adjacent cabinets shall have sides
                    screwed together at stiles. Countertops shall be blind screw attached
                    onto base cabinet sections or wall cleats as appropriate.
                 b) After complete installation of base and wall cabinet sections and
                    countertop units, all joints between millwork item and wall sections
                    shall be filled with a concave tooled clear silicone caulk. All excess
                    caulk shall be immediately cleaned from cabinet or wall areas with pure
                    isopropyl alcohol.

Division VII – Thermal and Moisture Protection

1. Frost Wall Damp Proofing:
   -Frost wall foundation damp proofing shall be (1) coat of brush or roller applied
   bituminous/asphaltic base foundation damp proofing applied continuous to cover
   entire footing and frost wall surfaces up to a point nominally 8" below finished floor
   surface and/or 6" below finished grade surface.

2. Rigid Foam Insulation (perimeter frost wall insulation):
   Shall be Styrofoam brand 2″ thick rigid blue closed cell extruded insulation board
   nom. 24″ wide installed both horizontally and vertically continuous about the
   building perimeter as detailed.
    *See detailed sections on plans for building flat roof area top of deck "PolyIso"
    insulation board requirements (> R21) as part and part of 60 mil white "TPO"
    membrane roof system.
3. Fiberglass Batt Insulation:
   Shall be installed for continuous coverage of all sidewall stud cavity areas in
   thicknesses as illustrated and detailed.
   -All fiberglass thermal wall insulations shall be provided with Kraft Paper or foil
   vapor barrier facing installed with the stapling flanges opened and spread for
   complete overlapped coverage of the face of both sidewall studding and top and
   bottom wall plates for rigid sealed vapor barrier.
   *Acoustical wall insulation shall be nom. 3½" high density fiberglass blanket
   "Acoustical Rated" insulation.
   -By Owens Corning, CertainTeed, or approved equal.
   -Standard unfaced fiberglass thermal insulation will not be acceptable.
Microtel Inn & Suites, Sayre, PA      Page 18 of 51                            December 2, 2011
    *Before any exterior and/or interior framed wall/partition is insulated and/or
    covered, all stud spaces shall be fully cleaned of debris and vacuum cleaned.
    **No exterior and/or interior wall partition coverages may be installed until the
    building interior spaces and products/work have sufficiently "dried out" to a
    stabilized building interior air condition of < 50% R.H.
    -No exterior wall insulation and/or gypsum board wall coverages may be
    installed on any floors until the Gypcrete floor top coating has been applied
    throughout all elevated floors and the Owner and/or Project Consultant have
    determined that the building has been sufficiently dried out and issued an
    authorization to Contractor to proceed with exterior wall insulation and

4. Caulking and Sealants:
   All exterior caulk and sealant products shall be 50 year rated silicone caulk/sealant
   product as manufactured by GE or approved equal (Lexel Clear, Solar Seal, etc.).
   -All exterior caulks and sealants shall be installed in accordance with manufacturer’s
   requirements for use and application including foam backer rods and/or vinyl breaker
   -All interior caulks and sealants shall be 25 year rated, paintable silicone
   acrylic/polymer caulk sealants installed in accordance with manufacturer’s installation
   Note: Shop drawing submittals shall be provided for all Division VII items.

5. Flashings:
   A. Concealed Flashings
        -All exterior coverages (roof – walls – foundations) are to be flashed to a
        watertight condition with min. 16 oz./syd. copper fabric flashing; weep holes
        and/or cotton rope wicks per industry standards.
        -Type York Shield 106 HP peel and press or approved equal.
        -Installed in accordance with applicable manufacturer's installations and/or plan
        details whichever is more stringent.
        -Per product details on Sheet OS-12.
        *Or alternate – Min. 50 mil uncured sheet neoprene per ASTM D412, DIE "C"
        installed with manufacturer's specified primer, adhesives and terminations.

    B. Exposed Flashings/Sheet Metal Work
       -All to be min. 24 gage metal/0.040" aluminum fabricated per SMACNA Sheet
       Metal Standards to shapes, sizes and profiles required for intended use/location.

Microtel Inn & Suites, Sayre, PA   Page 19 of 51                             December 2, 2011
            -Metal products with Kynar 500 factory finish to match EIFS finish color coat
            as selected by Owner.
            -Aluminum products to be etched and powder coat prime painted for field finish
            painting with 100% acrylic latex enamel of color to match EIFS finish color
            coat as selected by Owner.

6. Penetration Firestopping
   A. Provide penetration firestopping that is produced and installed to resist spread of
      fire according to requirements indicated, resist passage of smoke and other gases,
      and maintain original fire-resistance rating of construction penetrated.
      Penetration firestopping systems shall be compatible with one another, with the
      substrates forming openings, and with penetrating items, if any.

    B. Penetrations in Fire-Resistance-Rated Walls: Ratings determined per ASTM E
       814 or UL 1479, based on testing at a positive pressure differential of 0.01" wg.
       1) F-Rating: Not less than the fire-resistance rating of constructions penetrated.

    C. Penetrations in Horizontal Assemblies: Ratings determined per ASTME 814 or
       UL 1479, based on testing at a positive pressure differential of 0.01" wg.
           F-rating: At least (1) hour, but not less than the fire-resistance rating of
             constructions penetrated.
           T-Rating: At least (1) hour, but not less than the fire-resistance rating of
             constructions penetrated, except for floor penetrations within the cavity of
             a wall.

    D. Penetrations in Smoke Barriers: Provide penetration firestopping with ratings
       determined per UL 1479.
       1) L-Rating: Not exceeding 5.0 cfm/sf of penetration opening at 0.30" wg at both
          ambient and elevated temperatures.

    E. Exposed Penetration Firestopping: Provide products with flame-spread and
       smoke-developed indexes of less that 25 and 450, respectively, as determined per
       ASTM E 84.

    F. VOC Content: Provide penetration firestopping that complies with the following
       limits for VOC content when calculated according to 40 CFR 59, Subpart D (EPA
       Method 24):
       1) Architectural Sealants: 250 g/L.
       2) Sealant Primers for Nonporous Substrates: 250 g/L.
       3) Sealant Primers for Porous Substrates: 775 g/L.
Microtel Inn & Suites, Sayre, PA     Page 20 of 51                             December 2, 2011
    G. Accessories: Provide components for each penetration firestopping system that
       are needed to install fill materials and to maintain ratings required. Use only
       those components specified by penetration firestopping manufacturer and
       approved by qualified testing and inspecting agency for firestopping indicated.

    H. Installation
       1) Examine substrates and conditions, with installer present, for compliance with
          requirements for opening configurations, penetrating items, substrates, and
          other conditions affecting performance of the work.
       2) Install penetration firestopping to comply with manufacturer's written
          installation instructions and published drawings for products and
          applications indicated.
       3) Install forming materials and other accessories of types required to support fill
          materials during their application and in the position needed to produce cross-
          sectional shapes and depths required to achieve fire ratings indicated.
       4) After installing fill materials and allowing them to fully cure, remove
          combustible forming materials and other accessories not indicated as
          permanent components of firestopping.
       5) Install fill materials for firestopping by proven techniques to produce the
          following results:
          A. Fill voids and cavities formed by openings, forming materials, accessories,
              and penetrating items as required to achieve fire-resistance ratings
          B. Apply materials so they contact and adhere to substrates formed by
              openings and penetrating items.
          C. For fill materials that will remain exposed after completing the work, finish
              to produce smooth, uniform surfaces that are flush with adjoining finishes.

    I. Identification
       1) All penetration firestopping must be identified with preprinted metal or plastic
          labels. Attach labels permanently to surfaces adjacent to and within 6" of
          firestopping edge so labels will be visible to anyone seeking to remove
          penetrating items or firestopping. Use mechanical fasteners or self-adhering
          type labels with adhesives capable of permanently bonding labels to surfaces
          on which labels are placed. Include the following information on labels:
          A. The words "Warning – Penetration Firestopping – Do Not Disturb. Notify
              Building Management of Any Damage".
          B. Contractor's name, address, and phone number.

