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									ICY DOCK Company Profile
Company History:
   p y        y
1994 – Company started with US$200,000 capital.
1997 – Zhang-Sang production line in Shenzhen, China was set up.
1998 – Started branch office in USA.
1999 – Became a million dollar company.
1999 – Started branch office in Germany.
2000 – Started branch office in Japan.
2001 – Sales revenue doubled and became two million dollar company.
2001 – Started branch office in mainland China.
2002 – Became one of the leading suppliers in consumer electronic product.
2004 – Started ICY-DOCK brand.
2005 – ICY DOCK becomes a well recognized name brand.                           Your First Choice for
2006 – Received award from variety publication.                              Removable Internal & External
2007 – Launch series of Screw-less product with a new user friendly
       interface and advanced features.                                         Hard Drive Enclosure
       Launch i t
2008 – L               l i l bay        lti bay Screw-less products.
              h internal single b & multi b S         l       d t
2009 – Launch 2.5” to 3.5” hard drive converter products.
2012 – Launch variety 2.5” mobile racks and backplane modules

Enclosure Comparison Points

 •   Interface S
     I t f           d Selection
                 Speed / S l ti
 •           yp
     Drive Types / Baysy
 •   Installation / Reinstallation
 •   T
 •     o se e e s
     Noise Levels
 •   Service and Support
 •   Special Features (RAID, JBOD)
 •   Performance / $
  Removable     Flexible   Reliable   Green

Unique Design   Elegant    Complete   Service

Removable & S
R     bl    Screw-less:
 Both ICY DOCK Internal and External enclosures have the
 REMOVABLE function in drive tray or screw-less non tray design.

 Key Features of REMOVABLE Design:
 •Supports Hot-Swap function.
 •Direct bear drive swaps require no tool or installation for our Screw-less series.
 •Cost saving by using same enclosure for new hard drive(s) upgrades.
             g y      g                                      ( ) pg
 •Removable design features “Grab and go” as well as “plug and play”.
 •Saves valuable desk / work space.
 •Make your own choice of hard drive brand and size.
 •Allows for easy maintenance.

Fl ibl :
 As long as you’re equipped with an ICY DOCK in your systems, you
 enable storage drive mobilization to be worked on between systems,
 especially when needing to work between locations such as home, work,
 or school. And drive maintenance will be a breeze too!

   C     SATA Internal Solution                                              MB664 Series
                                                                                               USB2.0 / eSATA / FireWire

                        USB2.0 / eSATA / FireWire

                                                                                                                                PC/ MAC Laptop
                                        MB561 Series
                                                                                MB559 Series
               RAID Solution                               Interchangeable
                                                                                                    USB2.0 / eSATA / FireWire

                            USB2.0 / eSATA / FireWire
   PC                                                                                                                                      p p
                                                                                                                                 PC/ MAC Laptop

 All ICY DOCK enclosures use Aluminum to provide better heat dissipation.
 O enclosures reduce unit weight and saves shipping costs. ICY DOCK
 Our     l          d       it  i ht d           hi i         t
 takes great pride in being one of the innovators in hard drive enclosure
 manufacturing. With more than 10 years of design and manufacturing
 experience, ICY DOCK has revolutionized the art of hard drive mobility
 with innovative concepts and simplicity.

Unique Design:
We design and manufacture ICY DOCK products
1. Distinctive ID design.
2. Top of the line quality (we make our own product, and we make our
   choice on material).
3 Unique functionality such as removable/screw-less features
3.                                                       features.
4. Ability to make revisions to our designs to fit the needs of system

 When creating a unique hard drive
 enclosure designers have spent
 countless hours on design and structure,
 it does not compromise functionality
 because of our small sizes but strikes a
 balance between space and functions
 under the premise of simplicity.

When designing new p
             g g                 ,                      p
                         products, we care about the complete user
experience from when they see the item in its packaging all the way
until the item is fully operational.

ICY DOCK products are constructed mostly of aluminum,
meaning that most of our products can be recycled at the
end of their life. We also sport a full line up of 2.5” drive
solutions to utilize smaller drives, meaning lower power
consumption and f  d fewer materials used. All ICY DOCK
                              t i l       d
products are also RoHS compliant.


           Global Service
           Not like many other companies, ICY DOCK handles all customer service and technical support at our
            ffi located i sunny S th
           office l   t d in               California. We l handle     t technical
                                 Southern C lif i W also h dl most t h i l support and customer
                                                                                        t d      t
           service issues from Canada, Mexico, South America, and Europe.

           Various Customer Service Options
           We provides various customer service options such as phone support, e-mail support and live chat
           support, and we reply to all tech support e-mails by the end of our business day.

