Immigration Challenges by jianglifang


 Number 6 February 2011
 27 Shevat – 24 Adar I 5771

 Rabbi Andrew Busch
 Cantor Robbie Solomon
 Rabbi Elissa Sachs-Kohen
 Cantor Ann G. Sacks                                                                                             Baltimore Hebrew Congregation
 Rabbi Emeritus Rex D. Perlmeter
                                                                                                                                                                                       www .bhcong .org

  Immigration Challenges

                                                                                                                      51st Annual Interfaith Institute
                                                                                                                                         Monday, March 7 • 9:30-2 pM

                                                                                                                                                                               For details see page 5.

Inside . . .
Todah Rabbah  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  . 2   Program Highlights .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  . 4      Day School Doings  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  . 8
Welcome New Members  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  . 2                       Interfaith Institute  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  . 5   Brotherhood News  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  . 9
From the Clergy  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  . 2   Quad Temple Service  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  . 5          Sisterhood in Session  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  . 9
A Message from the President  .  .  .  .  .  .  . 3                       Meet BHC Board Member  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  . 6                    Offerings .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  . 11-12
Night of the Stars Fundraiser .  .  .  .  .  .  .  . 3                    Hoffberger Gallery  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  . 6     February Events  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  . 15
Upcoming at BHC .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  . 4       Religious School Ruach .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  . 7           Worship  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  . 16
Todah Rabbah
The Congregational Kiddush on February 5
is sponsored by Tanya and Jerome Goldberg
                                                                       From The Clergy
in honor of their grandson Grant Kovelman
becoming a Bar Mitzvah.
    The Congregation congratulates the
family on their joyous occasion.                                       Be Happy, It’s Adar

   Welcome New Members!
  We welcome the following Congregants
                                                                      The Jewish calendar for 5771 includes an anomaly that occurs every several years—the
     who have joined BHC since January:                               addition of an extra month to balance out the lunar calendar with the solar calendar.
      Drs. Janis Taube & Alexander Hillel                             In a leap year we have two months of Adar. February 5 marks the new moon or Rosh
                                                                      Hodesh for Adar I, and Adar II begins on March 7.
             Annette & Michael Saxon
                                                                           Adar is a fitting month to be repeated because in the Mishnah it says, “mi-she-
     Melissa Perham & Shannon Wollman                                 nichnas Adar marbim b’simcha”—which means, “When Adar comes, joy increases.” Joy
                                                                      comes with Adar, because Purim falls within the month. This year, as in all leap years,
                                                                      it falls in Adar II.
Yahrzeit Name Reminder                                                     According to the rabbis, it is a mitzvah, our responsibility, to rejoice during
To have a yahrzeit name read, call the                                the month of Adar, as did our ancestors after defeating Haman. But this year the
Temple Office or fill out a card when coming                          requirement lasts for two whole months. Even in the cold month of February, we have
to worship. For more information call Iris,                           to make a choice to be happy. How does one go about doing that?
410-764-1587, ext. 224.                                                    In 2006 the Boston Globe reported, “The most popular course at Harvard this
                                                                      semester teaches happiness. The final numbers came in this week: Positive
Lifecycle Events                                                      Psychology, a class whose content resembles that of many a self-help book but is
For lifecycle events and                                              grounded in serious psychological research, has enrolled 855 students, beating out
special occasions, BHC                                                even Introductory Economics.” Tal Ben-Shahar, an Israeli visiting professor, was the
has wonderful facilities to rent, such                                lecturer who taught the course at Harvard to packed lecture halls.
as the Dalsheimer Auditorium,          the                                 My wife, Helen, was working at the Kennedy School of Government at the time,
Goodwin Center and Straus Social Hall.                                and one of the perks of her job was that she could attend various classes at Harvard
For information contact our Facility/Event                            for free. So one night she packed us up, and we squeezed into professor Ben-Shahar’s
Coordinator, Francie Gill, 410-764-1587,                              class to see what all the fuss was about. It was quite memorable and enlightening, and
ext. 226, and be sure to call one of our                              I am pleased to share with you one of the techniques that I learned that night to help
participating caterers listed below.                                  you fulfill your obligation—the mitzvah of being happy starting February 5.
                                                                           Mr. Ben-Shahar noted that throughout an average day, in the papers, radio
                                                                      and television, and on our computer screens, we are bombarded with images and
   BHC Participating Caterers                                         messages that are violent, tragic, scary, or otherwise negative in nature. We are
                                                                      surrounded by an unhappy soup of fear and insecurity. How can we change our focus
   • Biddle Street Catering                                           so that we don’t fall in a pattern of depression?
   • The Classic Catering People                                           The professor said that in his young family they had a habit every night of
                                                                      gathering together before bed time and sharing a list of 5 things that each of them
   • Linwoods Catering
                                                                      had encountered that day for which he or she was thankful. It may be a thing that
   • Santoni’s
                                                                      they saw in passing, or a word of encouragement at school or at work. It may be a
   • Zeffert and Gold Catering
                                                                      new accomplishment or skill or it may be something quite ordinary that they had
                                                                      taken for granted for a long time. Whatever it was they had to name it on the list and
 Switch to a Tankless Water Heater                                    express their gratitude.
                                                                           What the family members discovered was that in struggling to find things for their
 Your water will be heated as you use it                              lists, they began to notice that what they had previously failed to notice. They became
 rather than keeping a tank of hot water .                            aware of more and more that was good and worthy of gratitude, things that made the
 Save 300 lbs . of carbon dioxide and $390                            world less gloomy. With their new focus, they gained a greater appreciation for their
 per year .                                                           lives. And in sharing their lists with each other, they filled in even more pieces to
            -Green Team Task Force
                                                                      the picture of a world that was kind and peaceful and beautiful—a world that would
Disclaimers: All prices, events and times                             surely lead to marbim b’simcha, increased happiness.
published in the Bulletin are current at the time                          I wish you all a double-dose of happiness in this month of February and in the
of publication, but are subject to change .                           upcoming months of Adar I and Adar II. As the song said, “Don’t worry, be happy” and
    Publication of an advertisement in the Bulletin                   I’ll add: because it’s a mitzvah!
is neither an endorsement nor recommendation
                                                                                                                                  —Cantor Robbie Solomon
of any advertisers’ products or services by BHC .

Baltimore Hebrew Congregation Bulletin • Number 6 • 27 Shevat – 24 Adar I 5771 • February 2011
Night of the Stars
                                                                                  If Not Now, When?
                                                                             A Message from the President
                                                                          Hillel said:
Hilarious Entertainment                                                   “If I am not for myself,
Enjoy an unforgettable night of hilarious                                 who will be for me?
entertainment featuring headline comedians                                If I am not for others, what am I?
SARGE and Cory Kahaney on Saturday, April 2,                              And if not now, when?”
8 pm, at Baltimore Hebrew Congregation. This event, honoring
Community Leaders Laura Black and Charles Klein, will benefit              It is the second part of his statement, “if I am not for others,”
Religious School scholarships and youth programs. Tickets are $75      that is significantly important to me. In our Bulletin, much is
for general seating and $125 for premium seating, which includes a     written about opportunities we provide for members within the
cocktail and hors d’oeuvre reception.                                  Congregation. What sometimes goes unnoticed are opportunities
   SARGE is an extraordinary entertainer–a triple threat–a musical     for our Congregants to make contributions to our community.
savant!!! He has performed worldwide. His side-splitting comedy,           In a recent issue of the Baltimore Jewish Times, an article entitled
touching vocals and stunning display of dexterity as a pianist         “I Come Back Humbled,” the author wrote about a recent trip to
have wowed crowds for decades. He is one of the highest energy,        Israel by a group of twenty five area Christian and Jewish leaders.
multi-talented acts in show business today. Check him out at www.      The trip was aimed at enlightening these leaders about the Arab-                                                          Israeli conflict as well as offering an insight into other religions by a
   Cory Kahaney is every woman. Mother, daughter, wife ... ex-wife.    visit to the holy land. Among the leaders picked was our own Rabbi
In 2010, she appeared on The Late Show with David Letterman, The       Busch who will be part of this continuing community dialogue.
Bonnie Hunt Show, became a regular guest on The Joy Behar Show,            Congregants are actively involved in other local endeavors. Our
and is about to make her fifth appearance on The Late, Late Show       December Bulletin highlighted our volunteering for Manna House.
with Craig Ferguson. “Cory Kahaney is the funniest female comedian     It failed to list our efforts at Our Daily Bread and GEDCO. Our
working today” —Peter Lasally, Executive Producer for the Late, Late   contributions to GEDCO have more than doubled this year. Last
Show with Craig Ferguson. You can learn more about Cory Kahaney        year alone, we were responsible for providing more than twenty
at                                                percent of the food collected by GEDCO. Our casseroles to Our
   For details and information on purchasing tickets, sponsorships     Daily Bread and our volunteer efforts at Manna House and Our
or advertisements in the program, go to                Daily Bread involve many individuals. Others are leaders of area
NightoftheStars or call the Night of the Stars Hotline at 443-524-     agencies, including BLEWS and the Baltimore Jewish Council, which
0284.                                                                  are actively involved in the Jewish Community’s relationship to our
                                                       Annette Saxon   neighbors.
                                             Director of Development       These activities are just a few of the community efforts we as
                                                                       a Congregation are involved in. We have realized that we are part