Microtel Inn & Suites, Sayre, PA   Page 21 of 51                              December 2, 2011
              C.   Designation of applicable testing and inspecting agency.
              D.   Date of installation.
              E.   Manufacturer's name.
              F.   Installer's name.

    J. Field Quality Control
       1) Owner will engage a qualified testing agency to perform tests and inspections.
       2) Where deficiencies are found or penetration firestopping is damaged or
          removed because of testing, repair or replace penetration firestopping to
          comply with requirements.
       3) Proceed with enclosing penetration firestopping with other construction only
          after inspection reports are issued and installations comply with requirements.

    K. Penetration Firestopping Schedule
       1) Where UL classified systems are indicated, they refer to system numbers in
          UL's "Fire Resistance Directory" under product Category XHEZ.
       2) Where FM Global approved systems are indicated, they refer to design
          numbers listed in FM Global's "Building Materials Approval Guide" under
          "Wall and Floor Penetration Fire Stops".

    L. Submittals
       1) Product Data: For each type of product indicated.
       2) LEED Submittal
       3) Product data for Credit EQ 4.1: For penetration firestopping, including printed
          statement of VOC content and chemical components.

    M. Product Schedule: For each penetration firestopping system. Include location
       and design designation of qualified testing and inspecting agency.
       1) Where project conditions require modification to a qualified testing and
          inspecting agency's illustration for a particular penetration firestopping
          condition, submit illustration, with modifications marked, approved by
          penetration firestopping manufacturer's fire-protection engineer as an
          engineering judgment or equivalent fire-resistance-rated assembly.
       2) Installer Installer Certificates: From installer indicating penetration
          firestopping has been installed in compliance with requirements and
          manufacturer's written recommendations.
       3) Product Test Reports

Microtel Inn & Suites, Sayre, PA        Page 22 of 51                         December 2, 2011
    N. Quality Assurance
       1) Installer Qualifications: A firm that has been approved by FM Global
          according to FM Global 4991, "Approval of Firestop Contractors," or been
          evaluated by UL and found to comply with its "Qualified Firestop Contractor
          Program Requirements."

         2) Fire-Test-Response Characteristics: Penetration firestopping shall comply with
            the following requirements:
            A. Penetration firestopping tests are performed by (UL) (FM Global).
            B. Penetration firestopping is identical to those tested per testing standard
               referenced in "Penetration Firestopping" Article.
            C. Provide rated systems bearing marking of qualified testing and inspection

    O. Mandatory Pre-installation Conference: Conduct conference at project site with the
       following mandatory attendance:
            General Contractor
            Consultant
            All MEP and fire protection subcontractors

    P. Manufacturers
       1) Manufacturers: Subject to compliance with requirements, (provide products by
          one of the following):
          A. A/D Fire Protection Systems, Inc.
          B. Grace Construction Products
          C. Hilti, Inc.
          D. Johns Manville
          E. Nelson Firestop Products
          F. NUCO, Inc.
          G. Passive Fire Protection Partners
          H. RectorSeal Corporation
          I. Specified Technologies, Inc.
          J. 3M Fire Protection Products
          K. Tremco, Inc.; Tremco Fire Protection Systems Group
          L. USG Corporation
          M. Boss Firestopping Systems

Microtel Inn & Suites, Sayre, PA    Page 23 of 51                             December 2, 2011
    Q. Vinyl Siding and Trim
       The noted, specified and illustrated vinyl siding and trim products shall be the
       exact same make, model/style, color and texture as is installed at Owner's
       existing Mansfield Microtel Hotel.
       -Contractor to field inspect to verify prior to start.

Division VIII – Doors and Windows

    1. All building exterior passage doors shall be 1¾" thick foam core insulated hollow
       metal doors with welded hollow metal frame; flat slab type or with architectural
       raised/embossed panels, and ¼" clear thermopane tempered glass vision panels as
       scheduled and detailed.

    2. All building exterior and interior storefront type doors (and fixed sidelight and/or
       transom panels) to be commercial grade units by Kawneer/Vistawall or A/E.
       -With standard color anodized or powder coat painted finished narrow stile
       aluminum framework (with thermal break) and with ¼" clear thermopane
       tempered glass as detailed.
       -Hardware as scheduled for each location.

    3. Exterior wall welded hollow metal door frames shall be field insulated with
       injected expanding urethane foam insulation for full cavity filling after completed
       installation, anchoring, and final adjustments.
       Note: Hollow metal doors and frames should be as manufactured by Ceco,
       Amweld, or approved equal.

    4. All interior doors shall be factory pre-finished "Architectural Grade" 1¾" solid
       core hardboard (Masonite/Mohawk) paneled wood doors with welded hollow
       metal frames U.N.O. (jamb set) as scheduled and detailed.
       *Only acceptable alternate to welded hollow metal frames are Timely 18 gauge
       pre-finished steel door frames with TA-30 pre-finished steel casing trim with
       TA-31N steel casing corner piece; factory prepped for scheduled hardware.
       Note: General Contractor to verify all exterior and indoor door leaf and frame
       requirements with Owner on a location by location basis prior to start to
       determine final architectural requirements and acceptable materials for same.

    5. Building windows shall be pre-finished powder coat, painted architectural
       aluminum or solid Class/Grade A extruded vinyl commercial grade windows of
       type as scheduled and detailed. All operable horizontal sliding windows shall
       have nylon roller stainless steel ball bearing rollers, both top and bottom, integral
Microtel Inn & Suites, Sayre, PA    Page 24 of 51                               December 2, 2011
         thermal break, lifetime warranted nylon bristle/poly vinyl weatherstripping and
         spring loaded sash locking/operation handle and removable (from the inside)
         aluminum framed nylon insect screen.
         *Operation handle (latch and pull) to be ADA compliant type-size-profile in
         all designated handicapped accessible guestrooms.
         -All windows shall be glazed with ¼" clear glass set with minimum ½" air space
         for Thermopane and be labeled tempered glass at locations scheduled.
         -All operable windows shall be fitted with removable aluminum framed nylon
         mesh insect screens.
         -All frames to be extruded aluminum or vinyl with integral structural thermal
         break, structural design for min. 80 MPH wind load, and with full perimeter
         exterior wall mounting, pre-drilled attachment flange at min. 2½" wide.
         -All windows shall be certified to be equipped/fitted with low "E" high efficiency
         type glass panels.
         -With factory installed permanent "opening stops" set for 4" maximum opening
         width full sash height at all 2nd, 3rd, and 4th floor locations as detailed.
         -With knock-down finish painted GWB surround/return at jambs and head and
         cultured marbled stool as detailed.
         -Building windows shall be by Quaker, Vistawall, Interstate, or approved equal.
         *All exterior windows to be of the exact same (or pre-approved
         comparable/equal) make, model/style, color and arrangement as are installed at
         Owner's existing Mansfield Microtel Hotel.
         -Contractor to field inspect to verify prior to start.

    6. Door hardware shall be as scheduled and detailed as manufactured by the
       A. Hinges – McKinney, Hagar, or equal: Ball bearing type
       B. Lock sets/latch sets – Schlage or approved equal: All (6) pin tumblers
       C. Card key locksets – Tesa or approved equal: Vertical card installation
       D. Panic exit hardware – VonDuprin or approved equal: 99 Series
       E. Closers – Norton or approved equal: ADA compliant
       F. Thresholds and weatherstripping – by National Guard or equal: ADA
       G. Guestroom security latches, sweeps, thresholds, and stripping – by D.H.S.I. or
    7. Door Glazing
       All exterior doors shall be glazed with ¼" clear tempered glass set with minimum
       ½" air space for Thermopane tempered glass panels regardless of location or

Microtel Inn & Suites, Sayre, PA    Page 25 of 51                              December 2, 2011
         -All interior doors shall be glazed with single pane (non Thermopane) ¼" clear
         tempered glass panels.
         Note: All tempered glass shall be appropriately and permanently labeled as
         Note: Shop drawing submittals shall be provided for all Division VIII products.