           Online RMA Submission
           We provide online RMA submission for your convenience, allowing us to issue an RMA number by the
           end of our business day. This helps to cut down turn around time, especially when the product is
           essential to daily operations. (Some companies refuse to provide repair/replacement services since
           they are not in USA)

           ICY DOCK Blogger, Twitter, Youtube and Facebook
           We are the first storage enclosure manufacturer to connect to these social sites. We like to have direct
           contact with our users, that way we are able to collect real world feedback and suggestions on new
                       make                                             ones
           products to make, as well as improvements to our existing ones.

 ICY DOCK 3 5” SATA Internal Solution:
 3.5” Single-Bay Removable Enclosure

  MB671SK T
               l                             Tray-less
                                   MB672SKGF T    l                    MB877SK T    l
                                                                               Tray-less                     MB876SK

  MB123SK                         MB123SK-1(Compact)                    MB122SKGF                    MB122SKGF-1(Compact)

 3.5” Multi-Bay Removable Enclosure

MB973SP-B Tray-less              MB453SPF-B                       MB454SPF-B                         MB455SPF-B
(3 in 2 Fits in Two 5.25” Bay)   (3 in 2 Fits in Two 5.25” Bay)   (4 in 3 Fits in Three 5.25” Bay)   (5 in 3 Fits in Three 5.25” Bay)

ICY DOCK 3 5” SATA External Solution:
3.5” Single-Bay Removable Enclosure
MB559US-1S              MB559UEA-1S               MB559UEB-1S                    MB881US HDD Dock
(eSATA + USB 2.0)       (FireWire400 + USB 2.0)   (FireWire800 + USB 2.0)        (eSATA + USB2.0)

MB664US-1S Screw-less   MB664UEA-1S Screw-less        MB664UEB-1S Screw-less
(eSATA + USB2.0)        (FireWire400 + USB2.0)        (FireWire800 + USB2.0)

3.5” Multi-Bay Removable Enclosure
MB561US-4S-1                MB662US-2S Screw-less RAID          MB662USEB-2S Screw-less RAID
(eSATAx1+ USB2.0)           (eSATA + USB 2.0)                   (eSATA + FireWire 400/800 + USB 2.0)

 ICY DOCK 2 5” Solution:
 2.5” SATA Internal Removable Enclosure                 2.5” Internal SAS/ SATA Removable Enclosure

 MB663USR-1S Screw-less
 MB663USR 1S S     l                                MB991IK B Si l B
                                                    MB991IK-B Single Bay            MB994SP-4S Multi Bay in
                                                                                    MB994SP 4S M lti B 4 i 1
 (Fits Single 3.5” Device Bay)                      (Fits Single 3.5” Device Bay)   (Fits Single 5.25” Device Bay)

 2.5” SATA External Removable Enclosure
 *OTB – One touch back up function

MB663UB 1S 1 Screw less MB668U 1SB Screw less MB668U3 1SB Screw less MB668US 1SB Screw less
MB663UB-1S-1 Screw-less MB668U-1SB Screw-less MB668U3-1SB Screw-less MB668US-1SB Screw-less
(USB 2.0 + Built-in Cable)       (USB 2.0 + OTB*)              (USB 3.0)                   (eSATA + USB 2.0 + OTB*)

         2.5”    3.5”
ICY DOCK 2 5” to 3 5” Solution:
2.5” to 3.5” SATA SSD HDD Converter (9.5mm Drive)

 MB882SP 1S 1B Screw less
 MB882SP-1S-1B Screw-less           MB882SP-1S-2B Screw-less         MB982SPR-2S Screw-less
                                                                     Full metal Dual Bay RAID

2.5” to 3.5” SATA /SAS SSD HDD Converter         2.5” to 3.5” SSD HDD Bracket (9.5mm Drive)
 MB982IP-1S Screw-less
 MB982IP 1S Screw less                            MB990SP-B Screw-less
                                                  MB990SP B Screw less
 Full metal fits up to 15mm drive                 Dual Bay Takes 2.5” IDE / SATA HDD

                  I t    l S l ti
ICY DOCK SAS/SATA Internal Solution:

2.5” SAS/SATA Single-Bay Removable Enclosure   3.5” SAS/SATA Single-Bay Removable Enclosure

         MB991IK-B                             MB671IK -B Screw-less         MB877IK-B Screw-less
         (Fits Single 3.5” Device Bay)

2.5” SAS/SATA Multi-Bay Removable Enclosure    3.5” SAS/SATA Multi-Bay Removable Enclosure

         MB994SP-4S 4 in 1                                   MB453IPF-B 3 in 2
         (Fits Single 5.25” Device Bay)                      (Fits in Two 5.25” Bay)

