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									                                                          Temple Talk
    Temple Israel & JCC
    Tel: 201-444-9320
    Fax: 201-444-9855
     www.synagogue.org                    June 2010                           Sivan-Tammuz 5770
                                                          Graduation & Closing
                  David J. Fine
                  Rabbi                                        Exercises
                  Caitlin O. Bromberg                        Friday, June 4
                  Cantor                                       At 7:30pm
                  Rabbi Sharon Litwin              Followed by services & a dairy dessert reception
                  Education Director

                  Denis Vogel                                 HAZAK SHABBAT
                                                       The Senior Arm of Temple Israel
                                                              Saturday, June 5
                                                                  At 9:00am
Rabbi’s Message                 Page 2
                                                   Join us as we honor the senior members of our
Cantor’s Message                Pages 3

President’s Message              Page 4                        TOT SHABBAT
                                                                  June 12
Education Director’s
                                 Page 5
                                                        Come join other children and celebrate
                                 Page 6                  Shabbat with songs, prayers, stuffed
Oneg & Kiddush
                                                                 Torahs, and stories.
Torah   Club/Junior                                       For newborns through 4 year olds.
Congregation      /
                                 Page 7
Supplemental  Dues                                         Family Service-Outdoor
                                                         Summer Kabbalat Shabbat
Tikkun Olam                      Page 8
                                                         Friday, June 18 at 7:00 pm
B’yachad / Photos                Page 9   Families with children of all ages are encouraged to attend!
                                                       Those without children are also welcome!
Library News                    Page 10     There will be lots of singing, ruach, stories, dancing and more!
Men’s Club                      Page 11
                                                         Summer Music
Sisterhood                      Page 12
                                                          Friday Nights
Honey Sale                Pages 13-14
                                                    June 25, July 23 & Aug 6
5770 Goodwill                                        7:00 pm Wine & Cheese
                                Page 15
Campaign                                                7:20 pm Concert
Donations                       Page 16    8:00 pm Kabbalat Shabbat in the Sanctuary
Opportunities for                                Presented by the Music Committee of Temple Israel
                                Page 17