Note: Without exception, where there is a discrepancy between this door and
window outline spec and the Microtel Corporate prototypical construction manual
specifications/requirements for same, the requirements of the Microtel Manual
shall be required project work.
Division IX – Finishes
    1. Gypsum Wallboard
       All gypsum wallboard for all interior locations shall be installed as ⅝" thickness
       regular gypsum wallboard, moisture resistant, and/or fire rated as scheduled and
       -Gypsum wallboard shall be installed with bugle head drywall screws spaced in
       accordance with manufacturer’s on center spacing for screwed application at all
       locations; nominal 8" on center along all edges and 16" on center throughout the
       -All gypsum wallboard shall be finished with "Level 4" (3) coat perfa-tape
       treatment at all exposed areas; (1) coat "Level 2" perfa-tape treatment at all
       concealed spaces.
       -Note: All spaces/voids beneath the bottom of the gyp wallboard and
       concrete floor slab surface shall be completely filled flush with gyp
       wallboard surface with US Gypsum Durabond 90 quick set compound
       product or approved equal.
         **All GWB ceiling and/or wall surfaces scheduled to be painted with either
           eggshell, satin, semi-gloss or gloss finish to be finished to the following U.S.
           Gypsum Industry Standard level of gypsum board finish.
                -Ceilings: Level #5
                -Walls:      Level #4
         -All ceilings scheduled to have a textured painted finish may be left with a
         Level #3 finish.
         -All walls scheduled to have a knock-down coat finish and/or VWC coverage
         may be left with a Level #3 finish.

    2. Vinyl Composition Floor Tile
       ⅛" thick vinyl product as manufactured by Armstrong, Congoleum, or Asrock.
Microtel Inn & Suites, Sayre, PA    Page 26 of 51                              December 2, 2011
         -Final VCT product shall be selected by Owner from samples submitted after
         approval of shop drawing submittals for all products.
         -Type 1 min. 0.45 watts/CM² CRF rating
         *Scheduled non-slip VCT to have ADA compliant wet surface slip coefficient
         of friction rating (> 0.60 wet abrasive test).
         -Contractor shall be responsible for procurement and submission of only
         those VCT product samples that meet or exceed this criteria.

         *All VCT to be professionally cleaned, stripped and (2) coats (no buff) liquid
         wax finished after installation has been inspected and accepted.

    3. Seamless Sheet Vinyl Floor Coverage
       -Flooring shall have translucent vinyl wear layer @ min. 020" thickness, a
       cushion high density vinyl foam core, white shielded fibrous backing and
       min. .080" overall thickness.
       -3.85 lb/syd. weight and min. 175 psi static load limit.
       -Type 1, Grade 1 Class A backing per ASTM F1303
       -Type 1 min. 0.45 watts/CM² CRF rating
       -Flor-Ever Plus sheet flooring by Congoleum Corp. or approved equal.

         *All installations shall be made with overlap and double cut and chemical welded
         seams and inside/outside integral coved corners.
         **All VCT to be professionally cleaned, stripped and (2) coats (no buff)
         liquid wax finished after installation has been inspected and accepted.

    4. Vinyl Cove Base
       Shall be 4" high ⅛" thick solid rubber/vinyl cove base material installed from 100
       ft. roll stock product; 4 ft. length product not acceptable.
       -As manufactured by Congoleum, Armstrong, Roppe, Flexco, or equal.
       -Installation of vinyl/rubber cove base shall be made with field cut formed inside and
       outside corners using heat gun and trimming/cutting of the product in accordance with
       manufacturer’s instructions for field formed corners. Pre-manufactured inside/outside
       corner pieces will not be acceptable. Vinyl cove base to be installed with full back
       coverage of approved latex adhesive applied with grooved trowel per adhesive
       manufacturer’s installation instructions for a VCB application; caulking gun applied
       "ribbons" of adhesive will not be acceptable.
       -Final product shall be as selected by Owner from samples submitted after shop
       drawing submittal approval.

Microtel Inn & Suites, Sayre, PA    Page 27 of 51                            December 2, 2011
    5. Rubber Stair Treads and Risers
       -Shall be heavy duty full width and length Visually Impaired heavy duty Safe-T-
       Grip rubber stair treads with 1⅞" hinged square nose designed to accommodate
       ADA stair tread nose/leading edge profile.
       -Color selected by Owner.
       -With full height and width contrasting color (1) piece riser cover of same stock
       scribed and cut to the bottom of the stair tread nosing.
       -Tread stock shall have a tapered thickness of .210" to .113" across the nominal
       13" tread depth.
       -The tread shall have a square cut nosing of a depth of 2" with underside hinged
       to accommodate ADA stair tread/riser angle.
       -Treads and riser covers shall be by "Johnsonite" or approved equal conforming
       to ASTM-F-2169 standard specifications for resilient stair treads Type TS, Class
       2, Group 1 & 2; installed in accordance with manufacturer’s requirements for full
       -Type 1 min. 0.45 watts/CM² CRF rating.
       *Installation shall include (1) additional full size tread cover with nosing placed
       at each stair landing prior to start of landing VCT floor coverage material.

    6. Suspended Acoustical Ceilings
       Shall be as manufactured by Armstrong, Celatex, US Gypsum, or approved equal.
       Product type, style, and arrangement as specified and detailed on the final
       reflected ceiling plans.
       -Final product shall be as selected by Owner from samples submitted after shop
       drawing submittal approval.

    7. Interior Painting
       All wall surfaces scheduled to be painted shall be (3) coat painted as follows:
       1st coat – tinted primer.
       2nd coat – After Consultant’s approval of perfa-tape finish quality and/or
       touchups and repairs with repriming completed – spray applied with roller/rollout
       3rd coat – spray applied with roller/rollout finish.
       -All paints shall be the product of Benjamin Moore, Pittsburgh Paint, Pratt &
       Lambert, Sherwin Williams, Behr, or approved equal.
       Note: "MAB" paint products will not be acceptable.
       *Masonry walls scheduled to be painted shall have all horizontal and vertical
       joints concave tooled (slicked), voids filled and treated with (2) coats of block
       filler tinted primer paint prior to (2) coats of final painting; color as selected.
       -Plus nom. 16" wide continuous accent strip on both stairwell masonry walls
       running parallel to landings and stringers.
Microtel Inn & Suites, Sayre, PA   Page 28 of 51                              December 2, 2011
    8. Hollow Metal Door/Frame Painting
       All hollow metal doors and frames shall be touched up with field applied red
       oxide paint primer, solvent cleaned, and prepared for finish painting, including
       repairs of all nicks, blemishes, etc.
       -All hollow metal doors and frames shall be finished with (2) coat field paint
       finished of 100% alkyd enamel, color selected by Owner.
       Note: All hollow metal doors and frames shall be field painted by spray paint
       application and/or brush applied with short nap rollout finished texture.
       Note: Prior to finish painting of all hollow metal door frames, all door frames
       shall be cosmetically caulked to adjacent gypsum wallboard surfaces, including
       top surface/top edge.
       Note: Shop drawing submittals shall be provided for all Division IX finished

    9. Knock-Down Wall Finish
       -All room wall surfaces scheduled for a "knock-down" finish shall have work
       completed in accordance with the following:
       A. The knock-down color shall be as selected by the Owner; Owner will
            procure Corporate approval of same as part and part of Contractor's knock-
            down sample submittal package.
       B. The knock-down must be provided by one of the following approved
            1) Plexture (Sierra or Landscape textures; Howard White color) with Teflon
               by Triarch Industries of Houston, TX; (800) 537-6111;
            2) Texturi by Comex Paints USA of San Antonio, TX; (800) 266-3987;
            3) Supreme-Tex by U.S. Textures, Inc. of San Antonio, TX; (800) 414-8805
            4) Quartz Silco (Fino, Damascus or Rustic Stone textures) by Perma Tone, Inc.
               of Houston, TX; (800-permatone);
            5) Romatex by Levwall, Inc. of Marietta, GA; (800) 342-2747;
            6) Profinish (Emerald System Series II) by ProKo Industries

                -To submit a product for consideration as equal to one of the above approved
                products, a sample of the proposed equal must be submitted, along with all
                the technical and independent testing information relating to the proposed
                product as described below.