                                                                       of a larger community and must do our part in seeing that our
                                                                       community as a whole is served. We have listened to the words of
                                                                       Hillel and have realized “if not now, when,” and have acted to fulfill
                                                                       his message.
                                                                                                                                            Philip Abraham

                Saturday, April 2, 2011
                                             SARGE                                                                                                 President

                                                                       GEDCO Cares All Year Long
      Baltimore Hebrew Congregation                                    GEDCO CARES Food Pantry needs our help all through the year.
                                                                       “Our help” must come from “our” community—Baltimore Hebrew
 Honoring Laura Black & Charles Klein                                     BHC has been very supportive of GEDCO in the past and is a
                                                                       member of the Govans Ecumenical Development Corp. We have
                                                                       donated food and toiletries, helping hundreds of families in need.
                                                                       But we can do more! Can we not? Let’s continue to think of GEDCO
                 This event will benefit     Cory Kahaney              during the year. Fill up a bag for GEDCO at the grocery store and
         Religious School Scholarships                                 drop it in the bin at BHC. Do a mitzvah today!
                 and Youth Programs.

       Tickets: General $75 • Premium $125                                                      • Please Let Us Know • or                                                 Due to hospital policy, clergy and
                              443-524-0284                                 Family Concerns Volunteers have no way of knowing you are
                  For information, contact                                   in the hospital unless you or a family member inform us .
       Annette Saxon, 410-764-1587 x 236,
                                                                        Baltimore Hebrew Congregation Bulletin • Number 6 • 27 Shevat – 24 Adar I 5771 • February 2011   3
    Be Part of the Process
                                                                                                     Upcoming at BHC
                                                                                                     Sisterhood’s Triple Treat Thursdays
                                                                                                     Thursday, February 3, 10, 17, and 24
    We’re a month into 2011 at Baltimore Hebrew
                                                                                                      Classes with clergy, 10 and 11 am. Afternoon Delight Programs, 1 pm.
    Congregation. As always, there is an amazing
                                                                                                      Refer to or the Shabbat Update for full schedule.
    amount of events and programs happening at our synagogue. It’s
                                                                                                     PJ Shabbat
    important to note that the calendar of events is created primarily
    by Congregants. If you’re looking for a way to be part of this process,
                                                                                                     Friday, February 4, 6:30 pM
                                                                                                     Plan to hang out with the PJ community for donut holes and
    read on.
                                                                                                     conversation after the service. Your friends are welcome, whether
    TOP 5 WAYS to PLUG-IN AT BHC:                                                                    they are BHC members or not.
    (1) JOIN the FUN!                                                                                Brotherhood/Sisterhood Kiddush
        Get to know other Congregants, BHC staff and the institution
                                                                                                     Saturday, February 5, 11:30 aM
        by coming to a variety of events. We have a large selection of
                                                                                                       Join us for Congregational camaraderie following Shabbat
        programs from worship to workouts and social action to socials.
        Make BHC your home and have a good time doing it.
    (2) JOIN a COMMITTEE!                                                                            Brotherhood Film Festival
        Committees are committees, but the reality is that being part                                Sunday, February 6, 1 pM: The Reader
        of a BHC committee is one of your best ways to plug-in here.                                 Sunday, February 13, 1 pM: Cadillac Records
        Committees make plans and decisions that affect the Temple                                    Enjoy popcorn, refreshments and a movie. All welcome and all
        community on a daily basis.                                                                   for free! For more information contact Joe Boccuzzi, Brotherhood
    (3) PICK a PROGRAM!                                                                               President,
        Not all BHC programs, events and groups are powered by
                                                                                                     Hoffberger Gallery Artist’s Reception
        committees. Some just exist and various people make them
                                                                                                     Sunday, February 6, 2-4 pM
        happen each year. Keep an eye on the Temple calendar to see
                                                                                                       Featuring photographer Robert Cadwalader
        if there is a current project with which you would like to be
                                                                                                       Refer to for artist information.
    (4) MAKE Your IDEA HAPPEN!                                                                       Chai Life Happy Hour at 13.5% Wine Bar
        Do you have some thoughts about what could make our                                          Thursday, February 10, 6-8 pM
        community better? Do you have an event in mind or suggestions                                  Join BHC’s 20s & 30s group at 13.5% Wine Bar, the hippest wine
        to improve existing programs? Go ahead and share your thoughts                                 bar in Charm City. Our Happy Hours are always fun and feature
        with the person or people who can help you make it happen.                                     good deals on food and drinks.
        Make a meeting with our clergy, our program director, or lay
                                                                                                     BHeCTY goes to Earth Treks in Timonium
        leaders and see your thoughts become concrete.
    (5) TAKE a CHANCE!                                                                               Saturday, February 12, 7-9 pM
       This is your synagogue and BHC is here to be your community.                                    Come climbing with all of your youth group friends. We will
       Join the effort—at your speed—and you will find that together                                   meet at Earth Treks and eat dinner there. Check out the
       we are making this the Jewish home that will last for many                                      BHeCTY Facebook group for more information.
       generations to come.                                                                          JYGE Youth Lounge Championship
                                                                             Andy Wayne              Sunday, February 13, NooN-2 pM
                                                                        Program Director               Where can you enjoy friendly competition in video games,
                                                                                                       foosball, pool, basketball and more? Of course, you can find that
                                                                                                       all at the junior youth group’s fun February event. There will be
    Last Chance                                                                                        a big prize for the winner, and food and fun for all. Cost: $5.
    Join us for BHC’s Adult Trip to Israel with Rabbi Busch, Sunday,
                                                                                                     Second Monday Series
    March 13 – Wednesday, March 23, 2011. Hurry—Just a few spots
    left! Questions? Contact Ed Perl,
                                                                                                     Monday, February 14, 10 aM
                                                                                                      “Immigration: Crossing the Line” presented by Mark J. Shmueli,
    Musicians Needed                                                                                  Immigration Attorney and Joseph Edlow, Assistant Chief Counsel,
                                 Mark your calendars for BHC’s Coffee House                           Immigration & Custom Enforcement
                                 on Saturday, May 7, 7 pm. To get the fun                             NOTE: Reception, 10 am; speakers will begin at 10:30 am.
                                 started, we are forming a band and we need                          Good Night Shabbat
                                 all of the musicians out there—we know who
                                                                                                     Saturday, February 26, 5:30-7 pM
                                 you are so don’t try to hide—so polish up your
                                                                                                      Did you miss the 1st Good Night Shabbat? Don’t miss the 2nd one!
                                 instruments right away. Contact Andy Wayne,
                                                                                                      We’ll have dinner, games and our special Good Night Shabbat
                                 Program Director,, or
                                                                                                      Havdalah service. This event is for families with toddlers and is
                                 410-764-1587, ext. 246, to join the band.
                                                                                                      entirely FREE.
    Baltimore Hebrew Congregation Bulletin • Number 6 • 27 Shevat – 24 Adar I 5771 • February 2011
Quad Temple Service                                                    51st Annual Interfaith Institute
Join us on Friday, February 11, 7 pm for a Quad Temple Service         Join us for Sisterhood’s 51st Annual Interfaith Institute, Monday,
at BHC with Junior Congregation and participation by BEIT-RJ           March 7, 9:30 am-2 pm. Cost: $12 includes lunch. CEU credits available.
