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the 7 secrets


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									The 7 Secrets “They” Don't Want You To Know About Weight Loss          1

                    The 7 Secrets “They” Don't
                    Want YOU to Know About
                           Weight Loss

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The 7 Secrets “They” Don't Want You To Know About Weight Loss                           2

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                   intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice,
               diagnosis, or treatment. Always seek the advice of your physician or
                 other qualified health care provider with any questions you may
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                 medical advice or delay in seeking it because of something you
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The 7 Secrets “They” Don't Want You To Know About Weight Loss                              3


              If you have ever tried to lose before without success, then this could
              be the most important report of your life. You see, for a long time
              you’ve been lied to. You have been fed big fat porkies that slim down
              your wallet, not your waistline. Those in the “know” have been
              deliberately spinning a gigantic web of hype and hoopla for their gain,
              not yours.
              Well it’s time to lift the lid on the lies and deceit. In this report I’ll
              uncover the 7 secrets that have been kept from you about lasting and
              permanent weight loss. These secrets will force you to re-think
              everything you thought you knew about losing weight. By the end of
              the report you’ll be wiser and better equip to shift that fat once and for
              A word of caution though. Only read this report if you are genuinely
              serious about losing weight. In it I’ll show you the reasons why you’ve
              failed to lose weight in the past and what can be done about it.
              You’ll find that much of what you thought was true about losing
              weight, is totally, utterly and completely wrong.
              Don’t despair. It’s better that you find out the truth now.
              Happy reading....

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The 7 Secrets “They” Don't Want You To Know About Weight Loss                           4

                         Secret No 1
                You will never lose weight, if
                 you do not believe you can
                         lose weight!
              Let me guess, you’ve bought the latest weight loss program excited
              because “this” time you’re actually going follow through with it. You
              spend hours studying it, you plan when you’re going to start, hey
              you’ve even gone out and bought a new pair of running shoes. You
              follow the system for a couple of weeks and even notice you’ve
              dropped a few pounds. Then something happens. Over the next
              couple of weeks you find yourself becoming slightly bored of the
              system and a few weeks after that you’ve given up entirely.
              Now I’m not against weight loss systems, there really are some
              extremely high quality ones out there. Systems that have been
              carefully crafted by teams of highly experienced fitness and weight
              loss experts. If you follow the plans you will lose weight and you will
              have an extremely toned and fit body. The problem is that you don’t.
              You don’t follow through with the systems because mentally you’re
              not ready. Your “inner game” is all over the place. You don’t truly see
              yourself as someone who has a fit, slim and toned body. Because of
              that you fail...
              Realise this, human beings operate very much like elastic bands. You
              can stretch yourself to a certain level but at some point you will
              always snap back to your original position. If deep down you don't
              believe you can be slim, no matter how hard you try, you will always
              “snap” back to being an overweight person.

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The 7 Secrets “They” Don't Want You To Know About Weight Loss                            5

              Why do you think so many people are yo-yo dieters?
              I’m sure you’ve noticed this. People who lose weight and then put it
              back on again and then lose it again and then put it back on again. In
              fact I personally know some people who have spent their entire adult
              life bouncing from one different weight to the another. And do you
              know what? They always end up at their original weight.
              Why is that? It’s because at a profound level yo-yo dieters, whether
              they are aware of it or not, believe that they are that certain
              weight/look. No matter what they do they will always snap back to
              original position. Period.
              It’s important to point out that this applies to absolutely every human
              being on the planet. Think about it for a second. Why do some people
              get rich and others stay broke for the rest of their lives? Why are
              some people career criminals who spend their entire lives in and out
              of jail? Answer it is all down to the beliefs they have about themselves
              and their own self image.
              Don’t believe me. Then consider this quote for a second.
              "If you believe you can, you probably can. If you believe you won't,
              you most assuredly won't”. Denis Waitley
              The fact is that belief or non belief in a certain thing is THE
              determining as to whether you are able to accomplish that thing or
              not. This is regardless of the size of the challenge or your personal
              Now let me ask you a question:
              Do you honestly believe that losing weight is fun and easy?
              Do you honestly see yourself as someone who is fit and slim?
              If you can’t answer yes to these questions immediately then I’m afraid
              you will never ever lose weight permanently. Sure you might be able
              to push yourself to start a weight loss program but sooner or later you
              will snap-back to your original weight. This is law.

