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									32 Student Affairs                                                                     Undergraduate Catalog 2010-2011
                                                                    A part-time Edu-Care/Flex-Time program is offered to
Student Affairs                                                   children of students who are three or four years of age and
                                                                  who have achieved bathroom independence. The part-
The Division of Student Affairs seeks to enhance the              time program is housed in the Graham Center.
academic mission of the University by promoting a vast              Students can contract for blocks of time between the
array of educational, social, and cultural opportunities and      hours of 8:45 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Monday through Friday.
programs. We believe that a student’s education takes             Evening hours are available Monday through Thursday
place both inside and outside the classroom. We aim to            from 5:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m.
provide an environment that supports the growth and                 Center enrollment priority is given to children of students.
development of our students by catering to their social,          Financial support is available for FIU Pell Grant eligible
intellectual, emotional, and spiritual needs. From                students. For more information, visit our web site
orientation to job interview skills, volunteer opportunities to To request an admission
multicultural programs, health care screenings to                 form, stop by the Center or call (305) 348-2143.
residential life, Student Affairs is here to help you make
the most of your college experience.
   The following are Student Affairs departments and
                                                                  SORORITY AND FRATERNITY LIFE
programs:                                                         Greek     organizations—fraternities       and    sororities—
                                                                  contribute to the University by promoting leadership,
CAMPUS LIFE                                                       scholarship, service, social activities, and brotherhood and
The Department of Campus Life creates learning                      An Interfraternity Council governs men’s fraternities, a
communities that expose students to a diversity of ideas          Multicultural   Greek     Council      governs     historically
and experiences and develop the following skills:                 multicultural-based fraternities and sororities, a National
leadership, communication, problem-solving, program               Pan-Hellenic Council governs historically African-
planning, organization, implementation, evaluation, and           American fraternities and sororities, and the Panhellenic
most importantly, the opportunity to Get Involved on              Council governs women’s social sororities. The Order of
Campus. Activities such as movies, athletic events, pep           Omega is the honorary leadership society of fraternities
rallies, concerts, comedy shows, lecture series,                  and sororities that promotes leadership and scholarship
multicultural theme weeks, and community service are a            among Greeks. Rho Lambda is the honor society that
few of the fun and educational programs offered through           recognizes women for their leadership contributions to the
the department. Students may form additional                      Panhellenic Council and for high academic achievement.
organizations and clubs that promote the University’s             Formal recruitment periods. Membership Intake Processes
educational mission and the development of one’s                  are held Fall or Spring semester depending on the
personal attributes. Campus Life activities are co-               organization and council. For more information, please
curricular and cover all aspects of the educational               check our website.
experiences and personal growth of students. Over 210             Location: GC 2240, Modesto A. Maidique Campus, (305)
registered organizations exist to enrich campus life and          348-2138,
contribute to the social, cultural, and academic growth of
  The Department of Campus Life includes the Student
                                                                  STUDENT GOVERNMENT ASSOCIATION
Government       Association,      Council   for   Student        The Student Government Association is comprised of
Organizations (MMC), Student Organizations Council                representatives from all Schools and Colleges who are
(BBC), Student Programming Council, Honors Council,               elected by the student body. There is a Student
Greek Organizations, Multifaith Council, Homecoming               Government Council at both the Biscayne Bay Campus
Council, and Panther Power (BBC).                                 and Modesto A. Maidique Campus. SGA is responsible
Location: GC 2240, Modesto A. Maidique Campus, (305)              for overseeing and appropriating the Activity and Service
348-2138; WUC 141, Biscayne Bay Campus, (305) 919-                (A&S) fees paid by all students each semester. These
5804.                                                             fees fund many of the campus life events, student
                                                                  activities, and clubs and organizations. SGA also acts as
CHILDREN'S CREATIVE LEARNING                                      the liaison between the students and administrative areas
CENTER                                                            of the University, specifically speaking, and lobbying on
                                                                  behalf of students.
Established in 1975, the Children’s Center, an Educational          SGA members represent the student body on University-
Research Center for Child Development, is a SACS                  wide committees and task forces to ensure student
Accredited, Gold Seal Program located on the Modesto A.           representation at the administrative level. SGA meets
Maidique Campus, and is a department within Student               regularly and students are highly encouraged to attend
Affairs.                                                          meetings and become involved in all aspects of Student
  A full day developmentally appropriate hands-on early           Government.
education program is available for children of students,          Location: GC 211, Modesto A. Maidique Campus, (305)
faculty, staff, alumni, and the neighboring community and         348-2121; WUC 141, Biscayne Bay Campus, (305) 919-
is housed in the center’s main building on the west side of       5680.
campus. The program serves children who have achieved
bathroom independence between the ages of two and
one-half through five years, Monday through Friday, from
7:45 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. with pick-up at 12:00 p.m., 12:30
p.m., or after 3:30 p.m.
