The Third Chakra

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					                                  The Third Chakra

The third chakra is about YOU.

The image you have of yourself.

The person you want to become.

It is primarily concerned with personal strength and willpower. It is connected to our
desire for social recognition as well as the realization of our goals.

If the chakra is balanced we will feel courageous, creative and have great inner strength
and healthy levels of self-esteem.

If the chakra is unbalanced we will often be arrogant, domineering and overly ambitious.
We might also feel angry with our parents or anyone else who appears to get in our way.

A lot of what is wrong in the world today can be attributed to unbalanced third chakras.
The dark side of capitalism (there is a good side too!), the insane hours we work, our
inability to slow down long enough to enjoy BEING where we are.

So many of us feel driven to achieve something, but have never slowed down long
enough to ask why we want to achieve it.

Think about your goals? Are they yours? Or are they something you have taken onboard
from outside - from friends, family or society?

This is an important question to ask, because if we live someone else's dream we are
unlikely to find great happiness.

When the third chakra is unbalanced we generally find it very hard to relax, our mind
tends to run crazy and we struggle to slow down.

If you are constantly stressed and have a ball of tension in your solar plexus, you've got
an issue with your third chakra.

If so, maybe it's time to go for a slow stroll in the park, do some meditation, Reiki or
yoga or anything else that is done primarily for the pleasure of the act in itself, rather than
to get somewhere.

Alternatively, if you never have the drive to do anything, lack motivation and lounge
about on the couch all day, then you've also got issues with your third chakra.

Fortunately, Reiki is incredibly effective here. Simply place one hand over the liver and
the other over the spleen, let the energy flow and you'll find that your drive quickly
Additional Information

The third chakra is connected to digestion and digestion related issues.

This chakra is connected to the element of fire.

Foods connected to the third chakra are starches.

The color associated with the third chakra is yellow.

Sanskrit name: Manipura.

Physical Problems Associated with the Third Chakra

Mental and nervous exhaustion, stomach complaints, digestive problems, liver and
gallbladder complaints.

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