                               Copyright©2009 www.HowToThinkSlim.com
The 7 Secrets “They” Don't Want You To Know About Weight Loss                                6

              It is, therefore absolutely critical to examine the current beliefs you
              have about yourself and if you have self limiting beliefs, you must
              change them. If you do not do this you are going to find it extremely
              hard if not impossible to lose weight permanently. You must find those
              self limiting beliefs and erase them.
              Let me tell you breaking down limiting beliefs is difficult. After all think
              how long it took for those beliefs to form. However it can be done. In
              fact it has to be done if you are serious about shedding those
              Now you are not going to hear this from many people who are selling
              weigh loss products. But honestly if you want to get a body that is
              slim, lean and toned, I’m taking about the kind of body that literally
              stops people dead in their tracks; you must start by believing you can
              have it.
              When you program your mind the think slim, you'll start to notice that
              the weight drops off all by itself.
              By the way if you are interested in changing the mental picture you
              have of yourself and really creating a set of beliefs that guarantees
              your weight loss success, I urge you to check out our program

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The 7 Secrets “They” Don't Want You To Know About Weight Loss                            7

                                   Secret No 2
                                Diets Don't Work!
              Diets don’t work. But wait, I hear you say, if I want to lose weight I
              have to go on a diet, right? Wrong, dead wrong. I’m telling you if you
              want to lose weight you do not need to diet. Now I realise that this
              may come as a surprise to you and is probably not what the majority
              of the so called “diet gurus” want you to hear. However the reality is
              that 99% of people, who go on diets, either give up or eventually put
              the weight that they have lost back on. You can try as many of the
              latest fad diets that you want but honestly they are not the secret to
              long term weight loss success.
              Diets fail for the following reasons:
                    A diet is a way of living – not something you do when you want
                     to lose a few pounds. Why? Because once you’ve lost the
                     weight, you go straight back to eating what you’ve always
                     wanted to eat.
                    Most diets are unrealistic - Us humans tend to lead fairly
                     complicated lives. We work long hours and spend an
                     increasing portion of our lives highly stressed and agitated.
                     Our family lives are demanding and we rarely have time to sit
                     back and relax. Our stressful daily lives make it extremely
                     difficult to adhere to rigorous diet plans that tells when and
                     what we can eat. Sure you may follow it for a couple of weeks,
                     maybe even a month. Eventually though, you’ll give up. Dieting
                     is just another stress. A stress you could well do without.
                     Furthermore by giving up on the diet you feel like you’ve failed.
                     You blame yourself for not finishing and start to think “there’s
                     something wrong with me” or “I’m a failure.”

                               Copyright©2009 www.HowToThinkSlim.com
The 7 Secrets “They” Don't Want You To Know About Weight Loss                               8

                      Repeat this process for long enough and eventually you give
                      up trying to lose weight forever, concluding that “diets don’t
                      work” and that “it’s impossible to lose weight”. Well I am here
                      to tell you that you that it is the whole system of dieting that is
                      a failure not you. You are not to blame and you absolutely can
                      lose weight. You just have to stop blaming yourself and stop
                      jumping from one diet to the other. Give up on the idea of
                      dieting for good.
                    Diets actually slow your metabolism down- That’s right, reduce
                     the amount of calories that you consume and watch your
                     metabolism slow down as well. Remember, once you actually
                     give up on the diet (which you will do eventually) and revert
                     back to your old eating habits, because your metabolism has
                     slowed down, the weight will pile back on at rapid speed.
                     Something you seriously want to avoid.
                    Yo-Yo Dieting is extremely bad for you – Numerous studies
                     have confirmed that is seriously bad for your health to
                     constantly lose weight and then put it back on again.
                    Diets don’t work in the long term – If ever there was a reason
                     to avoid dieting, consider the fact that extensive research has
                     confirmed that in the long term diets simply don’t work. Most
                     people lose between 5%- 10% of their body weight but
                     eventually put it back on again. In fact repeatedly losing weight
                     and then putting it back on again, has been linked to an
                     increase in cardiovascular disease, stroke, diabetes and
                     weakened immune system function. Once of the main reason
                     cited as the reason that diets don’t work in the long term, is
                     that when people are on diets they spend a large portion
                     denying them foods that they want to eat. So when they come
                     off the diets they tend to gorge on all the foods they have
                     denied themselves.