Undergraduate Catalog 2010-2011                                                                         Student Affairs 33
CENTER FOR LEADERSHIP AND                                       Individual denominations sponsor campus-wide programs
                                                                including worship, study groups, social gatherings, and
SERVICE                                                         cultural events. Campus Ministry sponsors programs and
The Center for Leadership and Service (CLS) provides            activities which are non-denominational.
students with developmental and experiential opportunities      Location: GC 318, Modesto A. Maidique Campus, (305)
that foster leadership and community involvement,               348-3902; CM 101, Biscayne Bay Campus, (305) 919-
grounded in values and moral purpose. Through                   5247.
leadership education, service learning, advocacy, and
volunteerism, students will become active citizens on           CAREER SERVICES
campus, in their respective communities, and in the
workplace.                                                      Career Services (CS) assists registered students at all
   Leadership education is both curricular (for credit) and     University locations with career plans and employment
co-curricular (non-credit). PAD 3431 Exploring Leadership       needs across academic disciplines, and with all types of
is a three-credit introductory leadership course open to all    employers: business and industry, education, technology,
students. SOW 4932 Service Learning examines social             government,       science, construction, manufacturing,
issues and develops a response through a service project.       telecommunications, transportation, military and defense,
These courses are part of an academic certificate in            and consumer products and services that may be for-profit
Professional Leadership Studies. Non-credit leadership          or non-profit. CS works closely with the Career offices that
development programs range from one-hour skill building         are located in the School of Hospitality and Tourism
workshops, to semester-based programs, to a year-long           Management, College of Business Administration, and
living/learning community on campus. All of these               College of Law. CS’s high-tech and high-touch philosophy
programs are interactive and experiential in nature and are     offers 24-7 services plus individualized attention through
offered at a variety of times to accommodate our diverse        intake hours and one-on-one appointments.
student population. Programs are developmental in                  CS encourages students to register with the office
nature, so students can begin with an entry-level program       immediately after enrolling in classes---whether as a
and progress to more advanced leadership training while         freshman, a transfer, or a graduate student. The office
at FIU. Consult the department website for program              can help you identify a major, find an internship, or locate
descriptions and application details,         a career that is right for you. Get involved with Career
  CLS is also the central office for service development, by    Services. Our programs and services include:
offering a clearinghouse and resource center for volunteer      •    CAREER DEVELOPMENT AND MANAGEMENT -
activities, service-learning, and advocacy for social issues.        This area offers career interest tools assessments,
Three major service projects are sponsored by CLS. By                group and individual appointments, as well as
taking leadership roles in organizing and implementing               workshops for those desiring to identify their next
these projects, students are able to practice and refine             educational and/or career path.
their leadership skills. Alternative Break (AB) educates        •    INTERNSHIPS AND COOPERATIVE EDUCATION -
students about social issues and encourages them to                  We assist students in identifying and securing
make a difference by participating in direct service projects        practical experience in their chosen major.
in communities throughout the country and abroad. Dance              Assignments include part-time as well as full-time
Marathon is a student-run philanthropy dedicated to                  employment. Internships and Cooperative Education
raising money for the Children’s Miracle Network. Several            often provide a salary and academic credit with
hundred students participate in the 25-hour fundraiser that          assignments possible at local, national or international
takes an entire year and a committee of 30 students to               levels. These experiences have been found to
plan and implement. Proceeds benefit the Miami                       significantly increase the possibility of gaining full-time
Children’s Hospital. Relay for Life is the signature                 career employment at time of graduation.
fundraising event for the American Cancer Society. A            •    EMPLOYMENT UPON GRADUATION - Students are
committee of FIU students organizes the overnight walk to            encouraged to become fully registered with CSO, this
celebrate life and provide hope for those touched by this            allows you to take full advantage of the Campus
disease.                                                             Interview Program, Resume Referral Service, and
  Students may also take on leadership roles by providing            Online Job Vacancies. You will also receive regular e-
peer education. The LEAD Team is a student group that                mails about networking opportunities and job fairs.
promotes and supports leadership development. The               •    DELTA EPSILON IOTA – An academic honor society
LEAD Team participates as program promoters and                      dedicated to enhancing student leadership skills,
department ambassadors, group facilitators, classroom                career development, and networking opportunities
presenters, and consultants to student organizations.                with employers. The society supports the mission,
   The Center for Leadership and Service is dedicated to             vision, and goals of Career Services Office.
developing the leadership capacity and service ethic of all          Membership is open to undergraduate and graduate
students, regardless of position or title.                           students across all academic units who meet the 3.3
Location: GC 242 Modesto A. Maidique Campus, (305)                   GPA requirement and have earned at least 30
348-6995 or; WUC 256, Biscayne Bay Campus, (305)                     semester hours.