students. BEIT-RJ is the 8th-12th grade religious school program for   Mail checks made payable to BHC Sisterhood to: Ann Fishkin, 6501
all four area Reform synagogues. Junior Congregation is an informal    Trotwood Court, Baltimore, MD 21209. For details call 410-764-1587,
and fun service, where children in 1st-6th grade begin together        ext. 270.
in the main service with their families, then meet to have their           Anjum Gupta, Associate Professor of Law and Director of
own worship experience.                                                the Immigrant Rights Clinic, University of Baltimore, will be the
Spring Bereavement Support Group                                       keynote speaker on “Immigration Challenges: Religious and Ethnic
                                                                       Responses.” Rabbi Busch will be the moderator. Rev. Joe Muth, Rev.
The Family Concerns Committee will offer a Bereavement Support
                                                                       Adrien Dawson and Hector Manzano will serve as panelists. PLUS!
Group for those who have experienced the death of a loved one.
                                                                       Hear personal stories from first generation immigrant high school
The group will begin on Tuesday, March 1, 5-6:30 pm, and will
run for six consecutive Tuesdays, ending on April 5. This program,
                                                                                                       Hector Manzano is President of the
led by a licensed psychologist and caring lay leader, is open to
                                                                                                   Board of Directors of Education-Based
adults. Cost is free for BHC members and their families and $18
                                                                                                   Latino Outreach and works for Baltimore
for non-members.
                                                                                                   City’s Department of Public Works as its
   For more information contact Family Concerns Chair Carol
                                                                                                   Hispanic Community Liaison. As such,
Caplan,, or 410-764-1587, ext. 270.
                                                                                                   Hector works closely with community
Peggy and Yale Gordon Trust Concert                                                                organizations, business groups and
On Sunday, March 27, 2 pm, a Peggy and Yale Gordon Trust                                           faith-based institutions for increased
Concert will take place at BHC, entitled “Pianistics,” featuring 3                                 outreach with the Department’s critical
outstanding pianists in a unique docu-concert on the history of                                    services to the Hispanic community.
the piano.                                                                                             Education-Based Latino Outreach
Red Cross Blood Drive                                                                              works to improve the lives of Hispanic
Mark your calendars for the next American Red Cross Blood Drive        youth and families by providing educational opportunities and
on Tuesday, May 3, 2-7:30 pm, at BHC. Watch for details.               cultural programs, including: Entremos al Futuro, a state-of-the-art
                                                                       bilingual Digital Village Hub Computer Learning Center sponsored
In Good Company Dining Club                                            by Hewlett Packard; after school programs; back to school supplies;
Join BHC’s new In Good Company Dining Club! This wine and dine         English as a Second Language for Adults; Spanish classes; bilingual
group is intended for the double-chai and triple-chai demographic,     computer classes; Baltimore’s Latino Fest and La Plaza Hispana at
and will explore some of the region’s great restaurants. We might      the Fells Point Fun Festival.
even have a professional chef cook for us in someone’s home.               Hector serves as Treasurer of the Board of University of Maryland
Our first restaurant event will be sometime this spring. If you        Extension, Baltimore City, is an adjunct Environmental Sciences
are interested in receiving more information as things develop,        instructor at BCCC and is a Commissioner on the Governor’s
contact Andy Wayne, Program Director, or             Commission on Hispanic Affairs and on Baltimore City’s Hispanic
410-764-1587, ext. 246.                                                Commission. He received his Master of Science degree from Johns
Family Concerns Committee                                              Hopkins University in Environmental Sciences and Policy and is
                                                                       fluent in three languages: Spanish, Portuguese and English.
The purpose of our Family Concerns Committee is to create a
warm, caring atmosphere in the Congregation and reach out to
Congregants in a supportive and helpful manner. It is through                    51st Annual Interfaith Institute • Monday, March 7
this philosophy of Congregational in-reach that a powerful and
positive message can be sent to the entire Congregational family.      Name
The synagogue is your spiritual home and the Congregation is your
support community.
   One of the ways we reach out is through the Meal Makers
program, which delivers meals to those recovering from illness,
celebrating a birth, or mourning a loss. Maria Lambros Kannen          Address:
coordinates this most welcome program. You may request a meal
by visiting                                          Affiliation:
   Other examples include the Bema-Home Connection and
                                                                       At lunch seat me with:
monthly Bereavement Support Groups, led by a licensed
psychologist and caring lay leader. We hope to make everyone
                                                                       Special physical or dietary needs:
feel at home at BHC. For further information or to participate and
help, contact Carol J. Caplan, Chair,           No . of Reservations @ $12 pp                        Amount enclosed: $
   Thank you to all who have made a difference through
   Meal Makers! Sponsored by Family Concerns. Find out                 Return this form with a check for $12 per person payable to BHC Sisterhood
                                                                          by Tuesday, March 1, 2011 . Mail to Ann Fishkin, 6501 Trotwood Court,
               more at
                                                                                Baltimore 21209 . Your cancelled check is your reservation .                   5
                                                                        Baltimore Hebrew Congregation Bulletin Number 6 27 Shevat – 24 Adar I 5771 February 2011
                                                                                                             •         •                          •
    Meet BHC Board Member Robert D. Waldman                                                          Congratulations Corner
                                                                                                     Harriet Legum received the inaugural Johns Hopkins Medicine
                                       It’s been many years since I snuck
                                                                                                     Distinguished Service Award.
                                       out of BHC’s Hebrew school for
                                                                                                        Erica Laskin, daughter of Sheldon Laskin and Fran Ludman, was
                                       a coddie at Wagner’s Pharmacy.
                                                                                                     selected to participate in the JCC Maccabi Arts Fest in Israel, July
                                       Now when I reflect upon those
                                                                                                     24-August 5, in vocal music.
                                       years, I wish I had stayed in class
                                       and been more attentive. In any                               Library Donation
                                       event, it was the beginning of
                                       an enduring relationship with                                 The following books and DVDs have been donated to the Disabilities
                                       Baltimore Hebrew Congregation.                                section of the Julius and Doris Myerberg Library by Becky and Larry
                                           My family was unusual. We had                             Gutin and family:
                                       a wonderful—but dichotomous—                                     • “The Social Skills Picture Book for High School and
                                       Jewish household. My father                                         Beyond” by Dr. Jed Baker
                                       attended Orthodox services and                                   • “Preparing for Life: The Complete Guide for Transitioning
                                       my mother Reform. During the                                        to Adulthood for those with Autism and Asperger’s
                                       High Holy Days, I divided my time                                   Syndrome” by Dr. Jed Baker
    between the two synagogues. I even had two Bar Mitzvahs, the first                                  • “No More Meltdowns: Positive Strategies for Managing
    at a local Orthodox shul, because my paternal grandfather believed                                     and Preventing Out-of-control Behavior” by Dr. Jed Baker
    my Reform Bar Mitzvah was too distant from my 13th birthday, and                                    • “Developing Talents: Careers for Individuals with Asperger
    the second at BHC.                                                                                     Syndrome and High-Functioning Autism” by Temple
        BHC, however, has always been the center of my Jewish life-cycle                                   Grandin and Kate Duffy
    events. It was where I was Confirmed and where I still enjoy walking                                • “How to be a Sister: A Love Story with a Twist of Autism”
    down the hallways to view my Confirmation class photograph from                                        by Eileen Garvin
    an era when the photographer needed a riser to accommodate                                          • DVD: Social Skills Training and Frustration Management:
    all the confirmands. The beautiful Hoffberger Chapel is where                                          A dynamic and comprehensive presentation for parents
    I married my wife, Leslie; its Sanctuary is where we celebrated                                        and professionals working with individuals with social
    the B’nai Mitzvah and Confirmation of our children; and its other                                      difficulties. Dr. Jed Baker
    wonderful facilities provided opportunities for me to seek guidance                              BHC Family Concerns Committee thanks the Gutin Family for its
    and inspiration from its clergy and find reward in Friday evening                                generous gift as we strive to be an accessible and inclusive sacred
    services and social and community activities.                                                    community.
        I have always marveled at the breadth of the activities and

