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									Dr. Sie is a licensed Naturopathic Physician, awarded High
Academic Achievement from Southwest College of
                                                                “Dr. Sie’s kindness and wisdom was a guiding
                                                                light in the storm that was my illness. “             Light & Love
Naturopathic Medicine. She received her Masters of Public
Administration from Rutgers University and was inducted to
the Pi Alpha Alpha for academic excellence. She graduated
                                                                                  ~Steve E, patient
                                                                                                                      Naturopathic Center
                                                                “There are no hands more healing then
Magna Cum Laude with a Bachelor of Science degree in            Dr. Hoffman’s. I always felt his intention
Psychology and Nutrition from Duke University.
                                                                was clear and in tune with mine. He has the
Having worked in the health care field for over 19 years, at    ability to see the big picture, and grasp the root.
Kessler Rehabilitation Hospital, (NJ), Mt. Sinai Medical        He is one of the few people I would trust as my
Center (NYC), the Bronx VA Hospital, St. Joseph’s               own physician.”
Medical Center (NJ), and in private practice in Scottsdale                         ~Dr. Chelsea H., patient
(AZ), Dr. Sie brings invaluable experience and compassion to
Light and Love Naturopathic Center in Santa Fe, NM.             “I was filled with frustration because I knew I
                                                                was not expressing physically, emotionally or
                                                                spiritually the person I was created to be. Then
                                                                Dr. Sie entered my life and showed me such
Dr. Justin Hoffman is a licensed Doctor of Oriental Medicine    Love and Compassion, I finally felt safe and
and received his degree from the International Institute of     strong enough to take the steps needed to bring
Chinese Medicine in Santa Fe, NM and also holds a
                                                                the gifts within into this world.”
Doctorate in Naturopathic Medicine from Southwest College
                                                                                   ~Sherdeen G, patient
of Naturopathic Medicine in Tempe Arizona. Dr. Hoffman
received his Bachelor of Science Degree in Biology from
                                                                                                                           Debbie Sie, NMD
Northern Arizona University. In addition, Dr. Hoffman           “Dr. Sie will soothe you with the warmth of her
has completed several hundred hours of post-graduate training   personality and win your trust with her
in various holistic modalities. Dr. Hoffman also comes from     knowledge of the field of naturopathic                     Debbie Sie, NMD
an integrative health care clinic in Scottsdale, Arizona and    medicine.”
specializes in Holographic Memory Resolution, Acupuncture,                        ~Heidi W, patient
Reiki, Physical Medicine, Detoxification, Nutrition,
Homeopathy, Botanical Medicine, Craniosacral, Bowen
Therapies, and Mind/body techniques.

 As Naturopathic Physicians, Dr. Sie &
Dr. Hoffman treat people with natural
methods incorporating the following
 1. First of all, to do no harm.
                                                                  Call Dr. Debbie Sie or
 2. To act in cooperation with the Healing
    Power of Nature.
                                                                   Dr. Justin Hoffman                                   Justin Hoffman, NMD
 3. To address the fundamental Cause of the
    disease not just to suppress symptoms.                          at (505) 955-9919
 4. To heal the whole person (body, mind and                       Light & Love Naturopathic Center
    spirit) through Individualized treatment.                          1045 West Don Diego Ave.
 5. To teach the principles of healthy living                            Santa Fe, N.M. 87505                          Increasing Energy
    and Preventative Medicine.
                                                                                                                       Justin Hoffman NMD, DOM
                                    Dr. Sie and Dr. Hoffman offer profound        Light & Love Naturopathic Center
                                    new techniques in increasing one’s               offers and specializes in these
                                    wellbeing, filling up one’s soul, and                     modalities:
                                    recognizing and honoring one’s gifts.
                                    Their individualized and integrated
   In caring for humanity and       treatments do the following:
                                                                              •   Sie’s the Day technique – frees up the
                                                                                  energy lossed from obsessive thoughts,
as part of our life mission to                                                    negative thinking or emotions. Releasing
raise the consciousness and         ♥ Clear blockages that prevent
                                                                                  them from the nervous system and the
                                      manifesting one’s highest destiny
frequency of the earth, we have       easily and effortlessly.
                                                                                  subconscious memory.
become teachers and catalysts       ♥ Tap into the subconscious, to
                                                                              •   Holographic Memory Resolution –
                                      understand and honor what our
for individual and group growth       bodies are trying to tell us.
                                                                                  resolves subconscious traumas stored in
with our clinic, seminars and                                                     the body’s cellular memory leading to
                                    ♥ Nourish all parts of ourselves, body,       chronic pain or ailments. Extremely
future books and tapes. We are        mind, soul, and all of our past, to         effective and quick in healing time.
                                      become whole.
here to share our gifts (yours
and ours), hoping to touch                                                    •   Nambudripad Allergy Elimination
                                                                                  Technique (NAET) – eliminating
many         lives,    providing                                                  sensitivities using acupressure,
inspirational nourishment and                                                     kinesiology and homeopathy. A must for
                                                                                  people with any kind of allergies.
spreading the spirit.         As
facilitators in well being, our                                               •   CranioSacral & Bowen– Gentle
techniques are on the cutting                                                     techniques that release soft tissue tension
                                                                                  and aligns bones in the skull, vertebrae
edge, using a team effort                                                         and sacrum to balance the physical &
approach to achieve accelerated     ♥ Collectively raise universal                emotional structure.
growth, exploring new paths           consciousness, through an awareness
                                      of self and all that one is.               Other Therapies include: Acupuncture,
and quick resolution. Light &       ♥ Uses and enhances all our senses,       Nutritional Counseling, Botanical
Love      Naturopathic    Center      with sound, vibrations, color, flower   Medicine, Homeopathy, Energy/Reiki
provides a safe, compassionate,       essences, nutrition, homeopathy,        Work, and
                                      guided visualizations, and more.        many other
gentle, loving environment,         ♥ Teach how to live in harmony with       modalities.
where       we      as  teachers,     universal laws.
encourage questions and open        ♥ Increase Energy & Enhance Optimal
                                      Health and Functioning
communication to allow for          ♥ Enhance Financial Freedom
inspiration.                        ♥ Address Optimal Weight

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