919-5360 Web Site:                            CS also provides specialized workshops like business
                                                                etiquette lunches/dinners, dress for success seminars,
MULTIFAITH COUNCIL                                              salary negotiating, interviewing effectively, and how to
                                                                network. Other activities include resume critiques,
The Multifaith Council serves student groups involved in a      practice interviews, and advance interviewing. The office
variety of activities. Professional representatives from        has video conference capabilities for interviewing. For
various faiths are available for personal appointments.         more information, click on:
34 Student Affairs                                                                   Undergraduate Catalog 2010-2011
Locations: Modesto A. Maidique Campus, GC 230, (305)             •   Testing and treatment for sexually transmitted
348-2423; Biscayne Bay, WUC 225, (305) 919-5770;                     infections
Engineering, EC 2780, (305) 348-1281.                            •   Respiratory therapy
                                                                 •   Immunizations
DISABILITY RESOURCE CENTER                                       •   Women’s clinical services: physical exams and
                                                                     diagnostic tests including pap smears, pregnancy
Disability Resource Center provides information and                  tests, colposcopy*, cryotherapy*, and ultrasounds*
assistance to students with disabilities who are in need of
                                                                 •   Massage therapy*
special accommodations. Services are available to
                                                                 •   Acupuncture*
students with sensory, physical, medical, psychological,
and psychiatric disabilities. Services include auxiliary aids    •   Chiropractic*
and academic adjustments for qualified individuals and           •   Pharmacy services which include over the counter
may include: classroom accommodations, assistive                     products and prescription medications* at competitive
technology, note-takers, readers, ASL interpreters,                  prices. You may have prescriptions filled from your
adapted testing, priority registration, and referrals. Support       health care provider even if not seen at one of the FIU
and assistance in overcoming architectural, academic,                health clinics.
attitudinal, and other barriers encountered are provided.        *Only available at Modesto A. Maidique Campus.
Current documentation of a disability is required to             Important information before accessing our services
establish accommodations and to receive services. Prior          •  Students must present a current, valid FIU photo ID at
to the beginning of each semester, a request for                    the time of the office visit.
accommodations must be provided by the student,                  •  For your convenience, appointments are strongly
resulting in the notification of the faculty.                       recommended.
Location: GC 190, Modesto A. Maidique Campus, (305)              •  If you need to cancel an appointment, you must call at
348-3532, WUC 131, Biscayne Bay Campus, (305) 919-                  least 24 hours prior to your appointment time.
5345. TTY 1-888-447-5620.                                        •  Payment is required at the time of service. Cash (at
                                                                    MMC          only),     checks,      money        orders,
UNIVERSITY HEALTH SERVICES                                          MasterCard/VISA/Discover credit cards, and the FIU
                                                                    debit card are accepted as forms of payment.
Good health is essential to your success while at the
University and throughout your life. Therefore, the              •  Services not available include: X-ray, dental care,
University Health Services utilizes funds collected through         specialty physicians, and emergency care after clinic
the student health fee to provide registered students with          hours and on weekends. In case of emergency on
free or low-cost clinical Holistic services with an emphasis        either campus, call Public Safety—Campus Police
on health education and disease prevention, as well as              Department (24 hours a day) at 305-348-5911.
quality and cost-effective clinical care for the diagnosis          Emergency care after clinic hours and on weekends is
and treatment of routine illnesses and minor injuries.              not offered at our facility.
Ambulatory care centers are available on each campus to          •  The student health fee does not cover diagnostic and
serve students' primary health care needs in a convenient           therapeutic medical visits to outside physicians,
and patient-friendly environment.                                   clinics, or hospitals. Students are strongly encouraged
Services offered at no charge:                                      to purchase supplemental health insurance. A health
•    Medical office visits with registered nurses, primary          insurance policy is available at a low rate for students
     care nurse practitioners, and physicians                       who take six or more credits a semester. See our
                                                                    website for further details about the current domestic
•    Physical exams
                                                                    insurance plan.
•    Family planning counseling
                                                                 •  For a complete and updated list of our services and
•    Lifestyle workshops, lectures, and activities for groups
                                                                    charges, visit our website at
     or individuals are provided on a variety of topics such
     as: wellness, stress management, nutrition, fitness,        Modesto A. Maidique Campus
     sexual health (HIV/AIDS, STD, etc.), substance              Location: University Health Services Complex (near the
     use/abuse prevention, preventive health issues/self-        College of Law and Recreation Center)
     care, and aromatherapy                                      Phone Number: (305) 348-2401
•    Fitness assessment (weight, body composition, blood         Fax: (305) 348-6655
     pressure/heart rate, flexibility, cardiovascular fitness)   Biscayne Bay Campus
•    Health Education consultations on nutrition, fitness,       Locations: Health Care Center (HCWC Building located by
     smoking cessation, wellness, stress management,             parking lot 1-C)
     aromatherapy, and sexual health)                            Wellness Center: (across from the Campus Support
•    Anonymous HIV counseling and testing                        Complex)
•    Yoga classes                                                Phone Numbers: (305) 919-5620
•    Chair massages                                              Fax: (305) 919-5312.