Calendars                 Pages 18-19
                                                                 Nosh & Drash
Babysitters /                                                  Saturday, June 26
                             Page 20
Congratulations                                        9:00 to 10:00am Preliminary Service & Shacharit
                                          10:00 to 11:00am Light Kiddush Breakfast and Communal Torah
                         Pages 20- 21                                  Study
Temple Israel Business
                                                   11:00am to 12:30pm Torah Service and Musaf
                  FROM THE RABBI’S STUDY
                  Seeing the Passion Play in           Passion of the Christ, a presentation that did not seem
                  Oberammergau                         to be at all concerned with the presentation of the
                                                       Jews in the story. Here, in Oberammergau, Jesus
                    I was at a bar at around midnight reads Torah in the Temple courtyard, and the entire
                    in the tiny Bavarian town of stage of hundreds of people start singing the Shma
                    Oberammergau in the foothills of and Ve’ahavta in Hebrew. Here, Jesus says the motzi
                    the Alps. Drinking a beer with the in Hebrew over the bread of communion at the Last
director of the famous Passion Play that has been Supper. More significantly, here Pontius Pilate is the
produced in Oberammergau every ten years since the manipulating Roman tyrant who uses Caiaphas, the
seventeenth century, I was introduced to a bearded High Priest, to do his “dirty work” for him in
young man in long blond hair, who was Jesus. That eliminating Jesus, and then drops him immediately
is, he plays Jesus in the play. I                                         after, scheming to remove
then introduced myself to the                                             Caiaphas from office. Now, none
young man, saying in German: “I                                           of these changes alleviate the core
am a rabbi. You play one on                                               problem of the Passion
stage, right?”                                                            Narrative—that it is Jewish
                                                                          characters who call for Jesus’
I was in Germany for one-and-a-                                           crucifixion.     This is the core
half weeks on an American                                                 problem of Christian-Jewish
Jewish Committee delegation led                                           relations that is rooted in the text
by Rabbi Noam Marans of AJC                                               of the New Testament itself.
and former Temple Israel rabbi,                                           Landmark documents from the
                                          Rabbi Fine meets “Jesus”        Catholic church and other major
and consisting of young Jewish
professionals to engage in                                                church bodies have declared that
interreligious dialogue with Protestant and Catholic                      the Jewish people are not
theology students in Germany, and to see the           responsible for the death of Jesus. That being said,
Oberammergau play, which in the past has been a the record of the Gospels claim that Jews were
focus of the worst types of antisemitic stereotypes involved. Christian scholars, preachers, teachers, and
against Jews and         Judaism. It was quite an passion play directors must wrestle with this heritage,
extraordinary “expedition.”            The dialogue a heritage that in the light of post-Holocaust church
experiences—engaging with young thinking Germans teachings calls for vision and understanding in how to
about the significance of the     Holocaust in Jewish present the story. Today’s Oberammergau Passion
and German mentalities, in the effect that Auschwitz play goes a long way in that regard. There is still
carries into contemporary Jewish and Christian work to be done. The role of Pontius Pilate in
theologies, and the way that the Passion Narrative of manipulating Caiaphas is a powerful, almost
the trial and crucifixion of Jesus informs anti-Jewish midrashic way of working the story in what is also a
hatred—were sensitive, revealing, and emotional. I very historically plausible idea.             Nevertheless,
have had many conversations with Christian             Oberammergau needs to do a better job at making
colleagues about the importance of Holocaust that relationship clear. There is still too much
education and commemoration. I have had some ambiguity, too much subtlety—as much as I know
such conversations with Germans as well, but never that these are the stuff that make for good theater.
before with German Christian theologians and future What I came out of Oberammergau with was newly
pastors. Our “mission” to Germany would have been formed relationships where we can continue to read
enough if that was all we did. However, engaging one particular religious tradition together in a way
with the directors and actors of the Oberammergau that makes sense for the present. I am grateful for the
Passion Play was an experience like I never opportunity for having played one very small role in
imagined. This is not the play that Adolf Hitler saw this ongoing dialogue, and look forward to its
seventy years ago. Neither was it Mel Gibson’s continuing fruits.
                    Imagine Yourself in a Room with             High Holy Day liturgy, which ranged from almost
                    300 Cantors…..                              avant-garde classical to rock and roll. (Don’t worry,
                                                                there WAS a middle ground!)
                   It would need to be a large room!
                   And it was. This year’s Cantors’             And OK, my favorite was “Davening La Vida Loca,”
                   Assembly Convention was held May             presented by a group of Latin American cantors and
                   3-5 in New York City this year. We           based on the musical innovations of the Argentinian
                   were housed at the Doubletree Hotel          Conservative Movement, which began in 1960. The
in midtown, and sessions were held at three New York            Argentinian rabbis and cantors, both Sephardic and
Jewish landmarks; Sutton Place Synagogue, Park Ave-             Ashkenazic, worked together to address many of the
nue Synagogue and the Jewish Theological Seminary.              issues that we face in the American Conservative
All of these places have many rooms big enough to               movement today….attrition of members, lack of
properly contain and enhance the beautiful harmonies            involvement, a need to engage young people. Their
of 300 cantors davening, singing, chanting Birkat               response created a movement with a unique concept of
HaMazon, etc…. This year’s theme was “Tomorrow’s                how clergy (rabbis and cantors together), prayer,
Cantor Today,” with the intent of demonstrating and             teaching and music interact. Their music spans a wide
exploring how hazzanim, who are the guardians and               range from the classical Spanish Portuguese music of
repositories of centuries of Jewish musical artistry and        Europe to all the different immigrant groups that settled
wisdom, can adapt their knowledge and gifts to the 21st         Argentina, i.e. Spanish, Italian, German, Eastern
century.                                                        European, North African, Middle Eastern, African, as
                                                                well as a recent influx of melody and rhythm influenced
Many sessions were scholarly, awakening the textural,           by the rest of South America.
spiritual, literary and historical senses, with the intent of
re-infusing the traditional prayers with their ancient          The classical cantorial tradition was well represented.
meaning. Two especially exciting sessions were                  The highlight was a magnificent concert of classical
“Theological and Psychological Aspects of the Yamim             cantorial pieces presented at JTS by some of the best in
Noraim,” presented by Dr./Rabbis Gordon Tucker and              the business, both veterans and some newly-minted
Neil Gillman of JTS. Another was “Sephardic Jewry               cantors. Other moments showing the jewels of the
Comes of Age: How Golden Was It?” presented by Dr.              tradition were “An American Selichot Service,” com-
Benjamin Gampel of JTS.                                         posed by Gary William Friedman, and a presentation of
                                                                beautiful duets for the Shabbat Musaf service, which
New ideas for synagogue music abounded, pushing the             were sung by cantors and members of their synagogue
envelope in all directions. One evening we heard                choirs, showing how lay people could become more
“Jewish Collegiate A Cappella Ensembles” from NYU,              deeply involved in the cantorial tradition.
Rutgers, Yale, Columbia, Barnard and Queens
Colleges.    Another session was “Music and the                 I am going to be working with the new Chair of the
Independent Minyan Movement” exploring the                      Temple Israel Music Committee, Tamara Freeman, and
variations on prayer melodies employed by many                  the rest of our members and musicians to explore how
highly successful prayer collectives of young people            we can share some of these exciting musical options
who choose to pray on Shabbat in large numbers, but             with all of you. Some of it might even happen this
not in mainstream synagogue settings. “New Music for            summer!
a New Machzor” was a concert of new compositions for

