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									                              Let me introduce myself

My full name is: Per Jandér          I prefer to be called: Per

The best way for you to reach me is by e-mail: per.jander@sydkraft.se

You also can reach me by phone +46 703 251019

The organization where I work/study is: Sydkraft Kärnkraft AB / Oskarshamn
Nuclear Power Plant

My primary technical/work responsibilities and interests are: Production optimisation
and investment planning

When I’m not working/studying I enjoy: Travelling, sports, outdoor life in general
and spending time with friends

The place(s) where I lived as a child is: A small town in the dark Swedish forest

The place where I live now is: Malmö, across the bridge from Copenhagen

Here is how I would describe the city/town where I now live: An exciting and
developing part of Sweden that unfortunately lacks mountains, trees and rivers.

Languages I can speak/understand are: Swedish, English, French and German

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