•    Student clubs
Services available for a nominal charge:                         STUDENT MEDIA
•    Nutrition counseling with a registered dietician            Student media at FIU include The Beacon newspaper,
•    Laboratory tests (blood, urine, and cultures)     , and WRGP radio.
•    EKGs, vision, and hearing tests                                 The Beacon is an editorially independent publication
•    Physical examination and accompanying reports for           produced by students and distributed free. The purpose of
     class or work related purposes                              The Beacon is to keep the University community informed
Undergraduate Catalog 2010-2011                                                                          Student Affairs 35
about campus news, events and activities; to serve as a              All of the housing facilities have fast Ethernet
forum for opinion and commentary concerning campus               connections. Unlimited access to the web, basic cable
related topics; and to protect the interests of the University   television, and utilities are included in the room rental rate.
community and its component parts. It is published               Each of the residence halls is staffed with both
Monday, Wednesday, and Friday during the Fall and                professional and paraprofessional personnel to ensure the
Spring terms, except during holiday breaks. It is also           facilities are safe and well maintained. For more
published eight times during the summer term. Students           information regarding services and accommodations,
can work on the staff in news and features, photography,         please visit our web page at
and/or advertising. No prior experience is required.             Location: Housing Office, University Park Towers (UPT)
  WRGP is FIU’s radio station located at 88.1, 95.3 (MMC),       121, Phone: (305) 348-4190, Fax: (305) 348-4295; E-mail:
and 96.9 (BBC) FM. Its programming is an eclectic mix of Office of Residential Life, Panther Hall
the latest music on the cutting edge of the alternative          (PH) 126, Phone: (305) 348-3661, Fax: (305) 348-3674 on
scene, FIU sports play-by-play, and news. Programming            the Biscayne Bay Campus, the Bay Vista Housing Office
also includes daily specialty shows that cover the music         is (305) 919-5587.
spectrum of metal to reggae, and in between Caribbean,
hip-hop, rap, Latin rock, jazz, and classical mornings. The      INTERNATIONAL STUDENT AND
station operates 24 hours seven days a week. The station
provides a mean for students to acquire experience in            SCHOLAR SERVICES
various disciplines related to the broadcast industry,           The International Student and Scholar Services (ISSS)
including hands-on experience in a realistic, business-like      office provides assistance to international students, faculty
setting encompassing teamwork and professional                   and researchers in non-immigrant status (F or J visas).
standards. Students can work in areas such as                    The staff provides advising services on immigration,
broadcasting, business, promotions, and/or engineering.          cultural, personal, social and financial concerns, as well
Prior experience is not required.                                as, maintaining the Student Exchange Visitor Information
    Fiusm, is a multi-media website that incorporates all of     System (SEVIS) of the Department of Homeland Security
student media. Not only can you read about an event, but         for the University. The office also serves as a liaison to
you can also listen and watch it with fiusm's streaming          academic and administrative departments throughout the
video. The website is updated five days a week. fiusm            University.
accepts advertising.                                                All new and/or international transfer students MUST
Location: The Beacon, GC 210 Modesto A. Maidique                 attend a MANDATORY orientation program before the
Campus (305) 348-2709; WUC 220, Biscayne Bay                     start of their first semester and MUST report to the ISSS
Campus (305) 919-4722. WRGP, GC 319, Modesto A.                  office within the first week of the start of classes. The
Maidique Campus, (305) 348-3071;, GC 210.              ISSS also offers social and cultural programs to assist
                                                                 students in adapting more effectively to the University
THE DEPARTMENT OF HOUSING AND                                    community and to living in Miami. An active International
                                                                 Student Club on each campus collaborates with the
RESIDENTIAL LIFE                                                 department in organizing various social activities. Club
The Department of Housing and Residential Life provides          programs enable students to participate in the
housing for students at both the Modesto A. Maidique             international dimension of the University and provide
Campus and Biscayne Bay Campuses. There are six                  opportunities for involvement in the greater Miami
residential complexes five are located at the Modesto A.         community.
Maidique Campus and one on the Biscayne Bay Campus                  ISSS is located in GC 355, Modesto A. Maidique
housing approximately 3,100 students on both campuses.           Campus, (305) 348-2421; and WUC 363, Biscayne Bay
Our student housing is designed to provide a comfortable         Campus, (305) 919-5813.
living environment conducive to supporting students’
academic success. The facilities are located within walking      MULTICULTURAL PROGRAM AND
distance to classrooms, faculty offices, labs, recreation
facilities, and other student services. There are multiple       SERVICES
room types which provide a variety of accommodations to          The Office of Multicultural Programs and Services (MPAS)
meet students’ housing needs and budgets.                        provides retention-centered services for our diverse
   The campus residential community provides unique              student body. MPAS offers students the personal,
opportunities for personal growth and development,               academic, social, and cultural support needed for the
leadership experiences through student participation in          achievement of their educational goals. Staff members
programming and activities, and developing an                    assist with leadership development, counseling, career
appreciation of and sensitivity to differences. Residents        and academic advisement, financial assistance, tutorials,
have the opportunity to enjoy social and educational             and serve as a liaison to academic units and student
events that are sponsored by the Residence Hall                  support services University-wide. AAA Tutorial and several
Association and resident assistants. The residence halls         student organizations fall under the MPAS umbrella.
feature several Living and Learning Communities that             MPAS also houses a graduate assistant position devoted
include: FYRST (First Year Residents Succeeding                  to coordinating and promoting LGBT (Lesbian, Gay,
Together), FYRST Explore, Arts and Architecture, Honors          Bisexual, and Transgender) initiatives and programming.
