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					Porsche Club of America • Santa Barbara Region • February 2012

                SBR’s Palm Springs Getaway Weekend
                    Maintaining The Modern Porsche
                     R.U.F. Visits Ojai’s Alpaca Pasture
                 Porsche Club of America • Santa Barbara Region • February 2012

                                 SBR’s Palm Springs Getaway Weekend
                                     Maintaining The Modern Porsche

                                                                                  11                                                                                          21
                                      R.U.F. Visits Ojai’s Alpaca Pasture

On The Cover
The SBR Porsches lined-up, ready for take
off at the Palm Springs Hyatt Regency Hotel
on the club’s Martin Luther King, Jr. week-
end getaway.
Photo by Brian Rubino

Monthly Reports
President’s Column ........................................4
From The Editor’s Desk..................................4
Camarillo Breakfast Meeting ........................7
Santa Barbara Breakfast Meeting ................9
Member Anniversaries & New Members ..24

Porsche Picnic At Jalama Beach...................6
Santa Barbara Autocross ............................10

SBR Delivers For Charity .............................14
Porsche Parade 2012 - Salt Lake City .........14
Memorial Day “Double” Discovery Drive ...15
Porsche Poker Run.......................................19

                                                                                  In The February
Santa Barbara Region Board of Directors.....3
The Tech Page .............................................21                     R.U.F. Visits Ojai’s Alpaca Pastures ...........................11
Down The Road - Future Events..................26
SBR Classified Advertisements...................31                                 Palm Springs Getaway Weekend ..............................16
Directory of Advertisers ..............................31
The Last Word .............................................32                     Maintaining The Modern Porsche .............................21

Der Auspuff, which translates as “the exhaust,” is the official publication of the Santa Barbara Region, Porsche Club of America. Chartered regions of PCA are granted permission to reprint
any material herein provided full credit is given to the author and Der Auspuff (with the exception of copyrighted material). Any statement appearing in Der Auspuff is that of the author, and
does not constitute an opinion of the Porsche Club of America, the Santa Barbara Region, its Board or Appointees, the Der Auspuff Editors, or its Staff. The Editorial Staff reserves the right
to edit all material submitted for publication. Deadline for submittal of material to be considered for Der Auspuff is the 10th of the month preceding the month of publication.
                                                      Santa Barbara Region Board of Directors

         Editor JOHN ALFENITO


    Associate BIRGITTA BAKER
      Editors JEANNE MCNAIR
              SUSAN STONE

              JIM BROWN
              NICOLAS LIAKAS
              TED LIGHTHIZER
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              BRIAN RUBINO
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                            Don Kuckenbaker

PCASBR is online:
                              Since 1972
                              Bob Campbell’s                                             356 RESTORATION REPAIR & SERVICE
                  356 SERVICES
                             Santa Clarita, California
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PHONE/FAX 661-251-3500 :: ::                                                                               Porsche AG or Porsche Cars North
                                                                                                                                                   America is intended or implied

               Santa Barbara Region Events Calendar
                              February                                                                                    April
    Saturday            4     CAMARILLO BREAKFAST                                                  Saturday         7     CAMARILLO BREAKFAST
                              Way-Point Café, 9:00 a.m.                                                                   Way-Point Café, 9:00 a.m.
Wednesday               8     BOARD OF DIRECTORS MEETING                                        Wednesday          11     BOARD OF DIRECTORS MEETING
    Saturday          11      SANTA BARBARA BREAKFAST                                              Saturday        14     SANTA BARBARA BREAKFAST
                              Moby Dick Restaurant, 9:00 a.m.                                                             Moby Dick Restaurant, 9:00 a.m.
    Saturday          18      PORSCHE PICNIC AT JALAMA BEACH                                          Fri-Sun 20-22       ZONE 8 FESTIVAL OF SPEED
                     – See page 6                                                          Fontana
                                                                                                   Saturday        28     CAMARILLO AUTOCROSS

                              March                                                                                       May
    Saturday            3     CAMARILLO BREAKFAST                                                  Saturday         5     CAMARILLO BREAKFAST
                              Way-Point Café, 9:00 a.m.                                                                   Way-Point Café, 9:00 a.m.
    Saturday          10      SANTA BARBARA BREAKFAST                                           Wednesday           9     BOARD OF DIRECTORS MEETING
                              Moby Dick Restaurant, 9:00 a.m.                                      Saturday        14     SANTA BARBARA BREAKFAST
      Sunday          11      SANTA BARBARA AUTOCROSS                                                                     Moby Dick Restaurant, 9:00 a.m.
                     – See page 10                                   Fri.-Weds.     25-30      SEQUOIA/KINGS CANYON/YOSEMITE
Wednesday             14      BOARD OF DIRECTORS MEETING                                                         – See page 15
    Saturday          24      PORSCHE POKER RUN
                     – See page 19
The President’s Column                                                of the most prestigious Porsche Club of America event. Join me
                                                                      in sending Tom our good wishes in his new position. He may be
Nicolas Liakas

                                                                      reached at tb911@tbso
     t’s only                                                            You may have noticed in the January Der Auspu that Michael
     February,                                                        Brovsky appeared on the listing of Board members as Vice
     and I have                                                       President and Past President. Our by-laws prohibit one person
already forgotten                                                     serving concurrently on two positions. At the January 11, 2012
or broken my                                                          meeting, the Board accepted Michael’s resignation as Vice
New Year’s                                                            President; he thus vacates the V.P. position, but he will continue
Resolutions.                                                          his service as Past President. He therefore succeeds David Stone
Every year I go                                                       who has served our region with honor and dignity for more than
through this                                                          a decade, and who will continue providing hands-on input as a
useless exercise                                                      member of our 50th Anniversary Committee (see below). Our by-
so I can get mad at myself thirty days later! ank goodness that       laws further provide that when there is a vacancy on the Board,
I can bury myself in the fun and friendships of the Santa Barbara     an appointment can be made to ll the vacancy by a majority of
Region.                                                               the voting members. I am pleased to inform you that Steve Kaller,
   I am pleased to call your attention to the inclusion (on page      our treasurer for the past three years, has been appointed to serve
30 of this issue) of the 2011 end-of-year balance sheet. You will     in the post of Vice President.
note that our nances are in a comfortable position. I believe and           e inaugural meeting of the committee entrusted with the
operate under the assumption that the club must have su cient         preparations for our region’s 50th Anniversary Celebration in
funds in reserve to weather unforeseen nancial di culties. If the     2014 was held last month at the home of Doug and Nancy Maletz
worst should ever happen (eg: loss of sponsors, losses on events,     in ousand Oaks. e discussion examined – and debated –
increased expenses, equipment needs), our region can continue as      proposed themes, activities and locations. For example, should
present without interruption for at least two years, thus allowing    we have only one major event, or a series of smaller activities
successive o cers and management to undertake whatever steps          throughout the year? Formal, or informal? Will we be able to hold
may be necessary to rebuild nancial positions. It would be a          a parade in Santa Barbara or Ventura? ere are many ideas, and
shame to see our region su er possible catastrophic failures in the   tasks, and I am certain that this group of high-pro le members,
future because its nancial position somehow becomes untenable.        chaired by Nadine Tracy, will do an outstanding job. I could not
I will work tirelessly to secure our exceptional viability and        be more pleased with the makeup of this committee. I am even
vitality.                                                             more pleased to call your attention to the listing and photographs
       ere are new faces at the region management level               of club o cers at the front of this issue of Der Auspu . e prior
(introduced in last month’s Der Auspu ), and there are new            photo of me – you know, the one appearing last month that had
faces on the national level of the Porsche Club of America. e         my head elongated to the point that I looked like a cucumber –
one of particular interest to us is the appointment of Tom Brown      has been replaced. Now the focus is on my chubby cheeks and
(from the San Diego Region) as Zone 8 Representative. Tom has         silver (it is not white!) hair. anks for the correction, John.I look
served on many S.D. and Zone 8 committees; the list is too long       forward to seeing all of you at any of our four-score gatherings we
to enumerate. Recently, he has acted as national Porsche Parade       have throughout the year. Do yourself a favor and participate. You
administrator, responsible for site selection and administration      can only gain from the experiences our club has to o er.