Microtel Inn & Suites, Sayre, PA      Page 29 of 51                             December 2, 2011
                1) Submit two samples (8" x 8" minimum) showing the Owner's selected
                   colors and texture of the knock-down finish to Corporate Project Manager.
                   If the product is approved, one sample will be retained and one will be
                   returned and must be kept on file at the jobsite for reference.
                2) All submitted products must meet the following Minimum Performance
                   A. A perm rating of greater than 16 for the system, including basecoat,
                       primers, texture coats, etc.
                   B. Scrub resistance of minimum of 2500 scrubs before failure ASTM D

       All carpet, bound top carpet base and padding will be supplied by Owner for
       Contractor's installation (OSCI).
       -No other installation products or other installation accessories will be provided
       by Owner.
       -Contractor to be responsible for providing Owner with carpet, carpet base and
       padding take-offs for ordering.
       *Contractor will be back charged for excess materials beyond normally
       expected cutoff pieces/scrap due to take-off errors.
       -Carpet to be installed in accordance with the following requirements.
       I. All Hallways
           A. A double glue-down policy must be followed. The pad is to be glued to
                the floor and the carpet glued to the pad. Installation is to be according to
                manufacturer's instructions.
           B. Use of the double-stick Carpet Installation System with factory approved
                adhesive on a sponge cushion rubber pad (23-26 lb. density) is the
                preferred method. A synthetic fiber pad that is specially treated for this
                type of installation will also be considered.
       II. All Other Room Areas
           A. Continuous room perimeter tackless strip.
              -Full length pieces corner to corner
           B. Padding laid loose; with all joints tapped.
           C. Carpet power stretched for embedment into tackless strips; with all joints
              pattern matched and seam sealed.
       -All guestrooms, suites, and corridors must have a minimum 4" bound carpet base
       that matches the floor covering. Carpet base must match or complement the floor
       carpet. Stained wood base is also allowed.

Microtel Inn & Suites, Sayre, PA      Page 30 of 51                             December 2, 2011
         *All cut ends of bound top carpet base (supplied by Owner in roll stock) to
         be treated and finished as follows by Contractor as part of the installation
         procedure to prevent cut end fraying and unraveling.
         A. Carefully glaze the cut ends with a hot knife (melt fabric strands together).
         B. Smooth coat cover and caulk end full height to adjacent vertical surface with
              a silicone caulk sealant; color selected by Owner.

    11.Floor and Wall Tile: Final selections will be made by Owner's Interior Decorator
       from pre-approved Contractor's sample submittals.
       -For the purpose of bidding and contracting, the following tile Material Cost
       Allowances shall be used; for wall and floor areas as illustrated on the plan and as
       scheduled herein.
       A. Wall Tile:
            Group I @ $2.00/sf wall surface area + $1.50 ea. for 8" long cap tile trim pieces
            Group II @ $4.00/sf wall surface area + $2.25 ea. for 8" long cap tile trim pieces
       B. Floor Tile:
            Group I @ $3.50/sf floor surface area + $1.50 ea. for 8" long base tile trim pieces
            Group II @ $7.00/sf floor surface area + $2.50 ea. for 8" long base tile trim pieces
       *"Material Cost" as defined in Division I, #25
       **Wall surface area to include base tile and top tile trim pieces.
       ***"Material Cost" as defined for these allowances does not include the required
            installation accessories and/or epoxy fortified grout.

    12.Architectural Wood Finishes: Final selection will be made by Owner's Interior
       -For bidding and contracting purposes, Contractor shall include material and labor
       costs for field finishing of all 1st floor area decorative wood trims as scheduled
       and detailed in the following manner:
           Wood stock to be AWI clear and better grade Tulip Poplar with trim size,
              type, style/profile, as detailed.
           Sand and clean in preparation for open grain wood filler sealer.
           (1) coat suitable open grain wood filler sealer applicable to final species of
              wood trim selected.
           (1) coat of selected oil based wood stain.
           (3) coats of selected oil based polyurethane finish.
           -With full sanding and cleaning between coats.
       *In the event a painted finish is selected, same procedure but with primer and (2)
       coats of finish paint.

Microtel Inn & Suites, Sayre, PA    Page 31 of 51                             December 2, 2011
         **Any single straight length of molding for a corner to corner/end finished
         work length of < 12 lf shall be installed as a single length – (1) solid piece of
         molding without running joints.
         -Work that requires an installed straight length of molding in excess of 12' shall
         have running joint location pre approved by Owner/Consultant with a 45° angled
         overlap running joint laid with overlap in direction of primary view.
         -All end cuts and ring length joints to have ends fully stained before installation

    13.Vinyl Wall Covering (VWC)
       -All scheduled vinyl wall covering roll stock will be supplied by Owner for
       Contractor’s installation (OSCI).
       -No other wall preparation and/or installation products or accessories will be
       provided by Owner.
       -Contractor will be responsible for providing Owner with VWC take offs for
       *Contractor will be back charged for excess materials beyond normally
       expected cutoff pieces/scrap due to take-off errors.
       -VWC will be supplied as a heavyweight fabric backed product in 54" width and
       with not more than a 12" drop match.
       -VWC wall preparation, adhesive type, VWC cut length preparation and
       installation methods shall be in accordance with VWC manufacturer’s
       recommendations without exception.

         *Contractor shall provide submittals for review and approval on all
         installation products and accessories before start of work.
         -In addition, the following VWC installation procedures shall be followed.
             Installed full height of each drop without horizontal joints.
             Installed before wood base, wall cabinets, countertops, wall mirrors, etc.
             Installed after tile base.
             Installed through inside corners to ½" beyond with next wall drop
                overlapping the "through the corner" drop to within ⅛" of inside corner.

         *Extending a drop through inside corner to beyond the ½" will not be
         acceptable due to the VWC shrinkage – pull out and inside corner bridging

Microtel Inn & Suites, Sayre, PA     Page 32 of 51                              December 2, 2011
Division X – Specialty Products

    1. All specialty products shall be as scheduled and detailed.

    2. Shop drawing submittals shall be provided for all Division X specialty products
       for review and approval prior to order.

    3. Toilet Accessories
       Shall be as manufactured by McKinney, Bobrick, Global or equal.
       -"ASI" products not acceptable.
       -All grab bars to be structurally designed, fabricated and installed to support
       constant 250 lb. point load at any point in any direction.
       *All installed by mechanical attachment to concealed solid wood wall blocking.

    4. Toilet Partitions
       -Shall be nom 1" thick solid extruded "HDPE" plastic products by Comtec
       (Scranton Products), Santana, or approved equal.
       -Of type, style and arrangement as illustrated, detailed and noted.
       -All panel products and accessories of stock color/pattern selected by Owner from
       the "Custom Color" range.
       -All to be fitted with bright aluminum hardware; ADA handicapped accessibility
       -Toilet stalls to be floor mounted head rail braced.
       -Grab bars to be structurally designed, fabricated and installed to support constant
       250 lb. point load at any point in any direction.
       -Urinal privacy screens to be wall mounted, but with full floor to ceiling front
       edge support/bracing stile.
       -With the following optional hardware.
           54" aluminum continuous wall brackets
           Stainless steel floor stirrup brackets

         *All wall attachments to concealed solid wood wall blocking.

    5. Fire Extinguishers
       Shall be UL listed and labeled by J.L. Industries or approved equal.
       -"ABC" rating as scheduled for each location.
       -Semi-recessed clear polycarbonate bubble door type cabinets as scheduled.
       *Regardless of date of purchase, all new fire extinguishers require a fire
       extinguisher field service check and certification.

Microtel Inn & Suites, Sayre, PA   Page 33 of 51                              December 2, 2011
    6. Plastic Signage
       All signage (exterior and interior) to be supplied and installed by Contractor.
       -Contractor to coordinate with and assist Owner in the selection/scheduling and
       delivery of same to avoid interferences and delays.
       -Each and every room area, path of exit, exits and rescue assistance refuge area to
       have ADA compliant wall mounted signage of (2) color laminated plastic; text
       and colors selected by Owner from samples provided.

