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                      Changes forthcoming to

The following provides a status report of the forthcoming changes to the in the Spring 2006.

    1. Facilities descriptions, adding components including:

            Rural Hospitals
            Critical Access Hospitals
            Primary Stroke Centers (designated by AHCA/JCAHO)
            Organ transplant by type
            NCI Comprehensive Cancer Center (H. Lee Moffitt)

    2. Reconfiguring medical conditions and procedures methodology utilizing APR-DRG versus the
       currently methodology which utilizes ICD9 and DRG codes.

    3. Age defined 0-17; 18-64 years; 65+ years; and ages 18+ (combining the two adult age groups).
       The pediatric age category and methodology is unique for each condition/procedure.

    4. Cesarean and vaginal deliveries (all ages) and newborns (normal baby and baby with
       complications). This is an organizational/navigational improvement to assist users in readily
       finding this information.

    5. Providing a footnote for facility charges that states:

        The website provides consumers with the opportunity to
        comparison shop when given the occasion to chose a hospital prior to scheduling in-patient or
        out-patient procedures. This consumer website has risk-adjusted values which are compared to
        the statewide average; they are not actual charges. If you need more specific pricing
        information, Florida law requires each licensed facility (not operated by the state) to provide a
        written good faith estimate of reasonably anticipated charges within 7 days for the facility to
        treat the patient's condition upon written request.

    6. Updating the AHRQ indicators.

    7. Updating the Surgical Infection Prevention (SIP) measures with CMS data.

    8. Survey repositioning on all pages including and

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March 20, 2006
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    9. On Facilities Results pages, placing single survey question for additional results.

    10. Providing better navigation on the map page (where the user will select by facility or geographic
        locations and by hospital services).

    11. Addition of 200 mile radius search.

    12. Updating the sorting function of the various columns and selecting ascending and descending

    13. Allowing the user to modify the search results on the Results page, based on age category,
        without having to return to the beginning of the site.

    14. Allowing the user to download their results into Excel. Update Memo                                                       Page 2 of 2

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