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									Safeguards against Botnets, Back doors and Spoofing      Firewall(con’t)

    Users can implement firewall solutions, install           Large organizations often use proxy server to route their
     intrusion detection software and set up honey              communications.
                                                               Proxy server-> The server outside the organization ‘s
    Firewall:                                                  network that controls which communications passes
                                                                into the organization’s network.
    Is a hardware / software that protects a
     network’s resources from intrusion by users               It carefully screens all incoming and outgoing messages.
     on another network.
                                                               Some check the domain name or IP address of the
    Organizations use firewalls to protect network             messages for authentication.
     resources from outsiders and to restrict
     employees access to sensitive data .

  Firewall(con’t)                                          Intrusion Detection Software

       More often home and office may also use                 To provide extra protection against hackers and
        personal firewalls to protect their computers.           intruders large organizations may use Intrusion
                                                                 detection softwares.
       Personal firewalls constantly monitors all
        transmissions to and from the computer and              It automatically analyzes all network traffic , identify
        may inform the user about any intrusion.                 any unauthorized intrusions and notifies network
                                                                 administrators of suspicious behavior.

                                                                It requires expert network administrators because the
                                                                 programs are complex and difficult to interpret.

            Honey pots                                                      Generally it consists of a computer, data, or a
                                                                             network site that appears to be part of
                  Honey pots are a highly flexible security tool            a network, but is actually isolated and
                   with different applications for security.                 monitored, and which seems to contain
                  They don't fix a single problem.                          information or a resource of value to
                  Instead they have multiple uses, such as
                   prevention, detection, or information

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