                       From The Editor’s Desk
                       John Alfenito                                  vintages, just can’t get used to oil change directives at a whopping
                                                                      10,000 miles, or more!

                       T    his month, Chris Andropoulos,
                            the Service Manager at Schneider
                       Autohaus in Santa Barbara, contributes
                                                                         Hopefully, Chris’s article will put that issue to rest, and address
                                                                      several other basic maintainance points to help us keep our cars
                                                                      running great.
                       what I hope will be the rst in an on-             With last month’s contributions from Randy Le ngwell and
                       going series of technical articles about our   Mike Turek, and this month’s piece from Chris Andropoulos,
                       Porsches.                                      allow me to encourage any of you budding writers out there to
  Both Chris and I realize that Der Auspu is not the rst place        consider submitting something for publication this year. Der
most folks would go looking for technical expertise when it comes     Auspu is the publication of our club. If you’ve got an idea you’d
to dealing with our cars, but Chris’s experience and knowledge        like to share with your fellow members, please contact me. I stand
can serve as an excellent starting point. In his rst column, Chris    ready, willing and able to assist you in putting your thoughts on
speaks to the maintainance of the “modern era” Porsches. ere’s        paper for inclusion here.
a dizzying amount of discussion on the internet about whether            As I tackle my fourth year as editor of Der Auspu , let me say it
Porsche’s recommended service intervals are too liberal for these     continues to be a pleasure showcasing this great club’s activities!
cars. Many of us, who have grown up owning Porsches of varying           Until next month...
                                                                                        Camarillo Breakfast

Happy New Year Begins
At The Way-Point Café

         ur region’s rst breakfast meeting of the new year convened
         at the Camarillo Airport’s Way-Point Café on Saturday,
         January 7, 2012. A large crowd of 110 members, friends
and guests arrived in good spirits, and 78 beautiful Porsches of all
eras were gleaming in the sun just o the restaurant’s packed patio.

  New President Nick Liakas welcomed everyone and introduced
another new board member for 2012, Membership Chair Sue
Kinsling. Sue gave us the “numbers” (members and cars) for the
day and recognized new SBR member John Kirk from ousand
Oaks. John has a 1987 Venetian Blue Carrera, and was happy to           New Membership Chair Sue Kinsling
meet so many other Porsche a cionados. Sue also introduced
prospective members Joe Matta of Newbury Park, Michael &
Christine Johnson of Agoura, Mark Green from Simi Valley,
and Joe Overgaag, who arrived in his 2011 997 Special Edition
Speedster, a crowd favorite.

  Activities Co-Chair Ted Lighthizer invited everyone to take part
in the future events on our region’s busy calendar. Special attention
was paid to the February 18th “Porsche Picnic At Jalama Beach,”
the March 11th Santa Barbara Autocross, and the March 24th
Porsche Poker Run in Ventura County. As always, the complete
SBR event schedule is listed here in Der Auspu (page 26), as well
as online at our website:

  Linda Kuckenbaker announced that the Porsche Mademoiselle
Society (P.M.S.) will be making a return visit to Santa Anita
Racetrack on March 31. Two years ago, this “day at the races” was
a popular favorite. Linda encouraged all P.M.S. Ladies to sign up
early, and, as Linda said, “Start hat shopping!”
                                                                        From Thousand Oaks, meet new SBR member John Kirk
  As the meeting drew to a close, the sunshine and warming
temperatures kept everyone together. It was a great morning, made
more special by the gathering of so many good friends. =

                                                                        Activities Co-Chair Ted Lighthizer
      Santa Barbara
                       SBR Breakfast Locations

Moby Dick Restaurant

                             Way-Point Café
                                                                         Santa Barbara Breakfast

New Year, New, Full Breakfast Menu at Moby Dick’s

           ith many of the SBR regulars o to Palm Springs for
           the long Martin Luther King, Jr. weekend getaway, we
           were expecting perhaps a smaller-than-usual group at
our Santa Barbara Breakfast. However, a beautiful, sunny morning,
coupled with a forecast of possible showers the next day, brought
out 49 members and guests in 37 Porsches.

  New Treasurer Jim Brown chaired the meeting in the absence of
other “traveling” board members. He introduced Walt Branscome
of Santa Barbara Auto Group, who told us the new Porsche 991
would be at the dealership for inspection and test drives on
February 9 and 11. Walt had just driven the new Carrera during
the week, and was very excited about its arrival at the dealership.

  Membership Chair Sue Kinsling gave us the attendance gures
and welcomed new SBR member John Vasi of Santa Barbara.
                                                                      Some of the happy breakfast attendees at Moby Dick’s.
John drives a 2004 Carrera. Also attending breakfast with us were
prospective members Tom & Christine McGee of Agoura Hills,
who arrived in their 1986 Carrera.

  Jim promoted several of the upcoming events on the SBR
calendar, reminding everyone to check the website and/or our
beloved Der Auspu for the complete list of future activities, along
with iers explaining how to sign up for the fun.

