8 Healthy Tips on the Go by fadliansyahx


									                             8 Healthy Tips on the Go

Are you really very busy most of the times? And you travel a lot to various parts of the
world? However, you are a guy who doesn't want to worry about your health at any point
of time during your trips.

Don't worry. We are not the only lonely people in the world. There are many who really
want to get fitter and look younger. But, they don't really get enough time to take care of
themselves. You must have noticed on TV and newspaper advertisements that celebrities
are posing for various campaigns and want to give us a lot of healthy advices. But, I am
afraid; I don't even have much time to listen to them. Following those tips would even be
tougher acts to be honest. I wonder how many of us really have time to follow these,
especially who all are traveling to various parts of the world at most of the times of the

To make the coming days better for you and your family, you need to buckle up and
strive more. Certainly, you have to find some new and healthy habits for you. Do you
also believe it? To be honest being healthy is not at all a tough job. You need to be
committed on what you are doing. You have to love the job that you are doing as well.
These are simple things, right?

But, I don't leave you all at that. I am going to present 8 different and refreshing tips for
you all. These tips would help you to remain healthy.

1. A glass full of water in the morning: We need to supply our cells some oxygen and
water as these cells lose a lot of oxygen at night. These cells have to be rejuvenated.
Hence, a glass full of water in the early morning (Empty stomach) would be just apt for
you. Continue this till the day you live in this world. And see the difference.

2. Buy some fresh fruits and carry them: Buy fresh fruits in the morning and put them in
your bag. Carry these fruits along with you. Whenever, you are on the go, make sure you
eat fruits once in a while. Fruits are really good for their nutrients, vitamins and sugars.

3. Avoid junk foods: It's evident that, at times, junk foods are unavoidable. But, make
sure you don't eat junk foods a lot. Instead of ordering burgers and French fries, it's
advisable to order green salad or any other healthy fits. Find your own ways to stay fit.

4. Yoga Therapy on the go: I know you don't have time to sit comfortably and practice
exercise. But, whenever you are on the go and sitting in your car. Inhale and exhale
which are simple and easy to practice. But, do it slowly and it's better to take an expert's
advise before practicing it. Make it a habit and see how it actually makes a difference in
your life.

5. Drink herbal teas: It's important to avoid hot coffee or normal tea. Go for a cup full of
herbal tea instead.
6. Say no to stored fruits: Don't buy packed foods or fruits. Refresh yourself eating juice
of fresh fruits. It would get rid of your tiredness.

7. Handful of nuts: To increase afternoon energy and productivity make sure you eat a lot
of nuts at 3 PM. You can select nuts and raisins which you love to eat.

8. Natural Skin Care: If you are going to a place which is really very hot, then don't
forget to take care of your skin. Skin should be treated naturally. Avoid any lotion or
cream. It may create problem for your skin in long run.

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