                                Thank you to May’s Torah and Haftarah Readers
         Cheryl Alterman, Max Auerbach, Daniel Butensky, Ashley Caruso* Debbie Caruso, Abe
         Davis, Emma Diamond, Steve Diamond, Chris Dobkins, Tamara Freeman, Alan Gallatin,
         Howard Gilman, Stephanie Gottesman, Carly Haber*, Jake Haber, Manny Haber, Beth
Kotek, Jamie Kreitman, Elan Melamed, David Millman, Peri Namerow, Nanette Rosenbaum, Elaine
Silverstein, Uri Sobel, Sandy Wechsler
                                          *Bat Mitzvah – MAZAL TOV!
                     PRESIDENT’S MESSAGE
                Temple Israel & JCC had its           We have just completed the refinancing of the
                annual general membership             synagogue debt.           We will be saving
                meeting on Wednesday May              approximately $50,000.00 per year in debt
                12th. At our meeting, I gave a        service. Through careful combing of the budget
                state of the synagogue report         we will save another $50,000.00 in expenses
                and asked those attending if          over the next fiscal year. We now have the
                they had questions about our          benefit of a full time clergy team for a full year
                Temple. The meeting was very          and a religious school that is the envy of other
sparsely attended. This leads me to a few             synagogues. Rabbi Fine’s classes have been
conclusions.                                          overflowing with attendees as has Cantor
   Everyone is extremely pleased with the state       Bromberg’s Torah Club.         Rabbi Litwin has
   of the synagogue and has no reason to be           reported fantastic attendance at Junior
   present.                                           Congregation, with all of our children
   Everyone feels they have no say and                participating.
   therefore no effect on synagogue policies
                                                      That’s the rosy part of the picture. As I have
   and actions—general apathy
                                                      stated before, I am an optimist and look forward
I am not so foolish to think that my first            to a very bright future. That is not to say that we
suggestion is in any way possible, so I must          do not face challenges. Our financial stability
conclude that it is a combination of the last. I      still revolves around the generosity of those
want and need everyone to be aware that they          members who can afford to pick up those
do have a voice in the operation and governance       members who can’t. We will soon be rolling out
of Temple Israel. I need to hear from all of you.     a new fund raising campaign that will hopefully
We cannot fix something if we do not know it is       simplify our efforts and also guarantee a portion
broken. As much as I would like to think I am         of our income so that we may more easily and
aware of everything that is going on, I would be      accurately plan our budget properly. I want to
foolish to believe so. Errors of omission are still   assure everyone that Temple Israel is financially
errors and inaction can be construed as               healthy, but as with all non-profits, financial
inattention.                                          health is only temporary. We all live from one
                                                      fund raiser to the next.
As I stated at the last board meeting, I have
been spending a large part of my time attending       As I look back on my first year as President, I
to the financial well being of Temple Israel. My      feel as if I was able to contribute to our stability
attention to the people and programming               as an institution but have not been able to
aspects of the synagogue might not have been          address all of our needs. I again ask for your
fully realized. It is important that everyone         input and participation. Please do not wait until
knows that I can be contacted at any time (within     you feel like you are on the outside looking in.
reason) to discuss synagogue matters.
Here is a brief summary of the current state of       Denis
the synagogue:

                            Sunday Minyanim — 9:30 AM – July & August
              Once again, we will be holding our Sunday morning minyanim in congregants’ homes.
              We had a wonderful and intimate experience in the past. If you would like to volunteer
              your home for the one hour service (including bagels provided by Men’s Club), please
              email larrysklein@optonline.net and let us know which dates work for you.

                       Dear 8th-12th grade students,

                       INTRODUCING PROJECT YOETZ : An exciting new mentoring program at Temple Israel
                       Religious School for the 2010-2011 school year. Project Yo’etz will be a two-level mentoring
                       program, where students in 8-12th grade will receive mentoring from me and will work to mentor
                       students in the Religious School.

                       I would like you to consider serving the Temple Israel Religious School for community service
                       hours in exchange for mentoring and for letters of recommendation for you as you embark on
your college application or summer job process.

Temple Israel has a number of students with varying levels of special needs. All of these students are in the regular
classrooms and do well, but they could do even better with a mentor or a buddy.

Pick Fall, Winter or Spring and sign on for either Tuesdays, Wednesdays or Sundays. Whichever day you chose will be
your assigned day for just that season. We will ask you to make sure to find a sub if you can’t come, but this way you
will get the Community Service hours that you need without creating a time conflict for the whole year. Community Ser-
vice hours at Temple Israel also come with mentoring from me. You can use this mentoring time in whatever way you
chose or if you chose not to use it,that is okay too.