  Don Dickey put in a plug for an on-going series of track events
from the Porsche Owners Club to be held at Willow Springs
Raceway outside Rosamond. e POC welcomes participation of
other clubs, especially PCA members, and would love for any of
us to take part in these events. For more information, visit their
website at

  Our Janauary Santa Barbara Breakfast marked a return to
“ordering o the menu” at Moby Dick’s. e xed price, limited
breakfast menu is gone, and members may now order any item on
the regular Moby Dick breakfast menu. Everyone seemed pleased
with the expanded choices available. =                                Say hello to new SBR member John Vasi from Santa Barbara.
SUNDAY, MARCH 11, 2012


                                                                                              The R.U.F. Report

R.U.F. Visits
Ojai’s Alpaca

       he 33 R.U.F.ians that participated
       in the December 15, 2011 visit to
       the Alpaca ranch (formally known
as Alpaca Pastures) in Oak View were
immediately, upon arrival and meeting
our hosts for the day, reminded of the
1960s television series, “Green Acres.”       Photo opportunities abounded as the Retired & Unemployed Folks group visited an
Instead of Eva Gabor, we met the equally      alpaca farm in beautiful Ojai. Here the herd greets (l-r) Nicolas Liakas, Anita Banke,
beautiful Laurie Kreis, and in the stead of   and Ron Williams.
Eddie Albert, we conversed with Laurie’s
                                              being conducted at a casino o the strip.        sight of cuddly little animals. ese very
husband, Eric Kreis. eir biographies and
                                                 ey got caught up in the highly spirited      cute alpacas immediately elicited ooohs
adventures since rst becoming involved in
                                              proceedings, fell in love with the big brown    and aaahs from our senior citizens who
Alpaca ranching – and as relayed by them –
                                              eyes and tender personalities of the alpacas,   could not wait to embrace, stroke and feed
were quite fascinating and humorous.
                                              and before they fully realized what they        the cuties.     is we did despite receiving
  Let me expand on the slogan “What           were getting themselves into became the         warnings from Laurie and Eric to the e ect
happens in Vegas, Stays in Vegas.”        e   proud owners of two alpacas. Six months         that the alpacas might spit at us (a method
Kreis’ adventure started in Vegas but it      later, they became the proud “parents” of       by which they either defend themselves
did not stay there; it ended up in the Ojai   two pregnant alpacas, and now in 2011           or show a ection – take your choice), to
Valley. Alpaca Pastures was “bred” in the     there is a large herd that resides with them.   step carefully (and to bring an extra pair of
winter of 2004 a er the bi-coastal couple                                                     shoes – just in case), and to avoid grouping
                                                A er    seven years of conducting R.U.F.
(he from New York and she from Newport                                                        so as not to spook – or excite – the animals.
                                              events,   I am still a ectionately amused
Beach) inadvertently and by happenstance
                                              when I    see the child-like response of our       Each of us was eager to learn more about
found itself at an auction of alpacas
                                              Retired    and Unemployed Folks at the          the breed, and our hosts were eager to
                                                                                              provide details. Alpacas are members of
                                                                                              the camelid (camel) family, but they are
                                                                                              mild-tempered, gregarious animals with
                                                                                              a penchant for bringing great delight to
                                                                                              humans. ere are two types: the huacaya
                                                                                              (pronounced was-KI-ya) and the suri
                                                                                              (surrey), and they are di erentiated only by
                                                                                              their eece. e animals are indigenous to
                                                                                              South America, and they are raised solely
                                                                                              for their so     eece. Alpacas are sheared
                                                                                              once each year, and one animal produces
                                                                                              between ve and ten pounds of eece. e
                                                                                                eece is easily prepared to be spun into
                                                                                              yarn for knitting and crocheting, or used
                                                                                              to make felt for hats and other articles of
                                                                                              clothing. A vivid description of mating
                                                                                              habits was included in the discussion, but
                                                                                              since Der Auspu is a family magazine,
                                                                                              these details will not be repeated in this
Alpaca Pastures co-owner, Laurie Kreis, accepts the sincere thanks of our group, as           article!
expressed by R.U.F. Commander Nicolas Liakas.                                                                              Continued on page 12
R.U.F. Visits Ojai’s Alpaca...Continued from page 11
                                                                                       A er almost two hours at the ranch, we
                                                                                    departed for our luncheon destination, e
                                                                                    Ojai Valley Inn, a spectacular resort with
                                                                                    exceptional architecture and phenomenal
                                                                                    views of the valley. e sta was waiting
                                                                                    for us and was extremely considerate as our
                                                                                    tables were ready and anked by numerous
                                                                                    space heaters (the noontime temperature
                                                                                    was in the high 50s). e patio dining area
                                                                                    overlooks the championship golf course
                                                                                    that was barren of any golfers. We also got
                                                                                    a chance to explore the gorgeous grounds
                                                                                    of the resort, especially its catering pavilion
                                                                                    know as the Shangri-La. It truly is a magical
                                                                                    place. I am sure we will pay a return visit
                                                                                      Anita Banke rst suggested we visit
Everyone agreed that the alpacas were extremely cute, and we all appreciated that   the alpaca ranch, and we extend our
not a single “spitting incident” took place during our visit.                       sincere thanks to her. Finally, John &
                                                                                    Jeanne McNair will be chairing the R.U.F.
                                                                                    committee for the next seven years (well, at
                                                                                    least for 2012). I have had a ball organizing
                                                                                    these monthly events, and I thank everyone
                                                                                    who has participated. =

Even alpacas know, you just can’t beat that “new Porsche” smell.

                                                                                    Traditionally, each group of alpacas
                                                                                    is protected by a llama. Llamas, also
                                                                                    camelids, are much larger than alpacas
                                                                                    and are instinctively protective, thus
                                                                                    making them excellent “guards.” This
                                                                                    llama kept a very close eye on all of us as
                                                                                    we petted and fed the alpacas.

We lunched on the patio at the beautiful Ojai Valley Inn & Spa.

Joyce McCullough, Executive Director of Habitat for Humanity,     Michael Brovsky (l) presents SBR’s donation to Stacy Swanson,
South Santa Barbara County, accepts a donation from SBR           Director of Habitat For Humanity/Ventura County, as SBR
President Michael Brovsky.                                        member and HFH volunteer Mike Turek looks on.

                                                                  PHOTOS BY TED LIGHTHIZER

Toys collected at our holiday party were donated to The Unity
Shoppe in Santa Barbara. (L-r) Doreen Pankow, Beverly Brovsky,
David Stone, Michael Brovsky, Susan Stone, and Mike Turek
delivered the goods.

The Unity Shoppe’s Executive Director, Thomas Reed (l), accepts
the carload of toys from Michael Brovsky.
      Sequoia National Park - The Watchtower       Kings Canyon National Park - The General Grant Tree           Yosemite National Park - Half Dome

        ome join us for a fun- lled trip over    King’s Canyon, and tour both the Grant                  Kingsbury Historical Park, or a drive along
        the 2012 Memorial Day weekend            Grove and Cedar Grove areas, where we’ll                the Fresno Fruit Trail.
        where we’ll visit the Land of Giants     enjoy panoramic views of the canyon                        The club fee for the Sequoia and
in Sequoia & Kings Canyon National Parks.        and river below. This glaciated valley                  Kings Canyon part of the trip is $115 per
If you want to double your pleasure and          features towering granite cli s, tumbling               person, which includes the cave tour,
double your fun, you can extend your             waterfalls, and the powerful Kings River.               two lunches, two dinners, meal tax and
trip through mid-week, and tour the                  On Monday, participants may choose                  gratuities, and activity fee. There is no
breathtaking sights of Yosemite National         to return home, or join others for the                  additional fee for the Yosemite portion of
Park.                                            optional second part of our adventure.                  our trip. All Yosemite meals are “on your
    We’ll start out by touring Sequoia           One of the most spectacular places                      own” with restaurant suggestions freely
National Park’s amazing Crystal Cave on          on earth is in our backyard: Yosemite                   made by our in-house eatery expert.
Friday afternoon, before checking in at          National Park. Join us during the less                     If you’re interested in going on this
the Comfort Inn & Suites in Three Rivers.        crowded midweek as we explore and                       fun- lled trip, please R.S.V.P. to Doreen
Saturday, we’ll explore the beauty of            marvel at the park’s majestic sights,                   Pankow to reserve your spot. Please
Sequoia National Park including Moro             including Vernal, Nevada, Upper and                     indicate on which dates you plan to
Rock and the General Sherman tree. After         Lower Yosemite Falls, Mirror Lake, and the              participate. You will receive further detail
having lunch at Waksuchi Lodge, we’ll do         views of Half Dome from Glacier Point.                  on the itinerary, hotel registration, meals
a two-mile hike along the Marble Fork of         On our way home on Wednesday, we’ll                     and schedule once you R.S.V.P.
the Kaweah River to Tokopah Falls. On            take a side trip to Forestiere Underground       
Sunday, we’ll enjoy a beautiful drive to         Gardens in Fresno as well as a tour of