ICY DOCK Upcoming Products:
MB971SP-B Internal Docking Device                            MB981U3-1SA USB 3.0 External Docking Device
5.25” Hot Swap Drive Caddy for 2.5” & 3.5” SATA HDD or SSD   2.5” / 3.5” SATA & IDE Hard Drive Docking Station

MB974SP-B Built-in eSATA & USB 2.0 Port                           (IDE)
Tray-less 4 in 3 SATA Backplane Module with Smart Cooling

                                                             MB881U3-1SA USB 3.0 External Docking Device
                                                             2.5” / 3.5” SATA & IDE Hard Drive Docking Station

MB882HT-B (Double the SSD capacity)
SSD Xpander Adapter

     •   MB982IP-1S - "Icy Dock is well known for their tooless installs, but the MB982IP-1S takes
         easy install to a whole other level with such a simple design.Icy Dock is well known for their
         tooless installs but the MB982IP 1S takes easy install to a whole other level with such a
                 installs,        MB982IP-1S
         simple design.“- hitechlegion.com

     •   MB973SP B With
         MB973SP-B - "With a growing number of internal enclosures being released this offering
         from Icy Dock still manages to stand out from the crowd. Icy Dock's ability to install three
         hard drives inside two 5.25" bays in the MB973SP-B is a clever way to utilize space that
         frequently goes unused.“- tweaknews.net

     •   MB991IK-B - "The Icy Dock MB991lK-B comes with full support for SATA 6G and works
         very well with solid state drives without the loss of performance. Overall the Icy Dock
         MB991IK-B was very good in just about every area“- thinkcomputers.org

     •   MB990SP-B - "The ICY DOCK MB990SP-B dual SSD / HDD 2.5 to 3.5 adepter is a nice
         product that work as advertised and brings convenience o an area that has been ignored by
         most PC case manufacturers.“- tweaktown.com

     •   MB664US-1S – "With the MB664US-1S, your data will stay safe, speedy,
         and easily swappable.“– maximumpc.com
Customer Testimonials
•   “… The compact design and internal power supply with the ability to swap out drives has
    made my life and business much easier to manage with a single USB rather than multiple
    USB’ and power supplies. I hi hl recommend thi product li regardless of which
    USB’s d               li   highly          d this    d t line        dl    f hi h
    model you chose” - Rick Hodgkins

•   “... The Icy Dock enclosure makes backing up my photos a snap. Insert the drive, backup
                                                                   snap           drive
    up the data, pull the drive and put it into storage. Icy Dock makes dealing with multiple
    drives a pleasant experience. With Icy Dock hot swap enclosures, no longer does one
    have to power down a system to add or remove a drive. And best of all Icy Dock means
    no more lost data.” - Ashok Padmanabhan DVM Florida

•   “…Icy Dock has simplified my life tremendously by making computer file backup a
    breeze! - Dan J. Cheever

•   “…Icy Dock: Dependable, Long Lasting, Durable, Solid Performance every time! - Greg

•   “…the ICY DOCK team had already helped me troubleshoot the problem and offered a
    solution. This is what makes ICY DOCK worth a purchase: An excellent product with
    excellent support is hard to beat. They've made me a loyal user! - Jeff Holter / Holter
                pp                        y                y
ICY DOCK Insider Program
Icy Dock is very proud to introduce an exclusive program for its direct customers. We call this our Icy Dock
Insider Program, and we have designed it around our loyal customers and the products or systems that
they are trying to sell

We want to show off all of the cutting edge products that our customers are building, and expand upon the
many different ways that Icy Dock enclosures are used in various industries. In doing so, we are able to
give our customers tons of extra exposure and web traffic, which in turn helps to g
g                                    p                     ,                p          your business.
                                                                                  grow y
Your success is our business!

       >>>Click HERE to learn more about ICY DOCK Insider Program<<<
Need More Info?
We keep ICY DOCK.com
              DOCK com
updated. Our consumers
are guaranteed the latest
product announcements,
product manual, and event
news. We also provide
product FAQ, General
knowledge and Online
RMA. Consumers can also
join our ICY DOCK Blog
that allows consumer to
share user experiences,
view reviewer critiques and
give comments. We will
continuously improve our
products according to the
consumers’ needs.
Contact us:

We're dedicated to our customers needs. We
want to hear from you! If you have any
questions or comments, feel free to contact
us via e-mail, mail, fax, or telephone.

     Tel: (02)2999-3251                                y
                                       Web site: www.icydock.com.tw
     Fax: (02)2999-3478                e-mail: Roy@cremax.com.tw
     2F., No.18, Ln. 609, Sec. 5, Chongxin Rd.,
        y           y
     Sanchong Dist., New Taipei City


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