Pre-Retreat Survey (C) by 53yps7


									Pre-Retreat Survey (C)
[This survey is meant to help me design a retreat which most addresses your needs and desires.
Please answer the following with honesty and sincerity. Be assured your answers will be treated
with utmost confidentiality]

Place of Origin:                                                                 Age:
Educational Attainment:
Name of Seminary:
Year in the Seminary:

Please answer the following questions briefly.

1.      What have been 2-3 most significant experiences in your life this
        year? Describe how each experience has affected your desires and
        vision in life as a disciple of God? Any significant religious
        experience you want to share in particular?

2.      When you look back at the past year, what have been most
        energizing and fulfilling to you in your work? In your family life?
        What have been most draining?
3.   What have been 2-3 most important concerns that occupied your
     heart these past three (3) months or so? Any occasion(s) of crisis
     or disillusionment?

4.   What desires or dream fire your heart as you continue living as a
     committed Christian?

5.   What styles of prayer are you familiar with? What styles have
     occasioned your most fruitful prayers?

6.   Have you made the Ignatian Exercises in the past? How long, with
     whom and in what context?

7.   What kind of retreat guide would you prefer?

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