Sample Solicitation Letter to Retired Employees by 53yps7


									Sample Solicitation Letter to Retired Employees


Dear <Retiree>,

As one of (COMPANY NAME’S) retirees, your past achievements and continued loyalty
remain an important part of our organization. You’re already well aware of our
commitment to advancing the common good in our community and our dedication to the
LIVE UNITED Movement. I’m asking you again to support this year’s (COMPANY
NAME) United Way campaign, which will take place from (DATE TO DATE).

United Way works hard to create long lasting changes by focusing on quality education
that leads to a stable job, enough income to support a family through retirement, and
creating the support seniors need for healthy aging. By working together, United Way
and (COMPANY NAME) can help achieve results no one group can on its own. That’s
what it means to LIVE UNITED.

United Way knows everyone has a role to play in advancing the common good by
creating opportunities for a better life for all. I’m inviting you to be a part of the change
right here in southeastern Pennsylvania. Please consider reading the enclosed brochure
and making a commitment to LIVE UNITED by filling out the enclosed pledge form and
returning it to (NAME) by (DATE).

Thank you for your support of United Way’s mission to improve lives by uniting the
caring power of our community. Together, united, we can inspire hope and create
opportunities for a better tomorrow.



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