Place, Honors Place 2, Honors Place on the Bay, Leaders          Location: GC 216 and GC 265, Modesto A. Maidique
in Residence, and a Law Community. Housing academic              Campus, (305) 348-2436; WUC 253, Biscayne Bay
tutors known as the A-Team are also available to assist          Campus, (305) 919-5817. AAA Tutorials (Assistance for
students with their academic tutoring needs.
36 Student Affairs                                                                  Undergraduate Catalog 2010-2011
Academic Achievement) is a free tutoring service available        The office coordinates large-scale events such as
for all enrolled FIU students at both campuses.                 Welcome Week, Panther Camp, Parent and Family
Locations: GC 267, Modesto A. Maidique Campus, (305)            Weekend, and provides direction for the Panther Parents
348-4109; WUC 253 (305) 919-5817.                               Association.
  Please visit our web page at             Location: GC 112, Modesto A. Maidique Campus, (305)
Student Organizations advised through MPAS include              348-6414; WUC 141, Biscayne Bay Campus, (305) 919-
Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc., Black Student Union,          5804.
Stonewall Pride Alliance, On Point Poetry, and Golden
Charmers Dance Team.                                            OFFICE OF STUDENT CONDUCT AND
                                                                CONFLICT RESOLUTION
                                                                The mission of Student Conduct and Conflict Resolution is
The Ombudsman Office acts as an impartial and                   to promote concepts of respect, civility, fairness, and
confidential forum to assist students who have                  conflict resolution on campus by enforcing community
encountered problems or conflicts at the University,            standards (FIU policies, federal, state, and local laws) and
particularly problems or concerns not adequately                holding students accountable for their behavior in a fair,
addressed through normal channels. This may include             yet developmental manner, through the involvement of the
correcting processes or procedures which hinder resolving       campus community and educational development of
the issue or are causing an inordinate delay. The               students.
Ombudsman may resolve problems through various                    Infringement of an academic nature should be directed to
methods, including investigation, mediation, or making          the Vice Provost for Academic Affairs. Complaints that
referrals to the appropriate University department for          are non-academic should be directed to the Office of
review. The Ombudsman should be utilized in situations          Student Conduct and Conflict Resolution.
where all areas of appeal have been exhausted or proven            The Office of Student Conduct and Conflict Resolution
unsuccessful.                                                   also:
  For more information or services, please contact the          •     Provides student conduct record background checks
Office of the Ombudsman at (305) 348-2797 located in                  for various agencies (Secret Service, FBI, CIA, State
Graham Center 219 at Modesto A. Maidique Campus, or                   Department,      DEA,     Federal      Marshals,  Law
located in WUC 325, Wolfe University Center, Biscayne                 Enforcement Agencies, Military, Graduate Schools,
Bay Campus, (305) 919-5800.                                           Law Schools, Dean Certifications, Florida Bar
ORIENTATION AND COMMUTER                                        •     Assists in the selection and training of Student
STUDENT SERVICES                                                      Conduct Committee members and hearing officers.
                                                                •     Manages admissions clearances – The University
The Office of Orientation and Commuter Student Services               reserves the right to review the case of any student
provides resources, services, and programs to new                     who has been involved in misconduct prior to
students and the University’s commuter student                        admission to determine eligibility for admission.
population. The “Panther Preview” Orientation program is        •     Administers the student conduct process. Holds
designed to assist new students with the transition to                students accountable for violations of the Student
university life by introducing them to the vast array of              Code of Conduct.
resources available at FIU, providing time to work with an
                                                                •     Provides educational programs for faculty, staff, and
academic advisor, and giving them an opportunity to get to
                                                                      students regarding the student conduct process;
know their new classmates. New students meet with a
                                                                      ethics and integrity; conflict resolution; and dealing
Peer Advisor who introduces them to the campus
                                                                      with disruptive students in the classroom.
surroundings and provides valuable insight into what it is
                                                                •     Provides mediation as a possible avenue to foster
like to be an FIU student. Students are also given the
                                                                      mutual respect and understanding when differences
opportunity to receive their official FIU Student ID/ Panther
                                                                      arise. Mediation through the Office of Student
Card, discover the variety of ways to get involved on
                                                                      Conduct and Conflict Resolution is an informal,
campus, and learn how to use the online student
                                                                      voluntary, and confidential way to resolve minor
registration system.