                               Copyright©2009 www.HowToThinkSlim.com
The 7 Secrets “They” Don't Want You To Know About Weight Loss                          9

              The Solution
              So we have established a common myth in the weight loss industry
              that you need to diet to lose weight. Am I saying that you should pay
              no attention to what you eat? Absolutely not! You must pay attention
              to what you eat, however it’s about making simple healthier choices.
              Learn what foods are low in calories but highly nutritious (Tip: This
              isn’t difficult) and start to slowly introduce more and more of these
              foods into your diet. Sooner or later healthy eating, not dieting will
              become a part of your life and the weight will start to fall off. Also
              remember that there are some diet systems that do have some really
              healthy and delicious meals in them. Simple find out what dishes you
              like and incorporate them into your normal way of eating.
              So don’t stress yourself out. Slowly and steadily start to make
              healthier choices about the types of food that you eat. You’ll be more
              relaxed and when you’re relaxed the weight will fall off.

                               Copyright©2009 www.HowToThinkSlim.com
The 7 Secrets “They” Don't Want You To Know About Weight Loss                          10

                          Secret No 3
                  Certain Foods DON'T Make
                   You Burn More Calories!
              There is conflicting information about whether or not certain foods
              can increase your metabolic rate, making you burn more calories. I'm
              sure may have read articles in health magazines and newspapers
              about the latest super foods that fire up your furnace and melt the
              calories away. After all its very hard to ignore with sheer volume of
              advertising messages we are bombarded with on a daily basis.
              What is certain is that some foods have some clear health benefits.
              You know this already, a typical Mediterranean diet rich in fruit, veg
              and oily fish is going to benefit you. This has been confirmed in
              numerous scientific studies.
              However, there are no foods that increase your metabolic rate
              dramatically, or help you burn calories. Even if certain foods do
              increase your metabolism the amount is too insignificant to make it a
              magic bullet. You may have noticed that green tea extract is
              commonly sold as a fat burning weight loss supplement. While the
              marketers may claim otherwise, the reality is that science has shown
              us that green tea is nearly totally ineffective for fat loss.
              Conversely one of the most effective methods for burning fat is
              weight lifting.
              Why? Because by building muscle you increase the number of
              calories your body burns when at rest. I also recommends that you
              eat foods with a high water and fiber content because they stay in
              your system longer, a plus for taking off the pounds.

                               Copyright©2009 www.HowToThinkSlim.com
The 7 Secrets “They” Don't Want You To Know About Weight Loss                              11

                                        .   Secret No 4
                 You DON'T Need To Cut Out
                   Carbs To Lose Weight
              Whether you should cut out carbs altogether or reduce them
              substantially has caused serious debate in the weight loss industry.
              Many people claim that you need to cut out carbohydrates entirely in
              order to lose weight rapidly. I am sure you are all aware of one
              extremely popular diet system that advocates a substantial reduction
              in carbs. Well you won’t be surprised to know that peddlers of this
              system have made millions of dollars out of unsuspecting weight
              The truth is, not only should you not cut out carbs completely; it’s
              actually dangerous to do so. First of let us analyze why you don’t
              need to cut out carbs. Contrary to what the so called “diet gurus” tell
              you, carbohydrates are not fattening. Just stop for a while and think
              about what I just said. Now I realise that this information is contrary to
              what you are being told by many “experts” but it’s the absolutely truth.
              It is one big lie to say that carbohydrates are fattening.
              What will cause you put on weight is if you consume more calories
              than you burn. It’s that simple. A calorie is just a calorie, nothing
              more. It doesn’t matter whether you get your calories from protein,
              carbohydrates or fat. What matters is that you are active enough to
              burn more calories than you consume.
              There are many reasons why carbohydrates have been singled out
              as the food that contributes to weight gain. First of all it is what we
              add to many of our carb based foods that lead people to believe that
              carbs cause weight gain.