All Temple Israel Religious School graduates, Hebrew High School attendees and other Jewish Day School 8th graders
and graduates are eligible to be a part of Project Yo’etz,

Please let me know that you will be coming to this meeting or if you can’t come, that you want to sign on for a certain

I look forward to hearing from you via phone (201) 444-9320 or email slitwin@synagogue.org or Facebook. (You can
friend me on FB if you want to or just send me a message).


Rabbi Sharon Litwin
                                       We        will    be      having         an      informational
                                       meeting and sign up for next year on
                                       Monday, June 14 from 5:00-6:00pm.
                                       Snacks and drinks will be served.

  Friday, June 4th – Graduation & Closing Ceremonies – 7:30pm
  All Kindergarten through Kitah Hey students are EXPECTED to
  attend with their families at 7:30pm for a wonderful evening of
  closing festivities, Kabbalat Shabbat Services to be followed by a
  delicious dairy dessert reception!

  Mazal Tov to our Kitah Hey graduates: Sara Cantor, Ashley Caruso, Omer Drori,
  Rachel Fishbein, Deborah Frank, Carly Haber, Sam Jacobs, Adi Melamed, Danny
  Rothenberg and Emily Schreiber.

Ashley Caruso, daughter of Debra & Stephen Caruso
Carly Haber, daughter of Shari & Manny Haber
We wish our B’nei Mitzvah a lifetime of Torah, Mitzvot, and Gemilut Hasadim (Acts of Loving-kindness)

Rebecca Rosen & Zachary Teutsch. Rebecca is daughter of our members Johanna & Michael Rosen.
Sagee Schnaittacher and Noa Sternbach. Sagee is the son of our members Esther & Richard Schnaittacher.
We wish the newlyweds a lifetime of closeness and connection to Am Yisrael, the Jewish people.

Paul Halpern         Terri Kirshner          Len Trugman
We wish complete healing of body and spirit to all who confront illness

Temple Israel member, Albert Issac
Morton Engle, father of Howard Engle
May the families be comforted among all the mourners of Zion and Jerusalem

                 ONEG/KIDDUSH SPONSORS
Oneg Shabbat Sponsors
June 4     Our Kitah Hey Parents in honor of the graduation of their children
June 11    Karen Grant & Aaron Fishbein in honor of their daughter, Rachel Fishbein, on the occasion of her bat mitzvah

Kiddush Sponsors
June 5     Members of Hazak in honor of Hazak Shabbat
June 12    Karen Grant & Aaron Fishbein in honor of their daughter, Rachel Fishbein, on the occasion of her bat mitzvah

                    Pre-Kindergarten Sunday School at
                              Temple Israel
                  Now open for children ages 3 through 5!
                      Come learn about the Jewish holidays through music, art,
                                  dance, storytelling, and more!
  For nine sessions throughout the 2010-11 academic year, the Pre-Kindergarten program at Temple Israel
               allows your child to explore the Jewish holidays in a fun and safe environment.
                                     Classes start Sunday, September 12.
 If you or someone you know is interested in receiving more information about our Pre-K programs, please
      contact Director of Education, Rabbi Sharon Litwin at slitwin@synagogue.org or 201-444-4194.
                              Torah Club and Junior Congregation
              The Torah Club year came to an end in May, with our last Junior
              Congregation service on May 1, and a gala final Torah Club meeting on
              Tuesday May 11, at which a final Torah reading was done, enabling the
              three remaining members to finish the year with their first Torah reading.
Parents attended, ice cream cake was eaten, members demonstrated their skill at
Trope Tag and video and photographs were taken! Thanks to all parents and students
for being part of a great Torah Club year!

May 1 Junior Congregation Readers: Cole Caplan*, Kenny Crane-Moscowitz*,
Jerry Vogel

May 11 Torah Club Readers: Mollie Bakal*, Jessica Siegel* and Elliot Efrat*
                     *First Torah Reading – MAZAL TOV!

This section intentionally left blank.

                                      TIKKUN OLAM
                                                        New Traditions and Records Set at the
                                                        April 25th Interfaith Blood Drive

                                                        The Interfaith Blood Drive has long been
                                                        a dream of founder Jerry Birenz. Temple
                                                        Israel joined forces with St. Elizabeth’s
                                                        Episcopal Church and the Muslim Society
                                                        of Ridgewood for a truly “interfaith”
                                                        blood drive. Special thanks also go to Hilary Kay and
                                                        Jan Corwin, who hit the phones and scheduled
                                                        appointments to make the process smoother.