    opportunities BHC has created for its members. Following a BHC

                                                                                                     Hoffberger Gallery
    Young Leadership Program many years ago, Leslie and I traveled to
    Israel for the first time with our rabbi. Within the past year, I have
    participated in BHC programs including Habitat for Humanity and
    Christmas at Our Daily Bread. Between my service on the Board and
    career as an attorney, specializing in estates and trusts, I hope to                                           Robert Cadwalader
    make further time to participate in the many other spiritual, social
    and community opportunities provided by our synagogue.                                                                    photographer
        I hope you too will find time in your lives to engage in BHC.
    Coddies are no longer available from Wagner’s on Seven Mile Lane,
    but Baltimore Hebrew Congregation remains for its members a
    spiritual harbor, a platform for family activities and a place of
    comfort during times of need.

       Congregation Wish List
        If you have a digital
        video projector, an iPad,
        netbook or laptop that
        you would like to donate
        to the Congregation,                                                                                                    “Farm Art”
        contact Becky Gutin, or                                                                                               Opening Reception
        410-764-1587, ext. 250.                                                                                     Sunday, February 6, 2-4 pM
                                                                                                         For more information, log onto www .bhcong .org/hoffberger .
6   Baltimore Hebrew Congregation Bulletin • Number 6 • 27 Shevat – 24 Adar I 5771 • February 2011
RS School Ruach
Full of Learning and Laughter
                                                                                      Mark Your Calendar
                                                                                          2Nd Grade Etz Chaim Names Program
                                                                                              Sunday, February 6, 9:45 aM
On Sunday mornings and Tuesday afternoons                               2nd grade families will gather on Sunday morning to learn about
the building is full of learning, laughter, and                         Hebrew names. Plan to join us for this wonderful event that will
fun as Religious School students explore Judaism. Our journeys          include art projects, stories, and other fun activities.
in art, music, library, computers, outdoors, and classrooms have
students smiling and happy. Thank you to all the support staff and                              4th Grade Cooking Program
teachers for a great first half of the year!!!!
                                                                                               Sunday, February 27, 10:30 aM
    Check out our adventures below….
                                                L’Shalom (For Peace),   Families will gather on Sunday morning to cook a Shabbat meal
                                                     Brad Cohen         with Congregant and master cook Allan T. Hirsh, III. Families
                                                                        will enjoy their hard work at the end of the day by eating lunch
                                        Religious School Director

                                                                         Baltimore Hebrew Congregation Bulletin • Number 6 • 27 Shevat – 24 Adar I 5771 • February 2011
    DS Doings
    Day School
    Race to Nowhere, Starting Somewhere
    This February The Day School at Baltimore Hebrew is sponsoring two significant events, on what may seem at first to
    be opposite ends of the spectrum.                                                                                                                         Gerri Chizeck
        The first is a screening on Tuesday, February 1, 7 pm, of a very

                                                                                                     EBEarly Childhood Center
    powerful new documentary film, Race to Nowhere: The Dark Side of
    America’s Achievement Culture.
        A concerned mother-turned-filmmaker aimed her camera at the
    high-stakes, high pressure culture that has changed our schools and
    childrens’ lives. It is a call to mobilize families, educators and policy
    makers to challenge current assumptions about how to prepare the                                 Putting the Spark into February
    youth of America to become healthy, bright, contributing adults.                                 The winter can be long and cold. What could
    The community is invited to come. For details call the school                                    warm up the atmosphere and make the E.B. Hirsh
    office, 410-764-1867, or for tickets visit http://rtnbaltimorehebrew.                            Early Childhood Center sizzle with excitement? We hope to open a dialogue between educators                                        It is no secret that we have a fantastic group of
    and parents, and to also look at the Jewish perspective on this                                  parents who work with us every day to make our
                                                           important issue.                          school a wonderful place for children to grow and
                                                               The second is                         learn. From the pizza mom to parents who drop
                                                           our STEM (Science,                        everything to accompany us on field trips or help
                                                           Technology,                               in the classroom, we are blessed with devoted           Sharon Edlow
                                                           Engineering and                           mothers, fathers and even grandparents who are
                                                           Math) Fair on                             here when we call.
                                                           Tuesday, February                            So what do our great parents have to do with putting the spark
                                                           22, 4-6:30 pm. The                        into a dreary February? A group of dedicated parents, led by Denise
                                                           fair is an exhibit                        Feldman and Marci Carter, have planned a week of surprises for
                                                           of    what     our                        our teachers. They have special activities planned each day to
                                                           children do in the                        show the teachers how much they are appreciated. The children
    classrooms, and how they integrate subjects and make learning                                    have also been involved in the implementation of some of these
    meaningful.                                                                                      happenings, much to their delight and pride.
        So how does this connect to the first item? Rather than a “do                                   A good school depends on a strong partnership with its
    your project at home and stress out yourself, your mom and dad”                                  families if it is to be successful. While Early Childhood teachers are
    kind of fair, ours reflects on what students do at school, and will                              professionals who have studied the growth and development of
    be interactive and inspiring. Our theme is GOING GREEN! Our                                      young children, it is the parents who are the experts on their own
    students care about the environment, enjoy technology, and will                                  children. Only when these two groups share their knowledge do
    showcase their creative ideas for the future. You can expect to see                              children reap the rewards.
    junk sculptures, cities of the future, and growing plants that help                                 Let us take this time to thank our parents and let them know
    our environment.                                                                                 that while they are busy showing us their appreciation, we truly
        Join us for both events, join in the dialogue, and help us to                                could not do our job without their wonderful support.
    create healthy, strong children with healthy, strong futures.
                                                                                                                                                    Sharon Edlow, Director
                                                                              Gerri Chizeck                                              E.B. Hirsh Early Childhood Center

      Race to Nowhere: The Dark Side of America’s Achievement Culture
                         Tuesday, February 1, 7 pM
         Tickets: $8 in advance or $10 at the door . Tickets may be                                                              Giant A+ Bonus Bucks
      purchased by visiting http://rtnbaltimorehebrew .eventbrite .com                                     Help The Day School at Baltimore Hebrew earn free money
                            INFO: www .RaceToNowhere .com                                                 from Giant! Sign-up by sending your name, e-mail address or
                                                                                                                phone number and Giant Bonus Card number to
                                                                                                                       Vicki Firestein, vmjfire@verizon .net .

                                                                          • •
                                          Gerri Chizeck              Sharon Edlow, Director          Roberta Garfield Sachs              Allene Gutin
                                          Head of School                The E. B. Hirsh              Director of Institutional     Judaics Department Chair
                                        Early Childhood Center                Advancement       

    Baltimore Hebrew Congregation Bulletin • Number 6 • 27 Shevat – 24 Adar I 5771 • February 2011
 Sisterhood in Session
Sisterhood’s Nominating Committee
                                                                         Not for Men Only
Sisterhood’s 2010/2011 Nominating Committee has been appointed:              “Men seeking women.
Karan Engerman, Chair; Jane Davis; Hilda Perl Goodwin; Barbi                 Women seeking men.”
Hyman; Marcia Rosenblatt; Rheta Schloss; Betty Segal and Lynda           As president of Brotherhood, I sometimes find myself talking to
S. Weinstein. If you have any suggestions for officers and board         women about an upcoming guest speaker we have booked for our
members, contact Karan Engerman,                breakfast series or dinners. For example, on Sunday February 6,
                                                                         we have Elayne Reynolds Duke, president of the Rosa Ponselle
Lilith Salon                                                             Foundation.
Join us Sunday, February 6, 9:45 am in the Myerberg Library for                                         Ms. Ponselle (1897 – 1981) has been
the next Lilith Salon. All are welcome to attend an interesting                                      said to be the greatest female soprano to
discussion of selected articles from the fall issue of Lilith, an                                    have ever lived. She and her late husband,
independent Jewish magazine. Questions? Contact Shirley Simon,                                       Baltimore socialite, Carle Jackson, built                                                                                a Greenspring Valley mansion, Villa
                                                                                                     Pace in the 1930s. It was here that they
Calling All Avid Readers                                                                             entertained many distinguished guests.
Join us Tuesday, March 1, 7 pm. Rabbi Sachs-Kohen will discuss                                       She was also a great friend of many in our
The Spirit Catches You & You Fall Down: A Hmong child, her American                                  Jewish community and deserves to have
doctors and the collision of two cultures by Anne Fadiman. Please read                               her memory preserved. Come hear Ms.
the book in advance so you can participate in the discussion.                                        Reynolds Duke, who lived with Ponselle,
                                                                                                     share memorable stories.
Sisterhood Shabbaton                                                         Surprisingly, I have found that many women in our Congregation
Hold the date for Sisterhood’s Shabbaton, “Breathe, Pray, Love and       feel that these Brotherhood events are for men only! So, please be my
Eat!” on Friday April 29, 5 pm – Saturday April 30, 5 pm, at the Cork    Valentine this February and join us for this shared cultural treasure
Factory Hotel in Lancaster, PA. Cantor Sacks will be our spiritual       remembrance. The women of Sisterhood have already extended an
leader and we will be joined by Sisterhood women from Main Line          invitation to have men participate in their programming and I for
Reform Congregation in Pennsylvania.                                     one have taken them up on the offer. Please refer to my December
   Cost is $175 and includes double room plus all meals and              Bulletin article, where I reported on our recent wonderful times
materials. Make check payable to BHC Sisterhood and mail to Ann          together.
Fishkin, 6501 Trotwood Court, Baltimore, MD 21209. Questions?                I look forward to more sweet-heart dates with you all. Breakfast
Contact Ralene Jacobson, 410-833-2037.                                   is only $5 for non-Brotherhood members, payable at the door. No
                                                                         reservation required.
                                                                                                                                    Joe Boccuzzi

                                                                            PS – Women: Please encourage your men to become a member of
                                                                         Brotherhood by checking the box on your Temple statement.