       Payment and registration form must be received no later than May 4, 2012. Make checks payable to PCA/SBR.
       Mail to: Doreen Pankow, 2251 Brownstone Creek Ave., Simi Valley, CA 93063.

       Names: ___________________________________________________________________________
       Email Address: ______________________________________________________________________
       Phone: ________________________________ Cell Phone:___________________________________
       Plan to do the Yosemite Trip also: Yes______ No______
       Check enclosed for the amount of: ________ $115/person (not including hotel charges)
                                                Cancellations after May 18 will not receive a refund.
                                                                                                   enjoyed by all, and there was much
                                                                                                   conversation and camaraderie at
                                                                                                   the Peaks Restaurant, which also
                                                                                                   a orded panoramic views of the

                                                                                                   Coachella Valley below. e group
                                                                                                   took a few short excursions on the
                                                                                                   trails to enjoy the mountain scenery
                                                                                                   in the valley below Mountain
                                                                                                   Station before boarding the Tramcar
                                                                                                   for the quick, 10-minute ride back
                                                                                                   to the parking lot and the waiting

                                                                                                         e remainder of the group
                                                                                                   arrived in Palm Springs, checked
                                                                                                   into the Hyatt, and set out to explore
                                                                                                   Palm Canyon Drive to choose a
                                                                                                   place to eat from the numerous
                                                                                                   restaurants within walking distance
                                                                                                   of the hotel.

                                                                                                     F   riday evening, everyone met
                                                                                                         for a welcome reception at the
                                                                                                  hotel with delicious hors d’oeuvres
                                                                                                  and drinks in a reserved banquet
                                                                                                  room. is was very well attended
                                                                                                  and there was good conversation,
                                                                                                  catching up with old friends and
                                                                                                  meeting new ones. We were happy
                                                                                                  to welcome several people who were
                                                                                                  attending their rst weekend trip
                                                                                                  with the club including Pat Cable,
                                                                                                  Dick & Linda Lange, Doug & Ann
  STORY BY JOHN & JEANNE MCNAIR                                                                   Steinriede, Anna & Frank Donahue,
  PHOTOS BY NICOLAS LIAKAS, TED LIGHTHIZER, AND BRIAN RUBINO                                      Julia Hoppe and Dominique
                                                                                                  Clarke. Dominique, who was the
                                                                                                  guest of Michael Jacobs, came the

                                                                                                  farthest to attend – all the way from
      t may have been Friday the 13th, but there was nothing Florida! President Nick Liakas made some welcoming remarks
      unlucky for the 55 people who met in the bright sunlight at and introduced Tom Brown to the group. Tom is the new Zone 8
      the Westlake Costco to commence our Fi h Annual Martin Representative, and came from the San Diego region to join us on
      Luther King, Jr. Weekend Getaway. A er a brief meeting, our trip.
we departed for Palm Springs, and were blessed with very little
delay as we drove through Los Angeles on our way to the desert.
While much of the rest of the country was dealing with severe cold     O    n Saturday morning, the group met in the lobby for some
                                                                            brief remarks about our planned drive to the picturesque
weather, we were headed to the Hyatt Regency in Palm Springs mountain town of Idyllwild. We departed as a group – 31 cars
village where the weather forecast promised “sunny and warm.”       staying in line as much as possible – and drove south on Highway
                                                                    111 for about 8 miles before turning onto CA 74 for our ascent
   Along Highway 111 on the way into Palm Springs, Ted up the mountain to Idyllwild.                   is road, o en referred to as the
Lighthizer and Doreen Pankow led a group of 26 members to the Palms-to-Pines Highway, lives up to its name. It traverses arid,
Palm Springs Aerial Tramway. Able to accommodate 80 passengers rocky mountains into pine trees, and through beautiful Garner
and one operator, it is the world’s largest Rotating Tramcar. e Valley. e latter valley was dotted with grazing cattle and several
group boarded at an elevation of 2643 feet, and took the ten- horse ranches. In addition to the diverse and lovely scenery, this is
minute scenic ride up the sheer cli s of Chino Canyon to the top, one great Porsche road with lots of hairpin turns and straightaways
an elevation of 8516 feet. As the tramcar oor rotated, everyone allowing everyone to really enjoy the driving capabilities of their
was able to see breathtaking views of the Coachella Valley, as well wonderful cars. Once again we were lucky because there was little
as the steep cli face of Mt. San Jacinto. e temperature on top was tra c on the road, and what few cars or trucks we did encounter,
about 30 degrees cooler than the Valley oor. A delicious lunch was graciously moved aside for us. Once in Idyllwild, people were
Pictured top to bottom are: Olga & Nick Liakas, Nancy Maletz,              Mike Jacobs and Dominique Clarke
Dave Stone, Lonette & Richard Pope, Don & Linda Kuckenbaker,
Michael Jacobs and Dominique Clarke, Mike & Karen Turek, Pat
Cable, Dick Lange, and Susan Stone.

free to browse in the curio shops and galleries, and lunch on their
own. e mountain air was cool and refreshing, a nice contrast to
the valley oor.     e return drive was done individually, but by a
di erent suggested route: CA 243, which heads straight down the
front of the mountain to the town of Banning and I-10 for a return
to Palm Springs.      is also is a wonderful, winding drive with
spectacular views of the Coachella Valley and lot of opportunity to
unwind the Porsches.