         *All plastic signage to be of the type prescribed by Wyndham Corporation for
         prototypical hotel from listed preferred (pre-approved) vendors only.
         -All signage to be of the bordered – beveled edge type with angled/profile corners
         of style selected by Owner; installation to be initial placement with double backed
         tape and then permanent mechanical/screwed attachment with color matched

    7. Granite/Marble Millwork and Vanity Tops
       Final selections will be made by Owner Interior Decorator from pre-approved
       contractor's sample submittals.
       -For the proposes of bidding and contracting, the following granite/marble
       Material Cost Allowances shall be used; for millwork and vanity tops as
       illustrated on the plans and as scheduled herein.
               Group I @ $50.00/sf
               Group II @ $100.00/sf
       *Material cost as defined in Division I #25.
       **Millwork and vanity top surface area to be calculated for end to end through
       inside corner lengths and solid, without cutouts, and include 1½" thick front edge
       build-ups, back and side splashes and front aprons, etc. as detailed.
       ***Material cost as defined for these allowances does not include the required
       installation accessories, front edge treatment, cutout charges and/or epoxy
       adhesive/joint filler material, etc.

    8. Outside Corner Guards
       -Shall be full ceiling height surface wall mounted (1) piece high impact vinyl
       acrylic extrusion stock with nominal 2" leg each way and nom. ¼" radius on
       outside corner/edges.
       -Installed onto fully concealed continuous solid extruded vinyl retainer screw
       attached to wall corner blocking.
       -Concealed wall retainer by Construction Specialties covered with "Acrovyn"
       vinyl product or approved equal.
       -"Acrovyn" cover color and sequence texture as selected by Owner.
Microtel Inn & Suites, Sayre, PA    Page 34 of 51                              December 2, 2011
         *On non ceiling high locations, top of covers to be fitted with preformed (1) piece
         radius edge snap on color matched "Acrovyn" O/S corner caps.

Division XI – Equipment – Not Used

Division XII – Fixtures, Furnishings and Equipment (FFE)

       General Contractor shall be responsible for the pre-scheduled delivery of, receipt
and inventory of (and filing of damage claims), unloading-handling-storage of, and final
installation of, the Owner's complete fixtures, furniture, and equipment (moveable
equipment); which will include, but not be limited to the following:
    Appliances
    Vending machines
    Ice machines
    Laundry equipment
    Front and back of the house office furniture and equipment
    Lobby and breakfast area room furniture
    Prep kitchen and breakfast bar equipment
    Artwork
    Meeting room tables and chairs
    Typical guestroom furniture complete with artwork and bedding
    Typical guest bathroom accessories: towel rack, shower curtain with hangers
    Elevator lobby(ies) furniture
    Fitness room equipment
    Etc.

-The following items will be supplied by Owner for Contractor's installation:
    Complete fixture, furniture, and moveable equipment packages for all building
      areas including exterior front entrance and rear of building outdoor patio areas.
    Complete drapery and window treatment package including fabric covered
      valence panels.
    All carpet with padding – in both 12' and 6' wide rolls.
    All fabric backed vinyl wall covering in either 48" or 54" wide roll stock.
      -Owner will place orders for all and turn over all order/purchase confirmations to
      Contractor with contact person identified.

Microtel Inn & Suites, Sayre, PA    Page 35 of 51                              December 2, 2011
         -Contractor shall then be responsible from that point on for coordination of all
         delivery schedules, receipt and inventory of deliveries including placement/filling
         of and shipping shortage/damage claims, unloading, handling, storage, assembly
         and installation, etc.
         -Contractor will be held responsible for the safekeeping of all stored items and
         also be held responsible for any "shortages" not claimed at time of delivery
         -Contractor shall be responsible for all associated and normally required
         assembly, preparation and installation materials and products.
         -Contractor will be responsible for providing Owner with accurate material
         quantity take-offs for ordering of all carpet and vinyl wall coverings; shortages
         and/or unnecessary excess quantities will be Contractor’s responsibility per
         Division #IX of the Outline Specifications.
         -Contractor will be responsible for an accurate assessment of the scope of the
         typical (102) room prototypical hotel project FFE package based on Contractor's
         represented experience as a Hotel Builder. Failure to accurately assess the labor
         cost to install same will not be considered as a valid request for additional work

     General Contractor shall cooperate, assist, and support the installation of the
Owner's contracted furnishing vendors, suppliers, installers for the following:
   Building security and alarm systems
   Phone/data systems
   Property management system
   Sound systems
   CCTV System
   Window treatments
   Wireless high speed internet systems

         *Contractor shall be responsible for the line voltage and low voltage
         electrical cabling rough-in installations for all these systems in accordance
         with the electrical plans, details and risers.
         -Rough-in methods and arrangements to be pre-approved by each system vendor
         by Contractor's rough-in shop drawing submittals.

Division XIII – Not Used

Microtel Inn & Suites, Sayre, PA     Page 36 of 51                              December 2, 2011
Division XIV – Elevator

         -Complete supply and installation of (1) pre-engineered packaged electric motor
         driven hydraulic passenger elevator units; of size, type, style and capacity detailed
         and scheduled.
         -Model #330A borehole hydraulic elevator, Schindler Elevator by subcontracting
         to Schindler Elevator Corp., Jeff Lepore.
         -120/208 volt, 3 phase, 4 wire electrical characteristics with reduced voltage
         soft start motor starting control system.
         -Architectural grade (upgrade) hall door and frame finish (and cab door panels
         inside and out), i.e. US-26D brushed chrome verified in field to match 1st floor
         door hardware finish selection.
         -Architectural grade (upgraded) elevator cab interior with decorative rails on (3)
         walls, decorative raised laminate wall panels and decorative cab ceiling panels
         with recessed mini H.I.D./L.E.D. downlights.
         *All as selected by Owner from submittals prior to order.
         -Full ADA compliant handicapped accessibility control, cab and hall call and
         annunciation systems.
         -Including hall framework and cab interior protection/coverage panels to be
         installed by elevator subcontractor as work is done and to remain in place until
         turnover to Owner.
         -Including final PA State L&I elevator inspection and approval and (1) full
         calendar year at no cost to Owner service and maintenance program for parts and
         labor including operational service call response within (12) hours of notification
         of problem.
         *Elevator will not be allowed to be used for any project construction
         purposes; elevator to be locked out until building turnover to Owner.
         -Hall side door frame and door panel protection to remain in place until
         building turnover to Owner.

Division XV-A – Plumbing

    1. All subgrade and above grade drain, waste, and vent piping to be Schedule 40
       PVC plastic.

    2. All potable water piping to be type L copper tubing installed with certified lead
       free soldered joints and nom. 5' oc hangers.
       -Lead free certification and water potability testing certification to be required
       prior to project completion.
       *Class A "PEX" tubing installed with manifolds and on piping support trays will
       be acceptable substitute.
Microtel Inn & Suites, Sayre, PA     Page 37 of 51                               December 2, 2011
         **All subgrade potable water piping to be Class "A" PEX tubing installed as a
         single continuous length from ceiling space to device terminations.

    3. HVAC System R410A Refrigerant Piping
       -All refrigerant piping to be Type "L" soft temper rolled copper pipe with
       appropriate insulation where permanently concealed; with additional oversized
       protection pipe sleeve where subgrade.
       -Type "M" copper tubing acceptable at normally accessible/exposed mechanical
       room locations, etc.
       -Installed in accordance with industry standards for pipe cleaning and purging
       with nitrogen flow during line connection silver solder brazing work and as fully
       suitable for and compatible with R410A refrigerant.

    4. Natural Gas Piping
       All building interior natural gas piping should be installed as either threaded
       Schedule 40 black steel pipe and/or pre-engineered fabricated flexible stainless
       steel rolled gas pipe product with yellow vinyl coating (CSST System), complete
       with all accessories, connections, fittings, etc. as provided by the manufactured

    5. Concealed Installation
       Except as noted and detailed on the plans, the entire plumbing installation shall be
       installed as concealed work to the point of piping penetration of the wall to, at, or
       beneath the particular plumbing fixtures, at which time all piping shall be
       transitioned to chrome plated piping with necessary finished wall trim plates.