                                                                                                         Save the Dates
                        Save the Dates
                                                                                             Jewish Film Festival • Sundays, 1 pm
             Sisterhood’s Triple Treat Thursdays                                                     Free • All Welcome
                  February 3, 10, 17, and 24                                                    February 6                 February 13
              Classes with clergy, 10 am and 11 am .                                            The Reader                Cadillac Records
     Following morning classes, join us at NooN for lunch
         and then at 1 pm for our afternoon programs .
                                                                                          Brotherhood Breakfast • 10 - 11:30 am
       51st Annual Interfaith Institute • Monday, March 7                                 Sundays • February 6, March 6, April 3
                     For details see page 5 .                            Enjoy a delicious breakfast of scrambled eggs, bagels, lox, cream
                                                                         cheese, orange juice, Danish and coffee. Not to be missed is the
                                                                         lively question and answer period following the guest speakers.
      Remember to check Sisterhood on your BHC Statement for
                                                                         Free to BHC Brotherhood members and children under 18, only
      payment of Sisterhood Dues.
                                                                         $5 for guests and non-members.
 Bring non-perishable food items for GEDCO to SH Events                   For upcoming events visit                                         9
                                                                          Baltimore Hebrew Congregation Bulletin • Number 6 • 27 Shevat – 24 Adar I 5771 • February 2011
                                                                                                      Margaret W. Thomas
                                                                                            Hannah Milhiser                 Elizabeth Cohen

        Offerings                                                                                     Samuel Tralins
                                                                                            Dora Morganstein
                                                                                                      Anna Weinblatt
                                                                                            David L. Morrison
                                                                                                      Joseph David Weiner
                                                                                            Theresa B. Myerberg
                                                                                                                            Dora F. Gitomer
                                                                                                                            Jacob Glassman
                                                                                                      Julius Weisberg
                                                                                            Leon Needle                     Clara A. Glickman
                                      In Memoriam                                                     Harry Winn
                                                                                            Henrietta New
                                                                                            Elise Ann Newberger
                                                                                                                            Simon Goldiner
                                                                                                                            Louis Greenberg
                                                                       February 18-19
                     We record with sorrow the passing of              Bertha V. Aaron
                                                                                            Carolyn Newman                  Helen B. Hamburger
                                                                                            Ellinor G. Newman               Joe Hellman
       Helen Boatwright         Debbie Friedman    Morton Poland       Robert L. Bacharach
                                                                                            Abe Oliver                      Jeanne G. Highstein
       Gladys Caller            Dennis Goldman     Benjamin            Cecele F. Bernath
                                                                                            Samuel Posner                   Rena Hollander
                                Bernard Heneson        Sapperstein     Margaret K.
       Frank Caruana                                                                        Emanuel A. Rice                 Anna Siegel
       Eileen H. DeBois         Myra Levy          Kate Senesk                              Milton W. Rodbell                   Horowitz
                                                                       Leona Frank
       Manny Dreizen            Annette Morstein   Lillian Sukert                           Harry Rosenstock                Louis Horowitz
       Leslye Dunie             George Needleman Morton                                     Lewis Rosenstock                Esther Jacobs
                                                                       Helen S. Brown
       Hannah E. Eisenberg Irving J. Neuman            Weinstock                            Rose Rosenthal                  Harold M. Jacobs
                                                                       Dorothy E. Caplan
                                Flora Pearlstein   Fay Weiss                                Milton M. Roth                  Sadie K. Kahn
       Lenora Finglass                                                 Rena H. Cohen
                                                                                            Rebecca Rubin                   Levi Katten
                                Sylvan Pleet                           Yetta R. Cohen
                                                                                            Etta Salabes                    Lena Kind
                                                                       Adolph David Cohn
                     May their memories be for a blessing.             Abraham Collector
                                                                                            Goldye R. Sandy                 Harry C. Klotsch
                                                                                            Lillian Sapero                  Rose Landay Kloze
                                                                       Maxwell L. Coplan
                            Perpetual Memorials                        Sallie W. Cushner
                                                                       Doris Sycle Davison
                                                                                            Leon Schaffer
                                                                                            Minnie Schenthal
                                                                                                                            Celia Koch
                                                                                                                            Leslie Legum
                                                                                            Bird B. Schiff                  Herman Lenet
                                                                       Martin Davison
     February 4-5            Samuel Solomon       Louis A. Gann                             Milton Baer Shapiro             Marjorie Levinson
                             Kitty Spiegelman     William I. Gans      Hilda DeBoskey
     Arthur Abraham                                                                         Yetta Shapiro                   William Levinson
     Bertha Aronson          Ida Statter          Rose Minnie Garfink Jennie Weisberg       Douglas Sherman                 Daisy B. Lowenthal
                             George Stern         Charles Glass            Dickler
     Mona Mary Arzt                                                                         Maurice M. Sherman              Clara Manekin
                             Dr. Harry Melmuth    George Goff          Rose C. Distiller
     Harry Fuld Bear                                                                        Albert Siegel                   Daniel L. Manekin
                                 Sternberg        Irene M. Goldberg    Stephen I. Donnelly
     Morris Bercowitz                                                                       Joseph Baruch Siegel            J. Carl Marder
                                                  Betty Burke          Leonora Edlow
     Delma Block Brotman Alfred Strauss                                                     Dr. Michael M.                  Fanny Matz
                             George Stromberg         Goldberger       Leon Feit
     Anne D. Chapin                                                                             Silberg                     Solomon Meyer
                             Mary Sussman         Ben Goodman          Samuel L. Fisher
     Helen E. Cole                                                                          Stanley Martin                  Rebecca Meyers
                             Fanny Waghelstein    Pauline Goodman      Morton Myer Fox
     Irma S. Constam                                                                            Sonnenfeld                  Samuel Meyers
                             Leonard Weisberg     Sidney Gordon        Robert B. Fradkin
     Nancy Dell                                                                             Isabelle Spandauer              Esther Miller
                             Helen H. Wertheim    Victor Halperin      Jonas Schloss Frank
     Samuel Dreyfuss                                                                        Karen Lynn                      James Howard
                             Joseph Winaker       Matilda Harman       Loire Shakman Frank
     Howard H. Engel                                                                            Tankersley                      Nathanson
                             Milton Wise          Robert Harrow        Benjamin Freeland
     Stanley Felser                                                                         Kaufman Thalheimer              Philip I. Needle
                             William Zetlin       Philip Helstein      Miriam Friedberger
     Annie Gebhart                                                                          Beatrice Unger                  Shirley A. Needle
                                                  Margolia Herskovitz  Bernard M. Gann
     Joseph R. Ginsberg                                                                     Henrietta Wertheim              Raymond Noel
                             February 11-12       Miriam S. Herstein   Jacob Gichner
     Ethel Bank Goldstein                                                                   Philip Wolf                     Bernice Hollins
                             Bernard B. Adler                          Harry J. Goodwin
     Mamie Goldstein                              Fanny Horowitz                            Tillie May                          Packer
                             Leon Philip Bass                          Theodore Robert
     Abe Goodman                                  Eleanor Levy Kane                             Wurtzburger                 Etta Max Patz
                             Etta Gaffen Bonfeld                           Gresser
     Ida Gordon                                   Louis S. Katten                           Seymour R. Ziv                  Leonard Paul
                             Audrey Krackow Bord                       Lillian Gutman
     Bertha Hallenstein                           Esther Keiser                                                             Julius J. Prissman
     Maida Hamburger
                             William Bornfriend
                                                  Clara King           Adolph C. Hahn       February 25-26
                             Lillian Jacobs                                                                                 Sara Buch Rehfeld
                                                  Harry Herbert Kloze  Jacob Hamburger      Herbert Louis Arzt
     Tillie Herling                                                                                                         Bernice Resnick
                                 Braverman                             Alfred R.            Jo Anne Finifter
     Minnie E. Jacobs                             Harry Koch                                                                William Robinson
                             Barbara Kleiman                               Himmelrich, Jr.      Beplat
     Benjamin Kahn                                Morton L. Lazarus                                                         Henry A. Rosenberg
                                 Brown                                 Mildred G.           Samuel Berliner
     Jeanette Kahn                                Franziska Levi                                                            Sigmund Rosenblatt
                             Leroy J. Brown                                Hoffberger       Sidney Berney
     Helen L. Kaufman                             Samuel Levy                                                               Emanuel Rosenheim
                             Fannie Butler                             Anna Lustgarten      Alan Bernstein
     Hilda Hecht Kaufman                          Samuel May                                                                Hilda D. Rosenthal
                             Albert H. Buxbaum                             Pincu Horn       Anna Sarah Biron
     Esther R. Koman                              Pauline Mermelstein                                                       Walter Lyon
                             Zelda Carmel                              Dr. Jack Horowitz    Albert Branoff
     Bernice S. Kramer                            Nathalie Meyer                                                                Rosenthal
                             Hennye Cohen                              Irvin Hyman          Shelley Beth
     Abe M. Legum                                 Albert Nasdor                                                             Sara Rowland
                             Sarah Hornstein                           Leonard Abraham          Brownstein
     Marian Lutzky                                Ben Z. Neustadt                                                           Lena Saks
                                 Cohen                                     Jonas, Ph.D.     Samuel Buckman
     Nathan C. Maulitz                            Edward R. Palmbaum                                                        Nathan Schloss
                             Yetta Cohen                               Rose Samuelson       Morris Burke
     Benjamin Middleman                           Bette R. Pear                                                             Rose P. Schwartzman
                             Leah Collector                                Kahn             Michael Carliner
     James Lee Neustadt                           Jacob A. Rice                                                             Benjamin Shevitz
                             Caroline Diener                                                Jennie Cohen
     Sylvan Newman                                Minna H. Rosenberg Mary Katten                                            Theresa M. Sonner
                             William Ambach                            Alexander S.         Morris A. Dobres
     Jennie Rosenberg                             Dolores Sachs                                                             Leonard Stulman
                                 Eichengreen                               Katzenberg, Jr.  Sophie Frenkil
     Miriam Rothschild                            Jerome M. Sachs                                                           David Surasky
                             Jerome Engel                              Ben Kaufman              Dopkin
     Nathan Rubin                                 Esther Sapperstein                                                        Julius J. Tralins
                             Benno Feldmann                            Harold J. Kaufman    Harry Dubrowsky
     Matilda Samuels                              Philip Schwartzman                                                        Albert Weisberg
                             Nathan Fellheimer                         Ruth Whitehill Leidy Lena Straus Emerich
     Harry Schein                                 Leon Selesky                                                              Bernard Weiss
                             James Filtzer                             Casey Dylan Lenovitz Benjamin Fink
     Fannie Schoeneman                            Leah Singer                                                               Hilda G. Weiss
                             Abraham J. Fink                           Gertrude Coplan      Ethel R. Fox
     Rae Seidenman                                Frank Stern, Jr.                                                          Hattie Wertheimer
                             Eugene Jerome Fink                            Levin            Louis J. Fox
     Bruce David                                  Joan S. Stern                                                             Florence R. Wilson
                             Minnie Frank                              Irving Isaac Lewine  Lillian Frank
         Shackman                                 Lillie Straus                                                             Alan Wurtzburger
                             Hannah S. Fried                           Minna Liteanu        Simon J. Friedman
     Abbott M. Sheffler, Jr.                      Edith Selis Suls                                                          Louis Zinn
                             Marion Friedlander                        George Jacob London Beatrice R. Gann
     Carrye Lamm                                  Erika R. Sundheim
                             Phillip A.S. Galler                       Manuel Matthews
                                                  Alfred Victor Taylor
10       Silverstein