  We all met for a group dinner at the Hyatt on Saturday evening,
enjoying the open atrium setting, which rises six stories. We
had our own section of the dining area surrounded by billowing
sa ron-colored drapes, and enjoyed a delicious four-course meal
and, again, much conversation, laughter and camaraderie. Janice
Herndon invited everyone to meet by the pool and re pit for an             Gary & Debra Laird
a er dinner drink, and several hardy souls joined her, but by that
time the temperatures had dropped signi cantly, so it was quite

  O     n day three, we met at 8:15 a.m. – to the sounds of a
        few groans – for our drivers meeting before departing
for Joshua Tree National Park. ere was very little tra c as we
traveled CA 62 through the Morongo and Yucca Valleys, and
we were able to stay in a long line of Porsches all the way to the
National Park Visitor’s Center in Joshua Tree.         ere we were
greeted by helpful park sta who knew of our planned visit, and
quickly processed our free passes into the park. (Once again this
was our lucky weekend because the park fee was waived due to
the holiday.) Ranger Rick gave an informative talk about the park,
and therea er we departed as a group to the park entrance, about
  ve miles away. Mike Turek led us on a drive to Keys View, located
at over 5000 feet, which o ered spectacular views of the valley
below and the magni cent San Jacinto mountains. e group then
returned to lower elevation at Hidden Valley for a catered picnic
lunch. A er lunch, many people took the Hidden Valley trail loop,          Jeanne & John McNair
which passed through a tight boulder-strewn pass to open onto a
beautiful valley where rustlers used to secrete stolen horses.
                                                    Continued on page 18
PALM SPRINGS GETAWAY Continued from page 17
   While in the Hidden Valley, many members were lucky enough
to see several “free rock” climbers scaling the giant formations with
scant safety equipment. We also witnessed Mike Turek clambering
up a huge boulder stack to what appeared to be a rock “easy chair”
perched on the edge of a boulder. A er carefully testing it for
stability, he took a seat and posed for a picture and the applause of
those of us below.

     is was a rst trip to Joshua Tree National Park for many of
our members, and everyone commented on the stark beauty of the
desert landscape with all of the Joshua Trees, rocky mountains and
boulder stacks. Several adventuresome people, including Brian           Mike Turek takes a seat high above Hidden Valley.
& Linda Rubino, Ted Lighthizer and Doreen Pankow, and Julia
Hoppe took several of the many hikes o ered in the park.

   We returned to Palm Springs for a free evening and once again
were able to walk from the hotel for an enjoyable evening in the
village. It was a relaxing end to a fun weekend enjoying friends
and the opportunity to drive our Porsches on some scenic and
challenging drives. =

                                                                        At Friday night’s reception (l-r): Ann Steinriede, Beverly Brovsky,
                                                                        Janet Kaller, and Karen Turek.

It was an impressive parade of Porsches in downtown P.S.                Our group listens as Ranger Rick explained the many facets of
                                                                        Joshua Tree National Park.

The breathtaking view from the Palm Springs Tram.                       Spectacular scenery greeted us around every turn.

saturday, march 24, 2012

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                                                                                                         The Tech Page

How To Care For Your Car To Keep Running Its Peak Performance

           he Porsche ethos has always
           been to continually improve the
           breed, in terms of performance,
           driving comfort, and reliability.
As with mainstream automobiles, Porsche
has managed to (mostly) increase the
service life of many components that were
previously considered wear items. Porsche’s
recommended service intervals have
dramatically increased with the advent
of synthetic oil, multi-electrode spark
plugs, and electronic fuel injection and
engine management systems. Nonetheless,
periodic maintenance of your Porsche is
just as important as it was in the 356 days         each recommended service was indeed a          well as to maintain oil pressure in timing
of frequent valve adjustments, ignition             “major” service. Porsche began lling all       chain tensioners.
component replacements, and “tune-ups.”             of their engines with synthetic oil in 1991.
                                                    Fast-forwarding to the introduction of the       Synthetic oil is eminently capable of
     e 2012 equivalent of a tune-up on your         986 Boxster in 1996, Porsche speci ed          performing its basic function of protecting
modern Porsche may not make as much of              the same 15,000 mile oil change intervals      the main moving components of a modern
a seat-of-the-pants di erence in how the            for it and its 996 sibling, and increased      internal combustion engine for 15,000
car runs and drives as on an early 911 or           it to a whopping 20,000 miles with the         miles and beyond without breaking down
356, but it is still critical from a preventative
standpoint. In this article, I will provide an
overview of the maintenance requirements
of modern Porsches, by which I mean
                                                                    Modern synthetic engine oil is very impressive
Boxsters/Caymans, 1999 and up water-                                   considering the multitude of tasks that it is
cooled 996/997 model 911s, Cayennes, and
Panameras.                                                         burdened with inside a modern Porsche engine.

Engine Oil Changes:                                 introduction of the Cayenne in 2003. We        or wearing out. However, its ability to
                                                    feel that, quite frankly, these extended oil   combat sludge buildup inside the engine
                                  Porsche           change intervals are insane.                   is compromised well before Porsche’s
                                 rst      began                                                    recommended oil-change interval. Sludge
                               recommending            Modern synthetic engine oil is very         buildup occurs mainly due to moisture
                               15,000      mile     impressive considering the multitude           buildup in the engine crankcase. If a vehicle
                               oil      change      of tasks that it is burdened with inside a     is frequently driven on short trips (as we
                               intervals      as    modern Porsche engine. In addition to          are blessed with the capability of here in
                               far back as the      its primary function of lubricating the        Santa Barbara) without fully warming up
                               1980s.          e    moving engine parts at all temperatures,       the engine oil (the engine oil takes much
                               911s of that         it is required to help cool the engine by      longer to get up to full temperature than the
                               period       also    circulating and transferring heat away         coolant water temperature), this moisture
                               require valve        from the hottest parts of the engine; it       is never fully evaporated and burned o .
                               adjustment           keeps foreign particles in suspension while    Over time, this moisture reacts with the
                               and spark plug       maintaining its lubricity; and increasingly    engine oil to form acids that ultimately
                               replacement          engine oil is also being used as a hydraulic   become sludge.
                               at the same            uid that actuates various solenoids in
                               15,000      mile     Porsche’s VarioCam and VarioCam Plus             As previously mentioned, one of the
                               intervals,     so    camsha timing adjustment systems, as           functions of engine oil is to keep foreign
                                                                                                                                Continued on page 22
particles such as sludge in suspension. At a    is also the marketing cache of Porsche          such as platinum and iridium instead of
certain point (generally soon a er the new      being to advertise its vehicles as largely      the traditional copper.      ese advances
vehicle warranty has expired), the amount       maintenance-free. Regardless, changing          have made the spark plugs themselves far
of sludge buildup in an under-maintained        the oil more frequently is an inexpensive       more durable, to the point where in many
engine overwhelms the ability of the            way to prevent headaches later on in the        modern engines, the replacement interval
engine oil to keep it in suspension, and        engine’s life.                                  has increased to 100,000 miles and beyond!
thus the sludge can be deposited anywhere                                                       Porsche’s replacement interval is still 60,000
in the oil circuit of the engine. is can
be detrimental to the long-term health of
the engine, and it usually shows up rst
in the tiny oil ori ces of the VarioCam
                                                                  Spark plug replacement at the recommended
adjustment mechanisms, hydraulic valve                                     interval is still critical, even though
li ers, and solenoids.
                                                                     the engine may be running perfectly well.
   Without going into too much technical
detail, Porsche’s VarioCam system
continuously alters the timing of the           Spark Plugs:                                    miles for normally-aspirated engines, and
engine’s valves opening and closing based                                                       30,000 miles for turbocharged engines, as
on engine load and speed, thus ensuring           Spark plugs have seen the greatest            the spark plugs in turbo engines have vastly
a smooth idle and low tailpipe emissions        increase in service life of perhaps any         higher demands placed on them.
and fuel consumption during cruising            normal maintenance item on modern
conditions, but also the strong mid-range       internal combustion engines. In the days           Spark plug replacement at the
and high RPM performance that Porsche           of the 356, spark plugs were routinely          recommended interval is still critical,
engines are renowned for. VarioCam              changed at 3,000-6,000 mile intervals. e        even though the engine may be running
Plus, introduced on the 2001 996 Turbo          imprecise fuel control of carburetors and       perfectly well. A modern Porsche engine
and used on all 996/997 from 2002 and           mechanically-advanced ignition timing           with multiple ground electrode spark plugs
on all Cayman S/Boxster S models from           dictated the lifespan of the spark plugs, as    will run perfectly right until the point that
2005, adds variable intake valve li to the      well as the plugs’ construction and material.   a spark plug completely wears out, and then
equation, and therefore additional engine          e advent of electronic fuel injection and    it will suddenly mis re and run roughly,
oil-activated solenoids. To put it into         ignition control meant that the air/fuel        without the steady decline in driveability
terms that an air-cooled 911 a cionado          mixture in the combustion chambers of           that an older Porsche in need of a tune-up
can appreciate, the VarioCam system is          the engine could be controlled much more        may experience. Another factor to consider
analogous to having a 911T camsha at            precisely, reducing the fouling of spark        is that even if a modern Porsche continues
lower RPM and a 911S camsha at higher           plugs, and increasing replacement intervals     to run well with spark plugs that are past
RPM in the same engine at the same time.        to 30,000 miles in Porsches thus equipped.      their service life, it becomes more and
                                                                                                more di cult for the ignition coils to re
      e bottom line is that changing your          Spark plug design has also advanced, with    the worn-out spark plugs, thus decreasing
Porsche’s engine oil at 7,500 mile/1 year       multiple ground electrodes, as well as center   the service life of the ignition coils as well.
intervals goes a long way toward insuring       electrodes made of more exotic materials                                       Continued next page
the long-term health of the engine. To drive
this point further home, Porsche’s own
factory recommended troubleshooting
guide for a typical early V8 Cayenne
camsha timing fault (which causes a
“check engine” light to come on) calls for
increased oil change frequency as the rst
step in solving the problem, in an attempt to
clean sludge from the oil circuit and unclog
the Variocam solenoids and adjustors.