                               Copyright©2009 www.HowToThinkSlim.com
The 7 Secrets “They” Don't Want You To Know About Weight Loss                             12

              Think about the large dollops of margarine or butter you put on your
              piece of toast. Or what about the rich cheese or tomato sauce that
              you add to your bowl of pasta. It’s these additions that are sneakily
              causing you to pile on the pounds, not the carbs themselves. So if
              you want to lose weight, cut down these fats not the carbs.
              Secondly you need to understand a little diet history to see why carbs
              have become so controversial. During the 60’s and 70’s scientists
              discovered a clear link between animal fat (i.e fatty meat, butter,
              cheese) and coronary heart disease. As result low fat diets became
              extremely popular. In attempt to cater for this (and profit) the food
              industry started to produce a huge range of low-fibre white flower
              products (muffins, doughnuts, bagels and cookies), lots of carb snack
              food (popcorn, nachos etc) and a lot of different high carb toppings.
              Note that most of these foods are “refined carbs”, that is carbs with
              most of the natural fibre removed. This low fat approach led to a
              significant increase in the consumption of refined carbohydrates. Fast
              forward to the 80’s and 90’s and the developed world is in the midst
              of an obesity epidemic. Dieticians suddenly started to question
              whether the high-carb low-fat diet was contributing to this weight
              gain. Some clinical studies linked a high consumption of refined carbs
              with metabolic problems (eg Type 2 diabetes), digestive disorders
              (IBS) and heart disease. To further exacerbate the problem, popular
              diet systems were released claiming all carbohydrates led to weight
              gain. It didn’t take long before the general public started to believe
              that in order to lose weight you needed to cut out carbs.
              Why You Need To Eat Good Carbohydrates
              Now that we have established why carbs got their bad name, it is
              important to point out that you need to eat good carbohydrates. In
              fact consuming good carbohydrates is essentially for long term weight
              control and healthy nutrition. While it is true that over consumption off
              refined carbs have been linked to an increase in disorders such as
              type 2 diabetes, not all carbs are bad.

                               Copyright©2009 www.HowToThinkSlim.com
The 7 Secrets “They” Don't Want You To Know About Weight Loss                           13

              You must eat good carbohydrates as part of a balanced diet,
              otherwise you risk missing out on nourishing your body with essential
              nutrients. Furthermore, carbohydrates give us energy to keep us
              going, without carbs you’ll feel sluggish and tired.
              So how do find out what carbohydrates you should eat? Detailed
              below are sources of good carbohydrates.
                   1. Fruit and Vegetables – Fruit and veg are generally low in
                      calories and are packed with nutrients like vitamins and
                      minerals. They are a healthy addition to any diet especially if
                      you are trying to lose weight.
                   2. Whole Grains – For example wholegrain rice, wholemeal
                      breads, porridge oats, wholewheat pasta, beans, lentils,
                      breakfast cereals (although be careful of which ones you
                   3. Potatoes – These are fat free healthy foods that provide useful
                      amounts of vitamin C, Potassium and fibre. Try and choose
                      Sweet Potatoes as these are the most nutritious.
              So now you know the truth about carbohydrates, you can consume
              the good ones with piece of mind.

                               Copyright©2009 www.HowToThinkSlim.com
The 7 Secrets “They” Don't Want You To Know About Weight Loss                             14