     Baltimore Hebrew Congregation Bulletin • Number 6 • 27 Shevat – 24 Adar I 5771 • February 2011
L’Dor tov’Dor
From Generation Generation
Special Birthdays                            Alvin Levi, by Pam & Theron Russell              The privilege of an aliyah for our birthdays,
Kathryn Cleary, Fannie Marder, Eric Shapiro, Barbara Morris, by Lisa S. & Allan T. Hirsh, III     by Shirley & Irving Simon
   Florence Miller, Christina Erd, Benjamin  Iris Powell, by Liora & Gregory Hill             Dottie Smith on the birth of her great-
   Herbst, Vera Zejmis, Matt Bralove, Dr.    Ilsa Reiss, by Hilda Perl Goodwin • Betty            grandson, Tennell Maurice Lee, by Lisa
   Joel Brenner, Judith Kremen, Doris            Meyers                                           S. & Allan T. Hirsh, III
   Margulis, Sydnee Burgunder, Stephanie     Dr. Stanley Steinbach, by Dee Silberman          My 101st birthday, by Anne Veditz & Family
   Sarro, Jeffrey Silverman, Ilene Gold,     In honor of                                      Anne Veditz on her 101st birthday, by
   Lee Stern, Keith Siskind, Elana Cohen,    Stuart Cohen for leading shiva minyan for            Sharon Edlow, Betty Meyers, Dee
   Susanna Cooper, Ron Albom, Edwin Jules,       Robert Kraus Weis, by Carolyn Weis &             Silberman
   Mitchell Barker, Joseph Boccuzzi, Michael     David Weis                                   The engagement of Michelle I. Waranch
   Firestein, Benton Pumpian, Gregory Perl,  Deborah Engerman on her safe return from             to Matan Ben-Aviv, by Jeffrey & Helene
   Linda Fedock, Susan Takemoto                  Europe, by Karan Engerman                        Waranch
                                             The special birthday of Kay Feldmann, by         Jeffrey & Helene Waranch on the
Special Anniversaries
                                                 Isabel & Stan Levin                              engagement of Michelle to Matan Ben-
 50th Lillian & Milton Norwood
                                             Abram Eli Foster becoming a Bar Mitzvah, by          Aviv, by Carol J. Caplan
 30th Thommie & Ted Williams
 10th Tammi & Greg Crunkleton                    his parents Jennifer Lew & Dr. Paul Foster In memory of
                                             Dr. Seth Glassman on the engagement of his Martha Baneman, by Edith Goldschmitt &
B’nai Mitzvah                                    daughter Stephanie Glassman to Joseph            Family
December 4                                       Pellegrini, by Ilene & Dr. John K. Brooks    Malcolm Bernstein, by Carol J. Caplan •
Carly Alexandra Johnson, daughter of Amy     Stephanie Glassman on her engagement to              Esther, Benjy & Rachel Dubin • Lee
   and Frank Johnson, granddaughter of           Joseph Pellegrini, by Ilene & Dr. John K.        Egerton • Hilda Perl Goodwin • Edith &
   Evelyn Bendersky                              Brooks                                           Martin Horowitz • Louise & Richard F.
February 5                                   Margery Gluck on the engagement of her son           Kemper • Betty Meyers • Marlyn & Dr.
Grant Kovelman, son of Marcy and Dr. Harry       Brian Dellon to Emily Ryan, by Harriet & I.      Boris O’Mansky • Vivian & David Rudow
   Kovelman                                      Howard Diener                                    • Carolyn Polowy & Carl S. Silverman •
                                             Carol Hawtof and Dr. Wallace Mandell for             Anne Veditz
February 26
                                                 their mentoring and kindness during the Martin Blumberg, by Ellen & Dr. Dennis
Lance Bradley Morris, son of Jennifer and
                                                 Bereavement Group, by Dr. Marlene JaRo           Uhlfelder
   Shane Morris, grandson of Sonna and
                                             Polina & Mark Lebed on the birth of their        Marvin Blumberg, by Sonia Blumberg,
   Michael Kalis
                                                 granddaughter, Sophia Elise Nichol, by           children & grandchildren
Engagements                                      Carol J. Caplan • Sharon Edlow • Kay         Susan Blumenfeld, by Ellen & Dr. Dennis
Hal Schevitz, son of Pami and Harvey             Feldmann • Carol Hawtof • Lisa S. &              Uhlfelder
   Schevitz, to Jena Schaier                     Allan T. Hirsh, III • Betty Meyers • Fred    Helen Boatwright, by Becky & Larry Gutin
Michelle I. Waranch, daughter of Jeffrey and     Rahming • Betty Spear                            & Family
   Helene Waranch, to Matan Ben-Aviv         Harriet Legum on receiving the inaugural         Audrey Krackow Bord, by Eleanore Gann
Brett Weinblatt, son of Adrianne and Robert      Johns Hopkins Medicine Distinguished         Helene Bordenick, by Janet & Carl Jacobs
   Weinblatt, to Shana Weinberg                  Service Award, by Leslie & Robert D.         Albert Branoff, by Lillian Branoff, Dr.
Marriage                                         Waldman                                          Richard Branoff, Gayle Hedrick & Ethel
Samantha Schwartz to Mark Jones              Shelly Lohmann on the escape from serious            Cohen• Wendy & Dr. Ronald Branoff
Births                                           injury of her daughter Stacy Lohmann, by Elya Bregman, by Dina Melamed
Sarah Lillian Bishow, daughter of Jaime and      Carol J. Caplan                              Joanne Brooks, by Cerrill Meister & Eddie
   Charles Bishow                            Rabbi Sachs-Kohen & Cantor Sacks for                 Jacobs, Jr.
Sophia Elise Nichol, daughter of Irina and       officiating at the funeral and leading shiva Gladys Caller, by Carol J. Caplan • Kay
   Mat Nichol, granddaughter of Polina and       minyan for Malcolm Bernstein, by Loraine         Feldmann • Becky & Larry Gutin &
   Mark Lebed                                    Bernstein                                        Family • Lisa S. & Allan T. Hirsh, III •
                                             The privilege of Marvin Sakin having an              Barbi & Louis Hyman • Betty Meyers
We gratefully acknowledge the                    aliyah, by Eileen Sakin                          • Marlyn & Dr. Boris O’Mansky • Fred
   following offerings:                      Cantor Solomon, Rabbi Sachs-Kohen,                   Rahming • Irene & George Siegel • Betty
                                                 & Cantor Sacks for helping with the              Spear
For the speedy recovery of
                                                 preparation for Charles Siegel becoming a Frank Caruana, by Becky Gutin & Family •
Sylvia Beser, by Sonia Blumberg • Carol J.
                                                 Bar Mitzvah, by his mother Dr. Inna Kats         Carol Hawtof
                                             The engagement of Hal Schevitz to Jena           Adolph David Cohn, by the Family of the
Rita Brickman, by Carole Seidman
                                                 Schaier, by his parents Pami & Harvey            late Adolph D. Cohn
Marlene Brull, by Sharon Edlow
                                                 Schevitz                                     Bernard (Buddy) Collector, by Naecarma
Robin E. Cohen, by Richard Fishkin
                                             Pami & Harvey Schevitz on the engagement             Goldschmitt
Harry Cooper, by Sharon & Dr. Donald Edlow
                                                 of their son Hal to Jena Schaier, by Lisa    Idelle & Elvin Collector, by Naecarma
Robin Just, by Carol J. Caplan • Hilda Perl
                                                 S. & Allan T. Hirsh, III • Susan & Norman        Goldschmitt
   Goodwin • Lisa S. & Allan T. Hirsh, III •
                                                 Lorch                                        Stanley Crystal, by Ruth Crystal
   Fred Rahming
                                             Elaine Scott on her son Jesse becoming a Bar Harry Daniella, by Dee Silberman
Louise Kemper, by Sharon & Dr. Donald
                                                 Mitzvah, by Claudia Cameron                  Raella Daniller, by Dee Silberman
                                             Shirley & Irving Simon for Chanukah              Eileen H. DeBois, by Joyce S. & Mose
Dr. Ira Kolman, by Joan & Lowell Abramson
                                                 blessings, by Barry Hond                         Ottenheimer, 2nd
   • Esther, Benjy & Rachel Dubin • Susan &
                                             The special birthday of Irving Simon, by         Albert I. Diener, by I. Howard Diener
   Norman Lorch • Fred Rahming
                                                 Sandy Raskin & Family                        Manny Dreizen, by Mindy & Scott Wassel
Marcy Kolodny, by Carol J. Caplan
                                                                                              Louis A. Gann, by Eleanore Gann