   Some may wonder at this point why
Porsche still speci es 15,000-20,000 mile
oil change intervals despite the evidence of
it being detrimental to long-term engine
health.     e answer is that automakers
have long been under pressure to reduce
waste, and reducing the amount of waste
oil from oil changes is one way to so. ere
Cooling System:                                Cayennes have separate front and rear             said dual clutches are “wet” clutches that
                                               di erentials, as well as a transfer case that     run inside chambers lled with hydraulic
   Porsche speci es that the coolant in        requires its uid to be changed at the same         uid, periodic replacement of the clutch
all of modern cars is a lifetime ll.     e     interval.                                          uid will likely be necessary, as this uid is
latest factory ll Porsche coolant (pink in                                                       subject to extreme heat. Replacement of the
color) has proven to be very robust, and                                                         separate gear oil for the gear clusters will
we have seen little evidence of corrosion                                                        also be necessary to ensure long service life
in the cooling systems of the engines thus                                                       of the PDK transmission.
equipped. Nonetheless, the coolant should
be replaced every 60,000 miles or 4 years,
or whenever cooling system repairs are                                                           Brake Fluid:
                                                                                                   Brake uid should be changed every two
     e plastic coolant reservoirs on the                                                         years regardless of mileage in any vehicle on
986/996 and the water pumps on all                                                               the road, from the earliest 356 to the latest
modern Porsches are prone to failure,                                                            991. Brake uid is by nature hygroscopic,
so the coolant should be replaced when                                                           meaning that it absorbs moisture from
the cooling system is opened for repair.                                                         the air. If water is allowed to build up in
When adding coolant, be certain to use                                                           the brake hydraulic system, it decreases
only Porsche factory pink coolant; in an                                                         the boiling point of the brake uid. is
emergency, distilled water can be added.                                                         increases the chance of brake “fade” during
                                                                                                 spirited driving in the mountains or at a
                                                                                                 race track, which means that air bubbles
                                               Tiptronic:                                        can form in the uid if it boils, causing the
                                                                                                 brake pedal to go so , which is not very
                                                     e Tiptronic automatic transmissions         con dence-inspiring!
                                               should have the uid and lter replaced
                                               every 60,000 miles as well, despite the             Even if you do not push the limits of
                                               “lifetime” interval speci ed by Porsche.          your Porsche’s braking system, long term
                                               Automatic transmission uid is similar to          moisture buildup in the brake system
                                               engine oil in that it is burdened with an array   can lead to corrosion of internal brake
                                               of tasks, such as hydraulically actuating         parts, which is the leading cause of master
                                               clutches and solenoids, lubricating moving        cylinder and brake caliper leakage. A bi-
                                               parts at all temperatures, and suspending         annual brake uid ush (which should
                                               wear particles.                                   include the clutch hydraulic circuit on

                                                               Brake uid should be changed every two years,
                                                             regardless of mileage, in any vehicle on the road,
Drivetrain:                                                            from the earliest 356 to the latest 991.
  Manual transmission and di erential
 uids are not subjected to quite the              By nature, the clutch packs that               manual transmission vehicles) is cheap
extremes of engine oil, but they nonetheless   engage the various gears in a Tiptronic           insurance against future brake component
need periodic replacement. Gear oils           transmission wear throughout the life of the      failures. =
contain additives that break down and          transmission, depositing clutch material in
wear out just like they do in engine oil.      the uid and into the transmission lter.
   erefore, we recommend replacing the         Eventually, the lter becomes clogged and            Chris Andropoulos is the Service Manager and
manual transmission and di erential uids       the uid’s ability to suspend the clutch             a technician at Schneider Autohaus in Santa
every 60,000 miles or 5 years.                 material is overwhelmed.          e clutch          Barbara (a Der Auspu advertiser). Chris is a
                                               material is deposited throughout the                lifelong Porsche “nut” and is fascinated with and
   In the Boxster/Cayman models and in         transmission, where it has the ability to           knowledgeable about all Porsches, from 356s to
911s, the transmission and di erential         clog vital passages that can ultimately lead        the latest GT3s. When he’s not racing his daily-
are housed in the same unit (known as a        to transmission failure.                            driven 944 Turbo at PCA and POC track events, he
transaxle) and share the same uid; the all-                                                        can be found enjoying the beaches, ocean, and
wheel-drive Carrera 4 and Turbo models              e jury is still out on the long-               mountains of beautiful Santa Barbara.
add a front di erential which should have      term durability of the PDK dual-clutch
its uid changed at the same time.         e    transmission, but knowing the fact that
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             Porsche Club of America
             SBR Member Anniversaries

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SBR Board of Directors Meeting