    6. DWV Testing
       The entire drain, waste, and vent piping system shall be tested by plugging all
       openings and hydrostatically testing to a water head elevation of not less than 10'
       above the point of highest drainage connection to any plumbing fixture
       throughout the (4) story building areas.
       -Water head test shall be kept on for a minimum of (4) hours, after which time the
       water test column shall show no appreciable droppage (leakage).

    7. Potable Water Testing
       The entire potable water piping installation shall be air tested to not less than 150
       psi for a period of 24 hours, after which time the line pressure shall show no
       appreciable pressure drop.

Microtel Inn & Suites, Sayre, PA    Page 38 of 51                               December 2, 2011
    8. Natural Gas Piping Installation Testing
       The entire building interior natural gas piping system installation up to the gas
       cock installed at each appliance shall be pressure tested in accordance with the
       applicable requirements of the 2009 edition of the International Gas Fuel Code,
       most current edition of NFPA #54 Gas Fuel Code, and/or Public Gas Utility
       Company's assigned and specified requirements and procedures, but not less
       than 100 psi for a period of 24 hours (the more stringent requirements of all
       shall be required), after which time it shall show no appreciable pressure drop.

    9. Pipe Insulation
       -All pipe located within the building spaces (above 1st floor slab and/or below
       roof truss bottom chord) to be fully insulated as follows:
       A. Sanitary drain and waste lines and roof drain rain water conductors (RWC's):
          1½" thick fiberglass wrap with all service jacket, for acoustical insulation.
          *Fiberglass insulation coverage/jacket shall be Class A/FSK-25 rated and
          labeled where not fully enclosed or covered with 5/8" GWB, cement tile
          backer board and/or ½" Dens-Shield gypsum sheathing.
       B. Domestic cold and hot water lines: ⅜" wall thickness closed cell foam
          -Insulation system shall include pre-formed fitting and valve body coverages,
          etc. for a completed installation without exception.
          *Regardless of temperature of the domestic water or type of pipe.

    10.Tags and Labels
       All plumbing line valves, equipment, controls, etc. shall be permanently labeled
       with engraved adhesive back rigid plastic labels and/or engraved plastic tags
       attached to the valve with chain or plastic zip tie product.
       -As built plans and valve identification schedule shall clearly denote valve
       locations, tags, etc.

    11.Plumbing Fixtures
       To be as specified complete with all necessary accessories, line shutoff valves,
       mounting hardware, etc.

       To be N.S.F. labeled brass body stainless steel ball type with Teflon seat – ¼ turn
       -Color coded vinyl lever handle cover.
           Red hot
           Blue cold
Microtel Inn & Suites, Sayre, PA   Page 39 of 51                              December 2, 2011
       All pipe to be supported with suitable hangers to maintain alignment and
       clearance from other work/above topside of ceiling, etc.
       -All vertical lines with riser clamps at floor penetrations and at top fitting to
       -All horizontal at maximum 5' o.c. and with unistrut trapeze type support rails
       where multiple lines run parallel to allow racking.
       -With thermal insulation sleeves and dielectric isolation sleeves to prevent
       galvanic action (corrosion) between copper and other metals/concrete/masonry.

    14.As Built Plans
       Prior to project finalization, General Contractor shall submit (2) original
       reproducible prints prepared by the plumbing subcontractor to document as built
       installation drawn to scale with proper locations of all installed pipe,
       identifications of all equipment, pipes, valve locations, fittings, etc.

Division XV-B – Automatic Fire Protection/Sprinkler and Stand Pipe Systems

    1. Products and Equipment – All to be U.L. and F.M. listed and labeled.

    2. Building Classifications
        -Per 2009 IBC: R-1 Use Group, Transient Hotel Occupancy
        *The "Hotel" Use Group does not qualify the guestrooms/suites for
        Apartment/Dwelling Unit Classification.
        -4-story Type V-B protected wood framed construction.

    3. Automatic Fire Protection Sprinkler System Coverage
       -All building areas to be fully sprinklered including vented roof truss attic areas,
       extended outside entry porch roofs/canopies, guestroom closets and bathrooms, to
       provide a full coverage classification.
       *Per NFPA #13, with only guest bedroom areas using #13R designs and
       -Wet pipe system for all conditioned spaces and separate dry pipe system for
       vented attic areas and drive through canopy.
       -Hydraulically designed by the sprinkler/fire protection contractor for a light
       hazard occupancy based on contractor's procured/verified public street main
       water service availability by a nearest fire hydrant flow test done within the past
       (6) months or a new hydrant flow test accomplished by the Water Company at
       contractor's expense.
Microtel Inn & Suites, Sayre, PA   Page 40 of 51                              December 2, 2011
         *Regardless of system design, all sprinkler heads throughout all guestrooms
         and public/common room areas/spaces shall be semi-recessed residential/quick
         response type with white painted finish and white trim plate.

    4. Stand Pipe Systems
       -A wet pipe 4" diameter Class I stand pipe shall be installed in each of the (2)
       stair towers.
       -With hose connection valve size, type and position as specified/verified by the
       contractor with the Athens Township Fire Chief.
       -Stand pipes may be used to supply the floor by floor wet pipe sprinkler system if
       proven suitable by the hydraulic designs; with each floor stand pipe hose stream
       GPM (load) accommodated as specified by the Fire Chief.
       -Installed with floor system supply main line isolation valve with tamper switch
       and flow alarm vale; both with fire alarm system supervision.

    5. Design to Build Approvals
        -Fire protection contractor shall prepare complete design to build fire protection
        system plans by acceptable hydraulic designs, including plans and equipment,
        product specifications, and make formal submission of same to the following for
        review and approval.
        A. ISO *For review and Risk Analysis Rating; rating must be acceptable to
           all AHJ’s and Owner’s building/property fire and casualty insurance
           company underwriters
        B. Athens Township Fire Chief
        C. Code Inspections, Inc., Sayre office
        -After complete review and approval without conditions by all of these AHJs,
        same to be submitted to Project Consultant for review and approval.
        *The more stringent requirements of any of these reviews and/or these
        specifications shall be contract scope requirements; as interpreted by the Project

       6. Corporate Specifications
          -Attached Wyndham Corporation Sprinkler System Design and Installation
          Specifications (Design and Construction Manual) shall be adhered to without
          exception for design, installation, alarm arrangement, etc.
          i.e.: Each floor to have separate flow alarm.
          -However, Wyndham Corporation’s less stringent requirements shall not be

Microtel Inn & Suites, Sayre, PA   Page 41 of 51                             December 2, 2011
       7. Installations
          -All work to be concealed in a position fully coordinated with all other work to
          place lines a minimum of 8" above top side of any acoustical panel suspended
          ceiling grid system.
          -Exposed pipe/system work will only be allowed in the following room areas:
              Mechanical/electrical/storage rooms
              Main laundry
              Stairwells
              Attic

       8. Schedule 40 CPVC UL/FM listed and labeled "Blaze Shield" plastic pipe and
          fittings fully acceptable for branch lines and cross mains up to 1½" diameter size.
          -Hanger to be located at max. 48" oc.

       9. All black steel pipe to be certified US/domestic pipe (and cast iron/wrought
          iron fittings).
          -Schedule 40 with threaded or thin-wall Victaulic fittings.
          *Schedule 20 through wall pipe will not be acceptable for any pipe at any
          locations regardless of size.

       10.All typical pendant and sidewall heads to be white semi-recessed type with
          white trim plates.

       11.Scope of work to start at and include the new min. 8" diameter hotel building
          fire service tap onto the adjacent South Elmira street main by water company,
          including all charges for both service tap and street pave restoration, and shall
          include the combined fire service and domestic service meter vault per Water
          Company assigned specifications (attached to plans) including full flow in line
          meter and full flow valved meter bypass, on site fire hydrants, etc.
          *Water Authority will supply and install both fire and domestic water service
          laterals into the combined meter vault positioned at edge of street ROW as
          illustrated. Both pipes provided by water company with a flanged pipe end on
          the vault.
          *Contractor must set the vault first for the water company to pipe into it.