                         Secret No 5
                 You DON'T Need To Give Up
                   Your Favourite Foods or
                     Takeaways Forever.
              One of the main fears people have when they are trying to lose
              weight, is that they are going to have to give up their favourite foods
              and meals. Many of the “gurus” advocate total abstinence from fast
              food, takeaways, sugary snacks and sweets. Of course too much of
              these types of foods will cause you to put on weight. However it is
              naive and unrealistic to tell anybody, that they can never ever again
              enjoy a delicious pizza with all the trimmings or a fat juicy burger.
              After all, there’s a reason we like pizza, because it tastes fantastic!
              Why would anybody want to deny themselves one of life’s great
              pleasures? Answer they wouldn’t and you don’t have to either.
              Think about it, if you start a new weight loss programme and from the
              beginning you’re told that you have to completely and utterly give up
              the foods that you love, what's going to happen? You are going to fail.
              As mentioned in secret number 2, diets don’t work because from the
              very outset they are forcing you to do something that really you don’t
              want to do. How much fun is it being told that never again can you
              enjoy the glorious taste of a chocolate chip cookie or deep fried
              chicken wing? Not fun at all. Being told to give up certain types of
              foods is just not sensible. Its starts you off on the wrong footing right
              from the beginning and sets you up for failure. It forces you to battle
              with yourself making your weight loss journey painful and frustrating.
              After a while you give up. And who can blame you?
              Today is the day that you can officially relax safe in the knowledge
              that even if you are trying to lose weight you still enjoy your favourite

                               Copyright©2009 www.HowToThinkSlim.com
The 7 Secrets “They” Don't Want You To Know About Weight Loss                            15

              Important Proviso*****
              While I am not suggesting that you give up these foods entirely, if you
              are serious about losing weight, then try to limit the amount of
              unhealthy foods you eat. A good rule of thumb, is to have at least one
              day per week where you can eat whatever takes your fancy. If you
              fancy a chicken kebab, no problem. Relish the taste and eat it
              completely guilt free. On the other six days try to stick to healthier
              options and even then if you slip up don’t beat yourself up. Honestly if
              you are exercising regularly and eating healthy (as a serious weight
              loser I am assuming you are) for at least 6 days of the week, then the
              weight will just drop off you naturally.

                               Copyright©2009 www.HowToThinkSlim.com
The 7 Secrets “They” Don't Want You To Know About Weight Loss                             16

                       Secret No 6
                 Your waistline will NOT
               magically vanish by doing ab
              An enormous number of people still believe that by doing abdominal
              exercises their waistlines will dramatically shrink. This is completely
              erroneous. It’s a fact that is physically impossible to “spot reduce”
              certain areas of fat on your body. Unless you know a good plastic
              surgeon (and have thousands of $$$ in the bank!) you will not be
              able to target fat around your waistline by abdominal exercises alone.
              Of course it’s easy to see why people would believe this. After all
              there are companies who spend millions of dollars every year
              advertising and promoting the latest ab machines that “guarantee” a
              washboard stomach in as little as 5 minutes per day. This is nothing
              more than marketing hype. No machine on its own is going to
              miraculously melt the fat away from your waistline. I’ll say it again, it
              is not possible to “spot reduce” specific areas of fat on your body. Of
              course these machines can make the muscles on your stomach a lot
              stronger, but if that stomach is covered in pounds of blubber then you
              simply won’t see it!
              Unfortunately the only real way of getting rid of stubborn fat from your
              waist line, is doing regular cardio workouts combined with a sensible
              eating plan. So you can abercise, ab tone, abdomalize, ab-sculpt and
              ad-burn until your hearts content but as for losing inches off in the
              process you’d be far better jumping on the treadmill or going for a
              long bike ride. In fact I’d go as far as to say that that ab exercises
              such as crunches and sit ups are the least effective methods for
              reducing your waistline.

                               Copyright©2009 www.HowToThinkSlim.com
The 7 Secrets “They” Don't Want You To Know About Weight Loss                           17

              Unfortunately it is boring old cardio and healthy food choices that are
              the key to long term weight loss success. Do that, combined with the
              ab exercises and you’ll see your waistline shrink forever. I can’t
              overemphasise how important it is that you take action and actually
              do something. It’s fine reading this and even understanding, it but if
              you don’t take action. Nothing is going to change!