January 11, 2012 - 6:30 p.m. – Four Points Sheraton Hotel
MINUTES RECORDED BY DICK LANGE                 Canyon/Yosemite, and promotional iers            Safety: No report.
                                               will run in February for the Jalama Beach
     e January dinner board meeting was        picnic, the Santa Barbara Autocross, the         P.M.S.: e next outing is scheduled for
held at the Four Points Sheraton Hotel         Porsche Poker Run, and the 2012 Porsche        the Santa Anita racetrack on 31 March.
in Ventura. Present were: Nick Liakas,         Parade in Salt Lake City.
Ted Lighthizer, Steve & Janet Kaller, John                                                      R.U.F.: On January 19, R.U.F. will take
Alfenito, Sue & Randy Kinsling, Nadine           Distribution: e December issue was           a ride in the Santa Monica mountains led
Tracy, Mike & Karen Turek, Michael             mailed out on 23 November at a cost of         by Mike Turek and headed for Malibou
Brovsky, Janice Herndon, James Oldham,         $332.62 for 743 copies. e January issue        Lake for a picnic lunch. On February
James Edwards, Doreen Pankow, Don              was mailed out on 28 December at a cost of     15, the group will tour the Tejon Ranch
Kuckenbaker, Dick Douglas, Dan Byers,          $331.68 leaving a balance of $404.71 in the    Conservancy, and have lunch at a local
Brian & Linda Rubino, Dave Stone, Jim          postage account. ere were no reported          restaurant. On March 15, Barry Weinstein
Brown, Kent Bodin, Carolyn Ewbank and          delivery problems.                             has arranged for a docent-led tour of
Dick Lange.                                                                                   Corriganville, followed by lunch at a local
                                                 Advertising:      Don      Kuckenbaker       restaurant. And nally, in April, Nick Liakas
    e following reports and discussions        updated the board on advertising revenues.     has made arrangements for R.U.F. to tour
were presented:                                Discussion followed.                           the regional headquarters of the National
                                                                                              Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration
  Secretary: e November 2011 board               Goodie Store: December Goodie Store          located in Oxnard.
meeting (there was no December 2011            sales at the Camarillo breakfast totaled
meeting) minutes were approved as              $451.00 with a pro t of $157.23. e Santa          50th Anniversary: e committee held
submitted.                                     Barbara sales totaled $303.00 with a pro t     its inaugural meeting on January 8 and
                                               of $91.12. A reimbursement request for         presented its rst dra of a plan for June 14,
  Vice President: No report.                   $273.37 was approved.                          2014, the date of SBR’s 50th Anniversary.

  Treasurer: Jim Brown reported on the           Insurance: Certi cates of Liability have       Public Relations: No report.
2011 year-end nancial review, including        been requested, led and sent out to event
an analysis by each activity showing net       coordinators for January (Palm Springs           Past President: No report.
performance. In addition, he generated         and Malibou Lake Mountain club) and
a statement of cash ow, and a bank             February’s trip to Jalama Beach County            President: Our annual holiday party
reconciliation.                                Park in Lompoc.                                is in need of refreshing following reduced
                                                                                              participation. A format change to a Sunday
  Membership: During the month of                Rally: No report.                            Brunch on December 16 was discussed.
December, four new members joined our                                                            Camarillo gate coverage for the balance
region and membership stood at 695 on            Concours: No report.                         of the year was assigned to various board
12/31/2011.                                                                                   member volunteers.
                                                 Autocross: An email has been sent out
   Activities:    e following events are       to all past drivers announcing the dates for     Old Business:
still open and available for participation –   2012. is year’s caterer has been identi ed       Rally Chair Vacancy: No volunteer has
Escape to Beautiful Palm Springs (January      and scheduled. A PayPal account has been       been identi ed to date.
13-16); Porsche Picnic at Jalama Beach         established for those who wish to pay via
(February 18); Santa Barbara Autocross         credit card.                                     New Business:
(March 11) and Poker Run (March 24).                                                            Michael Brovsky stepped down as Vice
Fliers were posted in the December 2011          Archives: No report.                         President, but will continue to serve as Past
and January 2012 Der Auspu .                                                                  President. e board approved Steve Kaller
                                                  Webmaster:     e contacts page was          as our new Vice President.
  Editor: e February issue will feature        updated with our latest board members            Nominations were requested for our
coverage of the Palm Springs weekend trip      and the new chair positions. Additional        2012 designated charity.
as well as R.U.F.’s December visit to Ojai’s   updates were made to the Calendar page           Discussion was held on the venue and
Alpaca Pastures. In addition, a technical      for the upcoming events.   e bottom of         scope of our 2012 Holiday Party.
article on “Maintaining        e Modern        all web pages now includes a           Meeting adjourned at 8:00 p.m.
Porsche” will be included. A new ier has       random set of 10 images from the entire
been put together for the Memorial day         Flickr PCASB group.
“Double” Discovery drive to Sequoia/Kings
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5:34 PM                               Porsche Club of Santa Barbara Region
01/07/12                         Balance Sheet Prev Year Comparison
Accrual Basis                                     As of December 31, 2011

                                                          Dec 31, 11   Dec 31, 10   $ Change     % Change
                  Current Assets
                       Cash-Chase 2934                     16,225.35    59,981.49   -43,756.14     -73.0%
                       Savings-Chase 9148                  40,000.98         0.00    40,000.98     100.0%
                     Total Checking/Savings                56,226.33    59,981.49    -3,755.16       -6.3%
                     Accounts Receivable
                       Accounts Receivable                    257.87         0.00      257.87      100.0%
                     Total Accounts Receivable                257.87         0.00      257.87      100.0%
                     Other Current Assets
                       Deposit- Harley Davidson Cafe            0.00     1,100.00    -1,100.00     -100.0%
                       Deposit-Las Vegas Hotel                  0.00       500.00      -500.00     -100.0%
                       Hyatt Regency-Palm Springs             300.00         0.00       300.00      100.0%
                       Deposit 2012 Auto Cross              1,440.00       400.00     1,040.00      260.0%
                       Deposit for March 26 Picnic              0.00       110.00      -110.00     -100.0%
                     Total Other Current Assets             1,740.00     2,110.00     -370.00       -17.5%

                  Total Current Assets                     58,224.20    62,091.49    -3,867.29       -6.2%
                  Fixed Assets
                     Autocross-Barcode                        740.50       740.50        0.00        0.0%
                     Computer                                 500.00       500.00        0.00        0.0%
                     Software-Auto Cross                    7,117.38         0.00    7,117.38      100.0%
                     Generator                                431.99       431.99        0.00        0.0%
                     Trailer and Expenses                   2,730.00     2,730.00        0.00        0.0%
                  Total Fixed Assets                       11,519.87     4,402.49    7,117.38      161.7%

                TOTAL ASSETS                               69,744.07    66,493.98    3,250.09        4.9%
                LIABILITIES & EQUITY
                      Current Liabilities
                         Other Current Liabilities
                             Advertising-2012               5,325.00         0.00     5,325.00      100.0%
                             Palm Springs Weekend           5,520.00         0.00     5,520.00      100.0%
                             Advertising-2011              -1,250.00     9,775.00   -11,025.00     -112.8%
                             Las Vegas Trip-2011                0.00     6,185.00    -6,185.00     -100.0%
                             Petersen Drive-2011                0.00       284.00      -284.00     -100.0%
                        Total Other Current Liabilities     9,595.00    16,244.00    -6,649.00      -40.9%

                     Total Current Liabilities              9,595.00    16,244.00    -6,649.00      -40.9%

                  Total Liabilities                         9,595.00    16,244.00    -6,649.00      -40.9%
                    Retained Earnings                      50,179.98    39,296.19   10,883.79        27.7%
                    Unrestricted Net Assets                     0.00        30.00      -30.00      -100.0%
                    Net Income                              9,969.09    10,923.79     -954.70        -8.7%
                  Total Equity                             60,149.07    50,249.98    9,899.09       19.7%

                TOTAL LIABILITIES & EQUITY                 69,744.07    66,493.98    3,250.09        4.9%
                                                        PCA/SBR Classifieds
                                                        Want to reach even more readers? Post your ad on our Facebook page.