          -Prior to project completion/closeout, fire protection contractor shall submit (via
          project contractor) (6) original editions of the following certifications, signed
          and notarized:
              NFPA #13 Certificate "U" for underground fire service line
              NFPA #13 Certificate "A" for above ground fire protection system.
Microtel Inn & Suites, Sayre, PA     Page 42 of 51                              December 2, 2011
       13.Service and Recertification Agreement
          -Prior to project completion/closeout, fire protection contractor shall submit (via
          project contractor) a formal Fire Protection System Service and Recertification
          Agreement for the full (1) year contractor warranty period.

            -With full recertification required at the end of the (1) year warranty period.
            -At no cost to Owner.
            -A formal proposal for an extended Service and Recertification Agreement.

Division XV-C – Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning

       1. Products/Equipment
          All products and equipment shall be as manufactured by listed company or
          approved substitute.
          -Complete shop drawing submittals shall be required for all proposed
          substitutions prior to consideration of the equipment as an acceptable equal.
          Final shop drawing submittals shall be provided for all equipment after
          determination that a proposed substitute is acceptable regardless of context of 1 st
          proposed alternate submission.
          *Without exception, all air conditioning and/or refrigeration
          equipment/systems shall be charged by R410A refrigerant including PTAC
          units and ductless split system units.
          -R410A refrigerant certification required as a closeout document.

       2. Installation Requirements
          All equipment, products, etc. shall be installed in exact accordance with the
          manufacturer's installation instructions provided with each equipment item as
          field verified for the particular installation, location, and arrangement.
          -Manufacturer's installation instructions shall be maintained for assembly and
          submission into the as built plan submission.
          *Manufacturer's installation recommendations shall be contract
          requirements without exception.

       3. Ductwork
          All ductwork shall be fabricated of rigid galvanized sheet metal constructed to
          SMACNA low pressure, low velocity standards, installed with mechanically
          fastened joints caulked to an airtight condition.

Microtel Inn & Suites, Sayre, PA       Page 43 of 51                               December 2, 2011
            -General Contractor proposing to substitute alternate duct sizes and/or duct
            fabrication configurations shall propose the same as a shop drawing submittal
            prior to the start of fabrication.
            *Owens Corning Fiberglass Duct Board System is the only acceptable duct
            board substitution as a proposed equal, but will require pre-approval by
            shop drawing submittals with consideration given separately to each system.
            *Contractor will be allowed to reconfigure ductwork arrangements
            (route/location) and to make size adjustments to accommodate field
            conditions and to avoid conflicts with the following conditions.
             Performance remains same as plan including location and cfm flows of
               diffusers, grills, etc.
             Same duct cross sectional area is provided; with minimum 6" dimension
               for any duct handling > 500 cfm.
             Duct sized for cumulative air flow cfm at the following maximum duct
               air flow velocity
               -Supply air @ .10" ESP/100' T.D.L.
               -Return air @ 0.075" ESP/100' T.D.L.
               -Exhaust air @ 0.15"ESP/100' T.D.L.

       4. Duct Insulation
          All supply air ductwork, regardless of location, shall be fully thermally
          insulated by exterior fiberglass blanket duct wrap insulation system with
          continuous vapor barrier wrap, including connection collar and top side of all
          supply air diffusers.
          -Thermal insulation in place "R" value should be as follows:
            A. Within conditioned building spaces (below roof ceiling insulation and/or
               above floor slab) at min 3.5.
            B. Outside of conditioned building spaces at min. 5.0.
          -All return and exhaust air duct located outside of conditioned building spaces
          shall have similar thermal insulation with vapor barrier coverage at min. R 3.5
          in place value.
          *All duct wrap insulation vapor barrier coverages shall be U.L. labeled Class A
          FSK25 type (flame spread rated) without exception regardless of duct type or

       5. Electrical Characteristics
          HVAC subcontractor shall be responsible to coordinate with electrical
          subcontractor to personally verify all electrical rough-in requirements for final
          HVAC equipment regardless of information presented on either HVAC or
          electrical plans.
Microtel Inn & Suites, Sayre, PA     Page 44 of 51                              December 2, 2011
            -Failure to coordinate and resulting requirement for adjustments to electrical
            rough-in and/or reconfiguration of HVAC equipment voltage characteristics
            shall be the responsibility of the project General Contractor without any
            additional cost to the Owner.

       6. Balancing
          General Contractor is advised that the HVAC systems shall be set up, tested,
          and balanced to set up criteria and to document final air flow characteristics
          with an HVAC/Mechanical Contractor's Certified (signed and notarized)
          Test and Balance Report prepared for the same in a form and presentation
          acceptable to the Consultant for all separate systems, with building interior
          finishes in place throughout and all doors that will be normally closed in closed
          and latched position.
          -All required adjustments/rebalancing of all systems to provide operational
          and/or occupant comfort conditions shall be completed by the General
          Contractor at no additional cost to the Owner throughout the (1) year
          Contractor's warranty period. This rebalancing will not be required more than
          (4) times during the (1) year warranty period.

       7. Owner's Indoctrination
          General Contractor shall make arrangements for HVAC subcontractor to provide
          and perform Owner's operational instruction and indoctrination meeting at a date
          and time scheduled by the Owner after building occupancy and operation.

       8. As Built Drawings
          General Contractor shall assemble and present (2) complete sets of as built
          drawings prepared by the HVAC subcontractor, drawn to accurate scale
          indicating exact duct layout locations, duct sizes, control locations, etc.
          including (2) bound copies of all equipment submittals, operating instructions,
          maintenance manuals, etc.

       9. Post Contract Work Service and Maintenance
          General Contractor's scope of work to include a full (1) calendar year system
          preventative maintenance and service program in addition to the standard (1)
          calendar year warranty; to include 100% parts and labor, unconditional and non
          -To include min. (1) operational inspection and service prior to start of heating
          season and (1) prior to start of cooling season; in addition to the typical
          preventative maintenance of filter, belts, lubrication and cleaning, etc.

Microtel Inn & Suites, Sayre, PA      Page 45 of 51                              December 2, 2011
            -To include all normal and emergency system operational problem service calls
            with emergency (no heat/no A/C) service call response within (4) hours.

       10. Subcontracting
          -General Contractor shall only subcontract the HVAC work after the Owner and
          Consultant have been provided with a proposed subcontractor's qualification
          summary submitted for review and acceptance and issuance of authorization to
          -The General Contractor shall provide Owner and Consultant with such
          proposed HVAC subcontractor's submittal data within (30) calendar days of
          award of contract and Notice to Proceed.
          -Including a proposed alternate (Owner's selected/recommended) HVAC
          subcontractor's qualifications submittal data and corresponding +/- $ to project
          cost to accommodate Owner's required alternate subcontractor.

            -The intent and purpose of this requirement is to avoid the problems
            encountered by the subcontracting to unqualified HVAC (mechanical)
            contractors and/or HVAC mechanical contractors without suitable in-
            house mechanics and technicians to complete all work without additional
            downstream sub subcontracting of "out of house" required work.
            *The proposed HVAC subcontractor's qualifications summary submittal shall
            include a clear and accurate representation of extent/scope of in-house (direct)
            work as well as subcontracted out of house (non direct) work by scope of
            proposed trade contract, i.e.
                Ductwork
                Refrigerant piping
                Mechanical equipment – gas furnaces and condensers
                Insulation
                Automatic temperature controls
                Test and balance
                Preventative maintenance and services

Division XVI – Electrical
       1. Code
          100% of the electrical installation shall be installed, connected, and terminated
          in exact accordance with all applicable National Electrical Code requirements
          for the specified occupancy type and building classification; the year/edition of
          the NFPA #70 NEC as adopted by the Municipality and/or its contracted

Microtel Inn & Suites, Sayre, PA      Page 46 of 51                              December 2, 2011
            Electrical Inspection/Code Enforcement Agency as verified by Contractor prior
            to start; at this time the 2009 edition is in effect.
       2. Rough-In Verification
          Prior to the start of any electrical rough-in work, the electrical subcontractor shall
          personally coordinate with Owner, Consultant, General Contractor, and all other
          project subcontractors to verify rough-in requirements as to location, type,
          arrangement, voltage characteristics, disconnect requirements, etc.
          -Rework necessary to correct improper rough-in due to the lack of coordination
          and field verification will be completed by the General Contractor to
          Consultant's and Owner's criteria at no additional cost to the Owner.

