Tutorial 1 question by eilahshoppe


									                            Tutorial 1                            DCS5128-SAD

    1. List and define the five major SDLC phases.

    2. Who are the main participants in the requirement analysis phase? Why are they the
       main participants?

    3. What is RAD? Compare and contrast RAD to the traditional SDLC.

    4. What is meant by Agile Methodologies? Identify the three key principles that the
       Agile Methodologies share.

    5. What is prototyping? How might prototyping be used as part of the SDLC?

    6. What is outsourcing? Identify two outsourcing arrangements. Identify two reasons for

    7. Briefly identify six sources of software.

    8. What is an RFP and how do analysts use one to gather information on hardware and
       system software?

    9. Identify the most common criteria for choosing off-the-shelf software. Which two
       criteria would be among the most important?

    10. What methods can a system analyst employ to verify vendor claims about a
       software package?

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