                                                        Another Successful Homeless Feeding on April 27th

                                                        Led by Sue Hill, Temple Israel members and friends
                                                        again served well over 100 people on Tuesday April 25,
                                                        in Hackensack. On Sunday the chili and rice dinner
                                                        was prepared by: Sue Hill, Les Birenbaum, Elaine
                                                        Silverstein, Leigh Brown and Linda Paige. Debbie
                                                        Cantor and Hebrew School kids Cayla Whittaker,
                                                        Caitlin and Kenny Crane-Moscowitz, Carly Haber,
                                                        Dylan Fishbein, Rachel Fishbein, Cole Caplan, Sara
                                                        Cantor and Jerry Vogel helped cook and assemble the

                                                        Naomi Strachman, Evan Dobkins, Dan and Sharon
                                                        Mosenkis, Linda VanGrover and Leigh Brown cooked,
                                                        donated and/or bought the rest of the meal.

                                                        On site servers included: Sue Hill, Les and Alex
                                                        Birenbaum, Lou Levene, Sharon and Dan Mosenkis,
                                                        Linda VanGrover, Wayne and Jared Miller---and
 Ridgewood News, Friday May 7, 2010
                                                        synagogue friend Janet Tancredi and her son and niece.

Mark your calendar if you want to participate at the next shelter feeding.
Fall Dates are: Tuesdays Oct. 19 and Dec. 21

B’yachad’s record of perfect weather for all events continued unbroken in April, with
a cold rainy afternoon for Movies & Pizza. The geeks among us carried the day, as
the list of a dozen possible movies was quickly and conclusively narrowed down to
the new Star Trek. The kids had their own film festival with a babysitter upstairs,
while the adults enjoyed the main show in peace, if you can call non-stop
explosions “peace”.

In honor of Shavuot, our monthly “Beer and Babies” happy hour became “Ice Cream and Infants” in May
with an evening at Ben and Jerry’s. This month will bring us back to The Office in Ridgewood, where
we’ll sit outside for a pint on June 23 at 6:30.

                       B’yachad’s final major event for the year is the annual Picnic in the Park, on
                       Sunday, June 13, starting at 11:00 am at the Ridgewood duck pond. We’ll meet
                       by the kids’ playground. Bring lunch, we’ll have chips, drinks and cheeses to
                       share, and we’ll hang out while the kids entertain each other.

                      For more information, to RSVP, or to be added to our email list, contact Josh at
201-445-2676 (eve), 973-284-2557 (day), or joshua@holden.org, and be sure to check your email for full
details on upcoming events.

Josh Holden

     Salute to Israel Parade—May 2010

                                                 Hiking with El Al– May 2010

                                            LIBRARY NEWS
In honor of his Bar Mitzvah, Omer Drori donated books for our Temple Israel library.

Being Israeli born, Omer chose to give the Temple, books which were written by contemporary Israeli authors
that were translated to English. Most of the books are for adults but some are also fit for kids in 6-7 grades.

This is the list of new books and a short summary of their content:

A Late Divorce by A. B. Yehosua-
The father of three grown children has returned to Israel to get a divorce from his wife of many years. Back in America, another
woman, newly pregnant, waits for him. The story is narrated in turn by each participant in the family drama, and events progress to a
climax at the Seder eve.

Persian Brides by Dorit Rabinyan-
This is a story of two cousins, and their many neighbors in Omeijan- the fictional Persian village, where they live. This story gives you
a magical taste of a different culture.

The Zig Zag Kid, by David Grossman-
This is a delightful novel of adolescent initiation. It’s lighthearted and funny.

A Pigeon And a Boy, by Meir Shalev-
This book won the National Jewish Book Award. During 1948 War of Independence-a Time when pigeons
are still used to deliver battlefield messages, a gifted young pigeon handler is mortally wounded. In the
moments before his death, he dispatches one last pigeon. The bird is carrying his extraordinary gift to the
girl he has loved since adolescence. Intertwined with this story is the contemporary tale of Yair Mendel-
sohn, who has his own legacy from the 1948 war. Yair is a tour guide specializing in bird-watching trips
who, in middle age, falls in love again with a childhood girlfriend. His growing passion for her, along with a
gift from his mother on her deathbed, becomes the key to a life he thought no longer possible.

Someone To Run With, by David Grossman-
When awkward and painfully shy sixteen –year –old Assaf is asked to find the owner of a stray yellow lab, he begins a quest that will
bring him into contact with street kids and criminals, and a talented young singer, Tamar, engaged on her own mission: to rescue a
teenage drug addict.

The Bus Driver Who Wanted To Be God, and other stories, By Etgar Keret-
Etgar Keret is a young, inventive writer. He gives brief, intense, funny and honest snapshots that illuminate the hidden truths of life.
The stories vary from a father’s first lesson to his boy to a standoff between soldiers caught in the Middle East conflict to a slice of life
where nothing much happens.