                                                                        Baltimore Hebrew Congregation Bulletin • Number 6 • 27 Shevat – 24 Adar I 5771 • February 2011
 Charles E. Gladding, by Anne Veditz                                  & Larry Lasoff • Betty Meyers • Susan &
 Dennis Goldman, by Esther, Benjy & Rachel
                                                                      Dr. Edward Perl • Taffy & Joseph Rice •
                                                                      Paul J. Weiner
                                                                                                                   Prepaid Offering Envelopes
 Larry Goldschmitt, by Edith Goldschmitt &
                                                                   Morton Weinstock, by Jeanne & Harry
                                                                      Macks & Family
                                                                                                                       may be purchased
 Florence Mayover Goldstein, by Sandy                              Robert Kraus Weis, by Valerie Binder •
     Raskin                                                           Ilene & Dr. John K. Brooks • Carol J.         from the Temple Office –
 Nathaniel Goldstein, by Sonia Blumberg                               Caplan • Marcia & Ries Daniel • Sharon
 Dr. Samuel Gordon, by Linda G. & Berryl
                                                                      & Dr. Donald Edlow • Kay Feldmann                   10 for $100,
                                                                      • Hilda Perl Goodwin • Becky & Larry
 Betsy Haas, by her children Linda & John
     Haas; Ellen H. Levy
                                                                      Gutin & Family • Carol Hawtof • Liora &
                                                                      Gregory Hill • Lisa S. & Allan T. Hirsh,
                                                                                                                        a savings of $50.
 Robert Harrow, by Anne Meyers                                        III • Elaine & Ross Jandorf • Ellen Spear
 Bernard Heneson, by Becky & Larry Gutin                              Jandorf • Louise & Richard F. Kemper
     & Family • Mindy & Scott Wassel                                  • Jeanne & Harry Macks • Audrey
 Fanny Horowitz, by Anne Meyers                                       & Edward Marces • Sandy & George
 Dr. Jack Horowitz, by Anne Meyers                                    Marcin & Family • Betty Meyers • Patti
 Herman Kallins                                                       & Thomas Minkin • Sally & Charles
 Alexander S. Katzenberg, Jr., by Alex                                Neustadt • Marlyn & Dr. Boris O’Mansky
     Katzenberg III • Loraine Lobe                                    • Joyce S. & Mose Ottenheimer, 2nd •
 Ruth Kutscher, by Ellen & Dr. Dennis                                 Drs. Sara & Jeffrey Palmer • Susan & Dr.
     Uhlfelder; Karen & David Katz; children,                         Edward Perl • Bobbi & Aron Perlman
     grandchildren & great-grandchildren                              • Donna & Albert Polovoy • Lois &
 Morton L. Lazarus, by Loraine Lobe                                   Mark Rosenfield • Carl S. Silverman •
 Ida Lichter, by Rosalie Lichter & Family                             Debra Gordon & Joel Simon & Family
 Sylvia Lieberman, by Pam & Theron Russell                            • Sisterhood • Ruth & Charles Spivak
 Melvin Marks, by Gale, Max, Mollie & Eli                             • Marjorie Strasburger • The Tuesday
     Weisenfeld                                                       Girls • Lynda S. & Jerry Weinstein
 Sylvia Merfeld, by Margery Dannenberg                             Fay Weiss, by Irene & George Siegel
 George Needleman, by Mindy & Scott                                Leonard Yarus, by Pam Russell & Family
                                                                   In commemoration of the birthday
 Irving J. Neuman, by Allan T. Hirsh, Jr.
     • Lisa S. & Allan T. Hirsh, III • Mae &                          anniversary of
     Louis Sinsheimer                                              Nathan Raskin, by Sandy Raskin
 Flora Pearlstein, by Pat & Harvey Goldstock                       Acknowledgments
 Anne Plesser and David Plesser, by Susan &                        Appreciation is expressed for
     Dr. Joel Brenner & Family
                                                                     messages of good wishes and
 Morton Poland, by Alma & H. Robert
                                                                     Books of Uniongrams received by
                                                                                                                    Perpetual Memorials
 Samuel Raichlen, by Isador Raichlen                               Loraine Bernstein & Family in memory of
 Robert Rascovar, by Shirley Manekin
                                                                                                                        Pay tribute to those
                                                                      Malcolm Bernstein
 Dana Russell, by Carol J. Caplan                                  Francie & Mike Gill on their 5th wedding
                                                                                                                       who blessed us in life
 Elizabeth & Benjamin Saslaw and Mondel
                                                                      anniversary                                          and continue
     Saslaw on the occasion of my becoming
     a Bar Mitzvah, by their great-grandson                        Polina & Mark Lebed on the birth of their                 to bless us
     and great-nephew Jesse Scott & his                               granddaughter Sophia Elise Nichol                  through memory.
     Family                                                        Barry I. Schloss on his special birthday
 Pearl Schlenoff and Maurice Schlenoff, by                         Jesse Scott & Family on his becoming a Bar      BHC makes it possible to establish a
     Marvin Schlenoff
 Ira Schneider, by Janet & Carl Jacobs
                                                                      Mitzvah                                      Perpetual Memorial for everlasting
 Louis Schumann, by I. Howard Diener                               Estelle & I. Barry Statter on the marriage of   remembrance. A page in the special
 Kate Senesk, by Dr. Nancy & Gary Aiken •                             their daughter Amy Statter-Schaftel to       leather-bound books located in
     Hilda Perl Goodwin • Lisa S. & Allan T.                          Marley Simon                                 our Sanctuary may be dedicated
     Hirsh, III • Louise & Richard F. Kemper
     • Lois & Mark Rosenfield                                      Donation to The Day School at                   as a memorial for your loved ones.
 Frank S. Solomon, by Terry & Elliott                                Baltimore Hebrew                              Yahrzeit notification will be sent
     Langbaum                                                      Pat Whitlock, by Louise & Richard F.            annually and your loved one’s name
 Shirley Spivak, by The Langrock Family •                             Kemper
     JoAnne & Eugene Zarling                                                                                       will be listed in the Temple Bulletin
 Sherry Lynn Tossman, by her brother Dr.                                                                           and the Shabbat Supplement. For
     David I. Tossman                                                                                              information, contact Francie Gill,
 Rosalie Walters, by Susan & Melvin
     Bazensky • Sharon & Dr. Donald Edlow                                                                          410-764-1587, ext. 226, or fgill@
     • Charlotte Kessler & Family • Dianne                                                               