       3. Wiring Methods
          Electrical construction to be installed in 100% concealed fashion unless noted
          otherwise on the plans.
          -Building use/occupancy classification: IBC Use Group R-1 (4) Story Hotel
          -Typical interior line voltage branch circuit wiring methods to be type MC cabling
          installed in accordance with National Electrical Code as to "through the stud"
          plastic pulling grommets at all light metal framed locations; and/or cable-in-
          conduit @ min. ¾"ø E.M.T. conduit throughout.
          -All feeder circuits to be cable in conduit as scheduled.

       4. Conductors
          All local branch circuit conductors shall be copper; minimum 12 gauge type
          "THW" for all branch circuits regardless of connected loads or equipment
          *All feeder conductors (both service and distribution panels) to be cable in
          -Type THHN or XHHN
          -Stranded copper as selected or equivalent stranded aluminum terminated
          at each end with Square "D" Versa-lug compression terminals.
          -SCH40 PVC conduit with stranded copper ground conductor.

       5. Device Ratings
          All devices (switches and convenience outlets) shall be 20 amp rated "spec
          grade" devices; with device and faceplate color as selected by Owner's interior
          decorator separately for all spaces prior to start (ivory-white-black-brown).
          *All light switches shall have internal L.E.D. illumination when in the off
          position or LED backlit cover plates if allowed by Corporate and/or Owner.

Microtel Inn & Suites, Sayre, PA     Page 47 of 51                                December 2, 2011
            **Standard sized cover plates shall be used at all locations; oversized plates
            will not be acceptable as a method of correcting GWB over cuts.

       6. Light Fixtures
          Prior to ordering and/or installation, electrical subcontractor shall submit
          complete shop drawing submittals on all proposed light fixtures for Owner's and
          Consultant's review.
          -Acceptable interior light fixture manufacturers will be Simkar, Daybright,
          Keystone, Progress, Hubbell, or equal; to make/manufacturer, quality, style,
          finish, and lamping as specified by Owner's selected fixtures.

            *All fluorescent light fixtures to have universal voltage (120 volt
            through 277 volt +/- 15%) high power factor electronic ballasts.
       7. Fixture Lamps
          General Contractor shall turn over the building with all light fixtures having
          new lamps or lamps that have been installed and used for construction lighting
          for a period of not more than (30) calendar days prior to building turnover for
          Owner's use and occupancy.
       8. UL Labeling
          All products regardless of locations, arrangement, intended use, and/or function
          shall be UL listed and labeled.

       9. Electrical Inspections
          Electrical subcontractor shall procure and provide certification that building
          electrical installation has been inspected and certified to be violation free for the
          following stages of work:
            A. Service
            B. Rough-in
            C. Final

       10.Service Gear
          All service entrance gear, distribution panels, metering equipment, etc. shall be
          as manufactured by Square D, Cutler Hammer, or pre-approved equal.
          -All service gear and completed installation work (materials and methods) from
          pad mount transformer pre-cast vault, primary and secondary service conduit,
          C.T. metering cabinets, service gear, cable pulling and termination cabinet, etc.
          shall meet PPL assigned specifications and shop drawing submittal approvals.

Microtel Inn & Suites, Sayre, PA     Page 48 of 51                                December 2, 2011
            *Penelec approval of service gear submittals required before submittals are
            presented to Consultant.
            -Including written statement from Penelec specifying the available Penelec
            calculated service fault current rating.
       11.Shop Drawing Submittals
          Prior to project completion, electrical subcontractor shall prepare, assemble, and
          submit (2) complete editions of detailed as built drawings prepared to illustrate
          installed conditions, clearly illustrating locations of all devices, junction boxes,
          disconnects, controls, etc. and as built branch circuit panel directories.
          -Included shall be (2) bound editions of shop drawing/product submittals for all
          electrical equipment without exception.
       12.Low Voltage Rough-In
          Rough-in requirements for Owner's low voltage systems shall be installation of
          double gang wall box (with single outlet reducer plate) with ¾" conduit sweep
          to min. 12" above top side of highest adjacent accessible ceiling space.
          -With "dedicated home run" cable installations as specified and detailed for
          the following systems.
              Phone – (4) pair Cat. 6 cable
              Data – (4) pair Cat. 6 cable
                 *IDF to MDF Cat 6 cable of #/pairs scheduled on the plans
              Security/Alarm – (4) pair 16 gage copper
              Cable TV – RG-6U Coax
              CCTV – RG 59-18/2 cable
              Sound/paging – (4) pair 14 gage copper
              Satellite TV – RG-6U Coax

            *The cabling rough-in methods for these systems shall be as specified by each
            vendor and field verified prior to start.
            -Cable length at each wall box left with min. 16" tail.
            -Cable length at head end equipment left floor to ceiling, +4' tail.
            -All cables # ID'ed (tagged) each end.
                As noted, each and every outlet shall be wired as a dedicated home
                   run to head end/IDF/MDF locations; no "daisy chain" cabling will be
                   allowed for any low voltage system.

Microtel Inn & Suites, Sayre, PA     Page 49 of 51                               December 2, 2011
            **All routed parallel with or perpendicular to building lines, bundled and zip
            tied and supported independently from structure above with bundle rings at nom.
            48" o.c. to maintain min. 8" clear above top side of all other recessed ceiling
            mounted fixtures, devices, etc.

                 No low voltage cabling will be allowed to be suspended from,
                  supported by, or intermingled with, other mechanical/electrical
                  system work.

       13.As Built Plans
          General Contractor shall assemble and present (2) complete sets of electrical
          work (line and low voltage) as-built plans prepared by responsible electrical
          subcontractor; drawn to accurately indicate:
              General route of all conduit for all feeders, distribution and branch
                circuits, including all junction/pull boxes.
              As connected branch circuit loads, breaker ID and actual connected loads
              All service disconnects and/or overload protection.
              Motor starters – line and low voltage relays and contactors, etc.
              Timers/controllers, etc.
              Panel directory(s)
              Etc.
          -Additionally (2) fully bound editions of Owner's Operation and Equipment
          Manuals with all final shop drawings and submittals, parts and service
          manuals, etc.


       The above information is presented to represent to the General Contractor that
the Owner is expecting the General Contractor to submit a turnkey complete Project
Lump Sum price for completion of a project of this magnitude based upon the General
Contractor's prior experience on projects of similar size, scope, and site conditions,
including all required/related work that would be "reasonably inferable" from the
basic project scope of work as illustrated and represented by these plans. Completed
site and building are to be turned over "turnkey complete" and operationally ready to
occupy and use as intended in all respects. The General Contractor is requested to
clearly document on the Lump Sum proposal form any and all EXCLUSIONS that
would either be Owner's responsibility or work required by others necessary for a
completed and usable project.
Microtel Inn & Suites, Sayre, PA     Page 50 of 51                            December 2, 2011
-General Contractor is advised that it is not necessary to list work included since it is
the Owner's expectation that the Lump Sum cost will represent a completed project
and as such the Contractor is advised and required to only fully disclaim work
that is not included. It goes without saying that any required item of work/scope of
work that will be required for a completed and usable project that is not excluded
would be part of the contract scope and therefore should be included in the Lump Sum

       *This Outline Spec is supplemented by the attending Corporate Prototypical
Microtel Inn & Suites Hotel most current edition Design and Construction Standards
       -The more stringent requirement of either Athens Township, or Code Inspections
interpretation of Code requirements shall be contract scope and requirements.

                                   End of Outline Specifications

Microtel Inn & Suites, Sayre, PA       Page 51 of 51                          December 2, 2011

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