See under: Love, by David Grossman-
This is a powerful novel about an only child of Holocaust survivors, who grows up in the shadow of his
parents’ history.

To Know A Woman, by Amos Oz-
Yoel Ravid devoted many years to being the Israeli secret services. Now, widowed and retired, he lives in a
Tel-Aviv suburb with his mother, mother-in-law and daughter. Yoel’s days are all alike- he busies himself
with household duties. But nagging uncertainties from the past are haunting him.

I hope you try these authors, and enjoy their thoughts and creativity! Remember! After you finished reading, please return them to the
library so others can enjoy them.

Carla Vogel, Library Chair

                       BRANDEIS MEN’S CLUB

                                  Lag B’Omer BBQ
         M en’s C lub             We had good weather and a great turnout for the BBQ. Thank you to everyone who
                                  helped out at the event and with the preparations including David Millman, Howard
                                  Schreiber, Eric Klein, Bob Smolen, Joe Wechsler. Thanks to Jeff Manheimer and
                                  Steve Grossman for their Emeril-like cooking performances

     bmc@synagogue.org            Also thank you to Matt Lindenberg and Tamara Freeman for all the work that they
                                  did to make the BBQ such a success.
            Thank you to the Maccabeats for a great performance: Michael Rosen (bass guitar); Joe
            Wechsler (bongo); Jon Taylor (keyboard); Tom Marcyes (guitar); Cantor Caitlin
            Bromberg (vocalist); and special guest appearances by Artie Bressler (sax) and Jay Glaser
            (harmonica). And as always thank you to Jose.

               Annual Golf Outing
               Where: Farmstead Golf and Country Club. Andover, New Jersey (about 45 minutes from Ridgewood)
               When: Wednesday, June 16th. Time: 2:00pm shotgun start. Arrive no later than 1:30pm.
               How much: $60.00 includes 18 holes and electric cart. Payable in advance to reserve your spot!
Open to all members of Temple Israel and friends.
Prizes for winning team, Longest Drive! Closest to the Pin! RSVP by June 9. Send your check payable to Brandeis
Men’s Club to: Howard Schreiber, 10 Baker Court, Ramsey, NJ 07446.

Camp Ramah stipends are available for BMC members with children who will be attending Camp
Ramah this summer. Contact David Millman for details.

                                            Lag B’omer BBQ

              This is my first Temple Talk article           Remember that a large share of the dues we collect
              as Sisterhood President, and I’m               comes right back to you in the form of Sisterhood’s
              delighted to fill you in on our many           service and contributions to Temple Israel.
              activities. First, however, thanks are
              due to our outgoing board members,                               We are planning exciting activities
Evelyn Auerbach, Debbie Caruso, Lorissa                                        for the coming year. We’ll unveil
Lightman, Erin Lindenberg, Sigal Ron, JoAnn                                    many of these plans at our annual
Rothenberg, Tali Shapiro, and especially our                                   Pool Party on Thursday
president, Carla Vogel. In addition, I would like                              evening, July 22, at 7:30 pm, at
to thank Susie Goldstein for the terrific job she has                          the home of Hayley Gluck. Please
done chairing our annual Progressive Dinner. I’m                               plan to attend, meet the board, and
happy to announce that Cheryl Alterman will be               take part in a short educational program about the
taking over this important role. We are grateful for         mikveh. We hope to follow up this program later in
their hard work and leadership.                              the year with a field trip to a local mikveh.

I’m pleased to be working with the following                 We will once again be preparing the Yom Kippur
wonderful board members:                                     Break Fast in the synagogue kitchen. Please come
                                                             and help us make our fabulous kugels on Tuesday
Recording Secretary             Linda Paige                  evening, September 12, after minyan. Have a
Corresponding Secretary         Debra Manheimer              glass of wine, grate some apples, break some eggs,
Financial Secretary             Hayley Gluck                 and take part in a short program about the meaning
Treasurer                       Carla Vogel                  of the High Holy Days.
VP, Administration              Waltraud Unger
VP, Ways and Means              Hilarie Kay                  I hope to see you soon at a Sisterhood event.
VP, Education                   Anne Wolf
                                                             Elaine Silverstein, President
Please us about the kinds of activities you would
like to Sisterhood to sponsor. We want to hear from
you, and we invite your participation. Above all,
please join Sisterhood. Fill out the membership
form and return it with your membership dues
when you receive your High Holiday packet.