                               Copyright©2009 www.HowToThinkSlim.com
The 7 Secrets “They” Don't Want You To Know About Weight Loss                             18

                         Secret No 7
                  Your DON'T Need to Starve
                   Yourself to Lose Weight.
              Many popular diet programs suggest dramatically reducing the
              amount of calories a person eats. In fact many border on out and out
              starvation, suggesting you only consume 1000 calories and even
              worse only 800 calories per day. Get ready for a serious warning, not
              only will this not help you lose weight permanently, it is also extremely
              damaging and dangerous to your body.
              Let’s look at why very low calorie diets in the long term will only make
              you fatter. Extremely low calorie diets slow your metabolism down
              and make you lose muscle; consequently they put your body into
              starvation mode. Starve yourself for long enough and eventually your
              metabolism shuts down completely. Once your metabolism stops any
              calories you consume after that will cause immediate fat gain. Now
              you may think that you can stay on the low calorie diet forever, but
              the reality is that this is highly unlikely. Consider how many calories
              you were consuming before. Do you honestly believe that for the rest
              of your life you’ll be able to manage on 800 calories per day? Just to
              give you some idea a standard coffee house hot chocolate with
              whipped cream has about 400 calories in it. Try living on 2 of them for
              the rest of your life! What will inevitably happen is that you starve
              yourself for a while, your metabolism shuts down and then when you
              start eating more (as you will do) you’ll pile the weight back on.
              Have a close look at any diet program that you have tried before or
              are considering trying again. You’ll notice of them that many of them
              cut your calorie levels to near starvation. That’s why they work in the
              beginning but never work in the long term. Remember that your body
              is clever, as soon as it notices that your body is going into starvation
              mode, it will automatically slow your metabolism down so you burn
              fewer calories.

                               Copyright©2009 www.HowToThinkSlim.com
The 7 Secrets “They” Don't Want You To Know About Weight Loss                                    19

              Furthermore by starving your body of food you are also starving
              yourself of the major vitamins and nutrients that you need to keep
              you healthy. Many experts believe that even at normal levels of
              calorific intake it is still difficult to get all our nutrients from food alone,
              hence the reason that so many people supplement. No imagine all
              the vital nutrients you are denying your body when you starve. Don’t
              do it. Period. You’ll save your health and your weight loss efforts.


              That’s just about raps up the 7 secrets. I hope you found it
              informative. There are a lot of myths and lies prevalent in the weight
              loss industry. Not only will they damage your health but they’ll also
              hamper your chances of losing weight permanently and effectively.

                               Copyright©2009 www.HowToThinkSlim.com
The 7 Secrets “They” Don't Want You To Know About Weight Loss                               20

                                              A Final Word

              Your “inner game” is going to be the foundation which determines just
              how much success you will have with your efforts to lose weight. This
              is so crucial, it’s worth repeating again. As discussed in Secret 1, the
              simple fact is, if you don’t get the correct set of supporting beliefs and
              right mental image, then your weight loss journey is going to be
              painful and ultimately unsuccessful.
              Short term, you may lose some weight. Remember though, human
              beings are like elastic bands, they always snap-back to their current
              “mental” state. Without getting too ‘woo-woo’ on you, your physical
              reality is just a manifestation of your mental reality. Your relationships,
              your finances, your friends and ultimately your weight are just
              reflections of what is going on inside your mind. If you don’t believe
              me, think about this. Why is it that a ridiculously high percentage of
              lottery winners go broke within 5 years? It’s because those winners
              mentally don’t see themselves as multi-millionaires. They haven’t got
              the right mindset. Internally many of them still see themselves as
              poor and even unfortunate, consequently they engage in destructive
              behavior. This destructive behavior eventually leads them to blow
              their entire fortune and of course they “snap-back” to their original
              position or either being broke, poor or in debt. Fascinating isn’t it. This
              law is applicable to everyone on the planet.
              So what are you going to do to ensure you get your “inner-game”
              regarding weight loss sorted and guarantee the next time you try to
              lose weight you succeed? Well you could start scanning the internet
              for advice but being the smart person you are, you realise that
              understanding the inner workings of the human mind is something
              that takes decades to master. This is where we come in. With help
              from a leading hypnotherapist and NLP practitioner we have
              developed a system that shows you how to exactly how to break old
              limiting beliefs and develop a mindset that will guarantee that the
              next you try to lose weight you will succeed.
              In the program we’ll go deep into the reasons why you have failed in
              the past and show you exactly what to do to make sure that you don’t
              fail again. I highly recommend that you check it out here

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The 7 Secrets “They” Don't Want You To Know About Weight Loss                             21

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