 Baltimore Hebrew Congregation Bulletin • Number 6 • 27 Shevat – 24 Adar I 5771 • February 2011
Baltimore Hebrew Congregation Bulletin • Number 6 • 27 Shevat – 24 Adar I 5771 • February 2011
Baltimore Hebrew Congregation Bulletin • Number 6 • 27 Shevat – 24 Adar I 5771 • February 2011
  February 2011
Tuesday, February 1                                Saturday, February 12                            Thursday, February 24 • Day School Closed
  4:15 pm    Religious School                           9 am    Torah Talk                        10 & 11 am Triple Treat Thursdays–Classes
     7 pm    Day School Movie: Race to Nowhere         10 am    Shabbat Shelanu honoring and led        1 pm Triple Treat Thursdays–Program
             $10 at the door . See page 8 for                   by PEP                           Friday, February 25
             details .                              11:30 am    Adult Hebrew Class                  5:45 pm Wine and Cheese Reception
     7 pm    Religious School Advisory              11:30 am    PEP Kiddush                          6:15 pm Shabbat Worship
             Committee                               7:30 pm    BHeCTY at Earth Treks
     7 pm    National Alliance on Mental Illness                                                 Saturday, February 26
  7:30 pm    Kol Rinnah                                                                                  9 am   Torah Talk
                                                   Sunday, February 13                                  10 am   Shabbat Shelanu
  7:30 pm    Overeaters Anonymous
                                                        9 am  First Mt . Olive Freewill Baptist      10:30 am   Shabbat Worship with Bar Mitzvah
  7:30 pm    Alcoholics Anonymous & Al-Anon                   Church
  7:30 pm    Food Addicts in Recovery                                                                 5:30 pm   Good Night Shabbat
                                                     9:15 am PEP
Thursday, February 3                                 9:30 am Religious School
10 & 11 am   Triple Treat Thursdays–Classes            10 am Parents’ Association Board         Sunday, February 27
      1 pm   Triple Treat Thursdays–Program                   Meeting                                 9 am First Mt . Olive Freewill Baptist
Friday, February 4                                     NooN JYGE Youth Lounge Championship                  Church
  6:15 pm    Shabbat Worship                            1 pm Brotherhood Film Festival             9:15 am PEP
  6:30 pm    PJ Shabbat                            Monday, February 14                             9:30 am Religious School
                                                       10 am Second Monday Series                 10:30 am 4th Grade Cooking Program
     7 pm    PJ Oneg Shabbat
  7:30 pm    Oneg Shabbat                              NooN     Yoga                                Monday, February 28
                                                        6 pm    BEIT-RJ at Har Sinai Congregation       NooN    Yoga
Saturday, February 5
                                                     7:30 pm    Adult Trope Class                        6 pm   BEIT-RJ at Har Sinai Congregation
     9 am    Torah Talk
                                                   Tuesday, February 15                                  7 pm   Day School Board
    10 am    Shabbat Shelanu
                                                      4:15 pm   Religious School                      7:30 pm   Adult Trope Class
 10:30 am    Shabbat Worship with Bar Mitzvah
 11:30 am    Adult Hebrew Class                          7 pm   National Alliance on Mental
 11:30 am    Brotherhood/Sisterhood Kiddush
                                                     7:30 pm    Kol Rinnah
                                                     7:30 pm    Overeaters Anonymous
Sunday, February 6                                   7:30 pm    Alcoholics Anonymous & Al-Anon
     9 am    First Mt . Olive Freewill Baptist       7:30 pm    Food Addicts in Recovery
                                                   Thursday, February 17
  9:30 am    Religious School
                                                   10 & 11 am   Triple Treat Thursdays–Classes
  9:45 am    2nd Grade Etz Chaim Names
             Program                                     1 pm   Triple Treat Thursdays–Program
  9:45 am    Lilith Salon                          Friday, February 18 • NFTY Convention
    10 am    Brotherhood Breakfast                   6:15 pm    Shabbat Worship
     1 pm    Brotherhood Film Festival               7:30 pm    Oneg Shabbat
     2 pm    Hoffberger Art Gallery Reception      Saturday, February 19 • NFTY Convention
Monday, February 7                                      9 am    Torah Talk
    NooN     Yoga                                      10 am    Shabbat Shelanu
     6 pm    BEIT-RJ at Har Sinai Congregation      11:30 am    Adult Hebrew Class
  7:30 pm    BHC Board of Electors
  7:30 pm    Adult Trope Class                     Sunday, February 20 • Religious School
Tuesday, February 8                                            Closed • NFTY Convention
  4:15 pm    Religious School                           9 am    First Mt . Olive Freewill Baptist
     7 pm    National Alliance on Mental Illness                Church                                     NFTY Convention
  7:30 pm    Kol Rinnah                            Monday, February 21 • Presidents’ Day
  7:30 pm    Overeaters Anonymous                              • Building Closed • NFTY                NFTY Convention 2011 will convene
  7:30 pm    Alcoholics Anonymous & Al-Anon                    Convention
                                                                                                      February 18-22, in Dallas, Texas at the
  7:30 pm    Food Addicts in Recovery              Tuesday, February 22 • NFTY Convention
                                                                                                     Fairmont Dallas Hotel, bringing together
Thursday, February 10                                    4 pm   Day School Science Fair
                                                                                                      Reform Jewish students in grades 9-12
10 & 11 am   Triple Treat Thursdays–Classes           4:15 pm   Religious School
                                                                                                       from the United States and Canada.
      1 pm   Triple Treat Thursdays–Program              7 pm   Baltimore County Police Council
                                                         7 pm   National Alliance on Mental          NFTY Convention is the North American
      6 pm   Chai Life Happy Hour at 13.5% Wine
             Bar                                                Illness                                 bi-annual convention of the North
                                                     7:30 pm    Overeaters Anonymous                  American Federation of Temple Youth.
Friday, February 11
                                                     7:30 pm    Alcoholics Anonymous & Al-Anon      Laugh and learn, sing and dance, connect
     7 pm    Shabbat Worship
             Quad Temple service honoring            7:30 pm    Food Addicts in Recovery            with friends from across NFTY’s 19 regions
             BEIT-RJ with Junior Congregation                                                          and have fun at this amazing event!
     8 pm    Oneg Shabbat                                                                         
                                                                                                          Postage paid at Baltimore, Maryland

              Officers     Staff
      Philip Abraham       Jo Ann Windman
              President    Executive Director
         Peggy K. Wolf     Brad Cohen
    1st Vice President     Religious School Director
           David Block     Annette Saxon
         Vice President    Director of Development
        Edith Brotman      David K. Weis
         Vice President    Controller
          Barbi Hyman      Andy Wayne
         Vice President    Program Director
         Aron Perlman      Jimmy Galdieri
             Treasurer     Music Director
        Jay M. Kramer      Mark Hucks
   Assistant Treasurer     Facility Operations            The Baltimore Hebrew Congregation Bulletin, (USPS No . 040-840) is published monthly by
   Robert D. Waldman       Coordinator                 Baltimore Hebrew Congregation, 7401 Park Heights Avenue, Baltimore, Maryland 21208-5490,
              Secretary    Linda Losey                 phone 410-764-1587,fax 410-764-7948, e-mail postmaster@bhcong .org . Periodical Postage paid
                                                        at Balt . MD POSTMASTER: Send address changes to Baltimore Hebrew Congregation Bulletin,
    Dr. Edward L. Perl     Bulletin Editor
                                                                        7401 Park Heights Avenue, Baltimore, Maryland 21208-5490
Immediate Past President
                           Carl S. Silverman, Esq.

           Friday, February 4                           Saturday, February 12                                 Saturday, February 26
      6:15 pm • “Rock” Shabbat Worship                    Tetzaveh, Exodus 27:20-30:10                          Vayakhel, Exodus 35:1-38:20
             Rabbi Busch will speak .                           9 am • Torah Talk                                     9 am • Torah Talk
              Kol Rinnah will sing .                        10 am • Shabbat Shelanu                               10 am • Shabbat Shelanu
               6:30 pm • PJ Shabbat                        Honoring and Led by PEP                              10:30 am • Shabbat Worship
                                                                                                                        Bar Mitzvah
         Saturday, February 5                             Friday, February 18                                     Lance Bradley Morris
          Terumah, Exodus 25:1-27:19                      6:15 pm • Shabbat Worship                           son of Jennifer & Shane Morris
                 9 am • Torah Talk                      Rabbi Sachs-Kohen will speak .                         5:30 pm • Good Night Shabbat
             10 am • Shabbat Shelanu                                                                              with Rabbi Sachs-Kohen
          10:30 am • Shabbat Worship                    Saturday, February 19
                                                           Ki Tisa, Exodus 30:11-34:35
                Bar Mitzvah
              Grant Kovelman                                    9 am • Torah Talk
     son of Marcy & Dr . Harry Kovelman                     10 am • Shabbat Shelanu

          Friday, February 11                             Friday, February 25
                                                                                                         For those unable to worship at BHC but
             7 pm • Shabbat Worship                        6:15 pm • Shabbat Worship                          would like to hear the service,
    Quad Temple Service honoring BEIT-RJ                     Rabbi Busch will speak .                            Bema-Home Connection is
             Junior Congregation                                                                                 available in the Sanctuary,
                with Brad Cohen                                                                                  the Hoffberger Chapel and
           Religious School Director
                                                                                                                    The Goodwin Center .
                                                                                                           A limited number of speaker phones
                                                                                                            are available on loan by calling the
                                                                                                               Temple Office, 410-764-1587 .

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