LonMaker for Windows by 53yps7


									          LonMaker Interface

                                     LonMaker specific
Toggle Layer                         functions                                          Zoom in: Ctrl+Shift+left-click
visibility here                                                                         Zoom out: Ctrl+Shift+right-click
                                                                                        Zoom in on a selected area: Hold
                                                                                         down Ctrl+Shift+left-mouse button
                                                                                         and drag a rectangle around the area
                                                                                         you want to zoom in on.
                                                  Network                               View whole page: Ctrl + W
                                                  Navigation         Zoom&Pan Window    Scroll: Hold down Ctrl+Shift+right-
                                                                                         mouse button and drag the page
                                                                                        Copy: Select multiple shapes, hold
Change stencil
                                                                                         Ctrl and drag shapes
panes by clicking
on their titles                                                                         Add multiple shapes by Shift-
                                                                                         clicking shapes in stencil and
                                                                  Function Block         dragging to drawing
                                                                  Shapes                Right-click Visio toolbar to add
                                                                                         more toolbars
                                                                                        Right-click any shape for a pop-up
                                                                                         menu specific to that shape
    Stencils hold
    different drawing                                                               Monitoring Connections Tips:
    shapes you can
                                                               Device Shapes
    use                                                                                 Enable Monitoring: Right click on
                                                                                         the drawing’s background and check
                                                                     Drawing             “Enable Monitoring”
                                                                     Explorer           Monitor Input Value: Double-click
                                                                                         on the connection
                                                                                        Double-click on the connection again
                        Connections between                                              to change the monitored NV from
                        network variables                                                input to both to output to none

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