                         Gift Shop News:                                     To order kippot for your simchas,
                         All merchandise is 20% off the retail               please contact Ruth Marion at (201)
                         cost. Remember that with each                       445-4223.
                         purchase, you are making a
                         contribution to our synagogue. We          Linda Van Grover continues to handle tallitot
                         have mezzuzot, tallitot, necklaces,        sales this year. A new selection is available in
                         earrings and other bnai mitzvah            our gift shop, and Linda will
gifts and a variety of items of Judaica too numerous to list        be happy to assist you with
that make      appropriate gifts for many occasions. The            selection, whether it is in
inventory will be in stock this fall. If the gift shop is closed,   stock or needs to be
please contact Laura Brody at (201) 670-1916 or email               custom- ordered. Call Linda
lwbrody@aol.com to make a purchase or arrange to                    at (201) 447-1685 or email
browse our selection.                                               vangrover@aol.com

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                 5770 GOODWILL CAMPAIGN
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                             We thank all of our donors:
Temple Israel Chai Campaign                         Religious School Enrichment Fund
Susie & Shelly Goldstein in honor of Jo & Michael Miriam & Todd Bakal in honor of Ashley Caruso
Rosen on the marriage of their daughter Rebecca on the occasion of her bat mitzvah
to Zachary Teutsch                                Lois Rowitt in honor our children

Temple Israel Operating Fund                        Siddur Sim Shalom for Weekdays
Linda & Howard Gilman in honor of Jo & Michael      Brandeis Men’s Club in honor of Bob Smolen on
Rosen on the marriage of their daughter Rebecca     being chosen Brandeis Men’s Club “Man of the
to Zachary Teutsch                                  Year” 2009-2010
Linda & Howard Gilman in honor of Rebecca
Cornell on the occasion of her graduation from      Rabbi’s Discretionary Fund
college                                             Selma Klein in memory of Robert Klein
Linda & Howard Gilman in memory Morton Engle,       JoAnn & Michael Rothenberg in honor of their
father of Howard Engle                              son Danny on the occasion of his bar mitzvah
Susie & Shelly Goldstein in honor of Carly Haber
on the occasion of her bat mitzvah
Susie & Shelly Goldstein in memory of Morton
                                                    Cantor’s Discretionary Fund
                                                    Erin & Matt Lindenberg in appreciation for Cantor
Engle, father of Howard Engle
                                                    Bromberg’s participation in Michael & Helena’s
Susie & Shelly Goldstein in honor of Maureen
                                                    bris/simchat bat
Nassan and Bob Seltsam on the adoption of their
                                                    JoAnn & Michael Rothenberg in honor of their
son Aidan Jefferson Seltsam
                                                    son Danny on the occasion of his bar mitzvah
Sandy, Harris, Ryan & Adam Hirsch in honor of
Sandy & Joe Wechsler on the marriage of their son
Ronen to Zippy                                                  Bequests To Temple Israel
Sandy, Harris, Ryan & Adam Hirsch in memory          You can make an enduring gift to Temple Israel through
of Shirley Berman, aunt of Kim Antebi and Scott      your will as a bequest. A bequest is perhaps the
Walker                                               simplest form of planned giving to arrange, and Temple
Erin & Matt Lindenberg in honor of Jo Rosen for      Israel can be named as one of your beneficiaries. A
her spectular job with Spring Fling                  bequest could involve cash, stocks, real estate or other
June & Barry Kaplan in honor of Jo & Michael         property and is usually a percentage of the residue of
Rosen on the marriage of their daughter Rebecca      your estate, which is given after your family needs are
to Zachary Teutsch                                   cared for. You may designate that your bequest be
June & Barry Kaplan in memory of Fanny Caso,         used for a particular purpose, and you may indicate
aunt of Christine Dobkins                            whether it is for current needs or endowment. Because
Evelyn Lieblich in honor of Jo & Michael Rosen on    a bequest is revocable, there is no immediate income
the marriage of their daughter Rebecca to Zachary    tax deduction, but your gift will be deductible from your
Teutsch                                              taxable estate. Please consult with an attorney when
                                                     writing your will in order for your wishes to be clearly
Amsterdam Family Endowment Fund                      articulated.
Susan Amsterdam in honor of Jo & Michael
Rosen on the marriage of their daughter Rebecca
to Zachary Teutsch
Susan Amsterdam in honor of the outgoing and
incoming Board of Directors
Susan Amsterdam in honor of Maureen Nassan
and Bob Seltsam on the adoption of their son
Aidan Jefferson Seltsam