                                                                      conflicts, disputes, or disagreements without going
   A mandatory two-day program for freshmen and a one
                                                                      through formal charges or judicial proceedings.
day session for transfer students are held prior to the fall,
                                                                Please refer to the Student Code of Conduct section in the
spring, and summer semesters. A parent program is also
                                                                FIU Student Handbook for more information regarding
offered during each freshman session to introduce parents
                                                                the student conduct process and procedure. The Office of
to FIU and assist them with preparing to meet the
                                                                Student Conduct and Conflict Resolution is located in GC
challenges of parenting a college student. Information
                                                                311 at the Modesto A. Maidique Campus, (305) 348-3939.
about registering for Orientation is mailed to newly
                                                                Web site:
admitted undergraduate students prior to the first term of
  The Commuter Center, located at Modesto A. Maidique           UNIVERSITY CENTERS
Campus, assists students with obtaining information that        The University Center on each campus provides direct
will aid them in making a smooth transition to the              services to students and the University community. The
University. A variety of services are available at the          Graham Center (GC) at Modesto A. Maidique Campus
Center, including: off-campus housing information,              and the Wolfe University Center (WUC) at Biscayne Bay
campus maps, parking information, local telephone               Campus are the focal points for the University community
access, and child care information.
Undergraduate Catalog 2010-2011                                                                       Student Affairs 37
to meet and interact in a non-classroom environment.          have been victims and survivors of abuse and/or violence.
Staff in the Centers coordinate the scheduling of space       Confidential services are free of charge, and address
and assist with the production of student and University      issues     such     as    sexual     violence,    relationship/
sponsored events.                                             dating/domestic abuse, stalking, assault and battery, hate
   As the hub of University life, these buildings house the   crimes, harassment, and issues pertaining to adult
offices of Student Government Association (SGA);              survivors of child abuse, and homicide survivors. The
Campus Life; Student Programming Council (SPC);               Center operates a 24-hour crisis hotline, and accepts
Council of Student Organizations (CS); Office of Sorority     walk-ins during regular business hours or by appointment.
and Fraternity Life; The Beacon student newspaper;            Victim Advocates provide emotional and practical support
Faculty Club, and departments of the Division of Student      to ensure that all issues arising as a result of victimization
Affairs that provide services to students: Career Services,   are addressed according to the wishes of the victim.
Center for Leadership and Service, Disability Resource        Victim Advocates provide assistance to the victim related
Center, International Student and Scholar Services, Multi-    to safety planning, understanding and navigating the
faith Council, Office of Multicultural Programs and           criminal justice system, assistance in making police
Services, Orientation and Commuter Student Services,          reports, petitioning the court for an injunction for protection
Pre-College Programs, Student Conduct and Conflict            (“restraining order”), finding legal assistance and such
Resolution, and Women’s Center.                               other related activities as may be desired by the victim,
    The University Centers also offer the services of         which might also include activities such as finding
coordinating special events, media sources, state-of-the-     emergency safe shelter, communicating with professors
art and wireless computer labs, bookstores, cafeterias,       and/or other parties as requested by the victim, help with
grills, vending machines, credit unions, copy centers,        university administrative procedures, student conduct
automatic banking facilities, auditoriums, lounges, meeting   proceedings, and others; escort to appointments, hearings
rooms, ballrooms, movie theaters, and game rooms. Other       and medical facilities. The Center also provides
services include; Lost and Found, locker rentals, vending     awareness and prevention education programs for the FIU
refunds, Kaplan Test Preparation Center, and Panther ID       community, and paid peer education opportunities for FIU
card center.                                                  students. Persons who have experienced actual or
   The Graham Center houses the Office of the Vice            threatened victimization are encouraged to seek services
President for Student Affairs, Ombudsman Office,              from the Victim Advocacy Center.
classrooms, Art Gallery, the Radio Station (WRGP), a          Location: UHSC 210, Modesto A. Maidique Campus (305)
satellite cashiering office, a fresh food concept—serving     348-1215; by appointment at BBC; 24-hour crisis hotline:
all you care to eat, Pollo Tropical, Subway, Burger King,     (305) 348-3000.