American Global Standards ...........20              2001 BOXSTER SUSPENSION – FOR SALE
                                                     Original used shocks, springs and sway bars from 2001 Boxster. Everything is in very good condition. I replaced my original Porsche
Andy’s Detail ................................31     suspension with the ROW 030 suspension several years ago, and nally came to the realization I’m tired of seeing these parts in my
Aswell Trophy .................................9     garage! Price $350 or make me an o er. Call Geo Walsh (310) 457-2629 or geo (02/12)
Auto Gallery ...................................5    2006 CAYMAN S – FOR SALE
                                                     Seal Grey, Black Partial Leather. 295 HP, 6-Speed Manual Trans. Original Owner. 16,800 Miles. Preferred Package Plus. Bi-Xenon
Automotion .................................IBC      Headlamps, Bose Surround Sound with 6-CD Changer, 14-Way Electric and Heated Comfort Seats, Self-Dimming Mirrors, Rain
                                                     Sensor Wipers, Wheel Caps with Colored Crests, Floor Mats in Interior Color. Extras include: 3-M Clear Bra, Porsche Design Chrome
Paul Bancroft Roofing....................13           Exhaust Tips, Das Shield Trunk Lid Protector, Indoor Car Cover, Certi cate of Authenticity. PCA-SBR Concours W/S Class & Division
Gary Betz Enterprises ....................20         Winner. Always garaged and dealer serviced with Amsoil products. All books and records. Excellent condition. $37,900 OBO.
                                                     Contact Dave Stone at (805) 389-8999 or (02/12)
Walt Branscome, SBAG .................13
                                                     EZ CAR LIFT – FOR SALE
California Tire Company ...................7         EZ Car Lift in new condition (used only 5 times). Includes two sets of cross spacers (the part the car rests on) so it will t all Porsche
Bob Campbell’s 356 Services ..........3              sports cars. Original cost $2105. $1700 or trade for? Visit the EZ Car See lift website at
                                                     Jim Gude (661) 821-3805. (02/12)
Joseph Carastro, D.M.D., M.S. .........9             1989 PORSCHE 928 S4 FOR SALE
Coachcraft ......................................8   Automatic transmission. White leather interior. Always garaged. 59,000 miles. $16,000. Contact Larry Young at (805) 482-0132
                                                     or (01/12)
David L. Cunningham.....................27
                                                     2005 997 PORSCHE CARRERA COUPE – FOR SALE
Dent Experts .................................20     Exceptional, one-owner, garaged, non-smoker, all records, complete dealer services, loaded. Grey Metallic, Tiptronic S, Bi-Xenon
DSR Audio ....................................29     headlight package, power seat package, all leather. 19-inch S Wheels, Sports Exhaust, Sports Chrono Plus, Navigation for PCM, Bose
                                                     high-end with 6-disc CD. 79,300 miles. Price now $37,900. Call Scott (818) 482-0540 or email (01/12)
Steven Z. Freeman, CPA ................13            18 INCH PORSCHE CAYMAN S WHEELS FOR SALE ..........................25           2007 OEM Porsche Cayman S rims (no tires) in very good condition. Asking $300 for the set of four, plus shipping costs (if any). Call
                                                     Bela at (805) 937-9307 or email at (01/12)
Hooper Custom RVs ......................20
                                                     FOUR HRE WHEELS FOR 996 – FOR SALE
Lynn Kuchera, Troop Real Estate .....13              Two 19-inch by 8.5-inch, two 19-inch by 12-inch (o set four inches). Three-piece aluminum. Original price $7900.
Lavaggio ......................................32    Please make o er. Call Lloyd Wright at (310)457-0107 or email at (01/12)
Leland West Insurance ..................20           2002 PORSCHE 911 TURBO X50 PACKAGE – FOR SALE
                                                     Original owner selling white 2002 Porsche 911 Turbo with X50 Package. Perfect condition. Black interior. Six speed transmission.
Los Angeles Dismantler.................29            All service done at Rusnak Porsche. 77,000 miles. Original price $170,000. For Sale price $70,000.
Neil McAuliffe ................................8     Call Lloyd Wright at (310) 457-0107 or email at (01/12)

North Hollywood Speedometer ......27                 MICHELIN PILOT SPORT TIRES – FOR SALE
                                                     Four used Michelin Pilot Sport tires. Two 225/40/ZR 18, and two 295/30/ZR 18. Approximately one-third of tread remaining.
RS Enterprises ..............................29      Price $200. Call Lloyd Wright (310) 457-0107 or (12/11)
Rusnak Westlake Porsche ............ IFC                Der Auspuff accepts classified advertising limited to 50 words or less for Porsche cars, parts, and Porsche-related items. Ads are
Santa Barbara Auto Group .............BC                free to PCA SBR members in good standing and will run for a maximum of three (3) months. Ads are free to other PCA members in
                                                        good standing as space permits and will also run for a maximum of three (3) months. Ads will be accepted for non-members as space
Schneider Autohaus ......................13             permits for a fee of $10 per month, per ad. Please notify the Editor if sold. Der Auspuff is not responsible for the accuracy of any
                                                        ad or claims made by advertisers, and does not warrant or guarantee the condition of items offered for sale. Der Auspuff reserves
TC’s Garage ....................................8       the right to edit or refuse to print any ad it deems inappropriate. Please submit ads directly to the Editor at

                                                     D tail                                          Next Month In

                                                                                                                              PORSCHE PICNIC
                                                                                                                            AT JALAMA BEACH
...the last word

Sally Says, “Get well!”
   Distribution Co-Chair Chet Yabitsu
has been ghting against some health
issues lately, and he has not been able
to attend as many SBR gathings as he’d
   To cheer him up, and hopefully speed
his full recovery, Goodie Store Managers
Brian & Linda Rubino had this “very
special Sally Carrera edition” Porsche
jacket made for Chet, who is a devoted
“Sally” fan.
   In this shot, Joan Yabitsu shows o the
jacket, which Chet is probably wearing
right this minute.
   Get well soon, Chet.
                                                                    PRSRT STD
                                                                   U.S. POSTAGE
                                                                THOUSAND OAKS, CA
                                                                  PERMIT NO. 238

Porsche Santa Barbara
805-682-2000 • 402 South Hope Avenue, Santa Barbara, CA 93105

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