                                                             OPPORTUNITIES FOR GIVING
                           Donations & Dedications                                                           Endowment Funds
While Judaism itself can thrive without reference to finances, a community of Jews who are committed to TEMPLE ISRAEL GENERAL
the purpose of the synagogue—learning, worship, and fellowship—does need financial resources to help ENDOWMENT FUND
each other and themselves.                                                                              PURPOSE: To fund maintenance and/or
                                                                                                            capital improvement projects to Temple Israel
Most of us recognize our obligation to maintain membership in Temple Israel and to support it by payment
of annual dues. However, dues alone do not cover all of our costs. There is a continuing need for           AMSTERDAM FAMILY
                                                                                                            ENDOWMENT FUND
donations to help assure the synagogue’s strength and development .                                         PURPOSE: To provide siddurim to Temple
                                                                                                            Israel religious school students.
We encourage any and all donations to Temple Israel. The following are suggested giving opportunities in
                                                                                                            DONALD FELLOWS
which the funds are used to support all aspects of synagogue life:
                                                                                                            HOLOCAUST EDUCATION
Temple Israel Operating Fund                                        any amount                              MEMORIAL ENDOWMENT FUND
                                                                                                            PURPOSE: To fund the education program
Tributes                                                            $5                                      portion of the Annual Holocaust
DEDICATION OPPORTUNITIES                                                                                    Remembrance.

Siddur Sim Shalom for Weekdays                                      $54                                     PHYLLIS ANN ZWEIG FRIEDMAN
Mahzor Lev Shalem For Rosh Hashanah & Yom Kippur                    $64                                     ENDOWMENT FUND
Chumash Etz Hayim                                                   $118                                    PURPOSE: To provide scholarship to a
                                                                                                            Temple Israel high school student to attend
Simcha Terrace Paver                                                $118                                    an Israel/Eastern Europe educational
Memorial Plaque                                                     $540                                    program.

Large Memorial Tablet                                               $54,000                                 BARRY H. GLICK
The following are suggested giving opportunities in which the funds are used to support specific areas of   CHESED ENDOWMENT FUND
                                                                                                            PURPOSE: To fund both the cost of a
synagogue life:                                                                                             professional motivational speaker who will
Temple Israel Chai Campaign Fund                                              any amount                    inspire attendees to perform acts of
                                                                                                            lovingkindness AND the Chesed forum which
Funds the major capital improvements from our synagogue building renovation
                                                                                                            will follow the talk.
Religious School Enrichment Fund                                              any amount
Funds religious school enrichment programs & materials                                                      DAVID & SARA GOODMAN
                                                                                                            ENDOWMENT FUND
Endowment Funds $25,000 to establish a fund; $18 donation to established funds                              PURPOSE: To fund supplemental Jewish
Each Fund has a specific purpose. Consult column on the right                                               experiences for Jewish youth.
Kiddush Club Funds the kiddush when there is no regular kiddush sponsor $144
                                                                                                            DAVID & SALLY KIRSCH
Rabbi’s Discretionary Fund                                              any amount                          SCHOLARSHIP ENDOWMENT FUND
Funds charitable purposes, at the discretion of the Rabbi                                                   PURPOSE: To provide scholarship to a
Cantor’s Discretionary Fund                                             any amount                          religious school graduating student for
                                                                                                            continuing Jewish religious education.
Funds charitable purposes, at the discretion of the Cantor
                                                                                                            ALEXANDER & SOPHIE PURITZ
                                                                                                            ENDOWMENT FUND
                                                                                                            PURPOSE: To fund the Temple Israel
                            Contribution Form                                                               Annual Hanukkah Party, which shall include
                                                                                                            the distribution of silver dollars to all students.
             Name: ______________________________________
                                                                                                            MAX AARON STRACHMAN MEMORIAL
             Address: ____________________________________                                                  LIBRARY ENDOWMENT FUND
             Enclosed is my contribution of $________________ to                                            PURPOSE: To purchase educational
                                                                                                            materials for the library as well as fund library
             ___________________________________________                                                    related educational events.
     Checks for General Donations or Dedications should be made payable to Temple Israel.
  Checks for an Endowment or Discretionary Fund should be made payable to the specific Fund.                WILLIAM & RHODA TOONKEL
            This contribution is _____in honor of or _____in memory of                                      JEWISH MUSIC ENDOWMENT FUND
                                                                                                            PURPOSE: To promote Jewish musical
            ______________________________________________                                                  education for the Temple Israel religious
                                                                                                            school, as well as other musical and cultural
           ________________________________________________                                                 experiences for Temple Israel and Jewish
                                                                                                            Community Center.

                   BABYSITTERS FOR HIRE
This section intentionally left blank.

   On behalf of the Board of Directors and the entire Temple Israel
   family, we congratulate our office administrator, Maureen
   Nassan, and her husband, Bob Seltsam, on the
   adoption of their newborn son, Aidan
   Jefferson Seltsam.



Temple Israel & Jewish Community Center   Non-Profit Org.
475 Grove Street                          U.S. POSTAGE
Ridgewood, New Jersey 07450
                                          PARAMUS, NJ
                                          Permit No. 887



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