Sushi Maki, Einstein Bros Bagels, and Bustelo coffee
shop. The mini-mall offers a credit union, Panther Stop       WOMEN'S CENTER
convenience store, Toshiba copy center, Barnes and
Nobles Bookstore, Santi’s hair and nail salon, WavesSpa,      The Women’s Center at FIU provides numerous programs
notary public, Panther Dry Cleaners/shoe repair, and          and services to support FIU women students in their
Chili’s too.                                                  personal, academic, and professional development. The
   The Wolfe University Center (WUC) is located at the        Women’s Center collaborates and coordinates with other
heart of FIU’s Biscayne Bay Campus. It is home to the         university departments and student organizations to meet
three hundred seat Mary Ann Wolfe Theater, houses a           the needs and enhance the lives of the varied female
state-of-the-art computer lounge, five large meeting          population on campus. Programs and services are open to
rooms, and a recently renovated multi-purpose ballroom.       the entire community, but focus on women and include
A multi-purpose dining and catering facility, the student     confidential    referrals,  leadership,   and   volunteer
fitness center, and several comfortable study lounges can     opportunities. We educate and advocate for systematic
also be found in the WUC. It is also host to one of the       changes that will improve the lives of women and men.
most complete and professional team building training            Our curriculum includes the following programs:
programs in South Florida, the Team Ropes Adventure                •    CRYOUT support group for women at FIU
Challenge (TRAC). Tenants include Students Affairs                 •    Mentoring Partnerships Program
Offices for Disability Resource Center, Multicultural              •    Sisterhood Retreat
Programs and Services, Career Services, International              •    Wild Succulent Women program series
Student and Scholar Services, and Counseling and                   •    Strong Women, Strong Girls
Psychological Services. University support offices include         •    Women Who Lead Conference
the Credit Union, the Student ID Center, Panther Print and         •    Take Back the Night
Mail, University Technology Services, and the Parking and          •    National Organization for Women student
Transportation Office. The Barnes and Noble University                  organization
Bookstore is located on the first floor next to Panther            •    VOX student organization
Square.                                                       Locations: GC 2200, Modesto A. Maidique Campus, (305)
   The administrative offices of the University Centers are   348-1506 and WUC 256, Biscayne Bay Campus, (305)
located as follows: GC 1215 at Modesto A. Maidique            919-5359.
Campus (305) 348-2297; WUC 325 at Biscayne Bay
Campus (305) 919-5800.
                                                              PRE-COLLEGIATE PROGRAMS AND
VICTIM ADVOCACY CENTER                                        GRANTS
The Victim Advocacy Center provides support services to       The Office of Pre-Collegiate Programs and Grants
FIU students, faculty, staff and University visitors who      prepares, submits, and monitors external grant
38 Student Affairs                                                                   Undergraduate Catalog 2010-2011
applications for the Division of Student Affairs. The office    components. The target high schools are North Miami,
also researches and investigates potential grant                Booker     T.    Washington,    Miami    Central,  Miami
opportunities, provides direction in the monitoring and         Northwestern, Miami Norland, and Miami Carol City.
evaluation of externally funded programs initiated by staff     Location: WUC 257, Biscayne Bay (305) 919-4045.
members, and serves as liaison with the University’s            Ronald E. McNair Post Baccalaureate Achievement
Sponsored Research Office.                                      Program
  This office develops partnerships with community and          The McNair Program is a federally funded project. The
local educational agencies and acts as liaison with private     purpose of the McNair Program is to assist low-income,
and public agencies and organizations. Training is              first generation college and/or under-represented minority
provided for division staff regarding development and           college students to make the transition from their
management of external funding opportunities. Policies          baccalaureate to doctoral studies. Participants have the
regarding grants and grant writing are formulated and           opportunity to conduct scholarly research under the
implemented. Pre-Collegiate Programs and Grants also            supervision of a faculty mentor from the Sciences,
directs grant budgets and oversees budgeting of obtained        Engineer, and/or Mathematics Departments.
grants.                                                         Location: MARC 414, Modesto A. Maidique Campus,
Location: MARC 414, Modesto A. Maidique Campus,                 (305) 348-7151.
(305) 348-2446.
                                                                COUNSELING AND PSYCHOLOGICAL
PRE-COLLEGIATE PROGRAMS                                         SERVICES
Pre-Collegiate Programs provide academic enrichment,            The Counseling and Psychological Services Centers offer
career planning, financial aid guidance, and scholarship        an array of mental health services which enhance the
opportunities to promising underrepresented students at         emotional and cognitive well-being of students. There are
the middle and high school levels. The programs also            centers located on the Modesto A. Maidique Campus and
expose students to the University environment through           the Biscayne Bay Campus. The following clinical services
residential and non-residential programs and assists in         are available to all registered students: individual, couple,
facilitating the transition to college. In partnership with     and group counseling; substance abuse and eating
Miami-Dade County Public Schools, the following                 disorder        screenings;        psychological         and
programs are offered on both campuses: College Reach            neuropsychological testing; crisis intervention; and
Out, College Board Expanded Opportunity; Partners in            psychiatric services. In general, all services are
Progress I and II; and South Florida Center of Excellence.      confidential.
Location: GC 331, Modesto A. Maidique Campus, (305)               Programs available to the University community include
348-1742.                                                       psychoeducational workshops and seminars related to
                                                                stress and time management, anger management, and
UPWARD BOUND                                                    other mental health issues. The Counseling Center also
                                                                offers the PASS program each semester, which is a fully
The Upward Bound pre-collegiate program is a federally
                                                                online workshop designed to improve students’ academic
funded project designed to prepare underserved high
                                                                and personal functioning.
school students for college. Upward Bound provides
                                                                  Consultation services are available to faculty or staff
participants with supplemental instruction in academic
                                                                regarding student concerns.
areas, counseling, life skills training, financial aid, and a
                                                                Location: UHSC 270, Modesto A. Maidique Campus, (305)
summer residential experience.
                                                                348-2434; WUC 320, Biscayne Bay Campus, (305) 919-
Location: GC 331, Modesto A. Maidique Campus, (305)
Educational Talent Search
Educational Talent Search is a federal initiative to serve      CAMPUS RECREATION SERVICES
disadvantaged middle and high school students who need          Recreational sports programs and fitness facilities are
support to complete high school and to gain entry into a        available for Florida International University students,
post secondary institution. The program provides services       faculty, staff and alumni through the Offices of Recreation
and activities that address the personal, academic, career,     Services (MMC) and Campus Recreation (BBC). Funding
and cultural needs of each participant.                         for these services is primarily through student fees
Location: WUC, 257, Biscayne Bay Campus, (305) 919-             allocated by the FIU Student Government Association
4223.                                                           (SGA).
Upward Bound Math & Science                                        A variety of Intramural (IM) Sports are offered on each
The focus of the Upward Bound Math Science program at           campus, including men’s, women’s and co-rec leagues in
FIU is to prepare low income potential first generation         sports such as flag football, basketball, volleyball, softball
students to enter careers in biomedical science and             and soccer, and tournaments for sports like racquetball,
engineering. To that end, the FIU UBMS provides                 tennis, and golf. Individuals looking for a team are
academic and enrichment services in mathematics and             encouraged to register as “free agents”. Registration for
the sciences that will ensure successful completion of their    Intramural Sports can be initiated via the web on the
high school education and the eventual matriculation and        Campus Recreation Services website (see URL below).
graduation from a post secondary institution of higher            The 50,000+ square foot MMC Recreation Center (RC) is
education. As a supplement to their academics, the              equipped with state-of-the-art exercise and cardiovascular
UBMS program provides a wide range of services and              fitness equipment. In addition to free weights, the center
activities that are of a personal, career, and cultural         provides resistance and selectorized equipment, steppers,
nature. The program has year-round and Summer                   upright and recumbent bicycles, treadmills, rowers, and
Undergraduate Catalog 2010-2011                                 Student Affairs 39
ellipticals. A basketball gym, locker rooms and a Pro Shop
are also available. The Rec Center is located west of the
Health Services Complex.
   Over 50 PantherFIT group fitness classes per week are
scheduled in the RC. Low or no-cost classes offered
throughout the year include pilates, ultimate core and step
aerobics, as well as specialty classes such as yoga,
spinning, and bodypump. Fitness orientations, body
composition evaluations, and personal training are also
featured. Non-credit fitness workshops and First
Aid/CPR/AED certifications are offered.
  The BBC Fitness Center is located on the first floor of the
Wolfe University Center (WUC), room 160. The new
12,000 square foot fitness facility features 21
cardiovascular machines with cardio theater, locker rooms
and showers, nine flat screen televisions, a Bose sound
system, an array of LifeFitness selectorized, and Hammer
Strength fitness equipment. Additionally, there is a state-
of-the-art aerobics studio with ballet bars and separate
Bose sound system. Campus Recreation has revamped
the cardio vascular group exercise classes offered to
members. New classes include yoga, hip hop dance, belly
dancing, body sculpting, dance aerobics, and Zumba Free
massages are offered on Monday.
   The two campuses offer other facilities for recreational
use. The Tennis Centers on each campus offer lighted
courts, and tennis lessons are available. The BBC Aquatic
Center and Panther Hall Pool provide on-campus
swimming opportunities. At MMC, students have free
access to nearby Tamiami Pool during lap swim hours. At
MMC, the U.S. Century Bank Arena houses three indoor
racquetball courts available on a reservation basis. A
current, activated Panther photo ID is required for access
to all recreation facilities and programs.
   Other areas of interest include adventure recreation
programs (offering trips in and out-of-state), sport clubs,
special events, and swim/sport camps.
    Both recreation offices provide student employment
opportunities as sports officials, customer service and
weight room attendants, recreation facility supervisors,
lifeguards, group fitness instructors, personal trainers, and
office assistants.
  For additional information, call:
  MMC Recreation Services/Rec Center: (305) 348-2575
  BBC Campus Recreation: (305) 919-5678
  MMC Recreation Center Membership Desk: 348-2951
  BBC Fitness Center: 919-5678
  MMC Panther Hall Pool: 348-1895
  BBC Aquatic Center: 919-4549
  IM Sports: 348-1054 (MMC), 919-4595 (BBC)
  Tennis Center: 348-6327 (MMC), 919-4595 (BBC)
  MMC Racquetball Reservations: 348-2900
  Web Site: .

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